Special Edition – “We are calling ALL good Souls to unite with us now..” and…”While you were sleeping..”

The Blue Star transmissions

Special Edition

6-23-14 to 8-25-2014

Blue Star the Pleiadian’s June transmission also contains messages from Master Kato and the collective of Masters. Master Kato is the “spokesman” for their collective; however ALL the Masters speak with him by using their collective voice, in this manner they speak as one voice.



We are calling ALL good Souls to unite with us now..”


“While you were sleeping…”


(received by Celestial Blue Star)

Blue Star… Greetings to all our Planetizens and to all Earthizens.  Now, there is much to say and little “time” to say it all. Therefore I will try to be as exact in my manner of speaking as possible and yet delve as deeply into these subjects as I am permitted to. What I am not permitted to discuss with you ones, I obviously will not. Please hold on to all your sentience very firmly and be prepared to use it with all that I speak with you about. I ask that when necessary you read between the lines as well.

This is the time of the blowing of “The Great Conch.” This event has had to be performed ONE TIME during each previous millennia that has ever been here. It had to be done in order to preserve as much as possible of civilizations which had run amuck. This time is no different unfortunately; yet again humankind is coming close to utter extinction caused by their own minds, hearts AND deadly technology. Those among you including Celestial of course, who did live as Atlanteans and DID survive the final destruction of Atlantis, are all too well aware of how technology and warped minds caused the FINAL downfall of a once immaculate grouping of civilizations.

Yet our beloved Terra moved on sans the human beings who should have continued to live and thrive here. All right chelas, now it is the same yet different scenario; many roles have changed here and yet many of the same Souls who are Atlanteans are exercising their perception of their birthright and are here again and reprising the old ways of living and savaging other peoples here yet again. This can not and will not be tolerated any longer, not by us, not by any of the Luminescents and NOT by the Creator HimSelf! Too many Universal lines have been crossed; too many dedicated peoples, animals, flora and fauna have been ravaged beyond repair. It is indeed with a heavy heart and my own tired Soul that I must impress upon all of you ones that the time of escapism has ended; bringing forth the time of all new beginnings for the new world which is now emerging. I am saddened by the necessity of this gridline intersection because it means that literally so many, many millions of peoples will leave the planet. At one time they had a choice, but now the choice is – there is no choice!

Master Kato and the collective of Masters … We are joining each of you here because we specifically requested of Blue Star that we too be permitted to speak as one voice. We are all doing so because time is so short now; the spatialness of this Universe will no longer be encroached upon by the dark energies. However, we too feel the empathy that Blue Star and the rest of the Star Keepers have for the Souls who are struggling to maintain their Spiritual equanimity while trying to cope with the practical world. That world is now changing far more rapidly than most of you are aware of. You are each engaged in immortal combat you see; you are valiantly STANDING in your truth while experiencing some qualms about “what happens next.” Well, to our beloved Planetizens and to many of our erstwhile Earthizens, what happens next is … expect the unexpected each day of your lives now. It can not get any better than that! The course of “change” has been set into highly activated motion now. There is no turning back. No one can run away from this change, any more than they can run away from themselves.

We who are The Masters have been diligently observing AND helping all of our own descendents here for a long time. We will continue to do so just as we have been assisting all the good Souls of each race, each civilization. Many of us have been quietly speaking to all of you while you were sleeping. We did so and are still doing so in order to bypass your conscious minds and deal solely with your Soul Self. Surprisingly, many people of all races here have become aware of our combined presences. That is inspiring for us; for we did not leave any stone unturned in our efforts to awaken those whom we could. Please understand that the blowing of the Great Conch is not what we looked forward to either. For when that event is called-in awaiting the final activation, then it is too late for anyone to ask for any more time to alter their beliefs or their intentions. Enough is enough! We shall ask Blue Star to continue now, but we shall return in a while.

