Beyond the scope of your Perception


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Blue Star Transmissions

Blue Star the Pleiadian

Beyond the scope of your Perception

8-25 to 10-25-2014

Transmitted to Celest

Blue Star… Greetings to our Planetizens and Earthizens alike. I am here today to speak of many things, of many issues that most of you ones are in “unawareness” about. It is however with the greatest of pleasure that I observe and experience grand gratitude to and for the Advocates for Justice on the Earth Star planet who have joyfully awakened to their individual and conjoined destinies in spite of all odds! It is now in these magnanimous concurrent NOW episodes of human life that you ones have consciously been choosing to BE part of the difference that is so desperately needed here. Now, I ask each of you, particularly those who are Advocates, to pay close attention to this transmission please. Up until the momentous moment when you Advocates became aware of the Agreement you signed and the reality of who you are, your pent-up frustrations centering around how you could help seemed to you ones to be insurmountable. Patience was required by each of you before the reality of the Advocacy Agreement could become public knowledge. It is interesting to note that many Advocates although aware of who they are, are still scratching their heads and wondering what they can do with this knowledge.

Personally I believe that the Luminescent of this Universe, the One you call “God” was very concise in His explanations to you and with you in the book He wrote. You ones by simply awakening to this information Super Consciously and Magna Consciously began to wear the mantle of Greatness by personifying your Advocate Selves. Now, what this essentially means is that through the personification you have each been magnifying the goodness and the greatness that is part of your Soul Essences. Please stop acting as though you do not know what to do now! It is but a simple matter to use all your Creative abilities to LAUNCH the greatest thoughts for the greater good; thus aiding through the thought process the further elimination of all the diseased portions Terra needs to be rid of. Water is indeed a great cleanser BUT the extreme weather conditions, some of which are still manmade weather conditions that now are unstoppable by those perverted minds that made them, are affecting all landmasses all over this world. There are no more “weather patterns,” it is vitally important that you each understand this!! They are now “weather conditions.” I told you ones months ago that the jet streams have altered as have the water sheds. I told you that worsening weather conditions WOULD occur, it was never a matter of “if,” it was always “when.” Do you remember?

Yes, Advocates are being affected as well as those men and women and especially the children who are still sleeping. The day will come in the not too distant future when you each will better understand that all that you think you truly Create. You as Co-Creators have the ability to turn the tides, not of water, but of truth unfolding. It is such a pleasure and a joy for each of us to see how many of you ones are actively pursuing the processing of your thoughts and reformatting those thoughts into a type of “peaceful armory.” Those who do this are using these Creations to either cause the dark riders to continue to withdraw, or to cause those hapless peoples who refused to acknowledge “truth unfolding” to NOW be confronted with all truth, whether they like it or not. You see Planetizens, so many of you ones still become confused or frustrated because you feel that you can NOT see the results of your good works. But in all fairness to each of you ones, you do not ALL have the conscious ability YET to be able to see everything that is happening that is beyond your human vision. BUT I ask that you practice calling in all other Advocates, those who are incarnate and those who are not, prior to times of meditation and shortly before falling asleep. You can even do this while simply relaxing your mind. Ask them to show you whatever you feel you want to know about. Just remember though they will never show you or tell you more than you can cope with. One of God’s beloved daughters has done this and was amazed to hear Advocates from many other countries answer her telepathically. As for myself, when this happened to this special one, I chuckled; for she never has seen her own greatness. Even during her necessary periods of being disincarnate, she still never sees it. She never has seen the extraordinary results she has produced that have and are still taking place on this world and off-world as well. She is unaware that the purity of her thoughts has caused so many blessed events to blossom and now they are blooming. I am using her as an example; although I have seen so many other Advocates touch the Soul of the Creator, they have touched the Soul of this Universe, as has she. There is nothing and no-thing that we are not aware of!!! You DO need to understand this.

Now, what is also occurring beyond the scope of your perceptions is that with each of you who is working so diligently and with so much heartfelt emotions to Create new thought forms that will encircle this world, is that you are successfully and discriminately affecting the unveiling of truth, much to the chagrin of the dark ones. You may not be consciously aware that you are doing all this, but nonetheless you are! On BOTH individual and collective levels of Super Consciousnesses, you are unknowingly for the most part, strengthening your magnetic cores. This is resulting in fearlessness and a supreme inner strength which are causing a different type of YOU to bloom NOW. You are entering into a never-ending phase of a finer form of yourself. Each time The PUSH was enacted either as a collective effort or as an individual one, it has enabled more churning of lies, deceit, corruption, mayhem and murder to be unveiled. I ask that you each continue on with PUSH whenever you feel you should. This is especially true between this present day and January 13, 2015. Yes, you are all experiencing things happening that you wish did not. I ask that you each hold on to the Eye of the Storm while organized chaos continues to replace disorganized chaos. No, you are not living in the best of times yet, but you have laid the foundation for it and WILL be part of it! When you experience any qualms you may call upon me or any of the Divine Souls who are incarnate and discarnate. We will never let go of you, we will never let you fall and you will NOT fail yourselves!!! Remember that!

