Truth is a Bombshell and is an elixir for Life

The Blue Star Transmissions

~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Truth is a Bombshell and is an elixir for Life

8-25 to 10-25-2017


(Received by Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all Earth Star walkers; it is with great joy in my heart that I welcome each of you this day and ask you to all please pay attention to all information that I am about to share with you. Now, it is because you have each amassed so much calmness within your hearts within the last 7 months that I can now address an issue with all of you that I have been champing at the bit to do for the last 7 years in particular. The calmness I speak with you about is a hallmark for each of you who have been experiencing this. The calmness itself speaks highly and yet subtly of how much you have been changing as you rediscover truths which you were beginning to believe never really existed. I do not speak of any type of validation that you are needing; I speak of the reality of realities being re-shown to you ones yet again, but this time around you can accept it for what it really is, rather than what you wanted it to be. When you removed the blinders from your eyes, what you perceived were some truths that you may not have wanted to know about, yet also some truths that have caused you to dance for joy, metaphorically speaking. As has been often stated by myself, my Celestial daughter, our David and by All Luminescents, “it is far better to know what you KNOW than it is not to know what illusions are and what truths are.”

Now, it is true that all Advocates have been trying so hard and sometimes very futilely to find reason in a world seemingly gone insane. Yet if you look behind the ILLUSIONS of the perceptions of these insanities, you could easily have seen the revelation of truths disclosed which has been causing all true delusions and illusions to be cast forth into the Light; thereby causing the true nature of the beast hiding in plain sight to be disclosed to those of you Advocates whose perceptions have not been blinded by the dark. As we have all told you time and time again and just as the Luminescent (God) of this Universe along with all the rest of the Luminescents have been busily disclosing in the current book which is almost finished being written, all “foreign” entities that have been so voraciously feeding on humanity since forever ago, KNEW you would each be arriving here and would indeed be besting the beast at its own game! The foreign entities of which I speak are all those beings human and not, who have been so covertly and capriciously redirecting humanity off the road of all that is right and leading them to a precipice of non-disclosure of truth. This precipice leads to a bottomless pit which is composed of all deceit and outright illusions craftily geared to keep all Advocates as well as other goodhearted peoples, living a life that has no meaning. But it is because of all of you in this present life experience who have been taking a leap into the void that has changed things. You are responsible for altering the experience of all that could have happened and changing it into all that SHALL NOT happen! Yes, indeed this is a great deal for all of you to assimilate and hopefully you will stop looking over your shoulder to see if I am addressing someone other than yourself. Look now, there is a time to be humble, a time to be pious, a time to honor humility … but this is not the time to do so NOW! Far too many of you ones forget to honor yourselves for the great works you are Creating simply through thought and expression and you still continue to compare yourselves unfavorably to others. Knock it off already!

Unless and UNTIL you start learning to honor yourselves for all your good deeds of thought, word and INTENT you will be placed in a “standstill mode” and believe me you do NOT want this to happen. It is indeed one thing to feel flustered, frustrated, ill at ease and fidget aimlessly when you find yourselves encountering or feeling surrounded by people who are not on your own levels of Consciousnesses. But do not lower yourselves to their level and demean the Soul work you do by avoidance of the truth of your own good works. If you did not feel uncomfortable in their presences, I would have to seriously become worried about you!

Now, the standstill mode is one which you have all experienced numerous times. It may not be fun but you are placed there for various reasons from time to time. The times however that I am speaking of is when you fail to honor yourselves. Then it is that Universal Law which clearly dictates that you have shown that further lessons are needed by you before you are ready to continue to BE all that you truly are have caused you to be placed in standstill mode. There peoples remain until they make a critical breakthrough in their understandings of why honoring themselves is so crucial to their life missions. “Standstill” also means that nothing seems to be in forward momentum for you; and that is because it is not. You may feel bored or become irritable without any real justification. Dwelling on past mistakes is NEVER something any of you ones should do anyway, but most especially not when you are in standstill. Understanding, believing and accepting that you can only do what you can only do, is a good way to break away from standstill and RESUME life. As you shake yourselves out of the slough you have brought on yourselves, you can then arise from those Spiritual low points and acknowledge that you have chosen to live to fight for yet another day! Every day may have a bit of a low point when you are “in” understanding the disclosures of truth; but yet again on behalf of all the Luminescents AND myself I ask you ones once again … “is it better to know than not to know?”

If you see truth for what it actually is then you can categorize truth as a bombshell and understand why you are doing so. For indeed this type of variegated explosive tonal material can hurt the ears; for you are listening to what once may have seemed to be outrageous, and you may feel reminded of some precipitous thoughts and actions you once took without looking at the truths of the matter. Truth may also cause your eyes to water or your sight to feel a bit blurred. For many “nerves” are being hit because of what you are now SEEING CLEARLY without the need to rationalize to yourself the core of what the truths are showing to you. However, had any of this bombshell type of information been presented to any of you ones years ago, you would have rejected it forthwith. Tell me Planetizens, what good would that have accomplished? I ask you all to remember that evil’s lair is built on shaky ground; it is built on the complacency of the human Spirit and humankind’s willingness to forgo the “tiresome” search for truth and instead accept at face-value illusions disguised as truth. Never ever become tired of the old adage, “the truth will set you free.” For indeed it will, it does and IT IS! Now, the reality of actual truths is that it is not reliant on proof. Proof can be manipulated through thought, word or deed, but nobody thinks about that happening. The lair of the dark ones is on shaky ground because it only requires a few true Advocates for Justice to shake, shake, shake the bottom of the lair, causing TRUTH to replace the illusions. In your Collective case however, every single one of you working in tandem even if it is only in your visions of things, can continue to alter the configurations that evil relies on and thus you can bring forth the truth even if you feel that you are the only ones who KNOW the truth. There is more than a single meaning to, “one by one.”

