Unity of Purpose

“Unity of Purpose”

(This was a topic of discussion on a “VOICES of Cyclical Changes” conference call.)

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(Celest and David) All right now: Unity in this particular meaning of the words is – a state of forming or completing a complex whole state of being both tangible and intangible simultaneously. There is no break, no separation in this Unified Circle of Souls Creating more Cyclical Changes of themselves or others within this Sacred Circle.

Purpose – the attainment necessary in order to achieve success of a goal. Unity is mind linking to mind and Soul linking to Soul.

There is nothing anyone can do about those people who refuse to embrace change. Creating change is what we are here to do. As you know, reacting to something, to anything, is cause, then effect. As VOICES you now should know that you are to be the catalyst, not the residual aftermath cleanup crew!

You Create through “Power of Mind” and watch as The Universal Law of “Like attracts Like” goes forth and sorts and collects all of the similar thought forms that are floating about out there and collectively starts a tsunami of sorts.

United together, now that is why we are all here. Can you just imagine for a moment what all of us can accomplish?

Unity of Purpose

For millennia good people have wondered why they are here, what is their purpose in life and what should they be doing anyhow.

You have each always lived as an “island.” Occasionally many people around the world would in one way or another connect with other like-minded people, at least for a while. Too many people had nurtured their “ego-genes” and that always proved and still proves to be “sudden death” to any good relationships. Especially Earth family connections.

You see, without Unity of Purpose nothing can truly be achieved. At the proper gridline intersection other such as yourselves would and still do suddenly find that those other “themselves” would be led to join together, sometimes in strange ways. Of course, all things not being equal means that if the personality is a balanced one that is eager and willing to work with Soul Voice then the “Law of Attraction” would enter full force.

This is how and to a great extent “why” Cyclical Changes are Created. Initially all of humanity was intended to purpose and persevere in Creating and unifying billions of people, especially really good people.

Please take time later and try to visualize how much humanity overall and each of you in particular could have achieved here of personal, planetary and interplanetary destiny. Yes, it is well known how much you have each suffered, how much you have each endured to get from where you were to where you are now. Divinity does not leave any stone unturned when constantly viewing your progress.

Even here within this Sacred Group too many of you feel you have to scale yet another mountain in order to live up to your destinies. That is not what you are here to do.

Unity of Purpose is to Create within your mind and your Soul and then bring that Creativity into manifestation and/or materialization.

You are the strongest when you Create with others such as yourself. You are the weakest when you try to hurry the process of bringing other yourselves into your personal life. You must be patient with the process of growth.

You can not rush this process. Nearly all of you to date are actual units of purpose. Use your fertile mind banks to expand the Unity IF you now know what the purpose is.  

So what is your life purpose here? What do you want to achieve? Do you have the necessary means to the end?

Does the end justify the means?

Regardless of which planet is your Home Planet, which Universe is your Home Universe or regardless of whether you are Walk-In, or a born-in Starseed, when you are ON this planet there are certain rules that must apply and should never be broken.

Breathe in LIFE as you do when you are Home. Exhale TRUTH to all those who want “The Truth.” LOVE without constraint as you do at Home. And walk in your Truth here on the planet and “Take A Stand as a TRUE Human Being.”

So what IS “Unity of Purpose?”

It IS the Evolution of Humanity. And it is for the Highest Level of Evolution of the VOICES that are heard around this world.

Salude, Celest and David


Other “Unity of Purpose” submissions

A few of the VOICES from people who are on Cyclical Changes conference calls sent in their ideas on “Unity of Purpose.”


In the context of using the Power of Mind to manifest a desired reality, “Unity of Purpose” expresses the notion that when likeminded beings gather together to Co-Create that reality, with a clear focus on the precise objective and the means to accomplish it, the combined “projected” Creative power exponentially exceeds the sum of each individual’s capabilities. This also attracts similar thoughts from everywhere in the Universes thereby further accelerating the Co-Creation and maintenance of that reality.

From Rocky


Unity of Purpose

Energy, being neutral, forms itself to match thoughts whether for the good of oneself or for the good of others. But, there is a difference in the effectiveness of the two when people work together for a particular cause. Those with malicious intentions rely on each other’s egos, which are lacking Light. There may be an apparent unity of purpose to hold an event intended to create mayhem, fear, suffering, and despair, but in taking part participants probably expect to receive something in return – a job, favorable associations, a share in imagined glory, or enjoyment in terrorizing others. In the aftermath of such events, though, good-hearted people unify for the purpose of aiding and supporting survivors, recovering, and preventing future occurrences. This is what happened after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. The American people unified in purpose and the U.S. entered into World War II to help defeat Japan and Germany. Likewise, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, people unified to help each other through the tragedy and to rebuild stronger than before.

