The Double-Edged Sword that accompanies the Gift of Life

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

“The Double-Edged Sword that accompanies

the Gift of Life”

12-25 to 2-25-2016

(Blue Star’s Christmas Gift for YOU this year is … Homework!!)

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Greetings to all Advocates; especially to all Winter People among you ones. Now, as I watch over you one and all, I see much distress within your auras, especially in the emotional aspect of your personalities. So many of you ones seem to believe that just when you think you have “seen it all, that nothing worse can happen in this world,” suddenly things happen that to many of your perspectives IS worse. It would behoove you ones to alter your frame of mind and see what is happening that is shaking up your world and causing millions of peoples here to rethink their former idealistic beliefs. Long, long ago in galaxies VERY far away, you ones each were granted your collective desires to look beyond the nanoseconds of that spatial period and see for yourselves how dearly you would be tested. Furthermore, you were shown and told that it would occur in the “LINEAGE” of NOW and WHY. Your own stellar families’ stood by your sides as you each explored the very roots of your Souls and your Star People heritages. It was not enough for you Advocates to be in a state of awareness that you would indeed be tested, sometimes intensely so, it was of utmost importance that you each understood the reasoning behind it all as well as the causation which lack of effort on your parts to participate in the Advocacy program would be in great measure responsible for the near-death throes of the collective human races.

So, all of you saw, listened and commiserated with one another back then as you viewed the future and your roles in it. That was when as the crucial, pivotal REALITY of all that is actually transpiring in TODAY-TIME smacked you in your collective faces long before your present incarnation! It was in actual fact a shockwave that you all released that traveled through all the continuums. You each were enabled through the matrix of your own Soul-Selves to travel to this current “time-ledger” reality and shared both awe and sorrow as you observed so many of your “other selves” from your own Soul Clusters fall from grace and be absorbed by the darkness. This Advocates, is when you each searched each and every memory of your previous incarnations here searching and identifying to the best of your ability to do so, your vulnerable points. Now, it was incumbent on each of you to identify the culprits that at one time or another may have caused you to also fall from grace. Although of course all your off-world mentors were present with you throughout this re-learning process, it was wisely left up to you…. for the most part that is, to do your own homework. The homework statement of then is as valid today as it was then.

This transmission is of vital importance to each of you ones; too many of you living on Terra from all Universes are feeling far too vulnerable to dark invasive psyche attacks. No, very few of you ones possess the recall of that previous period when you looked inwardly at yourself and dealt with the macabre situations you saw that would in the PRESENT time unfold. It has always been fact here on this planet that egregious events and people do not truly impact upon other’s minds and sentience UNLESS those events or peoples target individuals who believe bad things cannot happen to them. This of course reverts back to peoples’ disbeliefs about anything they refuse to acknowledge can happen UNTIL it happens to them. THAT is a serious “vulnerability.” You ones were all cautioned not to allow the darkness of other peoples’ to taint your minds or Spirits. Although all agreed with this, some succeeded while millions of others did not and still have not! Now, yet again I must remind you one and all that it matters not what state of evolution anyone is on. It matters not if you have qualms about your individual or collective performance abilities. What does matter is that you STAND tall and remain in-service to your beliefs and acknowledge even if it is only to yourself, that you do NOT STAND alone!

In this manner personality will be able to become more comfortable with its perceptions of new inspirations and Creative ideas that fill your mind. Each Creative thought possesses its own alchemical energy which can and does transmute dark thoughts into Light-filled thoughts. Obviously for some of you Advocates it may require some “homework assignments” to be done. Be honest with yourselves, write down your thoughts, your ideas, your DREAM of the better world which is taking shape all around you, even though so many of you ones are not aware of this particular transitional period. What so many of you seem to not clearly understand is …. What you THINK, you Create. The power of thought is an exclusive ingenious energy form which you lack memory of KNOWING in detail at this present combative period in the Earth Star planet’s history. No, I am not suggesting that you see only the positive in all things; that would be delusional. See things in both the positive and the negative aspects in order to understand them. THIS is part of your “homework assignments.”

Now, each evening for the next three weeks we have decided to give you all a homework assignment … even if you think you do not need another one. Especially if you think that you do not! The shockwave you sent throughout all the continuums can now be modified by each Advocate and transmuted into a stupendously beautiful “thoughtwave.” We, by the way this suggestion has been given to me to give to you by the Creator. The Creator is NOT a being anyone should ….. disrespect by not following through with this important event. I give you all my warning on this! Use your ideas that you are writing; many of which I mentioned in an above paragraph. Be unlimited in what you write and do not be judgmental in anything you write. Be unlimited in what you Create. The Masters themselves are taking care to ensure that Advocates all over the world will hear this message; whether they have internet access or not. Please be sure to begin this ASSIGNMENT on the evening of January 1, 2016. The gift of Life requires that you GIVE BACK to life all that you can in order to continue to HAVE a life. Remember, all that begins in the mind with the thought-processing venue manifests as reality IF it is performed for just cause and the continuity of the human Spirit. Soul Voice will indeed be at the forefront of your minds as the Soul Voices extend their collective energies to connect with the goodhearted peoples everywhere. When you are in your own stellar home planets there is no double-edged sword. At home all life is respected, cherished, and nurtured. However, because you are on “temporary duty” on Earth, it is necessary to not merely understand the inner structure and internal placement of this sword, you each must act accordingly.

In increments of your understanding this, many of you Advocates will arrive at the realization that you truly are far more than you believe yourselves to be. You will also realize how simple it is to give back to life by simply living life to the best of your abilities and further imbuing life with your Creative thoughts. THIS is how miracles are CREATED! Do you see? Now, it is with great relish that I am also permitted to inform you that the more you Create through this organized-chaos thoughtwave, the more that highly evolved glorious Light will infuse all the Light-filled fingerprints and footprints that you each are leaving on Terra. This will enable Terra to re-nourish herself and further Create new life species who will fill her beautiful new garden of Paradise. All will benefit by this thoughtwave. And all of you Advocates will find that furthermore you will gain incredible inner strength as you do what you are here to do! My Celestial daughter and our David are putting together a plan that will enable TRUE Light Workers to meet with other like-minded Souls. In this manner the thoughtwave will always continue to expand in ALL directions.

All the Luminescents approve of their plan and have just stated that this event will continue into infinity. It can not get any better than that can it? I see some of you asking if they are permitted to continue performing the thoughtwave after the three week period. The answer is, “of course you can.” The first three weeks of January will be periods when great Spiritual strength in particular is required. That is the reason for that dateline.

Now, stop fretting about all those peoples on this planet who have given so little to life yet are seemingly having too much of the material world. These ones have cast their own die and nothing will save them from themselves. They have “Karma calling them now.” Try not to become overly-concerned about the great losses of life of both human and animal species that have been taking place and will continue to do so. For many reasons, they have either been called home or they have and will continue to be culled from the human and animal races. Whichever the case may be … it is what it is. Now, as I take my leave and sign off from this transmission, I remind you that you can do no wrong. You are individual thoughtwaves now conjoining in glorious simpatico joys of life. You honor us greatly!

Salude ……… and with my deepest respect, I am Blue Star the Pleiadian

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