Your Finest Hour

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Your Finest Hour

2-25 to 4-25-2017

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Well Advocates, here we are yet again; I would like to think you ones are each preparing to learn more salient information relative to your individual and collective abilities to achieve even greater levels of understanding than you already possess. You see Children, unbeknownst to most of you; each tidbit of information which I share with you ALWAYS functions as a fulcrum, which usually in a subtle manner rather than a boisterous way infuses your Soul Self with data that you have brought with you “from home.” Yet the data has not been revealed to your CONSCIOUS memory banks UNTIL specific catalysts come into play. Now, I suppose you could think of me as your “personal catalyst provider.” In case any of you ones are wondering why I phrased what I said as “each tidbit of information” that I share with you, it is because in and within the never-ending picture regardless of how much I have in the past and still do disclose to you, in truth the information is but a scintilla of information and revelations which exist in their pristine eternal state. This Advocates is why I always, sometimes sternly, SUGGEST that you cease using the erroneous term, “the bigger picture.” Do not act too human ok!

The “bigger picture” is a term most apt to be used when dealing with the microcosmic world. Unfortunately millions and millions of peoples here on the Earth Star planet have been conditioned to live in a microcosm type of reality. Here is where their minds stay; here is where their personalities may become soiled, become decadent beyond repair. Little do they know and most could care less that the bigger picture is but yet another form of a very bad, rehearsed through many lifetimes, untruthful “reality show.” Think of it as yet another t.v. reality show that corrupts the minds! In the true realities though, all exists as a macrocosmic organized chaos infrastructure. So it is that as you choose to live as a macrocosmic Being, you are walking with one foot in each world YET the Spiritual world is the real one. The practical everyday world is but one that you are temporarily living on. NOT IN! The macrocosmic system is a well-structured, well-endowed, eternal Creation in which numerous other complex systems exist which may at times be observed as smaller cities built of Light and housing Planetizens from ALL Universes who live IN not ON these interconnected interrelated parts of the whole.

Now, because you ones are each ambassadors of your home planets, you each have the historical and important roles of not only being the Advocates for Justice that you are, but you are also macrocosmic Beings quite capable of living in the reality of a microcosmic world while still maintaining your macrocosmic-Self. Your macrocosmic-Self is independent from the microcosmic mentalities which have contaminated so many other peoples here. Basically, at one time on Earth “microcosme” was an ancient term once used to describe a human who is his or her own little Universe. Unfortunately many peoples here still believe that the world revolves around them BECAUSE THEY are their own little Universe. Some things change and some things do not.

Advocates, these “live IN while living ON” situations can become a bit dicey for many of you. It is why so many, MANY of you ones feel estranged from others you would like to feel close to. It is why so often the physical vehicle you each wear can feel uncomfortable, also often causing many peoples to feel as though they are jumping out of their skin, feeling physical tensions which do not always make sense especially when being in close spaces among strangers. Your Souls are always searching for all options, all manners of locating more comfortable physical feelings for you and seeking to rejoin many others in your own Soul Clusters who are also feeling the vague sometimes annoying/irritating sensations which ultimately cause fatigue both mentally and physically. Yes, although you ones do not remember those other lifetimes when even then you were experiencing these “systems of personal evolution,” even the most “itchy” moments when you became frustrated trying to scratch something that was not really there, you still persevered and kept on moving forward.

Now, because the true nature of evolution is to primarily move forward progressively and unite your Self in whatever lifetime your Self lived in or presently lives in, with the Christ Consciousness and revel in the fact that you were doing so regardless of all the slings and arrows you have each endured in the past and for many of you in the present as well. Evolution is not merely the changing of old ideas and beliefs into faddish new ones, nor will the “millennials” fare much better than had you. The truest concept of evolution is to your own SELF be true. You must do so while taking all the sequential steps up the spiral staircase which leads to the ultimate expansion of the totality of all Super Consciousness levels of the expression and love of GOD! Many of you are quite capable and adept at taking leaps into the void while not looking down or back to see if anyone will be there to catch you so that you are not injured. Total trust is required when taking these leaps. Yet serious problems may occur which could damage the psyche if some people try to leap instead of being satisfied with taking baby steps.

