Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind

The Masters

Message #16

Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind

May 19th, 2014

 (received by Celest) Master Kato … I, on behalf of the collective of Masters, send you greetings along with our deepest wishes for you all to be able to experience and rejoice in a state of peace within yourselves. In particular this greeting applies to all those who have read or are in the process of reading “Advocates for Justice.” You have stimulated our own desires to be able to assist you in even more ways than we have been! I say this to you who are part of the Advocacy Agreement simply because it has been so gratifying to listen and watch your Souls dancing and sending out glorious musical cords to and throughout all the Universes. The Souls have been experiencing deLight as they have FINALLY been able to watch the personalities lose the tenacious holds they have had on you as you have allowed your “selves” to flow and rise to so many higher levels of consciousnesses. So much depends on you one and all now, more so than even before.

All that you have been prepared for through each incarnation is now placing you in the forefront of the Eye of the Storm. Never let go Planetizens; your lives and your immortal Souls must be allowed the Spiritual freedom to Create through thought, word and deed this new phase of “a better life in a better place.” You inspire us as we hope we ourselves inspire you! We believe in you and in all that you can do! It is with great humbleness that we say, “Thank you.”

If humankind had only followed the directives of their Soul Selves and actually taken care of Terra instead of raping her, none of this climate change methodology would have of necessity be taking place. However … this too is now considered by us to be part and parcel of “reaping and sowing.” Yes, we who are the Collective of Masters along with all of our Star Keeper brethren from all other Universes, knew full well what we would have to be forced to contend with here on the Earth Star planet. We have watched the deaths of so many of our Star Keeper brothers and sisters who have perished off-world while defending the Earth realm. We have watched the other Star Keepers here who are on the planet who have walked-in or descended from the star systems as Star Seeds, also die because of the diseased conditions of the human mind and hearts. I speak not of “disease” as any physical condition; I speak of “disease” which is the crippling effect which tears asunder the psyche and in turn destroys the true nature of a true human being! Although it is with great distaste that we observe the climate changes here, it is also with our Soul knowledge that what is taking place can not, will not be stopped.

The weather patterns you are experiencing are now the “new normal,” whether you want to hear that or not does not matter. What matters most now is how you are going to deal with it! The wisest Souls among you here realize that water is now the “new gold.” Ironically, although gold itself was placed here during the Creation Processing of the Earth Star planet and is needed to help maintain the stabilization of Terra, the other main concept of having gold here was because gold is a marvelous healing agent. It heals the planet … when allowed to … and is an awesome physical healing agent as well. Water will continue to become scarcer and is of course much needed to sustain human life as well as for the propagation of flora, fauna and animals. Many battles are yet to be fought this year and well into next year, as countries vie for water rights; however a portion of those attempting to do this have secret agendas. They see the ownership of water as a problematic way to amass fortunes but will try to establish a method of buying and selling water, BUT at a HUGE premium. For once all world governments are terrified by the current water situation. However, because not all things are equal the governments will try to reassure citizens while lacking the understanding that citizens have had enough of lies and deceitful actions. In time you will come to find out that all governments have KNOWN about the current climate change for many, many years now, yet did nothing about it EXCEPT to make the climate situations worse! There is much irresponsibility to go around though. It is most unfortunate though that so many people here have become so spoiled that dishwashers seem to be a “must have” item; that there are entirely too many swimming pools and a grievous lack of collecting rainwater and using it for multiple purposes. Yes, I am well aware that in certain countries, provinces, states, cities etc., people are forbidden to collect rainwater. However, you can be Creative on how to use creeks, streams and so forth, while you still have them, and LEARN how to wash dishes!  

Since the very beginning days of October, 2013, the destabilization of civility among humankind began to accelerate rapidly. Happiness and laughter eroded in a fast manner. The economic situations of all countries did indeed play a role in this, however, as I have stated before just as Blue Star has, it is always easier to upgrade than it is to downgrade. Never before in the history of this planet has there been the degree of uncivil behavior towards one another as there is now. Unfortunately many innocents are being caught in the middle of all of this behavior. Many have been seriously injured or brutalized mentally. But the great changes in the new weather patterns are bringing out both the best and the worst in ALL people. We have observed many people actually connecting with others who are in need. We have sent quiet suggestions to so many of you about how to help others yes, but also how to help yourselves.

