Expect the unexpected all the time NOW


The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Expect the unexpected all the time NOW

4-23 to 6-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all of you beloved Advocates for Justice; especially those among you ones who have become noticeably jittery of late. Now, I have much to share with all of you peoples; some of what I transmit to you ones you will like, some of which I transmit to you ones you will not like. This will be a very “telling” time for all you readers. Since Christmas Eve of 2017, you have all undergone many tests, many “transfigural moments” as well. In other words, millions of Advocates all across this world, particularly in sections of Cape Town South Africa, a large section of Costa Rica and in remote nearly forgotten villages and hamlets in Greece and Turkey, have blessed themselves and given a new meaning to a new exalted and Spiritual appearance of themselves as they have transformed outwardly. They have done so as their Spiritual paths connected to higher more elevated forms of themselves internally.

It is imperative that you each understand that The Creator and the Creator Processing entities SPECIFICALLY placed many individual Souls in those areas for the purpose of testing their mettle and arranging that those Souls walking in human form would have to be confronted by some of the worst heinous acts of violence in order for those Souls to surpass their perceptions of themselves! This arrangement was lauded by all of us who are part of the Star Keeper Forces. We simply cannot have any weak links on this planet anymore; not since Christmas Eve! This was a necessity that we would have liked to have seen not be necessary; however it is what it is.

Now, the original concepts of having many more Advocates in the U.S. combine their mind-thoughts and formulate their mind-patterns with all good peoples everywhere ran into a snag when the old nemesis “complacency” yet again rose to the surface within so many fertile minds. You see Advocates, it is not enough to merely understand and recognize the great value you each are to the “Greater Good Movement,” you also need to understand the why and wherefore of all you have been learning from one another as Gatherers of information and seekers of truth, and to recognize that the greatest Teachers and Speakers have been sent to you FOR A LIMITED TIME SPAN. Since I will not identify PUBLICALLY the Speakers and Teachers whose mainly sole protection lies only in their anonymity, I will of course use my own knowledge as well as some of Celestial and David’s knowledge, with their permission of course. One of the biggest problems that I and my brethren have witnessed among Advocates in this country though, is that so many of them fail to look behind the words of what Celest, David and even I use when we are sharing information with you ones. Too bad, you are missing what is right under your nose! Now, Advocates, I must say that when that occurs you are acting just a bit TOO human.

So, although Celest and David are both loath to explain all they say to Advocates wherever those people may be, they did expect more Advocates in this country to look beyond the words and explanations freely given to them and find the true nub of the questions or issues. Sometimes with some peoples it works and sometimes it does not. Many peoples here have so much available to them as freedom from everyday trials and tribulations that they sometimes become caught up in barbecues with neighbors, having card games and other board games at hand etc., as a means of relaxing their minds and enjoying their downtimes. That is all just fine and dandy as long as they can still see beyond the veil and hear clairaudiently. Oftentimes Celestial and David speak in their own Code just as do I and the rest of my brethren. For example: peoples in this country and in many other countries seem to be fairly well-versed in describing what THEY perceive as “dramas.” However, they have never noticed nor did they ask, when Celest and David use the “drama” term, what that really means. If they had they would have known that Celest and David deal primarily with “Core-Drama.” Since no one has ever asked them about this and they have not to date anyway, chosen to teach anyone about this, I will leave it up to those two to finish their short list of who the people are in this country that they will be teaching about this and many other advanced lessons. Although there will always be new people for them to work with, NOW only the most stalwart Souls will continue to be among those selected.

They had been looking forward to this past Christmas Eve for ever so many reasons! All of last year when Celest and David were called to join the Elders in the Crystal City and compare notes about “who, what, where and when,” which by the way was the most expedient process of deciding which Advocates across the world especially here in the U.S., they should continue to work with and which ones to let go of, they were literally dancing for joy! You see, they had known for a long time this event would take place and they not only understood WHY it had to, they had already begun their own “check list” of who was dealing with truth and who was trying to circumvent real truth by the actions and thoughts some peoples’ own perspectives twisted into THEIR version of truth. As always, many people even those who wear “rose colored glasses” only accept truth if the truth fits into HOW they want it to be! You ones may want to mull that over for a while. Neither Celest, David nor any other of the Greatest Teachers and Speakers ever view others’ thoughts superciliously. Although none of these mentors enjoy seeing anyone take backwards steps, it is never a surprise to them. It just leaves them with a temporary hint of sadness.

