Preserving the quality of Life and Light

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~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

Preserving the quality of Life and Light

6-25 to 8-25-2017

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all of you ones; on this auspicious day I have chosen the above named transmission topic for reasons you should soon understand. It is because so much has happened since the very beginning of this year that now as you see yourselves rushing into the end of June which means the first half of this year will be over, many of you are wondering “when the next shoe will fall.” The preservation of your life should be of utmost importance to each of you; not merely for survival reasons but for reasons far greater than that. It really does not matter how little you have in the material world, it is about what you do with what you have that is of primary importance. Please bear in mind that there are millions and millions of very good peoples on this planet who have far less than do you. I am mentioning this now because so far this year I have listened to far too many peoples moaning and groaning over what they have lost. They need to stop this already! The quality of your mind can and does impact on the overall quality of your life in any given moment. So yes, Planetizens; what you think you truly do Create! 2017 is a year of vast retuning and refining not only what you want but also what you do NOT want in your lives. When you can share things whether material or Spiritual with others then please do so. If you clearly understood the vast resources that lie in a special abundance reserve, possibly you would see that the more you give, the more you receive. Think of your lives as a gigantic mirror which reflects the imagings of your minds. For in fact there is such a mirror and some among you are aware of this.

Soul is of course quite cognizant of this reality; for indeed Soul reflects back into your minds the wondrous inspirations and aspirations which you each have. When a person though becomes complacent and lackadaisical the only reflection to be seen is a cottony appearing haze. This is a danger zone for all peoples, for they then become more entrenched in nothingness. Unfortunately all those of you who are very empathic feel a type of a radiation which are energy waves of low density Light and at times loss of tonal qualities which permeates the empathic abilities. This in turn causes a stifling of an important part of whom and what you are. Advocates for Justice in particular are more prone to being susceptible to the density of the complacent ones because the Advocates continue evolving while the other type of person keeps devolving. Now, this action which is actually a result of another person’s inaction can function as a perverted domino effect. The energies and the energy-streamers that surround the devolving people seek more of those people of like-mind. One by one then people begin to falter and usually find their minds becoming stuck in the past instead of focusing on the present. Although it is true that all people have the right to wallow in their grief about things that are long gone from their lives, all that accomplishes is that they feel they are in a “standstill” mode and can not continue to move forward. They have lost their way; they have lost their passion for the quality of life.

Life is always what you make it to be; yet too many Planetizens fret about not having enough and compare themselves to others they feel are achieving their own measures of success. It would behoove each of you to first quantify what type of quality you want in your life and then MAKE IT SO. I would suggest however that you first prioritize what quality of life for yourself you really want to preserve. Think of the term “preserve;” what does that term mean to you? I am asking this question because of the countless numbers of people who are unconsciously for the most part preserving some of the worst memories of the worst experiences they have had in this life. To continue to live in that maudlin form of emotional pain is a VERY bad thing to do. There is not even a nano-drop of any form of high quality in preserving pain. Emotional pain that people insist on keeping by saying that they do not know how to stop doing so is what would be termed a “copout.” The more a person holds on to those painful memories the deeper their mental scars become. In time, a great number of people who do this and who will continue to do so will suffer psychotic breaks. Preserving the characteristic quality of life means to relish all that you have lost or think you have lost and understanding that errors of judgment you may have made throughout your life to date, are but experiences you chose to accept in order to learn from them. Then you take what you have learned and stop repeating it. Those types of pain are expressions of who you may have been but that does not mean they have to continue to be.

Now, if you feel happy within yourself and have learned to become your own best friend there is no reason why you can not live the life you want to live. This in turn alters your own mirror image and you shall transmit to others the true beauty that you see within yourself. Although you all are surrounded with Guides and Master Teachers, too many people unconsciously set up a block which separates them from their mentors because of the way the people are thinking. You are all surrounded at all times by these wondrous and selfless Beings; there is no end to their love, their concern or the aid they render to you. However, those among you ones who do not allow the mind-blocks you have set into place to be removed BY YOU YOURSELVES, may find that those wonderful mentors may decide to move on to other peoples who are willing to do the work on themselves that needs to be done! That would be a tragedy; it would be a travesty of justice wrought by you alone. In this sense it means that those peoples I am speaking of have waged war and they are losing. They are losing because they have waged war within themselves against themselves. Indeed this is a “no brainer” situation! Nobody wins. This then too is when the quality of life is thrown haphazardly away. For many peoples at that juncture, suicidal thoughts enter and then indeed all is lost!

