How to assist in the reformation of the Earth Star planet

Blue Star Transmissions


~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

How to assist in the reformation of the Earth Star planet

4-25-13 to 6-25-13 

Received by Celest – Greetings to you one and all. Now, as this year has been progressing and swiftly becoming a year which seems to many among you ones as a year of upside down inside out twists and turns, I caution you one and all that I did indeed tell you that in order for things to be changed here for the better, many situations of political, military, religious and Spiritual natures all needed to be “upgraded” and transformed into new forms of themselves. Well, you all wanted change as did the Creator and the Luminescent of this Universe, the one you call “God,” and so now you are having firsthand experiences with it. “Change” in this sense can be better understood as: “an alteration of the dynamics of less then suitable elemental issues correlating to the people who for so long have been self-medicating themselves with illusions.” “Elemental” in its basic concept is a direct referral to peoples’ fundamental beliefs and their lack of right thoughts and actions. The elemental natures of so many peoples here on this planet have been bringing righteous and justifiable consequences to all those who deserve them. This too has been responsible for millions of peoples cringing mentally and religiously as they arrive at the slow realization that their self-medicating process has been their undoing. Transformation for many has been abrupt and at times has caused some of you ones to feel a bit shell-shocked. However, it is the others among you who have prepared themselves for the invigorating rush of the reformation period who are indeed exceeding their own expectations of themselves.

The fact that 2013 is the portentous harbinger of things that will manifest and materialize, especially over the next 20 years, should be the prime example to all on this planet that the changing nature of Terra and all of her inhabitants here is for “just cause.” Indeed I do realize that perhaps your own idea of just cause is far different from the true reality it is. Doing the right thing for the right reason is but part of this special cause. The cause itself is a dedicated Omni-principle which clearly states that all beings, whether they exist on this world or on other worlds, must adhere to the LAWS governing ALL existence. “Just cause” has been terribly bastardized and bought to its knees and then to a grinding halt by the very humans here who were meant to enforce and epitomize it. This was very unacceptable behavior! Now, the 2013 child wears the gauntlet of the changes that need to be enacted here. In great part we ourselves who have long been preparing for this momentous event, must also continue to be active participants during the beginning of this reformation period. Yes, yes, I am well aware that far too many among you ones expected to have everything simply change itself without overtaxing anyone and God forbid, shaking your personal worlds.

However, that is simply not the case. Nor should it be! Peoples’ fragile minds and tenuous notions of not believing they should be a part of this reformation simply will not do. We are all in this situation together. We ourselves simply can not allow any more Machiavellian attitudes to usurp the new period of Earth’s history. The very nature of the amoral conduct so blatantly displayed by so many peoples here since “forever ago,” are the cause and effect which were and in some cases still are responsible for the essential setting up of the new underlying principles for the foundation known as “reformation.” Because the peoples here have been so unwilling to change, especially millions of Earth Seeds, a common principle has been established here already and is about to become a catalyst for future generations here on Earth. Since the elders are loath to change then change must be enacted by the New People and the NEW CHILDREN. Much of what is “in the works” will be the birth of a new way of life precipitated by peoples who truly can govern themselves. These ones will be the establishers of an Omni-cratic, Omni-mocracy. This new way of living will be quite different from anything any of you here have ever known, regardless of how many times you incarnated here. The slow emergence of the New Peoples’ visibility here is a predestined event. This will not be an affront to the peoples who choose to remain here on the Earth Star; the New People are the peoples of today who are already experiencing psyche transformations. These ones are Walk-Ins, Star Seeds and I am happy to say many Earth Seeds as well. Now, these ones I am mentioning are the peoples here who are part of all races who have through trial and error been discovering for themselves the reality that the former ways of life is gone. No, for many of them it has been a rather difficult transition; yet for many more it has not only been the long awaited “think the dream into reality,” genus their Souls desired, their realization although a long time in coming is such that they can see clearly now! Many more New People are also in the birthing process now. They will achieve a sense of personal dignity and untarnished honor as they grow into adulthood and assist the race of the NEW CHILDREN in the reformation of this planet.

An autocratic society can no longer be part of this beginning new world. Now, Planetizens I have been urging you ones for so very, very long to please try to be aware of all that is truly happening in this world, as well as all that is not! Please disengage any mental processing you ones have of any upcoming apocalyptic scenarios that will take place! I have seen the thoughts, barely discernable at times of others whose thinking process are still here in this dank apocalyptic place. These ones have crossed over many mental lines and are loath to see the truth of the Earth’s situations. In many of these cases these disreputable men and women still prefer not only to continue to live in fear but to dispense it as well. These peoples of who I speak are victims of the viscosity of magnetic slurry. It is imperative that you each have a better understanding of their situation. These peoples have victimized themselves through their own self-serving agendas.

