Psychosomatic and Symptomatic 2-25-12 to 4-25-12

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Psychosomatic and Symptomatic

2-25-12 to 4-25-12

Greetings to all of my kin; I have been observing many broken hearts and diminished Spirits of late. In some measure this is due to you’re not seeing all the changes you were looking for this year. Yet in other ways it is because of the few out of the many of you ones who have actively listened and surrendered themselves to the inevitable fact that even well-meaning peoples here can not cause their families and peers to alter their antiquated and erroneous beliefs. I feel much compassion for you ones; indeed I have been there myself, trying to break through the barriers of self-created deafness. An aspect of what is now occurring here to the millions of people who still refuse to “see the error of their ways,” is that as the NOW spreads forward bringing in rapid succession a series after series after series of events geared to enthusiastically supporting the God-hearted Souls who are “hanging in there” and coping with their qualms of uncertainty, she is simultaneously and determinedly prying the others’ fingers off their safety nets. Yes Celestial, I do know my child that this is a very long sentence. However, I am known to speak in this fashion, you should know that better than another. As I was saying, The Golden Now Child although still in a state of what you would consider to be puberty, is mature beyond her years. This is not an uncommon ability among any multidimensional beings.

She works with all of us, obviously that includes her work with the Masters as well, in fortifying the hearts and minds of all the humans here who have earned her respect. “Respect” should never be taken lightly! "Respect" is the child of the consummation between Soul, integrity and the intellect. It is a spontaneous coming together of these invaluable energetic matters that conjoin to Super Consciously cause the matrix of the Soul to be able to exist in a harmonious fashion here on the Earth Star planet, while still remaining aligned and aware of all the greater truths and realities that are now shaping this planet’s future. Now I will explain a bit about what is happening to those who have chosen the wrong path or waited too long to enact any meaningful changes in their lives. These two groups now share a commonality, granted these ones are not aware of this and would not believe it if you told them. Now, those who have chosen the wrong path for whatever reason, are scurrying around in hapless fashion seeking a “quick fix” to their miseries.

They care not who they hurt or how they do it; they are able to unconsciously sense their imminent death and destruction. Although it is true that they do carry that knowledge unconsciously, the intellect is acting out to uncharacteristically mete out survival warnings based on the intellect’s sense of all that the individual has lost and what he or she needs to survive. I have told you ones many, many times that the intellect is always bent on its own survival. As you die, it dies. Therefore, intellect will use every wily trick it can conclude will work in order to try to keep you out of harms way. What is so uncharacteristic about these maneuvers now as opposed to the past times is that not even intellect can see a happy conclusion to all that the personality is experiencing. In times past there were always “doable” alternatives. That was then, this is now.

When the human mind has lost its functionality, lost its purpose because it has lost its way in life, that person or person usually succumbs to madness. Although this is now happening on a far greater scale than the public is being told of, there are no drug therapies or use of illicit drugs that can alter these conditions anymore, not that they actually did so before anyway. Now, of further interest in this matter is the fact that the minds of these people are busily trying to create a viable thought pattern for the person as a perceived necessity in order to keep that person from committing suicide. Alas, so many suicides have already taken place worldwide and many more will. And yet you ones hear about it not. Here I will now use the term, “psychosomatic” although I know many peoples here cringe at that word. Anything that the eye can see the mind can create. Even if what the eye conceives as a viewing of something true and usually tangible, the eye can image things that are not really there. It is also true that anything the mind can create the eyes will believe. It is because of this peculiar alignment between eye and mind that the physical vehicle can develop illnesses that the eye and mind create. Because these people I am speaking of have either begun to lose or have completely lost their focus on and in life, the eye/mind collaboration desperately seeks something to irrationally and illogically use as a main concern, something to emphasize.

Eyes read billboards, ads in newspapers and magazines and so forth that are all writing about the latest manmade pandemic, although they try to pass off the illness and diseases they speak of as vast contagions caused by food, animals, other peoples, etc. This "imaged illness regime" then becomes the new habitat for the damaged minds to gravitate to. It also brings them attention by other peoples. Although this may seem to be an oddity to you ones, the illnesses though feigned in one sense most of the time, do take seed in a person’s consciousness. The physical vehicle then misreads the frantic signals the eyes and minds are transmitting to it and can cause these illnesses to actually incubate within various parts of the human’s body. It really does not matter how many people reassure these ones that there is nothing physically wrong with them. These ones need to believe so fervently that there is, that they then create it and hide behind it as a way of not coping with the dissolution of their worlds. This disruption between mind and body is highly contagious.

It requires very little for other peoples whose malfeasances of Spirit have brought them to their knees to be the catalyst for them to contaminate other like-minded individuals. This is what is now so prevalent on this planet. Earthizens, take heed: even well-developed psyches can become damaged if the Spiritual part of the psyche is not permitted to enter into the forefront of a person’s mind. Any type of drug can and will slow down the developmental stages of a psyche. Drugs can and do retard the growth factor and the awareness factor. All drugs were initially created for this purpose. Minds addicted to or dependent on drugs in one way or another lose "the God Factor.” Even after a person may willingly remove drugs from his or her life, it will still require upwards of 10 years for the brain cells to rejuvenate. However in nearly all cases they carry with them some damage to the psyche.

If a person who had had contact with God then runs away in fear because of the turbulent times you are now all engaged in, then tries to eventually find his way back, it may be too late. Time has run out, you know. These peoples then become lost Souls. This too is what is happening today. Obviously if the person does not believe in the God of this Universe anyway, they have nothing more to lose. THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST IT. No one can lay claim to the future if they can not reclaim their present.