Now, these peoples are the ones who are unaware that the very fact that their own self-created fears are causing them to run amuck, are no longer preserving the quality of Light at all! The continuing lessening of Light as well as the greater amounts of Light that is lost is when the larger and more strident harsh feelings of internal pain will become extreme. Dense yet sharper noises are known to accompany this change which at times can become an irreversible phase of life and Light. A very ancient Being whose name is Abraham always awaits specific Souls who are entering Nirvana after they have tragically succumbed to their loss of Light. Abraham awaits these Souls and addresses them one and all and asks only one question of them. He always asks, “Was it worth it?” He does not do this to cause them pain; he does this to make a point, one which they NEVER forget. At times another ancient mentor named Samuel stands with him and beckons certain of these Souls to follow him as he takes them into a place of suspended animation and assists them by showing them what they did to themselves and WHY they should never do so again! So you see Advocates, no stone is ever left unturned in Divinity’s Sacred Quest to assist all Souls to reclaim themselves AND their final destinies!

Now, what so few of you ones have understood yet even though my Celestial child and our David have been wearing themselves out for the last two years in particular trying to teach people about something that is ongoing which is affecting everyone, particularly those Advocates for Justice who are expanding their understanding and their Light exponentially. So it is that I have been requested by the God {Luminescent) of this Universe to aid them and put into writing what Celestial and David have been speaking about. The amount of Light you each bear does indeed affect the quality of your lives; however the quality of your lives does also depend on the expansion of your Light, particularly at this phase of your current life’s cycle. Most peoples are aware to one degree or another that magnetics bear greatly on the stability of mind, body and Soul. I said, “Most peoples.” Over the last seven years, the magnetics have been altering here on the Earth Star planet, initially rather subtly but they slowly built up to a crescendo of primarily physical phenomena of electric currents and physical properties which act on other currents and magnetics. These currents are usually referred to as “magnetism” for obvious reasons. Well now, as the pressure of the currents of electromagnetism began to expand themselves all the magnetic interchanges which at one time were stable began to be morphed. In this sense “morphed” is simply a term meaning they underwent a magnetic changeover which altered the density and electrostatic characteristics of the magnetic force known as magnetism or magnetic density.

The Sun has always been known to be a colossal beneficial entity in its own right. However, due to the machinations of humankind in attempting to control things they have no business interfering with and now combined with the shifting of the Earth Star’s gravitational pull, the Sun is shifting and is now radiating at a much higher degree. Sun is emitting large quantities of increased heat which ALSO heats the magnetics which are affecting ALL of you to one degree or another. The greater the Light which you each have the greater the episodes you have when you feel physically off-balance, feel uncommonly tired, sporadic irritability, general restlessness, yet you are learning to live with this changeover by preserving the quality of Light you have through the process of recognizing these symptoms of becoming a bit closer to wearing your new Light Body. Conversely, the landmasses are literally baking in this dimensional type of shift yet are bitterly cold in the winters. You must seriously adapt to remaining out of the Sunlight as much as possible and wear protective coverings over your arms and legs and wear hats and good sunglasses as well. Be sure to remain hydrated at all times and when you feel your bodies craving for certain foods, give them what they want! They know FAR better than do you what they need in order to survive in a healthy manner.

Indeed should any of you feel unexplained twinges of pains or silly aches you can not  account for, please do understand that the physical vehicle is altering itself in order to be compliant with the effect of the gamma rays. At one time the Earth’s atmosphere always absorbed these rays thereby negating any type of mini-nuclear form of radiating heat-waves. Wavelengths of Light permeate the Earth at different levels and depths. Today however, the magnetics are so intense that although Earth is still able to absorb much of these rays, more  magnetic rays are visible to the naked eye and do indeed impact on the bodies, so care must be taken now more so than before. Do you understand? If you find that you are perspiring more than you normally do put a tiny pinch of sea salt BENEATH your tongue. Indulge in warm sea salt baths in order for the body to absorb the healings that this process offers. Do not be a dufus! There are these simple manners of protecting yourselves yet still continuing with your daily ascension process as well. We have ALL told you repeatedly that Ascension occurs in every moment of your life … that is of course if you continue preserving not only the quality of life but the quality of Light as well.

Far too many people who are Advocates for Justice as well as those people, who are ordinary people, are running to doctors because they FEAR they are ill when in fact they are simply undergoing the effects of the magnetics shifting. No, I did not say it is pleasant, but this MUST run its course!

Now, the effects these magnetics have is also of course impacting on the people who are dark and or dangerous as well. In THESE cases because they are the ones who are feeling the barrage of the magnetic changes all over this planet in a different way, it is causing them to act-out in more horrid ways. Ironically though, many of them are now busy destroying one another. But it is the wise person who should stay out of their way. No, this is not about Karma catching up with them; this is about the destructive natures they all possess which are being brought down by the magnetics. It does not help for any of you Advocates to become alarmists. That is a deterrent to your own personal Light and does affect the planetary Light as well. Fear has its own meter; fear detects fear then feeds upon it, do you see? These dark people of whom I speak have no real life to preserve and lost their Light long ago. Do not be intimidated by what they do, STAND and keep moving forward for the PRESERVATION of the quality of life and Light. You can do no wrong! I am ending this transmission now, I take my leave….

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian doing my part in preserving the quality of life and Light

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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