Karmanistic Events and the Consequences of being Wrong

The Blue Star Transmissions

Karmanistic Events and the Consequences of being Wrong

Blue Star the Pleiadian

4-25-14 to 6-25-14

(Transmitted to Celest) Greetings to all, especially to those peoples among all races here who are diligently pursuing their destinies without seeking accolades for doing so. It is indeed a rare gift you ones have – the gift you have is the ability to move forward against all perceived odds. Do not stop now Planetizens, you are in the crux of the greatest of all Karmanistic events that have ever taken place here. But of course many of you ones know this, yet many others are still to discover this fact for themselves. Now, Karma is vastly misunderstood here and would actually require a couple of hours to detail the entirety of this energy. Somehow I do not believe my Celestial daughter is willing to do all the typing necessary to cover this topic. She is still recovering from the scribing of “Advocates for Justice,” as is our David. Suffice it to say however that Karma is one of the major contributors to all Universal Laws. Karma has her own energetic mass which incorporates all essences of a Soul and deals with any past, present or foreseeable Karmic transgressions.

Also, Karma deals with the Souls who have chosen to carry with them from one lifetime to another lifetime a minute aspect of a personality they favored while living a life experience here in a particular auspicious lifetime. “Auspicious” life experience may be a lifetime that was needed to deal with many challenges, many setbacks, many unfulfilled desires. It also may be one that was filled with happy-happy-joy-joy moments. It is all a matter of perception. Karma may be considered to be the lifeblood of the Souls’ origins. Therefore it is deemed most necessary for Karma to have her own LAW. She is a generous and loving benefactor to each Soul; yet she must also function as a harsh taskmaster when she sees that it is necessary to do so.

Her “Law of Karma” clearly dictates that each entity MUST adhere to all Universal Laws as well as to her own Karmic Law. She is in a very real sense the governing body that is the Emissary of Universal Laws. Those who break those Laws must confront their own Karma, regardless of what their state of Soul maturity is. At times, Karma has been known to speak with a Soul’s personality and to implore that personality to leave behind former unhealthy ways of living and BEING. Karma is also the Overseer of the psyche. As the psyche goes, so does Karma. I am certain that many of you are adept at reading between the lines here! In truth there are NO Karmic debts to be paid, nor are there any Karmic resolutions that ever remain unresolved. She is an awesome entity who follows the Light of the Prince of Peace and resolutely and relentlessly works with each Soul until the complete state of understanding is achieved by Soul. In rare instances when a Soul has accumulated so much darkness, so much dangerous levels of darkness that there remain no Light cells to be seen, then Karma in accordance with Universal Law decrees that the Soul or Souls must be eliminated.

Now, when this sad state of the totality of Soul disarray occurs, a purification process is initiated AFTER the Souls are abolished. This purification process deftly blankets the teeny remnants of those Souls. Those remnants are so microscopic that they are unable to actually be “seen” but can be felt by the “Karmic Guardians.” These infinitesimal traces are then gathered together by the Guardians and placed within a Soul Reserve. There they will remain. They have no sentience left, in an ironic manner though, they are the ones who have destroyed themselves. Karma and her Guardians are an Omnipresent force; as such they, just as the presiding Luminescent of this Universe is, are here, there and everywhere.

Now, events like peoples here have their own Karma. The saddest of this irony is the fact that it is usually the peoples here who create the Karmic binges which result in Karmanistic events. BUT, any event which is the premeditated direct result of hateful, dangerous people creating them, do not incur any Karmic overtures. As I have implied, none of this is about, “what goes around, comes around,” that is not KARMA! That is a peculiar saying which many peoples use here to try to describe something they know so little about. Very peculiar indeed! Those among you ones who are now wondering, “Then how do you clean up your Karma before Karma cleans you up,” need to know that it is very simple. Are you diffident of the beliefs of others, do you truly care about others even though they may have different skin color, different nationalities or different sexual preferences? These are but simple examples of how you can incur the wrath of Karma. I suggest you make for yourselves a simple text and using the scale of 1-10 with #1 being the symbol of the least you do or how seldom you think about Creating change. “Change” however also means your perceptions, your intents, your ability or inability to move forward in life and how you choose to do so.

