In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Twinkies

The Blue Star Transmissions


In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Twinkies

6-25-13 to 8-25-13

Received by Celest – Greetings to all of you stouthearted Souls. I say this because if you ones have the tenacity to continue moving forward and really desiring to learn all you can, it requires a LOT of heart and respecting the promptings and urgings of your Soul in order to do so! Now, one of the most climatic scenes I have been witnessing worldwide is the invigorated minds of the peoples, I speak of those who have long been the downtrodden ones as well as what you term “ordinary citizens.” It never fails to amaze me that it always seems to be only when the worst of circumstances befall peoples here that peoples’ minds actually do come to a screeching halt. They then begin the processing of reassessing their circumstances. If only this would and could have happened without this world building up to critical mass. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So it is that peoples of all races are now chasing life rather than living it. There are “trees” which symbolize each culture, each race here, just as a tree symbolizes a particular individual. In the greater sense of the word, each tree epitomizes the present potential and future probability of the success and the continuation of a race, culture and individual. I am obviously not speaking of the grand sentinels which have long guarded and protected this planet, until humankind began the onslaught of destruction which is rapidly causing these guardians to perish.

The trees of which I am speaking, the ones which are symbolic of each Planetizen here and their cultural and racial constellation energies are their own UNIQUENESS, they are their own enigma. EACH of these energies form a collective of themselves and are fashioned into a geometric figure while being attached to what some of you ones refer to as the “silver cord.” This is but part of your individual and CLUSTER birthright while you are incarnate and when you return “home.” So it is that just as each of your trees possess their own personal color which denotes not only whatever your personal magnetism is at any given time, they also serve and protect you from invasive opportunists as long as you yourselves do not permit it to occur. I speak of these as “trees” because they do indeed share your root system, which is your chakras system, with you. And the trees expand without limit as the states of your own consciousness does. In the truest sense your trees hermetically protect you from or prevent any outside interference or influence which can intrude upon your lives. Once again though I do remind you ones that if you allow the intrusion then you are interfering with the trees’ work and inflaming the undue influence you allow into your life.

Now, I have so many, many times told all Planetizens here that it is essential that you not only exercise great discretion in whatever you do and with whom you align yourselves with, but you also need to practice “passionate detachment” when confronting sordid stories about the debasement of other peoples. The term “passionate” means an intense honest desire, while “detachment” means to observe, sense or feel a degree of separation between yourself and whatever the ongoing circumstances are. So it is that you with intense and honest feelings separate yourself from another person, place or thing while still understanding the situations at hand. If however you encounter instances where you do not understand what is really happening or why, but still need to remain apart from the melee, just remember that it is not necessary to understand all the things going on behind the curtain, for the curtain is placed there so that not all can be seen.

Also, I personally would suggest to all peoples that to engage in gossip and even worse pass it on to others is not right action by any means! Now then, if you are better understanding that you have your own personal sentinel then you should also understand that a part of the tree’s responsibly is to assist you in raising your consciousness to whatever your next level may be. Sometimes you can hear and feel the tree’s presence during the times that your mind is the quietest. But remember of course your sentinel is every bit as alive as you are. When the physical vehicle arrives at its point when it is feeling its own mortality and prepares to exit from human life, your tree simply rewinds itself in a sense and returns its root to the matrix of your Soul. There are more “compartments” to Soul than you are consciously aware of. Chasing life is really not the best means of having life. If you must chase it then you really do not have it in the first place, you know. I do indeed understand that you each as unique individuals have the ability to spread your own energetic matter in a ubiquitous fashion and thus cover the globe. However, you must still continue to sow before you can reap. Reaping and sowing is a life enhancer; it is not something that can be bought nor is it something that you can give to another. This R and S factor is one that is part of Soul memory, Soul voice and the very matrix of you as a being here on this planet whose current mission is to be all that you can. Yes, indeed I do understand that some things are easier to say than to actually do. However that having been said, the fact remains that you are here to experience a whole new different life now and like it or not… here it comes! 

Now, true life does have its own freedom, it is its own “liberty in motion.” The greatest personal and planetary threat to all Earthizens here is the removal of liberties. You see, as this occurs it creates an imbalance within body, mind and Spirit. This then causes a massive boomerang effect which effectively dulls the electromagnetic energies you each bear. Oftentimes this also causes a soporific effect as well. This dulling of the sentience of the personal magnetics also extends upwards into the ethers. Each time this occurs the mind can become weaker, more pliable, and more malleable to the discordant energies. With each onslaught of this type, your personal liberties, your true life seems to wane. This then Planetizens is what has been occurring here but achieved critical mass on October 14th of 2012. Blow by blow, acts of lunacy towards others all over this world did indeed increase as a direct result of the emotional turmoil and economic conditions you all have been unfairly subjected to. You see, you each must define your true life now; not theoretically, not as a fantasy, nor as a wish list. You may start by making a list for yourselves of what true life REALLY means to you. Then add what true liberty REALLY means to you. Odd as it may seem to you ones, through the thinking writing process you can indeed define your lives rather than simply mimic the ideas other peoples have of life. Liberty is not a concept of the mind; it is NOT a statue, it is not a theoretical experience either. It is a basic principle of life unfettered. Life and liberty walk hand-in-hand. One can not truly exist without the other. Yet it is most unfortunate that too many peoples here either take these wonderful principles of life and debase them, or undervalue them. Maintaining a mental stance of serenity, even if you must practice doing so, regardless of what is befalling the world overall is pivotal in order for each of you ones to beat the beast at its own game. Truly, tranquility and peace along with true life exists within you all. You have simply forgotten this prime directive. Now, my wish this day is for you ones to better understand something that I have told you previously. So, I will one last time explain the situation to you. Neither my Celestial daughter, our David nor I, can answer any email about the provocative situation that you are all embroiled in. So, perhaps you ones should save this transmission and reread it as many times as necessary until you fully understand.

