Ethereal Transformation of Bioluminescent Light

Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

4-25 to 6-25-2019

Ethereal Transformation


Bioluminescent Light


 (Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Good day to all readers and especially to all you new readers! It is a privilege and our personal joy to speak with you ones yet again. Now, as usual so many peoples across this wonderful world, this planet you are temporarily living in, are attempting to make a great deal of something out of nothing while still trying to make the nothings of true importance disappear. This indeed does set up a massive psyche conflict this way. Either something IS real or it is an illusion, and for some of you ones it is a delusion. Delusions are nasty critters; illusions though are the craftily contrived abilities of planned deceptive appearances birthed by either a damaged psyche or a dark entity and sometimes it is a human who has capitulated, and follows through hell-bent on deceiving the mind and senses of good peoples – especially Advocate people. The illusions show the capacity of the mind and senses to be deceived by appearances which are predicated by a person’s face-value assumptions.

Delusionary events, periods or states of a person’s mind once activated by the netherworld then become firmly fixated false beliefs that are very resistant to reason or confrontation with actual facts. As a matter of true fact though, the more a person believes and accepts illusions and delusions as reality the more difficult it is for that person to accept or cope with true reality. This children, is part of the final battle you are both witnessing and experiencing. Do NOT think that the Divine Beings planned any of these experiences for you as some type of horrid test. THAT would be completely untrue! You are however first-handedly bearing witness to the final fall of millions of peoples here of all races AND beliefs. You ones all knew this would not be a pretty sight and yes, so many millions of you Advocates for Justice secretly hoped you would not be here to watch this crashing of decadence unfurl, BUT you are here and you are and you will continue to watch, listen and relearn, because you can.

Now, these are but a few of the reasons that the wondrous Light of ALL Lights Created The Ethereal Transformation. The Luminescents and the continuous Procession of the Elders leave NOTHING and NO-THING to chance you know. None of us want any more of you dedicated Planetizens to become entangled in any more deadfalls. These deadfalls are all around all of you ones and are but simple yet complex “mind-traps” geared to ensnare all Advocates whenever and however it can be accomplished. However the Advocacy is always working for all Advocates; the Advocacy “has your back.” There are Principles of Openness which clearly define and govern the pristine methodology which all good Souls are to follow. Basically, they mean that you treat others with respect and consideration IF they deserve to receive them from you.

If they do not deserve this then turn around and walk away. The Principles of Openness also means that you must keep your mind open to all the true wonders that are encasing this world and UNDERSTAND what you are seemingly “understanding” and what the pivotal importance of all that you see, hear and feel really is, as well as HOW and WHY it all relates to humanity as well as to the Luminescents. True understanding lies within your grasp; it is your clairsentience abilities and Soul to SOULS recognition of each other that you need to discover. Then you should identify your connections with them and if possible and in all manners which you can, Spiritually indemnify somebody’s character or somebody’s situation. And especially do so in a sympathetic, tolerant, or empathetic way; then take non-provocative steps in procuring their alliance with you and others like you and thus you each become stronger in body, mind and Spirit. Alliances of this nature form eclectic bonds that are irreplaceable and eternal.

What only two of you remember from your homeland’s teachings prior to your reincarnating here, is that in many ways you should give thanks to The Creator, the Creation Processing and all of the Luminescents for the Bioluminescent Light you each bear, Planetizens. The Bioluminescence is of course far more apparent with all of the true Advocates for Justice than in those on the much lower end of the Tribunal Hierarchy. This particular Hierarchy is composed of many newer Souls whose main function is to observe all of you others and LEARN from example. In this way the examples you set for yourselves not only as true human Beings but as unadulterated glorious Beings of Light are truly influencing and further germinating all those seeds that you helped to plant. Ethereal Transformation was formed on a special Celestial sphere and is the prime delegator of the amounts of Bioluminescence each Soul bears. Although each Soul ever Created receives a minute aspect of this electrically charged Light matter, each Soul bears the important responsibility of growing, attuning and evolving measure by measure with this Light. Those whose personalities deftly invalidate the Soul’s worth by choosing the wrong life path also invalidate this Light which the Soul was carrying within its matrix.

