Hitler and resident Evil


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Hitler and resident Evil

Master Kato (received by Celest) I send our greetings to all of you who are here on "Occupy Earth." So much that you are all witnessing that is happening worldwide is nothing more than what has happened here again and again and again. The differences lie in the changing of the names of the invasive forces; they do this to protect their guilty liaisons in their all-out effort to attempt to interfere with the unstoppable force of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. In truth however history here is merely in its normal repetitive process. Nothing had changed through the centuries that would allow the good people here of all races to live as the Divine Forces they truly are. Religions have long been the stronghold of the dark overlords as you have been told many times. So it is that religions have repeatedly spoken of "the antichrist" as though there has only been one of these demon children. The reason this falsehood has been so readily accepted by the masses here, is because of course you have always been told that the information came from "men of God" who received it from God. None of it is true of course. Sadly enough it has always been a simple matter to convince the races on Earth that the biblical sayings were written and passed on as unmitigated truths. Planetizens, regardless of how many lies you have always been told throughout every epoch of the Earth Star history, none of those deceits could have taken hold in your minds if you had not let it. You let it because you fed it.

Strangely enough, very few people of all races ever wanted to be a part of "occupy truth." Although the "few" in these cases simply rebirthed here over and over and over again. They have continued to do so until such time they were able to gain momentum in their words of truth and acceptance by people who were ready to listen. They had to be patient and gain in numbers of people and initiate what was the long ago straggling of the beginning of the collective consciousness Souls. It has been a long time in coming but this consciousness is here and now. Throughout this history of the planet, this planet that has seen the greatest intentional travail causing the weakening of Spirit and outright debauchery EVER heaped upon the collective Souls of Planetizens from ALL planets, another battle loomed. Religions have steadfastly maintained that the antichrist would engage in battle during the alleged and falsified "second coming." Of course the very scribes and orators who fervently preached of this matter…in ALL religions…were mindlessly unaware that all they did was to promote more and more fear and deceit that was intentionally passed on to every generation that has ever been here.

The end result has been that none of you yet understand the severity of the implications of this crafty maneuver. Each generation has held its breath waiting to see if the antichrist would appear during their lifetimes. The waiting simply empowered the consciousness of the CONCEPT of that belief. And that was the last thing any of you here needed! You had already lived lives of fear; no more stirring of the cauldron was necessary. BUT, the cauldron boiled and bubbled and became larger and larger with each succeeding generation, each decade in fact. There have been many, many antichrists over the centuries here. Each one had been spawned to keep humanity as a whole off balance, to keep people under the thumb of ALL religions and to instill more and more paranoia here. Unfortunately it all worked far too well. Adolph Hitler was only one of many antichrists. Yet it is far easier for you to recall his heinous deeds, well the ones you know about anyway, than it is to remember the horrors that Napoleon committed against humanity. Nor do you want to be reminded of former kings and queens who excelled in bloodlust and their plan of "death by example" which defined how they spread their own evil through many lands and kept people in fear. So it is that I will use Hitler this day. The term "resident" that I am using is a presumptive form meaning "a resident-one who resides there." Evil is as real and living as you are, so get used to that concept. It may cause your own understanding of right and wrong to become more expansive rather than constricted.

All antichrists are people haters. They each entered this world with damaged psyches and carrying a load of really bad karma with them. Hitler did in some ways personify the worst of the worst. But that was only because previous antichrists did not live in times of the technological advances as did Hitler. It is easier for many people here of all races to dismiss the impact and devastating results of death by arrows, swords, forced hangings and drowning, because it seems to be so far away in history. Lack of expansive thinking is why you never thought about the limited technology those other antichrists knew of, they did not have the weapons of today, so they used the weapons of yesterday. So in many respects it does not touch your heart the way it should! Living in the NOW is one thing but it does not in any manner mean that you should not be more conscionable about how the past and the PAST and the PRESENT are bound together.

Hitler entered his "recently departed" lifetime here as a damaged Soul on a mission. Never had he ever been able to truly overcome his own sordid thoughts, not in ANY previous life. As he grew into adolescence that last time around he became more and more paranoid and suspicious of all those around him. He had a very bitter love-hate relationship with females and although he despised those people now called "gay," he did have hidden tendencies in that direction himself. Hither had a fragile mind; it tended to seek out and find every devious thought, every imaginable horror and he explored those thoughts and imagings all of his life. He believed it made him stronger, more superior to his peers. They did not like him and considered him strange and DARK. He even went so far as to invent some family members whom he claimed had been cheated of a royal birthright. He had a plethora of phobias and they remained with him all his life. Hitler was attracted to every type of dark art imaginable. He was born IN hate and soon after began to epitomize that trait himself. He was not a stupid person but he knew to keep his secret desires to himself.