What none of you ones here have been privy to seeing firsthand or sensing in utter confidence is that Collectively you are ALL changing things for the better. Individually you can do no wrong. It was deemed appropriate long, long ago by the Creator and the Creation Processing that it would be far better that the Collective of yourselves NOT be permitted to be in awareness of this fact UNTIL NOW.

I fully respect and support Their reasons for having made that amendment to your lives, without your conscious knowledge that They were doing so. You each needed to rely on your individual selves FIRST and then become part of the Collective. As you Super Consciously joined forces you and the rest of the Collective strengthened each of yourselves exponentially. Step by step, the stronger you Advocates have each become the more you are changing your own Spiritual, mental, emotional and for many of you, your physical selves. Now, digesting truth should be much easier for you ones if you bear in mind that Justice is NOT blind; NOR ARE YOU! Therefore, yes it is time for you ones to write down your truths and teach those whom you can; yet remain in the realization that truth itself is an elixir of life. Drink the elixir and as you do so, remain undaunted by the children of the lesser gods as they drink and eat the fruit from the poisonous tree. The bombshell which is finely tuned as the elixir of life IS the Collective of the scales of Justice working in tandem with each of you. You should feel honored; you are in good company!

Now, the complexities of truth as a bombshell hover around the truth’s abilities to force peoples to watch, listen and HEAR facts that they have never actually been taught of before. Some people are becoming more adept at adapting to truth and accepting it as such, yet others are not. Truth rocks a person’s personal world when it is the antithesis of what they had been conditioned to believe. Also, humankind does not react well to feeling ridiculed or in any way debased. Those lesser emotions do indeed become precursors of emotional and mental illnesses IF the people feeling this way allow it to. Of course there are always people who hide behind the facade of mental illnesses as a means of fooling others and gaining sympathy. Those who do this will not recognize truths for anything other than illusionary placebos which they believe are meant for foolhardy people who do not know any better. Obviously if you are thinking about dealing with delusionary people … forget it! They will not believe anything you say anyway.

The elixir aspect of the bombshell I have been mentioning is not a liquid per se; yet it is an alchemical transformative energy of truth which is part and parcel of life eternal. For “truth” was Created long, long ago as a weapon of choice to defeat all lesser energetic matter and was birthed within the matrix of each Soul who has ever been. This Collective matter of honor, sensibility, openness and revelations of all realities given the name “truth” was an amalgamation Created in the Crystal City. Thinking beyond the term “matter;” it is a unique composite of sonically charged motes of superior infusions of harmonics which further assist in the sentience composite of clairaudient ability which supports the continuous clairvoyance development. Although all peoples have these abilities, sometimes a little help is needed for further enhancement during any developmental stage. So as truth unveils itself instantaneously within the Soul matrix it requires no nurturing when you are “at HOME.” You are not a “know it all” at those times, but you ones definitely and definitively “know it all” at that point. However, when you arrived to the Earth Star planet during any reincarnational theme is when the developmental stages have been needed in order for you to see, hear, and sense truth clearly. You see?

Now Advocates; when you have left the birthing process here on Earth one of the multitude of gifts you have been bestowed with is your imagination. Of course what you do with your imagination can be another story! Truth as an elixir for life must always supersede the imagination though. That is if your imagination and truth can not work together harmoniously. In truth, “truth” eclipses the imagination when you allow it to. If the imagination is not kept under your control however, your mind can Create non-existent monsters to be in dread of, or conversely and what I consider to be the best of the situations, can Create dreams to be made for you to follow as you dream yourself awake. Then you can cause your dreams and visions to manifest and materialize. It is all your matter of perspective! At times truth must be harsh and raucous in order to get your attention. That is not the suggested method of course, BUT sometimes you do not leave us any choice! You will better understand to what degree you are evolving when truth enters by simply sliding into your perceptions as well as into your sentience and supersedes the imagination. And in this manner it is accepted without any mental groping. This type of groping is “mental foreplay” and should be avoided at all times!

Children, so very, very much truth is being disclosed to all of you and so very, very, much more will be especially between now and March of 2018, that you better be prepared to handle it. Remember, people who can only see one side of issues, who can only abide their own truth particularly when it clashes with true reality are heading into shark infested waters. But, that is their choice; do not allow it to become yours! The bombshell nature of truth obviously does not exist on other planets. BUT there is the one planet which was specifically designed to be a type of “parallel Earth” where the bombshell will take up permanent residence when all truth is known of and accepted by humanity here. This planet of which I speak is the only planet where millions of badly tainted peoples who are here now will go to after they leave Nirvana. This other planet is already slowly filling up with millions of peoples who have already been sent to this other planet AFTER their sojourn in Nirvana. It is there on that other planet that the bombshell will be figuratively rattling that planet as truths revealed assault the very ears and total sentience of those other peoples who have so miserably failed themselves. This will continue indefinitely. The term “indefinitely” in this case simply means until they relearn the lessons they formerly abrogated as being lies or illusions and are confronted with truth after truth after truth, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES!  I was determined to leave all of you with this prominent warning, this cautionary tale of the most compelling kind, in order to hopefully alleviate any more bombshells waiting for you. That is not to say there will not be ANY more. It is to say I expect you to handle them with great Spiritual and mental dexterity, for you are each preeminent Advocates, so please for your sakes, continue to comport yourselves well. I am signing off for now …


Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian … Please, I’m buying so have a DRINK on me!

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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