Conversely, good Souls unified with an intention to help people and society, animals, the environment, and the planet is exhibited in such activities as acts of kindness, caregiving, group prayer and meditation, volunteerism, activism, humanitarianism, and philanthropy. Participants are emotionally invested in uplifting others. There is a shared belief in the purpose and success of the endeavor. Helping others aligns an individual’s Soul Light with the Light of God, thus exponentially increasing the effectiveness of the intention. When this occurs, magic seems to happen. Everyone becomes part of something that is much greater than one person or a group. When dedicated people come together, more is achieved than was anticipated. An example of this is the effort of the Apollo space program to land on the Moon during the 1960s. More than 100,000 people understood how important this was for the country and for mankind, and they worked to develop the technology to achieve the program’s goals.

I have worked on projects that had unity of purpose and some that did not. In cases where the project team was unified by a clearly defined purpose, the group outperformed management’s expectations and the path to completion was reasonably smooth. Other projects had trouble gaining momentum because the overarching purpose was unclear, the project was riddled with funding or management issues, or there were personnel problems. For me, it is clear that when good people are working to a higher purpose or vision great things happen. It is also clear to me that even a few people together can make a great impact. Somewhere in my reading over the years I came across a statement saying that one act of kindness counteracts 25,000 acts of malice. I don’t know if this ratio is correct, but if it is, it shows that even one person or a small group of people acting for the benefit of others can be an incredibly powerful force.



I apologized for taking a while to send this… but I have been thinking about it. My understanding of what Unity Purpose is:  The predestined Divine Plannings and Soul Agreements to have intended Souls who choose to participate to come together no matter how big or small the group to full fill, manifest,  Create a certain outcome that will usher in the Intended Reality for the highest good of all concern, while simultaneously working to Create and to experience their own individual Universe for the betterment and evolvement of themselves but also for all around and everywhere.

The night when I finished writing this which is about a few days ago. I saw writings in white lettering like credits rolling up at the end of the movie.  When it got to the two last lines I saw “bluestarspeaks.com” and more writing in-between then the last word was “bluestarspeaks.com.”

I also dreamt that I lay down in the middle of my street near the old farmhouse and I looked up into the sky and the endless procession of Light Ships appeared above me just like the one We saw before “The Musical Oracles” Project….



Unity of Purpose to me is about raising our vibrations and evolving and uniting with goodhearted Souls while marching with the Soul Saints to help Anastasia and all Beings here and other Universes to be better and ascend in each and every moment in this lifetime and all lifetimes.

Thank you so much!!



One for All, All for One



Unity of Purpose has many levels, the ultimate is the joining of all Creation in following Creator’s Purpose. All joining is a synchronicity of vibration.

On a collective level is when all Souls with a particular directive from Creation join to move an agenda forward.

An example of this could be 2012, under the auspices of the Mayan calendar, humanity joined together for the purpose of birthing a new trajectory for the Earth and its life forms.

Group levels are reflected in the power of individual Souls coming together to focus purpose and intent for an event, understanding, agenda or energy signature.

Individual level is the ability to pinpoint focus to Create. Hopefully it is within the bounds of Soul’s purpose in the life. As we were given free-will, (free expression) this may or may not be the case.



To me Unity of Purpose is that quality of “oneness” where all actions and thoughts contribute to overcoming any fragmentation/differences in the quest for a common goal.

Love Lyre


We living with Earth have a common purpose expressed in various ways. We are here to assist in our group transition to a new level of being, to help and support each other. One way of doing this is to maintain our energy level, to elevate our frequency. And being the calm in the Eye of the Storm helps all around us feel calm as we face our daily challenges. As tossing a stone into a still pond causes ripples, so too, being the expanding calm in the midst of a raging storm spreads, much like light fills a dark room. Being the calm expresses Unity of Purpose.

Being the ever-expanding Eye of the Storm.

Light, love, and gratitude,



David and Celest, I hope you are both doing well in these tough times.

I have given a lot of thought to what Unity of Purpose means to me and for the Voices of Cyclical Change. I think we need to be reminded of who we are and what we are here to do. I acknowledge and value the different points of view and the work each of us are doing.  I think this is a good time for all of us to reread “Advocates for Justice, Book #6 of the God Book Series” to remind us who we are and what God has told us.