He learned the fine art of using a totally expressionless face MOST of the time to keep others from guessing what he was really thinking. This game of his soon took on a whole new meaning. As he practiced using different expressions he would imagine that he was doing so to intimidate people; he loved to see fear in others’ eyes. Yes, he was a grim reaper, BUT he learned to cultivate the practice of instilling fear in other people well before his 12th. birthday. The more sullied his thoughts became the more people avoided him. They did so out of fear. His reputation for torturing animals began and people knew to keep their pets well away from him. His life choices were not a result of bad parenting. He answered a call from the demon riders and became besotted with an indescribable need for absolute power. His hatred of the Jews may have known no bounds, but it was because to him they personified the TYPES of people on the planet who had too much power and far too much wealth and he considered them to be inferior to him. The fact that they were Jews was NOT why he hated them; he hated what they represented to him. As always, when a male or female here possesses an incurable desire to be evil, it stirs into activated motion the very same like-attracts-like energies. These energies may be dormant for many years UNTIL that male or female catalyst arises and becomes a focal point on the horizon. Although this is also true of like-to-like attraction of pureness and Spiritual equanimity, we are dealing here in this writing with pure evil.

Charisma is misunderstood here; it is an energy that is reflective of the dominant aspect of a Soul. The Soul then either consciously or unconsciously expands that nucleus of itself exponentially. In Hitler’s case the riders ensured that the other men who had qualities similar to his were attracted to him like a moth to a flame. Charisma does that you know. There are some cases such as Hitler’s when the riders were ever-present, ever vigilant. It was this way because they were ensuring that he would in unjust cause and effect succeed in ripping apart the fragile fabric of the understanding that had been slowly rising in the hearts and minds of MOST races. These were the ones that were learning to live with one another, rather than always against one another. Of course your history books will not mention that either. Because of the technological advances he was privy to, it was very simple for him to ease his way into the political arena and tell his leaders what they WANTED to hear. Hitler was adept at manipulating people into doing what he wanted them to do while they were thinking that it was really their own ideas. He knew how to curry favor and when to call favors in. His increasing desire to learn from all the ancient long dead sorcerers became paramount in his mind. He already KNEW that one day he would rule this world. He truly believed that nothing could stop him.

Hitler studied the ancient texts of the dark arts and went so far as to have many graves of noted evil men dug up and studied the little remains that were there, searching ever searching, for more clues to what he believed was his immortality. No, he was not crazy. He had a brilliant mind in many ways and he truly believed that nothing could or should stand again him. He believed that by killing all the Jews of this world of all races, it would somehow give him sovereign power over the rest of humanity. The men Hitler assigned to places of prominence in his government were without doubt among the most vicious, most coldhearted men who had ever lived. At least they had not lived again since back in the Napoleonic era. Hitler was evil yes, but he was "evil with a purpose." He could not see beyond being the only ruler of the world. He knew how to get the most out of his underlings and that was by showing them how cruel and pathological he was with his treatment of the Jews. Fear can be a great and horrible teacher! All it needs is willing students.

People lived in great fear of him. They believed he was the devil incarnate, but that was only because they had little or no understanding of pure evil and how it acts and reacts to the minds and evolutionary status of a Soul. Hitler’s numerous inferiority complexes only served to stir his evil nature and the hate that governed his life. Although he had an aversion to women he was not above ravishing them as a means of humiliating them. Few people knew that he had long periods of impotency though.

He believed his plan to create a perfect race of human beings was his own plan. He never understood that he had been programmed for many years to create killing machines that would have been unleashed against all other races. And other planets. He hired the worst, most evil minded doctors and their apprentices in his quest for building the perfect person. He had been visited many times by Star Keepers from other worlds that were as evil as he was. They belonged to the legion of the damned. He sought their assistance in building a flying ship and they willingly gave him the information to do so. Although it did not fly far, he thought it was "an omen in his favor." He did not see himself as a purveyor of evil that wanted to take over this planet, he believed himself to be some sort of deity. One without any religious connotations though. Time and distance made a difference in how many countries would be taken over by him before he was stopped. Egomania made it easy for him to believe that nothing could stop him though. He told many of his trusted underlings that he had special friends who spoke to him in his mind. He said they did so "because he was special." He knew he was special because they told him so.