Now, the operative term “was carrying” clearly should define to you ones that the Light that is sent to each Soul out of sheer love and pure commitment for the continued evolution of all Souls from ALL planets is suddenly whisked away and in many cases never returns. This Bioluminescent Light is unlike anything your worldly eyes can imagine! The Luminescents along with Ethereal Transformation Created a highly advanced technically explosive method of producing extremely highly charged emissions of released electromagnetic energies of Lights known as “Chemiluminescence.” All living organisms carry a small amount of Bioluminescent Light which allows them to many times as a certain species self-produce offspring and gather more White Light to itself. When those organisms cease to exist however, so does their Light.

However, in the cases of human Beings there are vast differences which can easily mean life or death to peoples. Babes may be born into the Light but of course how they live life defines them. Those individuals who retain their loving grasp on their Soul’s Voice and always abide by Souls’ regulations, amass vast amounts of Bioluminescent Light simply by the way they live their lives. Yes, they most certainly deserve the best Earth life has to offer! Although it may in many cases be difficult for them to receive their just rewards here, they certainly will “when they are home.” Do not make light of all that I am telling you, no pun intended, the very Light you have repeatedly been told you have ever since you awakened from your stupors has been clearly and deftly marking you as “Chosen Ones,” because your Bioluminescent Light can NOT be hidden.

Now, the White Light which fills your cellular bodies thus replacing the cells of merely ordinary light you had before, also functions as a Beacon. This beacon is always harkening to the Soul’s signals of the timelessness which now exists in every NOW moment. Then in spatial increments during moments of quietude and Gloaming periods, this White Light Beacon proceeds to fill the physical vehicle as well as to replenish the Bioluminescent Light. This Bio Light always saturates Soul in every nano-moment, while you are alive. The Bio Light is composed of many configurations which are mutable; thus allowing for the total expansion of your body, mind and Spirit – without any limitations imposed. Indeed the Bio Light fills your perceptions allowing you to alter them as you evolve and opens all worlds of probabilities and written in stone opportunities for you ones.  For those of you ones wondering still how one person can make a difference based on their thought-processing, consider this please: if you watch a flock of birds flying in tandem and then suddenly one single bird breaks out of the formation and flies in another direction then sure enough suddenly the entire flock turns and follows the single bird. Do you see?

No, I am not saying that you are a bird; nor am I referring to you as a “birdbrain,” although for some Planetizens being called a birdbrain would be a compliment! That is indeed my way of saying that those Planetizens definitely are in need of remedial structuring and retraining!

Now, if you did pay attention to my example of the flock turning, THAT is what so many of you ones are doing so well without even realizing it. In that unique way you have assumed a seat of power without even trying to do so. Yet, you have “turned the tide” by turning the flock to a new direction. For those amongst you Advocates whose destinies are to face or continue to face tasks seemingly of Herculean proportions and confront them accordingly, I ask you ones to try to rest as much as possible. AND do not try to do it all yourself! Call home! You know we always respond.

You ones need to know that what you refer to as “the Scales of Justice” are on YOUR side as long as YOU remain on THEIR side. Because the Elders and all others working with them have been uprooting so much evil in all directions, in ALL professions and ALL beliefs, organized chaos is rapidly completing a cycle and is about to start a new one. As the slang saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” The goal to bring so many seriously dark peoples who have been leading their FLOCKS into mental derangement mayhem and death is about to take an even more weird twist. There are many pertinent ways to decapitate an entity or a plan. Cutting off the head of the viper IS a necessity.

Ok, it is now time for you to buckle up and hold on tight! Unstable peoples here do fight back against the Bio Light each of you have. The more mature the Souls of Advocates and other goodhearted people and the higher levels of Soul staunchness they have, along with their abilities to never experience fear but to always remain with their foundations solidly planted in fearlessness, the greater and greater their Bio Light shines exponentially. Here is where the Scales merge into the Bio Light thus not only Creating a double-edged sword, but also perfecting the newest and vastly upgraded ways that have just arrived at their gridline intersection in using Bio Light to break apart the netherworld. All right Advocates; visualize the biggest rollercoaster you can imagine. Now, all true Advocates for Justice are on this rollercoaster for it is the largest of its kind and the one most firmly packed with peoples from all over this world and can actually be seen from the ethers as large enough to encircle the entire planet 3 times. For the past 18 months you ones have been riding this coaster straight up an incline with never a downward dive or going down the slope of the coaster anywhere in sight. Just up, up and up. Well Planetizens, you are now ALL just sitting on the apex of that mountainous coaster waiting for “something” to happen. Well you adventurous Souls guess what! Something is going to happen very shortly that will cause the coaster to suddenly shoot down the incline at tremendous speed. As I stated before, “buckle up and hold on tight.” You are being propelled into the heart of the Golden NOW and organized chaos. Life is so interesting, is it not?