I also think we should reread “Winter People who Ride the Wind, Book #7 of the God Book Series” and “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients, Book #8 of the God Book Series.”  I know that I learn new information every time I reread “The God Books” and I believe now is a good time for us each to be reminded of what we already know and to take this opportunity to read, to learn the more advanced information that God will share with us.



Unity of Purpose is Voices using All our gathered strengths and intentions in unison to build a better world and assist Anastasis in all that needs to be accomplished here on star planet Earth.  Like that Mantra given us to recite, we are building our Voices in unison, calling all good Souls in to assist in these challenging times to see Creator and God’s plans through with love and purpose. We’re in unison in Creating anew the world we want to live in.



Unity of purpose

I enjoyed the conference call very much!  It was much to do about much!  We were all listening attentively to be reminded to learn and to acquire new wise information!  I for one find the VOICES of Cyclical Changes as a purpose for unity!

Unity of Purpose to me is about raising our vibrations and evolving and uniting with goodhearted Souls while marching with The Saint Souls to help Anastasia and all Beings here and other Universes to be better and ascend in each and every moment in this lifetime and all lifetimes.



Regarding Unity of Purpose

On reflection of this and what has been coming to me how to use our Power of Mind to ‘Create’ encouraging environments/Consciousness structures on Multi Higher Dimensions that will give and continue to give good Souls Opportunity to balance and resolve inner conflicts.

 From my own experience and challenges and bearing witness and my own leaps – what has been apparent from various teachings is that we are helping to anchor grids and structures of Higher Consciousness to radiate out and also send feedback and information to the off-planet Watchers to a degree

So the process of Dis-Identification and to support this – to provide structures to help break down and dissolve good Souls entanglements to the ethers of negative heavy energies rage hatred whilst they are owning and processing that energy within their own shadow side. On observation people do and good Souls still get entangled in the sub-structures in Consciousness of energies out there overwhelming them and hindering progress.

Now I may be off here and we are meant to transcend this in our own way and from “The God Book” Series God has bequeathed us with many gifts in the body mind Soul matrix and in the psyche – so again this may be there. But in Cycles of Change it is something that has certainly come to my attention and people get lost in identifications and to support the Dis-identification to then progress to more passionate detachment would serve in my view.

The other aspect that came to me – again we are moving to telepathy more and more – but I was reflecting on Creating supportive structures to clear cleanse and disentangle the contamination of the communication pathways in language and phrases used now. Much communication has lost its original Etymology. So to Create Consciousness structures to embolden and support the original context of much language to help displace the abuse and toxic out of context use of language today. That is even before going to the inversion aspect very prevalent now with communication – I have also heard called the luciferian inversion principle.

It may be you want us/me to go beyond this – I was re reading parts of “Avatars in the Valley of The Ancients” – where it talked about not at this stage (at least for myself) Creating new ‘worlds’ but it strikes me that some of this and Creating these  Consciousness structures and encouraging environments on Multi-Dimensions would help.

Either way you can let me know and I will reset bar higher and delve deeper to what your expectations on this are.

Blessings, Alasdair


“Unity of Purpose” added 11-13-2021

My fellow VOICES so eloquently stated their thoughts on “Unity of Purpose.” What a beautiful group of Souls!

I am honored to be part of the VOICES Group. I look forward to adding my collective VOICE to all Souls who can hear our intentions on 12-03-2021.

In a world so filled with fear and desperation, I am constantly reminded to check in on my thoughts.

Thought forms can turn into actions.

Fear and anger are bedfellows.

May we endeavor to stay in the present and create a more positive future, with our thoughts and actions.

Some of my personal watch words:

__Fear Release – Divine Love Increase.

__Clear, Cleanse, Release, Bless.

__Unity. Self Sufficiency. Discretion.

Many blessings to all Souls who are awakening and joining the Collective Soul Matrix.

We are what we think. May our positive thoughts build a new world, where Divine Love reigns.

I agree with Etaoqua’s comment on elevating our frequency.

“Being the calm in the Eye of the Storm helps all around us feel calm as we face our daily challenges.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of the hard work done by David and Celest. You are so blessed.

Much gratitude,



You are all showing Unity of Purpose by saying what you are saying and showing how you LIVE your beliefs.

Kudos, Celest and David


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