Captive Mentalities and The Chameleon Effect

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Captive Mentalities


The Chameleon Effect

8-25 to 10-25-2015

(Transmitted to Celest by her father Blue Star) Greetings and salutations to all of you Advocates for Justice! I must begin by telling you ones how proud all of us are of all the true work you do. Now, to be clear here when I say “us,” I speak for all Star Keepers on all Universes as well as for all the Luminescents as well. I can do that, you know! You should realize that it is no small feat to continue to Create, Create, Create in your mind all the truest forms of ingenious methods to assist our Terra, while assisting yourselves as well. Many of you ones have discovered that the more you must contend with weather conditions and the conditions of deteriorating human behavior which are accelerating all over this world, the more appalled you may become. BUT it furthers your determinations to continue to do all you can while you can. Although it is perfectly natural considering the acceleration of “the quickening” for some among you ones to feel quiet and sometimes not so quiet desperation, the very fact that you do experience these feelings should be showing you where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

How can you KNOW what your strong points are if you can not acknowledge what your weak points are? The “times” you are living in do indeed allow you to understand not only yourselves better, but you also need to understand more about how and why so many others live and believe in the things they do. NO, this is not a matter of right or wrong! Although it is easy to see why so many Advocates would see it that way. The roles each person has been playing out here on the Earth Star planet have for the most part been chosen by each individual. NO, this is not a battle about whose free expression is correct. Each person truly does know on one level or another, if their thoughts, words, deeds and actions accurately portray who they are, or if they have been so terribly conditioned that everything about them reeks of decomposed mind-thoughts. Now, please understand better about “captive mentalities” and how they relate to my discussion with you. Advocates do not have this “hostage syndrome.” It has required many, many, MANY lifetimes for each of you Advocates to “get from where you were to where you are” in your own Spiritual growth on your own individualized version of the Spiritual path.

Each of you ones brought into this particular life experience all the tools and all the Creative energies needed to bring your truest form of yourselves into the forefront of human life and to sow all the seeds you have been carefully nurturing for as long as you have been! What I am telling you is applicable to both Star Seeds and Walk-Ins alike. You see Planetizens, none of you are immune to feeling the deadly energies and dealing with the completely out of mind lunacy that has overtaken millions of people. Yes, even in the places of worship the worshipers are reacting for the most part no differently than those they criticize and demean. This is the cumulative period of the years when so many millions of peoples here are willingly separating themselves from the lunacy, as well they should, while others who fall into a monstrous “like attracts like” category, are mesmerizing themselves to be even worse than they have been. The truest forms of captive mentality can be seen by peoples who are called “trust fund babies.” They are raised and bought up in addictive societies; their fertile minds are quickly seized and held hostage by their caretakers and siblings. To further ensure that these young peoples ACCEPT WITHOUT QUESTION the illusions they have been conditioned to receive, certain information is repeated to them ad nauseam. The illusions are that it is their prestige, fortunes and assured financial futures, which are their God-given birthrights. In truth God had NO-THING to do with it! None of the Luminescents would ever do that! It is a classic case of power bequeaths power which bequeaths more power absolutely. Thus the corruption is complete.

Now, many of you ones have quietly wondered why it is that so few Walk-Ins are in high positions of power in the financial, medical or political world. The answer is very simple and does indeed show how self-serving nearly all those highly placed peoples are. The answer is…. because very few of those men or women want to give up “their God-given birthright.” Regardless of how miserable their private lives are, they would never leave this planet as part of the Walk-In exchange and be forced to exist without all the power they left behind. Perhaps when they arrive in Nirvana they will be given remedial lessons on “Priorities.” Among other things for sure! Although it was the earliest of the Illuminati who truly are the founding fathers of this type of lunacy-life, the beat goes on and on and on until none of these privileged peoples believe anything other than the gross lies. Those who are not trust fund babies are the peoples who have been handpicked by the Illuminati descendents and strategically placed within organizations, businesses and religions to further keep the beast fed. Then too there are the factions who need wealth and power in order to give meaning to their lives.

Psyches which should have been healthy become fractured and the personalities become almost robotic in nature. NO, of course we can not do anything for these peoples; they have made their choices AS HAVE WE! Here is our concern though: A very large number of Advocates across the planet have been especially of late, feeling cynical about actually finding some good in the natures of other humans. Considering that so many peoples are reverting to THEIR own true form and are being exposed for the dastardly peoples they really are, we can commiserate with the Advocates who are trying to fend off the cynicism they are feeling. I ask you all to remember please, this is no picnic for us either! Do not judge all of humankind for the irresponsible, reprehensible actions and mind-thoughts that so many of your other “fellow travelers” engage in. Look at the situation carefully please; for many Souls who are among your Advocacy groupings this has been an unexpected and rude awaking to the incontrovertible fact that many peoples here have been chameleons “hiding in plain sight.” Far too many times it has seemed that the very ones who are now unintentionally exposing themselves for who and what they really are, have been peoples you once admired and set upon pedestals. Your first mistake there was not looking to see if he or she was what you BELIEVED them to be. The second was putting them on pedestals. Now cometh the third mistake.

Here it is: if you become cynical you lose your virginity! Ow, OUCH, yes I know that hurt, but I am forewarning you while I still can. You see Planetizens, a true cynic is a man or woman who only believes that selfishness is the prime motivator, or prime provocateur of a person’s actions. A cynic refuses to believe that there really are people who believe in being selfless; they believe that selfless people must have a hidden agenda. The cynics can not understand that these other peoples are selfless for the right reasons. WHEN that cynicism overtakes a person’s mind, especially if that person is an Advocate who works only for the good of all, cynicism then breeds contempt. Why do you believe that so many well-positioned non-Spiritual peoples view YOU with contempt? To expect peoples who have either lost their way or who have been part of the extremely large captive mentalities groupings to believe in you and your good works, is implausible and non-logical. Non-Spiritual people follow the trails of logic which only causes them to further lose their way. This is part of what this battle is about! Captive mentalities belong to a special grouping we call, “group toxicity.” The toxicity they exude is contagious and its nature is malleable and fluid. Planetizens I implore you, do NOT dismiss what I am telling you! It could cost you your Soul.