Now, it is imperative that this time-sensitive material is understood by you ones. Because the White Light is catalyzing the Bio Light; the netherworld ones and all those they caused to fall onto the path of the lameness, which are those peoples who changed and became inept and ineffectual, are now facing an ancient foe that is heavily guarded by the Avatars and the procession of Elders. That foe is the Bioluminescent YOU. No pressure right! Your individual Bio Light has now been magnetized and is in enhanced colossal size. As a Collective your Super Consciousnesses shall know NO bounds. It shall not be diminished. Neither the Light nor your Consciousnesses shall be diminished. The only way that can happen is if you yourself recant your Advocacy Agreement and join the netherworld.

The all prevailing White Light remains with you and is encasing all your Bio Light; thus making you an easy to perceive and very large target. Here is where the “nether confusion” sets in. You see chelas, one of the things you do not know, at least not until now that is, is that as you encounter new people or you have to deal with peoples who are unstable, is that NOW when all that occurs the unstable people will unconsciously enter into a dissociative state and rarely if at all have any idea about what is going on. The Bio Light sends out a repelling force of charged particles of energies which easily shoves the dark away that are trying to connect with you or worse overcome you, and the puppets are then without a puppet master. Before very long those stringless puppets begin babbling and behaving erratically. You may or may not be present when that occurs. But it happens anyway.

The dark which has had an extremely difficult time trying to shield itself from the onslaught of the White Light is now trying desperately to fend off the Bio Light to no true avail. Each nano-moment of your lives now you WILL continue to receive this Light which is an astoundingly beautiful mixture and blend of the most brilliant and brightest blues, greens, reds, yellows, golds and silvers. Although you were born with the most muted versions of SOME of these colorations, nothing you know of until now could have prepared you for this array. There is NO end to the constant incoming of these colors. Why do you think that so many of you Advocates are drawn to the beauteous colors in clothes, jewelry, nature etc.? They are part of who and what you are. Like always attracts like, remember?

The Bio Light is fighting back by removing the evil it encounters; all you need to do is when you are aware of that happening … stay out of the way! By the way, something else I want you all to mull over and then truly u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d it: contrary to what you may have believed or have heard others say to you; although peoples may change some things about themselves OUTWARDLY, unless they have been seduced by the netherworld and become nothing more than drones following orders, people do not really change. They simply become what they truly are. They may have many different life experiences to toy with or to indulge in, BUT after they become what they truly are it is then that what they show you of themselves first is a semi-disclosure and then it becomes total disclosure. The total disclosure is the finished product of themselves. And that is the way it is!

Now, although I do not expect all of you to truly realize all that I just said, I can already see the “light bulbs” registering in your minds. Bio Light does this you know; it forces even YOU to confront truths about others that you would rather not know about. The Scales of Justice cannot be usurped or avoided. When feeling or sensing that something unhealthily dark is around you be FIRM in your non-verbal recitation of the Consciousness Mantra, watch your posture stand TALL or sit tall; do not engage in any verbal confrontations, and LEAVE the area! Those guarding you will take over. The least intelligent of the dark minion cannot see or sense your Light; they only feel danger towards themselves. The more intelligent of this motley crew CAN see and at times feel SOME of the Bio Light and it scares them, because YOU hurt their eyes and cause unsettled feelings of distress in them.

So it is that the ones you need to be the most wary of are the peoples who are just plain BAD! They are so horridly addicted to so many things and always have an un-satiated thirst for power. Never send your Bio Light after them, just defend yourself if needed. Stay away from their often visited haunts and remember your MIND is the greatest weapon you have. Hint, hint – USE it accordingly.

I am signing off for now … by the way, enjoy the ride!

Salude, Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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