Now, referencing to “symptomatic and sympathetic.” It is indeed possible for peoples to have both symptomatic and sympathetic energies at the same time. How long the duration of these energies will continue to be the prevailing factors in one’s mind depends entirely on the individual. Oftentimes peoples can spend a prolonged time with a person who suffers from psychosomatic distress and manage to become infected with that same condition that the person in distress has. If the person now being infected already had the symptomatic or sympathetic condition to a lesser degree, a whole new breed of thought patterns can emerge. Here is where a great loss of reality is birthed. Here is where the mind can enter a dank tunnel that constitutes the loss of the "God Factor." With this loss the person then becomes but a shell of who he or she could have been. I have noticed of late this is especially true of young children and young adults. Symptomatic in this sense is an unconscious ability to pick up signals that another is sending out. It does not matter if the signals are beneficial or malevolent. If the psyche already is damaged, of course the result will be irrevocable contamination. This contamination has been further contributed to and corrupted by in great part the deleterious mind-thoughts and matching actions of the peoples who are the most grossly infected.

If however the psyche of the receiver of these ill-sent transmissions is healthy, the mind then reacts through and with the aid of the Chakra system. The Chakras always begin to close themselves, although usually only in a partial manner, when they sense that the physical vehicle or the mind itself is being jeopardized. The system does so in order to spare itself from unwanted invasive intrusion and to protect the person at the same time. The Chakra system CAN be severely damaged, severely compromised, when the body or mind is in deep distress. Although the system CAN and DOES react in a healthy fashion to SOME forms of sympathetic energies, it only does so for a short duration. It is after that maximum period which is determined by the system itself has been reached, that the system then rejects receiving any more.

The sympathetic factor usually is only prominent for a short period; this is true in all instances when sympathy seems to have dissipated the energy that it had once attached to a person or an event. It quite literally distances itself from the previous situation. This former energy then is normally replaced by either the understanding of the events that had taken place, or by understanding the peoples involved in certain events. Or in the worst case scenarios, this factor inserts either consciously or unconsciously a wedge between itself and the peoples and things that formerly received sympathy. Thus begins the utter despising of the ones who were at one time the people who had received sympathy. Earthizens, take heed please: Now is the time, the gridline intersection when these above factors, the psychosomatic and the symptomatic aided by the sometimes unruly sympathetic energies, are assisting in causing disorganized chaos to erupt even further, like a "mind" volcano. It is THIS that you are all witnessing. It is this that is taking place in every country on this planet, more so than ever before! This is where your concerns should lie. You see, in order for the total annihilation of disorganized chaos to take place, organized chaos must gain entrance and quietly but audaciously superimpose itself over the dying remnants of the disorganized chaos mass. Although this has already begun and will continue with or without your assistance, it would be most appropriate if you ones each took action to support this venture! Now, every country that has ever been here, every civilization that has ever existed, all contributed to the ongoing problem of the long time prevailing conditions of disorganized chaos on this planet. It was all a part of the early beginning of preconditioning conceived and implemented by the Illuminati overlords. Congratulations Earthizens, they could not have done it without your acquiescence.

What at one time could have been brief but sympathetic gestures on the parts of all the human races here, extending helping hands to one another, regardless of cultural or Spiritually based beliefs, instead became a battleground. This is where the most problematic conditions came into play because sympathy changed so swiftly to psychosomatic and symptomatic beliefs. This was in great part how the infamous witch trials and subsequent deaths began; the mind accepted as truth the accusations that were in fact deliberately implanted lies.

In the cases of countries and civilizations overall, it only required a few minds that were intentionally tainted with mentally induced beliefs and concerns, or a rapidly growing collective of unfounded fears of "undesirable peoples," to turn human against human, country against country. And so it still is today. THIS is the true enemy. You have found the enemy and it is you! Name for me please, one generation of peoples who have ever been here in the past or today, that has not grown up by being taught massive untruths about others. You can not, for there are none. Nor is there one among you living today who has not believed to one extent or another horrendous lies about others. Some of you ones have managed through seriously hard work through your own minds and your Spirits to see beneath the veneer of injustice and accept the fact that you were sorely used. Yes, Earthizens, I truly do understand the bitterness that so many of you ones experienced when the veil of illusion was rudely ripped from you. As in all illnesses, sometimes the cure is as painful as the disease!

This is why it is so vitally important that you ones understand BUT not condone the manipulations that are still being attempted. If you still insist on believing your media then….how can you possibly be helped? You can NOT. You must first help yourself before any of us can help you. "Understanding" is an important key to survival. As the days pass now even more swiftly than before, you can and should expect to see great aggregates of peoples who have now entered into a gracious albeit disappointed understanding that is slightly tinged with sadness of all that is currently taking place here. These are the peoples I applaud! No longer will these peoples allow their beliefs and their own individual and collective forms of knowing to be undermined by lesser minds. No longer will they deface themselves by believing the bastardized words of misanthropic but cleverly disguised true harbingers of gloom and doom philosophies that are predicated upon the psychosomatic and symptomatic principles. You see my Earth cousins; this is how they continually feed the beast. This is WHY these issues need to be addressed. No longer will those peoples I speak so highly of however have need to disguise what they really believe and KNOW as truth as a means of saving their own lives.

Think of all those men, women and children you yourself know; perhaps this may help you to finally see how principles that have been and still are assaulting mankind have been contributing to the overall malaise of this world. As to what you yourself can do to help defuse and dissipate this problem, I ask you to consider what non-violent ways you can muster to assist all of us in this work. I will not give you the answer of course, for it requires personal responsibility on your parts to learn how to use corrective actions and to do so for just cause. The beast is unmasked which is why it has been running to and fro in willy-nilly fashion while casting about in frantic search of new victims. Do not give it what it needs to survive; rather, give it what it can not tolerate. In this manner YOU shall survive because IT can not. There is only room for one of you two on this planet!

I am signing off for now,

Salude…Blue Star

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