It was providentially correct that shortly after your Earth Star clocks touched the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, the expanded entrance of so many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of my Star Keeper brethren joined the rest of our constellation here. They were accompanied by even more of the Masters and have been processing the magnetic coils that have been strewn across this world since mid-November of 2012. Now, this was indeed part of the schematics set into place by the Creator and the God of this Universe. The gridline intersection was critical you see; it was so because of the helter-skelter manner so many peoples here were embracing as they either rushed into 2013, or fought it every step of the way. No, it would not have done any good for me to tell you all this earlier than now. There has been and still are of course too many wars being waged against humanity. I could not take a chance on giving you ones this information and thus being partially responsible for peoples making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons. I could not interfere with your free expression, you see?  All right, many of you in the latter part of the autumn of 2012 reacted in stupefied horror at the violence taking place all over this world. Yet conversely I have heard millions of you ones who silently thanked God that it was not happening to them. These are the ones who seem to be clueless that anything that happens to others on this planet is happening to them as well! Those who had long been the masters of iniquity worked feverishly directly before the 2012 elections and continued to do so after, to further stir and to inflame the war-passions and the war-birds in the Middle East and elsewhere. Please to remember Planetizens, all this was designed by the dark agenda and their human counterparts to try to convince you ALL, that the dark was winning! I will repeat that statement to you ALL another day if that is what it takes for you to see THROUGH the illusion they cast upon you! Those who have fallen to the illusion are living more fearfully than they were before. This is part of The Wavering Effects that is actually not only contributing to the misinformation givers, but is ironically also causing so many others here to see with eyes wide open. So it is chelas, new lines of demarcation have been set in place by you, yourselves. These “people delineations” are visible to all! Fear carries its own scent, as does fearlessness.

What the senses feel the mind then beholds. I suggest that you each remember that…. always! It is most unfortunate from our perspectives that it has taken so much death and hatred to cause these lines to be drawn. It is also most unfortunate that now that they are drawn and so many peoples ARE seeing more clearly, that they remonstrate with themselves about how they foolishly had believed the lies for so long. The times for these self-deprecating thoughts, these internal bickerings are over! Those who now have the understandings of what was, what is, and what will be, should also be aware that this then propels them into the “future” as candidates for the New People.

Now then, I spoke with you ones about the “magnetic slurry” and the magnetic coils. The slurry is a complement of components of atomic-like particles. These particles are of an energy which is composed of a thin substance which is finite yet infinite as well. It is a wall of masses of molecules which exist as a type of residue which is in great part functioning as a base, a core. It is holding and retaining the lower-based thoughts and mindsets of peoples. It has resilience and its mission which has been predetermined by these peoples’ lives, is to adhere to the minds and heart sentiments of these peoples. Yes, the magnetic properties are such that it is likened to magnets which attract all others of its kind. So it is that the self-serving people who have simply refused to relinquish their lifestyles and reject and mimic progressive thoughts, are now beginning unconsciously but in earnest to penalize themselves for their own deeds and misdeeds. This is indeed far beyond the “like-attracts-like” perspective. This is matter conjoining with equal amounts of same matter. It is in a way a slippery slope; many people can and do fall into it with great equanimity, however….. try climbing out of it! That is when large doses of more disorganized chaos take place for and TO these peoples. Only they can save themselves now. Only THEY ever could.

But the magnetic coils that we are spreading across this world, ahh, that is a different type of matter indeed. It was in mid-November as we watched each country’s peoples reacting or not reacting to the unleashed violence and hatred spawned by the peoples themselves, that we carefully placed in strategic places in every country, within every waterway, specific coils that are precisely tuned and finely honed that have been gifted to this planet by the Creation processing. Many of our extraordinary scientists worked diligently many, many, many years ago to perfect these mechanisms. They did so by following the blueprints that were given to them in order to affect a counterbalance for this present gridline intersection. It would be an exercise in futility for me to attempt to explain the dynamics, geometry and quantum physics which were necessary for the Creation of these super-dynamical coils. It would be even more foolish for me to explain all the other dynamics involved, for Earth scientists have no understanding of these things. They only know what they know.

Now, these coils function as an extraordinary stabilization type of magnetics counterbalancing the disruptive energies emitted by many human counterparts of the dark ones. The coils work with duality and polarity; in this manner they can outperform the distinctive formatting of the energies hell-bent on destabilization. You see, if we were not permitted to work against the destabilization process many, many, MANY more lives here would be lost. More landmasses would be under threat from the human created rising of waters. I speak of unnatural events, which has nothing at all to do with the natural occurrences. So it is that once we were sure that we had all coils in place we could easily monitor all the coils and observe the repelling factor. This is when the coils’ own electromagnetic systems detect the sudden onslaught of the emerging disruptive force and either destroy them or assimilate them, depending on the variant energies encompassing the force, and bring that force to a sudden end. The coils are always in activated motion; they must be in order to serve their purpose, especially now as the true winds of change bear down upon this planet in earnest. It is because you ones can not yet seem to tell the difference between when the true winds of change are sweeping over Earth and when the destructive forces are preying on you that you, most of you ones anyway, become damaged goods. I use this term intentionally. The damage is the worst type, it damages your psyche!  