These peoples have the uncanny ability to disguise their true nature to others, yet at the same time they unconsciously FOR THE MOST PART, seek to bring other peoples who still retain some innocence into their fold. They have a way of knowing what many peoples vulnerabilities are. And THERE is where they focus their toxicity. At that point unless the soon-to-be victims immediately realize the peril they are in, they too become what they most detest. It is like watching a perverted set of dominoes falling backwards without any gravity to forestall the fall. In desperate times such as the ones you are all experiencing now is when the desperate peoples in this grouping lash out the most. Ergo, suicides increase accompanied by murders, rapes, incest and robberies of all kinds. It is not surprising to us at all that the perversion of being introduced to drugs and high-content alcohol is the final takeover of a person’s psyche. These people in this grouping have always been able to cast their own shadow, but to disguise it as “light.” This chameleon effect is what has always made them so dangerous. This has fooled millions and millions of peoples over the centuries until now. You see Planetizens; because of the enormous amounts of pure and true Light you have each been determinedly spreading all over this world and also sending upwards to all other Universes, NOW is the time that you are defeating the enemy from within. And you have not even known this CONSCIOUSLY. But Super Consciously and Magma Consciously you have known it well.

It was always known that although we ourselves must enter into horrendous battle situations in order to protect and serve you well, the true test of the true Soul who has donned human form, is how and why and WHEN they choose to be true to themselves through their mind-thoughts, Soul status and heart-love for all sentient beings. This true life situation always also meant that here and NOW in the most pivotal phase of human development and Soul growth, the prevailing conditions here have been placed in your hands as part of your Advocacy Agreement. You Advocates are EACH ever so much stronger than you believe yourselves to be! This is why so much had to be kept secret to you ABOUT you until NOW. You are each growing, maturing, stabilizing exponentially and the glow you each radiate is clearly seen throughout all the Universes. You have each been teaching young new Souls in other Universes simply by the way you ones comport yourselves and how you manage to hold on to your faith despite all odds. You see Advocates; all eyes of all Universes are truly upon you. No pressure, right? Indeed we pay homage to each of you for the magnificence that you are. You are truly incomparable; you are priceless in your dedication to service and yet you feel you are not doing enough.

I ask that you stop being hard on yourselves; you are not chameleons nor do any of us want you to be. That is NOT your roles here! The grouping all of you Advocates belong to is known by us as, “Group Coordination.” You are the new infrastructure of the New Earth and the founders of the New People. As such it is incumbent on you that you continue to face the difficulties which each of you in one manner or another have been coping with but to do so with the magnificence of your PRESENCE by shining Light into the dark zones. PUSH when you feel you should, use the Golden Force as well and speak non-verbally to all other Advocates whether you know who they are or not. As you do so you will soon realize that you are issuing a call for unity and amassing more strength within the Collective Consciousness and that YES, we are winning in this ancient battle. Regardless of how long you will remain in mortality, I ask you each to simply remember and repeat to yourselves as many times as you feel you need to,” I am doing what I can and how I can.” Perhaps those words may not seem like much to you at this moment, but soon it will make sense to you. Also remember that each time you send Light into the dark zones across space and linear dimensions, you are also “calling all good Souls to unite NOW for the good of all.” It is with the uniting that your “brainstorming sessions” will Create miracles. Now that the evolved Winter People need no longer cloak themselves in order to safely walk among the ravenous hordes, you will see how effectively the Winter People will attack the darkness. Their triumphs over the dark will be shared with each of you as well. Many, many Advocates are already in their Winter People status on one level or another.

So, it will be by conjoining your mind-thoughts and using your individual and collective energies that the final victory belongs to you. Indeed, it is a harsh battle, but you Advocates have much to gain and nothing to lose. Now, before I take my leave this day, I want to let you in on a well-kept secret. Obviously after I tell you it will no longer be a secret! Only a few Advocates have correctly figured out that when they are nonverbally connecting with other nonverbal VOICES, they are all sharing not only the same mind-thoughts, but are energetically putting into activated motion wondrous well-laid strategies for the future of themselves and all those they love. Think of this experience as peoples thinking of the same thing at the same time regardless of how much geographical distance separates them. THIS is part of organized chaos in motion and YOU ADVOCATES are the motion!! Indeed of course we are all aware of the distress you each experience when viewing or hearing about terrible situations taking place worldwide. And that Advocates, are only the ones you hear about! At times we have been known to run interference for you and block too much distressful news from reaching you until we KNOW you can handle it.

But our faith in you is without limit, our dedication to you is supreme and we love you each unconditionally. How could we not? You are our stellar families, remember? Before this year of 2015 ends and it will end on a rather harsh note, those of you who have been working so tirelessly for so very, VERY long, will finally be able to see the Light that is shining through the end of the tunnel. Also, please remember to acknowledge what you see, hear or read about as information that you need to know, and then release it. Do not carry it around with you. Much of it is other peoples “baggage,” you are not to carry this with you. Remember, it is always better to know than not to know however. Now, please shine on and hold on to your seatbelt! We are ALL in for the ride of our lives. The times will come when you will speak with one another and honesty say, “all that happened was well worth it. We have gained the world and we did so the right way.”

God speed everyone! I am signing off for now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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