All right, in order for all that has contaminated this world to be removed in a permanent fashion all which is decayed – whether animal, vegetable or mineral- must be removed. My Star Keeper forces off-world are maintaining a force-field which effectively repels any more invasive forces from entering this Earth dimension. Thousands and thousands and thousands of us are now walking upon Terra with the assistance of the Masters and the Angelic Forces. We are not only preparing new locations on land and in the waterways for new life forms to be born, we are assessing and “marking” those places that Terra is redoing. Now, we do so because so much needs to change here, almost everything in fact. The very peoples who have for so long suppressed the good peoples here are now in so much angst that the suppressors’ angers are now unleashed as never before. In each life experience you ones are each to play a certain role. Sometimes these roles are ones you have chosen for yourselves; yet other times such as NOW these are roles that have been chosen for you by God, your Guides and your other mentors. Now, because the gridline intersection you are all living in was one that had been accurately foreseen as the correct one for the greatest of changes to be enacted here, many, many of you ones VOLUNTEERED to be the ones who could most enforce the changes simply by a whole different form of “teaching by example.”

I am not speaking of anything Karmic here. Upon the many volunteers being told of all the reasons why this other type of teaching by example would unfortunately be necessary, these great Souls listened quietly and then they agreed. Millions upon millions upon millions of very good, very worthy Souls were asked if they would be willing to be living lives on Earth as the most downtrodden, most silently suffering peoples around the world.  They are not martyrs; martyrdom is not part of the schematics of their Souls! However, these same ones have rebirthed repeatedly throughout every century that has ever been and died for “just cause.” But you see, these ones KNOW what true life is; they KNOW what liberty is and they have given all they had to offer in order to being ORDER and organized chaos to this world. Many of these peoples do truly understand their roles in this life. They also know that at any given moment they may petition the High Court and ask that their role be changed. Yet they do not! They lay down their lives again and again and again for their fellow human beings, regardless of the origins of the peoples. It had long been known that the women and the children here would be the first ones to be suppressed. However, many ancient Beings work with and through these two groups in order to not only bring their plight into the public arena, but to also strengthen their “cause.”

Mary Magdalene is championing the women and it is by and through her motivation and endless work with all females, that womankind is rising to assume their rightful places as Daughters of God. Mary of course was well aware that women here would suffer the most. She KNEW that in order for her to remain as the chalice for the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness, her work here must continue until peace truly ruled the world. It matters not if these selfless peoples who incarnate here in order to provide the other form of teaching by example are intelligent or if they are illiterate. What matters is the hard-fought for peace and love which lives within their hearts. There is a special place for all these ones within the Great Chamber upon their final return to Source. To live a life of misery and pain amid the mental doldrums of other peoples and to die simply at the whims of others who are either truly evil or are too callous to care, is in itself a timeless tribute to the stamina of a Soul. Now, there is a long-term effect here; the pain and suffering of goodhearted peoples is in itself a magnificent catalyst which is a bringer of change. Only now when the peoples can take no more, they can endure no further indignities, are they rising to overcome the warmongers and their minion. Ideally it would be far better if this could all take place without any bloodshed, but that would be a fantasy. At least on this world! 

Over the last 25 years the peoples have very slowly been adapting themselves to the idea of change. So you see but of course change had to come slowly. It always does! Under the Law of Nonintervention we could not simply rush in and fix what we ourselves had NOT broken. It was always up to you the people to do so. Everything has now gone past the boiling point and is churning ever so rapidly in spite of what the world dictators want you ones to believe. This is why so much more still needs to take place here. The peoples who win their freedom will still have to begin anew and form honest, unbiased constitutions. Yes, it will take time for all that to occur. It is what it is. However, life as they have known to be here in the practical world will never be the same for them again. Many, many, MANY more lives are still to be lost through the changeover periods. In the “future times” women as will men will achieve a greater understanding about themselves. They will learn that they must work together and form a force of ONE. The times of the separationists is ending. I want each of you ones to remember what I have been explaining to you. Without your understanding and acceptance of these truths, those of you who have not chosen to suffer and die so that others may live will have a very difficult time ahead as you see, hear and read more of the atrocities that shall still take place here. I implore you each and all to help these other peoples by wrapping them in love and sending the energetics of your thoughts to them. You do not need to know them personally, what you do need to know is that they are your brothers and sisters. They are extensions of yourself! I admonish you all to think carefully about what you send them. Your thoughts are as transparent as glass to us.

