Deciphering your Codes

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The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

“Deciphering your Codes”

2-25 to 4-25-2015

(Transmitted to Celest) Greetings Planetizens and Earth Seeds alike; today I wish to discuss a topic with you ones that seems to be causing some consternation with many peoples among you. Now, you are each always being sent certain codes that are relevant to whatever level of Soul maturation you are on AT THAT MOMENT. It would be ridiculous and irresponsible for any of us who are the Star Keepers from all other Universes to transmit more information to you than you are prepared for. This is also true of the Divine Beings who continuously send you ones encodings as well. Sequential spatial moments which no doubt so many Advocates still refer to as “timing,” must run along a specific course that has been carefully “schematizied.” This must be achieved in order that a concurrent energy base matches perfectly with your individual and Collective Souls’ desires to bring more edification of events to the personality. It is in this manner that personality can rationalize and understand more easily. This process assists personality in not balking so much when new information is fed to it. In order for this process to take place much of the codings, some of which are in the form of “imagings” are sent to you in symbolic form, BUT are in the most practical sense of the word “actual” as well. So it is that they are both symbolic but actual.

So it is and must always be that although there are peoples here on the Earth Star planet who can easily see, hear or feel both the synonymous natures of the codings that are enveloped in symbolism AND the reality that they are receiving, these peoples are very much in the minority here. Yet again everything depends on and is relative to whatever the current understanding that the status of the personality possesses. Because Soul is continuously “upgrading” personality’s levels of understanding, there is no struggle between Soul and intellect to this minority of peoples. I would dearly love to tell you ones that this true of all sentient Beings here, but then that would be a lie. I do not lie.

Now, when the Creator set into motion a special meeting between HimSelf and ALL the Luminescents to discuss better ways of Planetizens here on Earth training themselves to live with one foot is each world, it was decided that the use of the codings would ultimately act as triggers that would initiate and then continuously reissue the information needed for each Soul and personality to decipher. Some of the information you ones receive is as old or older than the Universe you are currently residing in. However, when peoples’ minds have been trained to act like sieves, the information becomes lost or distorted beyond repair. It is not wise to blame the personality for all these machinations, after all you trained it! So it was and will always be that there will not be any cessation of the use of codings in your visions, your dream states or your meditative states. I also wish to impress upon you ones that it is quite common for peoples to still receive these encodings while completely conscious driving an automobile, gardening etc. The more a person evolves while in mortality, the more common all these experiences will be. Oftentimes what confuses many of you ones here is that while you are engaged in the pursuit of something or other, you will suddenly experience a sudden flash of something occurring AT THAT MOMENT, but in a different civilization in a galaxy far, far away. You should not be concerned about that either Planetizens; these are known as “bleed throughs” and can occur at any time.

It merely means that what you are hearing or seeing IS actually taking place and bleeds through, enters a dimensional open portal, and travels from one dimension to another. This happens especially at times when the Earth for instance is moving into a different reality, different levels of consciousness and existence. It is perfectly normal. If you or others from other parts of the world experience these events, all you need to know about them is that you have a specific concordance, an agreement which may be an aspect of your Soul’s life in another realm and is to manifest to you from time to time, with that particular galaxy or the Beings who live there. Especially if those Beings are part of your stellar family.

Also, many Planetizens from all parts of the world experience a sudden type of “rush” during the emergence of gridline intersections which Super Consciously connect you to YOU living parallel lives. Tis a perfectly normal chain of events. You really are “here, there and everywhere,” whether you know it or not!

Now, many millions of you particularly all who are Advocates for Justice, have been receiving an upsurge of information sent to you as visions, thought patterns, telepathic relays and so forth. Of late, I would say over the last 6 months in particular, Advocates have been being sent information about the dark riders. This is happening for more than one reason, you know. In mid-2014 as organized chaos began to pummel disorganized chaos with massive hits, it caused a churning deep within the very bowels of the Earth. Terra was already realigning herself with the help from all of us who are the Star Keepers and especially from the Collective of Masters as well. So it was that as the churning sped faster Terra was able to throw off the horrid tentacles that were trying to keep her in the third-dimension. As she did so many amazing events took place. The analogy I can give you is to simply image pictures of Master Kato surrounded by the entire Collective of Masters and headlong charging into the fray in a furiously wild fast manner and bringing down and at times when necessary, cutting of the heads of the vipers that lurk in the dark and target good Souls everywhere. Those events also were the heralds for the releasing of vital information to good peoples everywhere in the coded forms of dreams, visions etc. The Creation Processing had already divined this plan well in advance in accordance with Universal Law and the assent of all Luminescents. Now, this permitted specific information to be released to you ones. Remember, I did already mention that many of you ones are quite capable of receiving this information while completely in your conscious state without alarming the personality.