Blue Star …Now, The Great Conch was initially developed by a dedicated grouping of male and female Beings from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and Andromeda.  This was a Creation requested by The Creator and the Creation Processing which was a type of “failsafe” system only permitted to be used once in a millennium and then ONLY when circumstances clearly dictated that it MUST be activated. In essence what the Conch does is to awaken millions of peoples on the Earth Star planet to their destiny, usually to their COMBINED destinies, YET it assists in the final eradication of dark forces that have had peoples here held in bondage. In order for this to be effective sub-cultures must be not only exposed for the deviates they are, but the peoples who are the “subees” must also pay the price for how they are living and for the damage they have heaped upon civilizations as a whole. While you were sleeping the subees have been capturing the minds and the thought patterns of peoples here, especially the young, and perverting them and causing them to be deadly killing machines, sexual perverts and predators.

Throughout each preceding millennia all the Luminescents have asked for millions of you ones to volunteer and assist the Great Conch with your combined voices, thoughts, hearts, Souls and INTENTS. Nary one time did any of you ones fail the Great Conch. Now, if you have read “Advocates for Justice” you will have a clearer understanding of all that is asked of you AND WHY! It is of critical importance that you ones EACH whether individually or collectively join forces now, for The Time is Now for all good Souls to Unite and join us in our collaborative venture and activate the Great Conch. I STRONGLY suggest that none of you take this venture lightly! Millions of lives and destinies which have been written in stone, including your own, now hang in the balance.

There is a possibility that there will be some nuclear events that take place later this year. Please to note I said “a possibility” I did NOT say, “written in stone.” Even as I speak with you ones 2 countries are quietly planning to test more nuclear missiles by firing into the seas and intimidating “adjoining countries.” That is NOT a war! It is a nuclear event; please get a hold of yourselves now. WE are hard at work to lessen the probability of more of those events occurring. Even a gun can sometimes backfire! Those are accidents, not intentional assaults. There will be a constant increase of underwater earthquakes and underground volcanoes erupting, thus these events will move the Earth underground far more than your scientists will expect. Above ground there will be long periods of howling winds, there will be more earthquakes and some volcanoes erupting and DRY Earth pummeling both man and beast. The times I have tried so hard and for SO long to prepare you ones for is HERE. I ask you ones to stop saying, “the handwriting is on the wall.” Both the handwriting and wall disappeared in late 2012. Now, it should be quite evident to all peoples of all races that “The Great Changer” walks upon Terra and will NOT change its direction. This massive energy force is on a collision course with your former ways of living and dying here as well as all unhealthy actions against the good and just peoples and actions taken against Terra. In this instance the former ways will be no more, the Great Changer shall continue on its prescribed journey until there is no more need for its services.

That energy is also working with the Conch we have all been speaking with you about. Truly, you ones have no idea of how much effort and dedication is being provided for you in order to better prepare you for the road that lies ahead. This then Planetizens and Earthizens, is one of the primary reasons why the Project PUSHes were initiated! I am now sending a clear warning to all peoples who fail to participate in the great task of the reformation of planet Earth Star. You ones are already reaping what you have assisted in sowing. And “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  As crude as that phrase is, it is most appropriate here. The subees psyches’ are becoming much more fractured than they were, and they were already in a critical state of derangement. PUSH, the Conch and the Changer have been asked to work together to form a cohesive pattern: this pattern will continue to embellish all the electromagnetic energy which is emitted by each person here who is a PUSHer.

The Hand of God, the Eye of the Storm have been assisting each one who PUSHs, for we have seen irrevocable PROOF that Project PUSH is working in an awesome manner. As the subees continue now to flail out more and more at the good peoples here, it will be seen and duly noted by those who are awakened, that the subees motto is “no mercy shall be shown, no quarter shall be given.”

Master Kato … Indeed all that Blue Star is sharing with you is absolute truth. Subees live in every city, state, village, country etc. There is always an alpha subee, it can be a male or a female, each is equally deadly. These sub-cultures attract weak minds, poverty stricken people as well as very wealthy people. Over the past 20 years they have become much more proficient at ensnaring all people who are the “weak links” in their countries. The most powerful men and women willingly join deviate organizations such as “Skulls” and others of different names. The bizarre world of politics and the demented world of the entertainment industry should have a sign reading, “no vacancy.” For in truth these 2 deleterious industries are filled to overflowing with some of the worst of the subees. Because these two “professions” manage to seem glamorous, exciting, and provocative, it is simplicity itself to attract the weak minds of those wannabes and soon have them addicted to the worst types of carnal sex and deadly drugs. Masochistic and sadistic behavior is taught to all incoming subees. While you were sleeping you knew nothing about this.

