Quid Pro Queue and Quantum Levels of Soul Magnetics


The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Quid Pro Queue


Quantum Levels of Soul Magnetics

8-25 to 10-25-2018

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all of you ones who are Spiritually Homeward Bound. Now, as the majority of peoples around the planet are now discovering that they should always accept all warnings and cautionary prevention measures I suggest, it means that these are the peoples who may falter a bit and have qualms a bit more, but they are allaying their primitive fears and are still moving in forward motion. My tasks on this planet would indeed be much simpler if each of you would pay close attention to my words instead of thinking, “bad things or strident situations can only happen to OTHER people.” None of you peoples regardless of gender, Spiritual or Religious beliefs or lifestyles is immune to various levels of psyche attacks or attempted physical attacks! Nor are you permitted to simply pack up and “go home” when the rough times become even rougher. Your Soul Contracts have amply provided you ones with the TOOLS you need to survive and for many of you to even thrive.

Those of you who have been elected or volunteered to bear witness to the madness that has been unleashed here can easily become caught up in others’ fears. I implore you ones to NOT become engulfed in thoughts and fear that can only lower your transient states of evolvement. Believe me when I warn you that the mind you save by listening to my sage wisdom will be your own! Your transient states of evolution produce effects outside of the mind. Therefore the constant and unbroken NOW monadism is FOREVER altering and further changing energies through a complicated process of magnification of internal levels of Soul Magnetics. Now, this part of the procedure is greatly contingent on your individual and COLLECTIVE Queue status, in order to properly and promptly hasten the enlargement of your Spiritual “matter.” This “matter” is the culmination at that time, of all you have been re-remembering or relearning anew AND the PRECISE condition and levels of Soul perfection you have achieved for yourself. Now, what began as Levels of Thought-form Processing of all that you are IN THIS MOMENT, takes on or accepts a better and finer format composed of your Spiritual matter and your own indivisible indestructible monadic Self. Your monadic Self is the basic element of reality which you have accepted as truth unvarnished and thus CREATES a macrocosmic bloom complete with designated imagery of the basic realities you have cleaved to. This faithful cleaving motion does indeed attract others to you regardless of what you or their levels of Soul maturity are. One monadic individual attracts another and another and suddenly new Soul Clusters are BORN! Do you see? Well of course you do not. Not yet anyway. You are your own reality it is true; it means you are also your own architect. As such each of you Advocates are Creating, defining, redefining and fine-tuning the whole sum total of yourself. BUT that sum total is subject to change as YOU change your own mind’s circumstances and AVOID the Mind-Field.

Now, all Universal Laws are aligned with the status called “Quid Pro Queue.” The Laws continually promulgate to each goodhearted person here the information that is so critically relevant to your well-earned and well-deserved opportunities and the correct stance to take in the Queue. And taking into account the fact that each of you do indeed have your turns, this information is always broadcast to the Souls awaiting the signs and symbols, so that they consciously KNOW it is their time NOW. Obviously if one is not paying attention then that one may easily miss the WINDOW of opportunity and thus be replaced by yet another awaiting his or her turn in the Queue. Quid Pro Queue in the most simple explanation I can give to you, is a Universal Law which can not be compromised or used by any Machiavellian people. This Law is governed by The Creator HimSelf and the Creation Processing entity. Each Soul Creates its own passage into life with some assistance of its Guides and Masters through birthright RITES and shall always be placed within The Queue at various life-points throughout the Souls’ exponential journey-time periods on this planet. Although this also occurs to Souls living on all other planets, for now all you need to focus on is those periods available to you HERE and NOW!

The Queue is an actual event and PLACE which exists within your Universe; and although it is at a vast distance from yourselves geographically it also exists within your Soul Self. Do you understand? Probably not. The Queue exists within a vacuum which is literally part of space empty of matter; but this vacuum is not achievable in practice on the Earth Star planet. The Queue is actually isolated from all external influences; therefore it can only be entered INTERNALLY. On this planet, because you cannot enter the Queue physically it cannot exist on Earth itself. Each Soul receives a type of identification number prior to its journey to Earth. This number may change conforming to each different lifetime you may have. Every lifetime influences the number which is predicated on how well you achieved various experiences in EACH lifetime. For example: “J the Rock” may have earned a variance of the number 4 when he walked his truth while living in the 12th. century. In the next century of his life experience which may have been the 16th. century, he earned a variance of the number 6. That 6 would be added to his 4 which AT THAT TIME would give to him a total of the number 10.