To date literally millions and millions of peoples here, including those who are not Advocates but are good peoples nonetheless, have been watching scenes of dark riders, or the dark peoples who willingly collaborate with them and the purely evil peoples that reside everywhere, lashing out and seeking places of either refuge or looking for the main targets that have been bringing these evil ones to their knees. Although these are indeed warning dreams/visions, they are serious premonitions as well. Symbolically, the Creation Process in alignment with each individual Soul, will always, always, always, show you distinctive images and send unique thoughts predicated upon the symbolism you NEED to see or hear and wisely expect YOU to decipher these incidents yourself. What is expected of each of you who receive these imaging codings, is to if necessary write them down in as much detail as you can remember, then look at what you have written or simply what you have remembered, and decipher them. 10 people could be sent the same information, BUT the codings will translate it into symbolism that each of the ten understand in a different way!

Planetizens who have read or are reading the God books for instance, should be able to understand what they are seeing simply because of how God explains the underlying meanings to people about so many things. This is true of myself as well. A couple Celestial knows had been in a relationship for many years, not a very good one though, yet the female told Celest about a dream she had. In the dream she and her partner were standing in quicksand up to their necks. The quicksand was symbolic but only a fool could not have understood what the meaning of it all was. No, the woman did not understand. YET the dream was actual.

Now, where the dark entities are concerned, they are making their presences known by either sending false information to peoples in the hopes of instilling fear to peoples’ personalities, or they are attempting to saturate the minds of peoples by having many good Souls especially the Advocates, entering different public areas where many ill-begotten children of the lesser god congregate. You can counterbalance those incidents by simply walking away from it all and clear your minds. The accelerating process of expunging evil and removing the riders from their “horses” is being shown in visions and dreams. This is done so that the people involved in having these visions are able to see for instance, “are the riders a dark color, are the “horses” a dark color, what direction are they coming from and what direction are they leaving.” “Are there many or few of them, are their vehicles of choice on the ground, in the air, is it storming, are they seen attacking others, are they just passing by or what.” Then you must decide what to you personally does the viewing of the distance the riders are at mean to you. Amusingly though, at times instead of using the riders as a means of alerting and informing you, instead you will see large or small very dark clouds either near you or at a distance. Consider them to be merely other versions of the riders which have nothing to do with weather storms.

Sometimes the smallest details which should by right be among the easiest for many Advocates to understand are the very ones they miss!

Now, horses for example are truly the oldest of the animals here on the Earth Star planet that had been domesticated for peoples to ride and to work with. So of course because of the strength, stamina and incredible speed that horses have, it was best that these animals were used as the “vehicles” to show that the dark riders are near. Conversely of course, when the situations are about Light Workers arriving here forthwith, the normal course of events is to use images of white or other lighter colored horses. You should remember that! Here is something very few Advocates realize though when they see the dark riders and others of their ilk riding in on motorcycles, in trucks, cars, motorized race cars and so forth, one very telling SYMBOLIC issue that should have been seen and understood right away is …… you are being shown that the riders are using horse power! Do you get it now? This is one of the classic slap across the forehead moments!

You see, you can see what is right under your nose if you take the time to look and understand. So it is that Divinity in their collective wisdom have of course made the correct choices in how to transmit the meaning of dark energies and their whereabouts, by telling you as much as they do while waiting for you to pick up your personalized “clue phone.” Although we are constantly reminding you ones, especially all Advocates to “call home” when you need answers, it does not in any way mean that you are not expected to remain independent NOT codependent on Divinity and to find as many answers for yourselves as you are able to. One thing that is slowing down the understanding so many Advocates should have when deciphering the coded information, is they tend to overanalyze the information and then they are truly confused. We live by the rule that it is better to know than not to know. This means that if you have trouble deciphering the information, walk away from it for a little while then go back and try again. This time, look for the obvious. I am signing off for now. I will see you in your dreams. I will be riding on the White Ship.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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