Now, In this manner the ones they each knew they were going to release from further teaching sessions, would be forced to go ahead on their own and STAND without having anyone to hold them up, and they could or would make their own decisions to rise like the morning Sun or enter into a sometimes temporary, “standstill” position until such time they felt ready to go the distance on their own. As I said, you may not all like what you learn about today, but if not today, then when? This current situation is no different than when Jesus The Christ released so many of you ones many centuries ago and bade you to go in peace and learn on your own. In case you do not know this, when Jesus arrived at a critical point when He knew it was time to “Let go and Let God” and released many of His beloved Disciples, He did so for the good of all and with great love and compassion. He then continued on His journey gathering more and more “new” Souls everywhere He went.

Now, we ourselves here aboard our ships of Light will continue to monitor all good peoples everywhere. The ones I have spoken of in different countries have healed their physical and emotional wounds and are ever so much stronger, so much more dedicated and HAVE the self-confidence that is a necessity. They have long been in touch privately with Celest and David and of course Celest and David are relieved now to move on and simply allow peoples they know all over this world to make their own conclusions about themselves and about Celest and David as well. I must say though that these two beloved Teachers and Speakers of ours share many chuckles as they see what is in the hearts and minds of others when they try to “figure out” Celestial and David. Good luck with that! As many of the Advocates proceed through the rest of this year, at least until September 15th. of this year, ever so many tests will land in the laps and minds of most of the Advocates who have yet to be tested. How do you know if you have been being tested or will be tested? You either will know or you will not. Fly free Advocates, fly free!

Do not try to plan ahead too far in your private or personal lives. If you do so however just bear in mind that you must always expect the unexpected and BE PREPARED for it. If you have learned your lessons well then build upon that foundation; add to it, clarify your thoughts and learn to have humor in your lives. I do understand that few among you ones understand Celestial or David’s satirical or at times “tongue in cheek” sense of humor. But of course YOU do not have THEIR jobs either! Now, much more needs to be touched upon this day; for in the days to come you will be glad that Celest and David took you each under their wing and let you fly free or freefall when it was their time to do so. As the Procession of the Elders accompanied by the Avatars and the Luminescents with The Creator spearheading the Procession has taken place, both Celest and David were also called upon to join the Procession, “at a moment’s notice” and assist in uprooting and destroying the vipers’ dens. Another person they invited to participate with them is an astounding figure whose destiny is so intertwined with their own, that there was no doubt they would include this Soul.

Again I tell you ones it is about the “quality of the Souls invited, not the quantity!” Of course it has resulted in all hell breaking loose as so many puppets’ “strings” have been severed. Now you have these people without all the attached strings trying desperately to find a reason to live WITHOUT their fear-based addictions. They are dangerous peoples and they are lashing out in all directions. When they see the Light each Advocate has they automatically want to bring down the Light, to snuff it out completely or overwhelm an Advocate and cause that person or persons to join the wrong side of the path. If you had been taking notes, and remembering your teachings then you should have no problem dealing with these situations. If you have a grievous lack of self-confidence then YES, that is a problem. Yes, your mentors’ off-world and other Advocates on planet can assist you BUT they can no longer “walk you by the hand.” Those days THANKFULLY are long over.

Now, all Advocates here who have been striding forward, regardless of what small steps they may take, should be very proud of all they have been learning to do and learning how to reorganize their thought-patterns as a means of claiming their birthright and relearning from any erroneous thoughts they may have had. How do you know if your thoughts are self-created or if they are thoughts formed by your intellect, or if they are being assisted by your Soul? Celest and David long ago taught you all about the left hand right hand divination process. Now if you had been taking copious notes……  Among many other things they also taught you about quieting your mind (intellect) and commanding only Soul Voice to answer you truthfully. You recently learned from them about The Power of the mind, again, what had you learned that you still remember?

Be honest with yourselves and think of the moments of your Creativity, of your shared laughter with one another and the unique ability you each have to inspire other good peoples. Tests you may still have to endure will basically be about how you regard others, how you regard yourselves and your desire to continue to be all that you can be. I will tell you all though if you feel that Celest and David, especially Celest, can sound critical of something that has been said or done, remember they see what you do not and they also see thoughts that are still in the formation states in many minds, I must remind you then as the slang goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Although all Luminescents care so deeply for each of you as do the Avatars themselves, they can be very harsh when they feel that a person or persons is not holding up their end of the Soul Agreement Movement. You could say that they give “critical” a whole new meaning.

Far too many Walk-Ins, Star Seeds and even many goodhearted Earth Seeds have given their very lives so that YOU may live! That is why during your periods of needed downtime, just remember that when that downtime is over, get back to work please!