Planetizens, when evil is a dominant factor that lives within the heart and mind of a man or woman on this planet, that evil becomes a vast contagion that quickly permeates all those of weaker minds and overcomes the sense and sensibility of those who may be staunch of Spirit. Time and distance are not factors in this though. Every antichrist who has ever been and the one who will soon rear its evil head, the one who will be the last one, always use the former antichrists as figures to emulate, while looking to see where they made whatever their fatal errors of judgments were. No single antichrist can accomplish all that he or SHE plans to without the aiding and abetting of like-minded people. Bringing down an antichrist is not as difficult as you have been led to believe. It is bringing down that being’s followers – that is the problem! Every follower sees himself or herself as a "leader in training." What have I been telling you about contagion? If you think of this planet as a gigantic greenhouse that holds all variables of energies that are fed BY the people, then where does that leave the contagion?

When an antichrist is brought down, the followers scatter to secret places, awaiting a timeline when they can rise once again. There are always some who remain visible while demonstrating heavily how much they believe in their cause. They are the rabble-rousers who are busily manipulating people. The others though, THEY are a problem. The ones who leave go to types of bunker places that they have readied for themselves "just in case." And they never leave without vast amounts of money in one currency or another, although usually in several kinds. You have learned or should have by now, that every energy has its own fingerprint. It means that as energy travels across this world in one form or another, it can spread like heaven or like pure evil depending on what the fingerprints hold. The battle between these energies is now approaching an all-time high. Pure Spirit energy is intent on destroying the pure evil energy and vice versa. The pure energy of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness will no longer be denied here. In order for this Consciousness to further merge with the collective consciousness, all traces of the resident evil must be erased and purified. Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Their wisdom have brought with them an incredible array of long time waiting ancient Beings who are already working with us as we proceed with the further dissolution of the resident evil. Please understand Planetizens, because of the long reaching effects this evil has had here and how long it has been here, we can not leave any country or waterways unpurified. It is what it is. It is what it has been MADE to be.

As always the root cause of resident evil must first be understood for what it is and then uprooted leaving NO trace behind. If you think this is a simple process then I suggest you think again! The root cause in Hitler’s case was NOT Hitler, it was who and what he was representative of. His death did NOT erase the resident evil. Root cause has tentacles that are extremely long although they were not infinitely so in this case. Every PERSON it taints reaches out to other people and either taints them or in extreme cases causes them death. You who are the living Planetizens here have no idea of the numbers in the thousands and thousands of not only death camp officers and their subordinates, but all of the other men AND women who believed in Hitler who all escaped to all other countries here. There were only 3 countries where they did not LAND. Although most of them have passed over now their LINEAGE lives on. As long as there is even one of their descendents left here who still believes in Hitler’s cause, that form of resident evil still persists.

This is why resident evil flourishes here in spite of the good intentions and good thoughts and ideals of truehearted people of all races. Look around you; how many people do you know who do not want to hear about anything negative, anything that smacks of "things that go bump in the night?" These are the people who are the foolhardy, naive ones who are "targets in waiting." So it is that the responsibility of removing resident evil here falls to the Sky-Walkers and the God-Walkers. We who are among both the Sky-Walker groups and the God-Walker groups are cleaning up this horrible situation by exposing these hidden "root-walkers" to the public while slowly removing them from this planet. The rest of the Sky-Walkers are further assisting in ensuring that no further progeny will be born here who are of the root-walkers. Life is precious so we must always exercise great care in determining who has earned the right to remain here and who has not. Many people of all races are among the God-Walker groups now; they just do not know this YET. So it is that as the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness continues to function as both a final cleansing and the ultimate purification which is the standard-bearer of the Golden NOW Child, the heaven on Earth so many have prayed for is slowly and I do mean SLOWLY, beginning the initial transitional phase here.

We of the collective of Masters ask that you each keep all this in mind and hold on tightly to the eye of the storm. Resident evil knows of course what we are all doing as a collective and does not want to leave here. So as a result the battle is accelerating in a win-win situation for all of us and lose-lose situation for them. However, be aware that they will NOT go quietly into the NIGHT.

We leave you with our best wishes and a personal message: Walk well, God-Walkers, walk well.

We speak as ONE… Salude… Master Kato and the collective of Masters

Transmission received by Celest

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