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The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

From your Vantage Point

10-25 to 12-25-2017


(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings fellow Earth travelers, especially to all of you who are weary Advocates! The path of Justice is fraught with the inconsistencies of fellow human beings who are running amuck in truly hapless fashions now, more so than ever before. It is a bit of a “crap shoot” to decide which tires you the most. Is it observing their shenanigans or is it the fact that your minds individually as well as collectively, become tired with wishing the peoples would turn themselves around and become TRUE human Beings? Advocates for Justice; regardless of what levels or states of consciousnesses any of you are on, you are bearing witness to the collisions of BELIEFS! This time around here on the Earth Star planet, these collisions have gone from watching the slow simmering of a crock pot to the massive boiling and churning of a super-sized cauldron being stirred without limit by many peoples here who are not on any true levels of consciousness. There is no one person you can hold responsible for these actions. Each individual here is responsible for assuming the righteous actions of claiming personal responsibility for their own actions or lack of actions. Although to your collective credit you are coping with this current upheaval far better than you were in the recent past.

This is a good thing, you must continue to do so in order to protect the inner sanctum of your own levels of expanding consciousnesses, while watching this world you all so dearly love and respect continue to twirl and whirl as the most lunatic actions of individual peoples CONTINUES to play out. For it is doing so and will not stop for quite a while! Now, obviously it is difficult for normal people who are mentally and Spiritually balanced peoples to not be aghast about the actions others’ orchestrate. Few here realize however that this is all merely history repeating itself AGAIN. The names of the various provocateurs may have changed but their actions remain as heinous as ever.

Now, Advocates because your entrances into this world was not only of such critical importance, but also because you also each needed to Create or become involved in experiences here in this lifetime which would assist you in defining yourselves, you have had to “run the gauntlet” in this lifetime many times. These actions thus allowed you with all Divine assistance of course, to push yourselves to awaken to your destinies AT THE EXACT MOMENT YOU HAD TO. The Universes leave nothing to chance you know. So it was ever so long ago that when the Creator called for an entranceway to be made that would connect at the right moment to the hearts and minds of all others here on Earth that BAM, you found the right Spiritual Teachers or they found you and the GATHERINGS then begun! All your initial Gatherings though in this lifetime began within your hearts, minds and Souls. This was the first priority. This firmly established an unbreakable link, a bond, with peoples all over this world whether you ever meet them or speak with them or not. The timing factor was absolutely critical! Had you been permitted to awaken too soon, trust me when I say … you would have screwed everything up! I know you ALL very well! Had you been permitted to awaken too late, you would have defaulted on your DESTINED ride to yet again participate as an integral part of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness. Had THAT happened then humanity as a whole would have been doomed!

Now please remember though – NONE of you is here to save this world. You are EACH a WORLD, save your OWN world instead; for if everyone saved their own world there would be no world that needed to be saved, now would there? You see Advocates; your vantage points alter actually from period to period for they are contiguous entities in their own right. Each of these entities can touch upon the conscious you as well as the Super Conscious you, thus enhancing your thoughts, visions and dream states. Each time you make even a teeny step forward in your consciousnesses’ awareness of their states of being, you are altering your vantage points, do you see? Each of these points are actually entranceways which do indeed allow more significant inspirations to occur and it is your inspirations which combine then with your own aspirations. And you then proceed Super Consciously, for most of you rather than consciously, to implement new ideas and newer ideals to live by. In a real sense you each define your vantage points, for they are indeed a true reflection of you.

Now, although many people may start out their lives with ideals and study ideology, far too many of them become disgusted with colliding with the thoughts and lack of ideals that other people have. Then those people who once thought they epitomized ideology decided to pursue other less combative roles in life. It does indeed require a stouthearted person capable of withstanding the verbal slings and arrows of others to be able to continue on their initial pursuit of knowledge and awareness expansion. All of you should be well-versed in how those things happen. There is not a single Advocate among you who has not had to cope with that! BUT, as long as you maintain vigilance about protecting your own vantage points then you can not and shall not fail yourself. As this Autumn QUICKLY leaves and winter sets in, most of you will begin to wonder AGAIN if all that you are doing is enough or should you be doing more. You have each undergone this Soul searching process repeatedly and senselessly. How many times has the God of this Universe told you that you can only do what you can only do?

Now, also how many times have you each been told that if Jesus can handle dealing with this, so can you? Expect only as much from yourself as you can handle; for the changing of the SEASON will bring about even more outrageous actions committed by certain peoples. The more you evolve while still coping with all that is going on and WILL go on, the more clearly you will be able to understand how and when your vantage points change and WHY. That will be a great hallmark for you! It shows a progressive personality being guided by Soul. I ask you each to remember that as the time clocks here seem to be moving at an even more accelerated rate of speed; it is because the NOW is moving faster and faster and is a guiding force for right to defeat might! Take the time; MAKE the time, to look around at other people. Those you know and those you do not know and see if and how your perceptions of others have changed. Understand then that your perceptive self is defining others and their beliefs and is defining many other people as “lost causes.” This does not mean that people you have left behind simply because you have outgrown them are bad people. It is a commonality that people leave other peoples’ friendships because they feel they have learned enough OR they do not want to learn more. All right now, it may not be easy for all of you to do BUT if you have been slowly moving away from certain other people whom you no longer feel are worth your consideration, or if you see that you are casting pearls of knowledge to those who can not distinguish what you are doing from what THEY want you to do, then you are truly moving forward and leaving the past where it belongs. In the past.

Now, I ask you all to remember that the past influences your present and in the present you Create your future. So do not hold on to what is over and done with. Disengage yourselves from the doppelgangers’ that use illusions and delusions because they covet your minds. Doppelgangers in these instances can be phony abstract tainted personalities of others who attempt to control what you do and what you say. No, those people who are the tainted ones do not realize YET that they are being used. But they will! However, by the time they do the last “freedom ride” will have ended. All that I am teaching you about in this transmission is intended to not only aid you in clearing your minds of any dusty cobwebs still there, but to also impress upon you the necessity for each of you to understand your vantage points and use them to your ADVANTAGE.

Now, before I take my leave this day, this auspicious day, I caution you yet again – that so much will be happening before March of 2018, that at times you may have some qualms about how and when the madness still alive and well on the planet can be eradicated. Simply trust in God and ALL the Other Luminescents who are battling right beside you. The gestation period of your “mind and Soul growth” is over now. I have been given permission to let you in on that secret. And yes, because I hear the thought bouncing around in many Advocates’ heads about this final God Book; indeed this Book in particular was intended to be the Sword of Truth which cuts great swaths through illusions, and misinformation and carries a glow which epitomizes ALL of Divinity. That having been all stated, remember to keep an eye on your vantage points for THEY are watching you too! I am signing off for now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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