Those who love Terra as much as we ourselves do, fully understand that by helping other people, they are also helping themselves, while lifting Terra’s vibrations. This uplifting for her is essential! Dense truly negative energies plant seeds of discord within her matrix. She can and does on occasion respond by shifting her Earth Self a bit in order to cause those energies to disperse. By the same token though, the energies that are uplifting to her result in a more balanced planet; one that sways naturally, one that does not shake, rattle and roll. Terra knows full well who is helping her and who and WHAT is harming her! Such terrible and diabolical disrespect has been shown to her; it is no surprise to us that she wants less dangerous people here; she wants the true human beings and the peace keepers. She wants, needs and WILL HAVE stability.

You should understand that climate change has a direct magnetic effect on the psyche. Even the smallest thoughts that are of lust, lies, indolence and unhappiness, are MAGNIFIED by the climate changes. This is however also true of those whose thoughts, desires and “placement of the heart” are pure and dedicated to just cause. More so now than ever before. Although we have observed the climatic effect turn normal people into raging monsters before, it would usually happen at the apex of a soon-to-be ice age. All previous ice ages turned brother against brother, sister against sister and so forth, BUT ONLY if those people were already unbalanced, either a little unbalanced or a lot. In this your present circumstances however, the destabilization of the Earth’s magnetic core combined with all the horrific in ground and in air disasters that humankind has committed in the name of some type of insane progress, it is the minds of the people of all races here that are in great jeopardy. When the mind “turns bad,” nothing is Sacred! If you can cope with the new weather patterns by understanding that you must continue to hold on to the EYE of the storm and CREATE through your thoughts the restructuring of Terra, you will be fine.

Governments are making even more stupid decisions now than they normally do. Churches are being even more vocal about “the end times” than they usually are. The governments fail to realize that because more and more of their immoral actions and uncivil behavior is being exposed for all to finally see, the people they have so long controlled are becoming angrier and angrier. No longer is it simply quiet whispers among people, people of all races are ready to strike out at governments in general and their own governments in particular. Parishioners are beginning to doubt their churches’ politics and doubt the leaders of the churches. BUT, the people of all races who are “in fear” of life and afraid of what the next catastrophe may be, are starting to swiftly lose their grip on reality. Many blame God, many blame one another yet none seem to realize that climate changes are bringing the least stable minds into states of confusion. Planetizens, herein lies the conundrum; try to live as normal a life as you can WITH the realization that God is NOT testing any of you! He knows who and what each person here is, and He knows this far better than any person can know on their own. Think about the changes the climate is bringing and will continue to bring and prepare for them as best you are able to. If you take the time necessary to do this, you will find that many ideas will surface in your minds and offer you more and better ways of being prepared. In this sense, thinking is doing.

I suggest that you take care if another person tries to engage you in an argument or a disagreement. WALK AWAY PLEASE! There are times when walking away will be your best avenue to take. Although it is requiring very little now to set off a person’s rage, it does not mean that you must be entangled in the rage. Unfortunately domestic violence is on the increase now, even though no one really hears much about it. This next 6 week period will be a trying time for many people of all races. Use your minds and your hearts and shower all those you can with your love, but do so DISCREETLY. The civil unrest is just beginning to reach a path of no return. Yes, you can and should speak privately with Terra you know, you can seek her guidance but do not be surprised if you sometimes feel a wave of love emanating from her to you. The times of great change may have seemed to you to be long in arriving, but arrive they have. If you believe in voting people into political offices, please be more careful from now on about who or WHAT you are voting for. Many changes including changes in the militaries will soon take place. Look beyond any prejudices you may have and try to see into the minds and hearts of other people. It no longer matters about who were the ones who initially started HAARP and forget about becoming any further involved in other peoples’ conspiracy theories. Deal with the situations at hand and KNOW the Universe is looking out for you and will continue to do so. You are of great lineage and capable of doing great things; remember this and PLEASE Create, Create, Create. So say we all!

Salude, Master Kato and the Collective of Masters.  We speak as one voice.

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