So it is that now as the war-birds seek even more devious ways to attack other countries, other cultures, and do so with the malevolent assent of those who control all the wars here, that you are now bearing witness to your own emergence of individual sovereignty. You ones EACH need to make a difference now, even more so than before. Firstly: stay out of fear. Encourage those who will listen to you to stay out of fear as well. In some cases you will be successful and in others you will not be. Think carefully of what your priorities in your personal life and your Spiritual life are. Now put them together so that they are not separate any longer, but are one unit. This may take some practice for many of you ones but I give you a resounding YES, you are able to do this. As you practice doing this you will better understand how this will make you a formidable force of yourself. You see as you succeed in doing this, this “practical-Spiritual exercise of the best kind,” you are co-joining the practical YOU with the Spiritual YOU; thereby forging a new and better form of yourself. This is a catalyst which spins off accelerating your own ascension process. Although you ascend all the time, this way you can feel and sense the changes in yourself which also assists in the changeover to a new world. Change is constant, as is ascension. You then are being a reformatter; a person assisting in the present overturning of the former way of life here. Rethink your thoughts please. Do not accept at face value what your media, politicians, doctors, educators and religions tell you, you must always look beyond what you think you know in order to find what you do not know. No, this is not difficult to do. You are just out of practice. Living on Earth can do that you know. You must also stand even more firmly in your truth; you MUST hold on to the eye of the storm! Start looking around yourselves Planetizens; millions of peoples here are desperately in need of not only truth but they need their plights to be understood. Set yourselves up as an example of true human beings and in no time at all you will be one. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I can not stress that enough!

In order for you each and all to effectively claim your citizenship as the New People you must become one. You see Planetizens, the very innocence so many of you ones have is a major contributor to the birthing new Earth. Each iota of innocence IS an energetic force; one that should not be taken lightly. Stop thinking of how differently things would be here if such and such had not happened. To indulge in that whimsy is to live in the past. STOP IT NOW! Put images in your minds of what you truly want this Earth TO BECOME and do NOT compare it with what you see happening all over the world now. Understand that all that is occurring is doing so because it must. Forbid your minds to indulge in any fantasies, that is in great measure how and why so many succumbed to illusions here and are now paying the price for doing so.  Start to look at life with a whole new perspective. Do not cringe when you find out how other peoples here are destroying their own family units and then destroying themselves. Instead gather your thoughts together as the precious jewels that they are and Create a better today in your mind and heart. Although all good peoples here are part of the reformation movement, its success can not be achieved through violent revolutions.

Do not allow yourself to become jaded; do not compare your present life with others’ lives. Relish each moment that you have and let the energies of those pleasures combine with the swaying dance step of Terra. Start to understand NOW that all things have sentience. Yes, even the table you sit at. As you move progressively forward in your thoughts you will be less affected by the turmoil OUTSIDE of your thoughts. You will find that you will begin to feel stronger, more empowered as you yourself empower this planet. It only needs one person to become a collective. Now, I say this because the few numbers of peoples who truly did want to be the difference is suddenly growing by leaps and bounds. It is a true example of magnetism in action. Always be ready and willing now to extend a hand to those who need help. With each of your actions you will receive a reaction of the Universe herself. You will understand this better before August of this year. The once quiet rebellion on Earth has become quite virulent, quite desperate. But you as the willing ones who want to be part of the reformation should stay out of those fracases and keep your minds on your goals. By doing so you shall prevail. Now, I ask you one and all to learn to watch for the signs of the progress you are making. Some signs will be self-evident. People you know may try to stop or impede your progress, when this occurs just know that you must be doing something right. Do not give yourself over to lofty ideals created by other peoples. YOU and only YOU have the right and the personal responsibility to Create your own ideals. You now need to take the self-governing aspect of yourself to an all new height. Understand what is happening in the world then….. let go of it. Your part in the reformation movement of the new Earth is a 24 hour a day experience. In your waking hours please go about your “normal” day procedures. No matter what do not allow yourself to be dragged down or participate in other peoples’ dramas. Spare many day thoughts on your imagings and continue to add to the beauty of what you Create. You have no idea… yet…. how important this is! Add colors, expansive imagings, hum songs or whatever feels right to you. In but a short time you will understand that you are giving the gift of yourself to the expansion of the new world.

When you go to bed at night spend a few minutes and “issue the call to the Elders.” They will be expecting to hear from you. Simply address them as the Elders of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness and ask them to send you information, guidance and any strength you may need to continue on as the new you. Many of you ones will receive the information in prophetic dreams now, while others may receive it as day or night visions. Pay attention to synchronistic events and know that you can do no wrong. If you experience qualms from time to time do not be concerned. That is natural. However, under no circumstances become hateful or fiercely angry. That can only serve to unfurl the Golden Now threads you are Creating along with Terra. Please pay closer attention to how you feel, learn to understand more clearly how others’ may influence your thoughts. This is how you can be of assistance and yet be active participants during this early reformation of the Earth Star planet. I am signing off for now and I thank you for all that you do, even when you do not know what it is that you are truly doing.

Salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one… I shall meet you there.”

Blue Star the Pleiadian……

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