Most unfortunately however, once someone enters the sub-culture world, they quickly mesmerize other people, especially the YOUNG. Then one by one, step by step, the people are taken over by the darkness of the sub-cultures and are now among the most deadly human beings here. The militaries, skinheads, KKK, religious fanatics etc., have sub-cultures deeply embedded in their groups and so it is that the subees are hiding in plain sight. Today though you can see some of the subees emerge; they are the ones committing horrible murders, committing the worst types of domestic violence and seem ready to pounce on anyone, no reason needed.

Blue Star … Now, in order for all of us to share with you ones the utter and compelling importance of the upcoming Project PUSH, we needed to shake you up and hopefully wake up some who are still sleeping. In order for all peoples to better understand more of what PUSH will achieve, it was of necessity that we gave you ones some pertinent information relative to PUSH and yet about the subees’ roles here. But of course we do not enjoy speaking about the sub-cultures, but then we do not enjoy having to observe what they do either! We have touched rather lightly on the sub-culture information. But we did have to share some of this knowledge with all of you ones in order to better explain the supreme role this PUSH will play. All right now, my Celestial daughter and our David have set the instructions for the PUSH event on the websites. Now we will tell you all what Celestial and David were not permitted to tell you. God and The Creator made that decision, not I.

Remember that we had told you one and all about the tremendous results the previous PUSHes had. You all seemed to understand that and it assisted you all in stabilizing the new period of Soul growth you have entered into. Because now that your confidence factor is in better alignment with your own levels of Super Consciousness, you should be ready to learn about what else will take place with the new PUSH. Starting with the initial PUSH, much of the dark energy streamers were destroyed while others did not dare to try to enter this dimension because of the incoming pouring of brilliant Light all PUSHers CREATED. It was back in the days while you were sleeping that your individual and collective destines were permitted to merge with your Soul Voices and await the gridline intersection when this information could be shared with you. NOW IS THE TIME! The second preset Push event was so much stronger than the first, that the LIGHT you ones brought into this planet and well into all other Universes, caused a chain reaction to take place to all the sub-cultures. I told you all long, long ago, “ Light always casts forth the shadows, but it is the shadows that define the Light.” The second PUSH event was so Light-filled that you each managed to send Light into all the sub-cultures, causing much chagrin among them. The darkness that was so prevalent clearly defined each of your own magnificent Lights, because you are winning!

There is now so much fighting going on between the alphas of each sub-culture as well as among the subees, especially in politics, that it is almost mindboggling. Now, this new PUSH will further thrust such a massive magnitude of Light and heartfelt intention into the dark cultures that there will be seen to be a massive breaking up among them all, for they are losing their abilities to tolerate the LIGHT. They can not tolerate the new frequencies or vibrations either. Essentially they will turn on one another in a fashion never seen here before! Now, we are all asking you ones to do something simple but important. 24 hours before you perform PUSH just quietly add your intention to work with the Great Conch. Please keep it simple, it only requires a few words. In this manner at the time of the PUSH Conch will already be integrated with your intents on a Soul level. Many of you will feel goose bumps, or hear a high pitch while others may feel spacey or out of body. Rest assured everyone WE will all be there with you. It is what we do. The Great Conch will leave after PUSH and will remain in a Sacred Hall in the Crystal City.

Master Kato … We who are the Masters will of course be there by your side and I do mean by your side! We believe you have been given enough information for now, please try to rest up for a couple of days before PUSH. Remember though, you are not alone and will be joined by other people in many, MANY countries. We are touched by the way you are honoring yourselves and we thank you one and all.

Blue Star … Now, it is with the greatest pleasure that I salute you one and all. Success and greatness are not measured in any practical manner. They are measured by the Soul based on the good you do and your intents. You have done well and will continue to do so. On a final note before I take my leave, I can tell you ones that many peoples who refuse to awaken and many still sleeping Souls who are departing and many others who still will, will have a bit of a shock when God first meets them in Nirvana. Personally, I choose not to be anywhere in their vicinity when God visits them and says, “While you were sleeping, life happened. And you missed it!”

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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