We have already seen which of you present-day Advocates will be all that you can be and which of the soon-to-be future Advocates will have benefitted by your own teachings and writings and how you will inspire them by teaching by example. Do not take it so hard when you make errors of judgment; just try not to repeat those mind-thoughts. The “unexpected” is how your lives will be lived NOW. Live each day as if it is your first day of life and CHERISH one another; especially cherish yourselves. It is because your mentors and former mentors know what we all know here as we not only monitor each of you very closely, we TOO WALK AMONG YOU and will assist in the testing of many of you ones when the Luminescents require our additional aid. Many of you are aware of these things to be and things that shall continue and they are taking many precautions now, especially when it involves locating food sources and “watching each others’ backs.” Every country will suffer grievously from lack of foodstuffs and increasing drought EVEN IF IT RAINS HARD!  Especially when it rains hard. This is a turnaround year for all of you ones. When you need help, help will be provided for you as long as you are doing what you should. You will not be left alone to completely fend for yourselves, BUT when your intuition surfaces and warns you to do or not do something, you REALLY better pay attention! Warnings of this nature will not continue to be given in vain.

In other words, there are special lines of demarcation that have been set in place.  Warnings not heeded means that the warnings will cease to be. This you can Expect. Now, as part and parcel of all that is unexpected … to a certain degree, many peoples here around the world have been placed in what we term “special circumstances” positions. Now, this is not an enviable position to be in, however due to the present back-stepping that so many younger people have taken, it became imperative that a select number of people needed to be placed in certain areas, positions, facilities and institutions where they can uncover “truth untold.” Although some of these peoples volunteered for this today placement, their dates of volunteering for this date actually took place two millennia ago. So it was that they spent every intervening lifetime preparing for this one. Although some were then selected to be born into or walk-in to these positions, the rest of these peoples were just recently asked to participate BASED ON their sterling performances of today’s life experience.

They are now “in service to others” but especially “in service to the Luminescents” and this is a tough ride for them. They must work on the inside in order to amass real truth through their own experiences wherever they have been placed and each of them is causing the house of cards to fall. You see Advocates; by working on the inside whether it is the banking corporations, governmental institutions, in hospitals as staff or as seemingly innocuous patients, or working at notorious fast-food restaurants, some nuns in convents, all political governments or any other job or health placement you can think of … they are THERE, stirring the cauldron of the unexpected at all times. They work from the inside out. Most Advocates however work from the outside in.

Now, I ask you all to consider this following information carefully: When one of these chosen ones is fulfilling their unpleasant duties they are finding out the importance of who is doing what and why. In so doing they do indeed risk their true identities being revealed and then suffering the consequences of being right. Some of them intentionally ferret out data which clearly shows the still hand-in-glove techniques being employed by the last of the Illuminati descendents, while the rest of their colleagues’ in-arms are reporting what goes on behind the scenes that the naïve public does not know about. It is as this is all occurring that these hardy, brave Souls transmit all these data to all Universes and in particular to all those who are part of the Elders’ Procession. As this occurs the cracks that the Elders AND their allies have already instilled into all the vipers’ nests become wider and wider to the point that many of these peoples and organizations being ill-used by the Illuminati descendents begin to spin out of control, for they no longer believe in what they have been doing. This Advocates, is how we all together are shoving the dominos off the board and into the waiting arms of The Luminescents and their entire contingent. It is this contingent which functions as the fulcrum necessary which ultimately forms the larger group involved with them. YOU are part of that larger group. You see, what any of you believed in your long ago established Advocacy Agreement, you ultimately have become.

Although indeed there is no turning back now for any of you ones, those who missions have been fulfilled to date, have the rite of passage which allows them to leave the Agreement behind and return to their less stressful lives. This also allows for the advent or for the advancement of the Advocates who are rigorously pursuing their anointed and appointed rounds and continue locating other Advocates who are stepping up the spiral staircase and contacting or being contacted by other Advocates who are on a higher level of placement. It is then that all these ones have successfully secured their positions as the Omnipresent Core of themselves. As such they have assured by rite of passage their eternal position of their place in the Sun. You need to remember please that it is as the Procession continues to build up even more energetic mass that their decisions are made instantly concerning to whom they are granting a brief respite and to whom they are not. In other words, the Luminescents and their entire entourage are giving no quarter and showing no mercy unless some small degree of mercy is warranted.

Unfortunately not all of those who are in the “special circumstances” physically survive their ordeals. However, there are always more peoples waiting in the queue to take their places. These remarkable special circumstances Souls have earned the greatest respect that the Luminescents have to offer. Although all of you especially the great Speakers and Teachers we have sent here can return home if you decide that is what you want, The Speakers and Teachers have been blessed with longevity for as long as they want or need it … within reason of course.

As for Celest and David they have for as long as they have been, been singing their own version of “I’m still standing.” They do make us smile! Unlike so many others here though the only real problem Celest and David have is how to adapt to Daylight Savings Time. They are not doing too well with this time change at all! I will take my leave now and truly do desire that your understanding this day is better than it had been.

Salude, … I too am still standing!

Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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