Do NOT be a “I want it and I want it now person!” That would be acting entirely too human. And of course, there would be consequences to contend with. If I would ask you what you consider your finest hour to be, what would you say, how would you respond? It is sad to see that so many of you do not believe you have ever had one that you can remember. Others are thinking that they will know when they have it. Yet still others are viewing my question from a strictly professional perspective. These latter are looking at the microcosmic reality and that is NOT what I am asking! Yes, you may think that your finest hour was somehow set into only a professional lifestyle or romantic relationship. In that case I pity you. Advocates, you are each living in new “all or nothing times.” This means that although you must walk the micro world when you need to, NOTHING in the micro world should be perceived as the priority in life. Yes, you need food, water, clothes etc. but these things will be provided for you; those are life sustaining physical needs. In other words do not permit the microcosmic convictions to divide and conquer your macrocosmic-Self, do not allow it more attention than need be. You need to give all attention to the macrocosmic world for THERE is where truths are revealed. THERE is where lies and deceit can be seen for what they truly are and THERE is where those who are amongst the most heinous women and men on this planet and their deranged plans can be seen, understood then discarded by each of you. Practice passionate detachment at those times.

Now, give nothing to the illusionary world; this world is hidden deeply in the microcosmic world. KNOW it for what it is and keep on walking with shoulders back and heads held high. Give all to the macrocosmic world and your macrocosmic-Self. As you do so some of you will enter into a state of awareness that may shock you as you realize that you are leading many, MANY more Advocates up the spiral staircase than you ever imagined you would. That staircase has all of your indelible footprints and fingerprints on it; so indeed you will all receive a joyous KUDOS from each Soul you have interacted with in this present lifetime and a culmination-celebration of all your previous times with them all. I again ask you ones who have not yet responded to my question. What is your finest hour?

Far too many of you still retain a humbleness which is not called for nor is it needed. To thy own Self be true, remember? Stop being hard on yourselves and stop not admitting to yourselves all the good you do and recognize your own Self-worth in a macrocosmic way! The true world is uncluttered, it is without constraint, there exists no judgment calls, it is true life as it was always intended to be. Your finest hour begins the very nano-second you were Created! The term “hour” is merely a term, it does not really have any substance to it, nor does TIME itself, remember?  I will use that term simply because you are familiar with it.

Now, from the very second of your completed birthing process every single “moment” of your life is filled to the brim with preciousness. There are no entanglements, no internal conflicts, no “need to succeed at all costs” either. You see Advocates; there is NO “one finest hour” in your mortality or within your immortal Selves. That having been said though I do need to tell you one and all that you have each surpassed our own expectations of you while you are walking in mortal form here. And we all had VERY HIGH expectations of each of you! You ones need to understand this and develop NOW a deep respect for your individual and collective selves even if you do not understand what you have accomplished. As the bearers and carriers of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness and the heralds of Co-Crearchy I ask a question of all of you … do you not realize the importance of your work? Your TRUE work? You may mull that over for as long as you need to. You ones have no need to stand atop a soapbox and preach the word of God. That is a good thing because should I EVER see any of you doing that it would be MY hand that yanks you off the box and thrusts you back into reality!

 This is not a threat, but it is a ——-.

Your finest hour exists in constant organized chaos. When you exit your mortality here you will see for yourselves how much you have achieved throughout the totality of your mortal existences. Many of you Advocates have already earned your laurels and will be birthing new civilizations and new worlds as an unasked for and unexpected reward from ALL of Divinity. Remember always though please, that your finest hour has NO end. I am signing off for now, but I AM only your finest hour away….

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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