IF in his next “go around” he chose to be a less than sterling character and he was given a variance of -1; he would then AT THAT TIME have achieved a total of 10-1 which would alter his i.d. number to 9. All of his minuses just as all of his pluses are recorded in the Akashic Hall of Records. It would not be until his FINAL journey to Earth that his total numbers would be tallied. This would give him the final summation in numerical codes of his Soul status regarding his Soul maturity levels and the effect of the quantum magnetics his Soul had achieved throughout his total Earth Star walk.

Now, throughout each walk you each use the numerical value you have achieved which also denoted the quantum levels of Soul magnetics you have attracted and/or earned. It is then that your Souls’ are placed within the Queue at the precise moments when it is possible for you to make the most of each open DOORWAY and further achieve your personal best. You do so WHILE achieving great success with furthering the elongation of the Jesus the Christ Consciousness. This is what is meant in the loosest understanding possible of “waiting your turn.” So what you do in and with your life carefully denotes not only your Soul status but also gifts you with your variances of your personal i.d. numerical life value which is reflective of you as your own architect and YOU as a representative of the planet you actually come from. Millions and millions of you ones have spent so many lifetimes on so many different planets not only for the experiences you engendered there, but also for the purpose of you perfecting yourselves. So, this means that these Souls are also reflective of many Universes and many Luminescents. However, there still remains but ONE Universe that is the most prominent one for you; that is the Universe where you were Created. Do you see? Probably you do. Well, maybe.

Each of what I am referring to as a “numerical value” is a Sacred, private CODE. The Code is the value you place on yourself and on all those “who came before you.” Again and again I tell you ones, “you are ONE yet you are MANY!” Mull this sentence over and see what you determine about what I just said. Some of you ones will “get it” while others will not. The truest meaning of ‘Quid Pro” is simply the Spirit of cooperation which exists between people, or planets, or other lifeforms wonderfully working in giving and receiving. Now, when you add the term “Queue,” the meaning changes to mean that you may be unceremoniously yanked out of the Queue if you do not live-up to your own or at times OUR own expectations of you. Or, if you intentionally hurt another because you have allowed yourself to drift even temporarily into the Mind Field.

Billions and Billions of Souls are at all times awaiting their turns in the Queue and are more than happy to replace you there at any given moment. Although many Souls have unlimited access to returning again and again to receive more from the Queue, those who are removed from the Queue are the ones we place on a VERY short leash! See, giving and receiving! Your visions and your destinies take on a whole new glow when it is one of your turns in the Queue. As for those whom we refuse any more access to The Queue learn to their chagrin, the only real things they need to do is to exist in life and then mayhap try life again. We do encourage them however to satiate their lustful appetites by eating large slices of humble pie!

The Queue is where your dreams become reality and your pureness of intent brings instant manifestation to the forefront of your lives. This then is also how and why you may attract some peoples while effectively repelling others. Those who can not abide your Light do not want to be around you anyway.

Now, you are learning that the variances in your numerical codes are the changes caused by the actions, thoughts or reactions that you Create for yourselves and for others. Every thought and so forth you have Creates quantum magnetics. Basically this means that the major most dynamic, most dramatic and most significant Light-filled levels of intense Soul magnetics can be acquired by you by You NOT using your intelligence but rather by LIVING YOUR SOUL! People whose thoughts are dire, void of Light, deceitful, jealous or dangerous in any way then rapidly lose the “base formula’ for Creating any quantum magnetics and instead simply have nothing left to Create. They lead unhappy, uneventful lives and attract others of same ilk. They can no longer hold the Light for others who could benefit the most; therefore they are a danger to themselves and to goodhearted peoples.

So, if you have difficulty understanding that you by LIVING your Soul are enhancing the Matrix of your Soul Self, then think of this procedure as a type of orgasmic Communion of your Soul Magnetics with your Soul Matrix. Does that help? I ask you all to remember that holding the Light for others is not always easy. But please continue to hold the Light for those who have earned this gift from you. So do not merely HOLD the Light, become the Light and glow, glow, glow.

 Salude… I am signing off for now, I am #1, Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian


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