All right now, other information that you are unaware of needs to be addressed. So much is happening below the waterways that I must simply compile this information and send you some of the most important aspects of these situations. Many volcanic eruptions under the waters are now accelerating. This is resulting in the formations of new landmasses that will continually begin to rise to the surface. However, it is also resulting in new and different alignments of extreme heat and extreme cold in all the major waterways on the planet. This is increasing the probability that even more marine life, algae etc. will continue to cease to be. The salt intake of the oceans and sea is being altered. This is a bit of a conundrum. The salt in water is a natural processing which actually works with the NORMAL amount of oxygen which SHOULD be ever-present within the waters. However, due to humankind’s horrific pollution of waterways, the oxygen which SHOULD be present there, no longer is. NOR will it be replaced. This is not only causing painful deaths to the marine life, it is affecting the land where the waterways lie. It is also causing many of the marine life to mutate into very unhealthy specimens. The flowing of the tides is predictable but the vast amounts of mutated sea-life and the stench of the decaying worlds beneath the waters is now polluting all land which touches the waters. Yes, even those peoples who swim in the waters are absorbing this unhealthy matter. Yes, many scientists here know about this, but these peoples would “disappear” if they made this information public knowledge.

People here are far too much interested in instant self-gratification to WANT to know truth. Therefore, truth has to be placed in front of their eyes; even then though many will refuse to acknowledge what is occurring here. Massive sinkholes and landslides will not abate. Even countries that are not yet experiencing this soon will! In an effort to contain what they call “the greenhouse effect” many knowledgeable people have been building solar plants and wind-farms. Unfortunately, although the concept was a good one, the peoples know so little about how to properly construct them let alone maintain them, that they have created a path of destruction. Solar plants = these giant monstrosities are actually contributing to the massing of massive amounts of geothermal energies which if left unchecked can result in a “nuclear winter.” No, it is not about nuclear war; yet the effects of geothermal energies are already impacting Earth from solar plants in particular. Nuclear Winter, sometimes now referred to as “Nuclear AUTUMN,” destroys so much moisture from the air and the land resulting in extreme heat and cold and severe turbulence in the atmosphere. Then the extinction process increases for many life species. Earth possesses her own geothermal energies; she generates it and stores it well within the interior of herself. Yet it is the thermal energies which impact upon the TEMPERATURES of matter. Unfortunately the Earth’s crust has been badly abused and made toxic in many areas. The geothermal gradient is a measurement of the temperature differences between the core of this planet and her surface. The gradient should naturally have a continuous steady flow of thermal energy being released as heat, from the core to the planet’s surface. All hot springs for instance contain this energy and are considered to be very healthful physically and emotionally. The emotional aspect is a result of being exposed to the NATURAL state of the heat.

However, all that is askew now; the peoples who build the solar plants do so with complete disregard for the fact that the plants are causing unnatural amounts of heat to be forced from the core of the Earth onto the surface. This not only results in massive amounts of unnatural heat being generated and flung into the atmosphere, it is not good or healthy for the land, the animals, the crops and especially not honeybees or birds of any species for many miles around the plants. If a plant is situated nearby waterways, the water temperatures are completely thrown off and out of their natural rhythm and temperature. Essentially it can cause the land to be burned dry and experience far too much exposure to unnatural heat. If you ones knew about how many species of birds are now dying with many other species close to becoming extinct, you would be shocked! The plants literally scorch the birds; just as they do with plants, grass etc. Dry dew points are not an uncommon result of being in too close proximity to the plants. The plants are capable of disturbing everything for many, many miles.

Wind-farms are not only killing birds, honey bees etc., they are actively aiding in drying out the lands and especially trees and grass, thus subjecting those areas to dangerous wildfires that should not take place. Wind-farms actually alter the temperature of the air currents, thereby causing the destruction of incoming negative ions which are so necessary to human life. We have seen that the currents in the waterways are adversely affected as well. It has been further noted that structural damage to homes and other buildings which may seem to be quite small AT FIRST, is a direct result of the wind-farms. These farms also cause erosion and that in great measure assists in opening sink holes! Among other things. We have seen that over time peoples living in the areas of these farms develop headaches and many begin to experience aching joints. The reasons for these anomalies should be obvious to you ones! Wind-farms release a very high pitched vibration that affects all animal life as well as human life. So it is that peoples who are unstable, especially those who have damaged psyches, become more prone to violence and irritability. You see, this is their minds and bodies responses to these changes of vibration and frequency. Even cows seem to have problems producing enough milk and so forth.

Now, although there are some peoples here FINALLY becoming aware of the vast dangers that fracking produces, even they know of only part of the problems. Far beyond the FACT that fracking creates earthquakes, it is also spewing in the atmosphere minerals that were NEVER intended to be above ground. These minerals are quite toxic and contain types of carcinogens that do cause cancer. When deep below the surface they remain harmless but they are instrumental in maintaining the stability of the Earth’s core. Fracking causes spider-web effects to occur as well. It is similar to breaking a mirror and watching all the cracked pieces scatter in many directions. As the fracking scatters and shatters land beneath the Earth, the “webbing-out” effect occurs. It means that the webbing is touching fault lines of all sizes, thus creating more instability and causing earthquakes.

Now, I am bringing these situations to your attention because you have a right to know and because too many of you ones continually applaud new technology here without exercising any discrimination about what is really going on behind the scenes! This irritates me to no end. Peoples have always tended to accept at face value what their governments and scientists’ have told them. I find this highly irrational behavior from all the peoples who do so. Free form energy is the wave of the future for the Earth Star planet. It is natural and can not cause any harm. However, because it is FREE your governments do not want it to be used. You ones have no idea of how much monies are generated to the governments from fracking, wind-farms and solar plants. Perception, perception, perception, you ones really need to start using it better. I thoroughly understand the conditioning you ones have all been exposed to for so long. However, if you do not look behind what is obvious, what is being projected to you all as “progress,” then how will you know what is really going on? Yes, some common sense is required, but even more importantly; look to see the pros and cons. Especially if the governments tell you that there are no cons. Perhaps, just perhaps, then you can learn how NOT to be “conned.” I am ending my transmission now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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