One by one countries have begun to fall; in November of 2012 that number began to change as suddenly more countries at a time began to develop cracks in their governments. You may expect that to continue until it is worldwide and is acknowledged as such. I have spent several months on the North American continent and am truly disturbed by all that I witnessed. No matter which part of the continent I was on the stench of immorality and perversions were even more overwhelming than what I witnessed in other countries on my tour. So many peoples have lost themselves; they have lost their zeal for true life and are teetering on the destructive precipice of themselves. I have seen the lust for power, oil and gems overtake any sense and sensibility. I have watched peasants being slaughtered and more indigenous peoples losing their birthrights. Of all the twenty-something countries that are considered to be the North American continent however, it is America which stands out the most as the greatest provocateur, the greatest threat to “justice for all.” Now, America has for many, many years touted itself as the ideal country; yet the governing bodies and religious leaders are the least ideal peoples I can currently think of. So MANY covert shenanigans taking place politically and aided in huge measure by their alignment with the Bilderberg  group.

Granted those infamous peoples have successfully infiltrated every nation on this planet, still and all they could not have contributed to the corrupt moral decay of American peoples if the peoples had known about this invasive populace. But, how many peoples really wanted to know? Yet it is simply because America itself had to become a “world leader” that the integration of the Bilderberg monies necessary to purchase politicians and religions alike took place. Hollywood has long been a necessary bastion of both the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group. You see Planetizens, the weaknesses of each nationality of peoples living in any country are not only well-known by those groups, those weaknesses are exacerbated by them as well. Whereas other countries I have visited have so many peoples who basically have nothing, in America the majority of the Earth Seeds and many Star Seeds have too much! It has spoiled them and stolen their independence. Peoples in America were swiftly lulled into a false sense of security. Any time peoples CHOOSE to allow governing bodies of men and women to force new and demented “rules of life” upon them, those peoples then Create of, by and for themselves, their own personal mental and Spiritual apocalypse. America is indicative of the dog and pony show. It is even more unfortunate that there truly are so many good peoples who live there who truly KNOW change is not only necessary but imminent, yet feel they are powerless to enact change.

Although that feeling of powerlessness is one that I have seen in every country where I have spent time, until the peoples understand that THEY are the catalysts for change, then nothing… and I do indeed mean NOTHING….. can or will prevent the cataclysmic effect from taking place on this planet. One of the most disgusting things I did witness in America, the worst of many I can tell you that, was the hoarding of “the Twinkie monster” that so many “civilized, allegedly intelligent” people were still indulging in when I arrived there. The cacophony of excited whispers among groups of people who were just so darn proud that they had some Twinkies and would continue to hide the ones they did not sell at exorbitant prices, does indeed say a great deal about the lifestyles of the aimless! This was without a doubt the most ridiculous, lunatic and truly selfish pursuits of many Americans that does indeed further tarnish their image in other countries. No. I am not being overly harsh! To listen and see the true concerns of the true Americans being overridden by the feckless actions of all these other peoples pursuing the Twinkie does indeed say a lot about many peoples’ priorities in life. It was and still is an unimaginable blight on the Spirit of the nation. And you wonder why so many Souls who incarnated here feel a deep sense of hopelessness about being able to enact right action for just cause? How did you feel about this when the irrational high speed Twinkie chase took place? Did it make you proud to be an American? Did it cause you to feel joy in your heart at the notion that possibly many peoples were changing and becoming better than they were? I truly hope not!  

Now, I want to be very clear about states of health that all peoples in all countries are confronted with. It has already been explained to you ones that all disease on this planet is manufactured. Now however I shall explain about the other peoples. So it is that when the Souls who volunteered to be here and to live and die under the yoke of many of the most evil people who have ever lived, they were forewarned that because so many of them would have to live in some of the poorest countries that the probability factor was extremely high that they would contact fatal diseases. No, this was not and is not part of their Soul contract! This is a far different situation. They were warned in advance of what could take place because of their erstwhile decisions to be “the match that lit the fires” of freedom. It was not and still is not easy for us to observe their sufferings. Yet, we all agreed with them and they with us that this would serve to be the only way to publically display for all the world to see, in spite of the corrupt media, how people were dying and being tortured in many cases, yet refused to endure anymore unjust rule. Many diseases were intentionally targeting these peoples, with the hope that death by disease could extinguish the flame of true liberty. It did not. So it is that the physically weak but Spiritually strong peoples of the world are making a difference. Do not in any manner confuse what I have said with “the fanatics” hell-bent on being martyrs or semi-gods!

Well, I must leave this day and continue my travels. Among countries on our itinerary are the Netherlands and many other European countries that deserve a good shaking up.  I am signing off for now…

Salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian

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