This exercise is in fact what is known as a “Karmic meter.” Although its blueprint is much like the ones the Guardians use, the main difference is that you will be using a computer or pen and paper to construct your meter, while the Guardians are in a greater sense their own meter. Remember, no one will know about what your text and your meter look like…. except the entire Universe. That may or may not cause you to feel better about what you write about yourself, but it will be your Karmic truth! As you write this letter to yourself about yourself, please be aware that you will be changing your intentions etc. quite frequently; this of course will also alter the numerical sequences relating to each subject. In this manner you can test yourself and better understand your own expansion of consciousness. At least I hope that it will. Obviously the telling factor will be how truthful you are about yourself TO yourself. Karma is a conciliation that is a constantly revolving doorway leading you to further explorations of yourself and of others you know or have known while you are in an evolving state. You ones do indeed alter Karma as you alter your thought patterns and your desire to be all that you can be in any given moment. Now, oftentimes in any life experience you have had and those you will continue to have, you will be either aligned with Souls you have been with in prior lives, or other Souls you have been in contentious situations with. Yes, that is part of Karmic Law, but it is one that was agreed upon by each party prior to upcoming life experiences. This too is where “The Hats” are of such grand assistance. Some of The Hats may fall into either of the two categories I mentioned, while others of The Hats are here to challenge you or to assist you in other ways. The challenges The Hats issue have the best intent; they challenge you to overcome any weakness of thought and they challenge you to test your own mettle.

Karma watches and waits to see how you will react and if you have yet learned to “get over yourself.” Yes, yes, I am too well aware that the term, “Karmic debt” haunts so many of you ones. However, there are no true debts; it is not about any type of retribution or illusionary paybacks. Those you may have harmed through thought, word or deed in previous lifetimes or in this current lifetime, you either are in the process of conciliation with those ones or you will soon be, or you may have already arrived at a satisfactory state of Soul conjunction regarding them. It is quite plausible that at any time you may encounter a person you suddenly have an instant dislike for. For heavens sake Planetizens that does NOT mean that person killed you in a previous life. Try to regain some stability of thought about these things please! The conciliation process may take several lifetimes before you all work through the situations. It is NOT a Karmic debt, nor Karmic payback! Now, it is as you each work through these things that over spatial periods you will each arrive at a greater understanding about all this, this is a good thing. It is certainly an improvement over the pseudo-understandings so many of you have now. Karma is a mover and a shaker; she does indeed have strength and integrity and uses them well. She guides you and leads you to finding better understandings of ALL life, yet with one swift “kick” she will cut you down to size if need be.  

Now, many Karmanistic events have always occurred here, yet not to the gradient and degree that these events are taking place this time around. What is happening in the political arenas of all countries here is a true abomination of justice for all humankind. Karmanistic events carry a heavy burden indeed; for the Guardians ensure that each leader or leaders of each country known to be so dark, so dangerous and so full of unjustified pride must be held responsible for all the murders and deceit they have so willingly caused. World leaders just as all politicians in the lower hierarchies on this world are answerable to Karma. This is why another part of Karma is known as “The Law of One.” She who is an all-seeing eye in her own right, tries first to persuade all politicians to recant their dangerous stances and in this manner rejoin the human races. She permits only a small period of linear time for this to happen. Then she carefully plans which landmasses on parallel Earths those men AND women will be sent to. Those peoples here who are so deluded as to believe they are better than others, who believe that they can inveigle their ways of thwarting justice are the bottom feeders of this world. It is quite timely and oh so KARMIC in nature that they will experience firsthand all that they thrust upon the innocents of this world. Their individual and collective demise here will not be pleasant; yet they WILL be understood for what they are.

Essentially it means that under Karmic Law, those peoples such as Putin and the rest of the Putin types in this world MUST be placed in the same positions in which they have placed the innocents here. Meanwhile before mid-April of 2015, many of these illegitimately conceived “leaders believing themselves to be chosen by God,” will face a massive comeuppance. Again and again I am stressing to you ones that it is those peoples themselves that create these dastardly events who MUST exchange places with all the peoples they have harmed so much. It is but part of the consequences of being wrong! Russia’s Sleeping Bear has much to answer for. He will not be happy to find himself living an impoverished life as a Jew in a barren desert on another world! Remember, this is NOT payback. In his case he will have to spend many lifetimes of torment, many lifetimes in his own type of hibernation. By the way, bears just as most other animal species, do not fall into deep unending sleep when they hibernate. It is in reality a type of suspended animation, yet they are conscious and are very light sleepers.

Yes, Putin will have centuries to think about all that he has so callously done and all that he is currently striving to do. His plan to takeover all of Europe is the plan of a madman. YES, each time he enters into his own hibernation state he will be conscious enough to have deep unending bad dreams about his terrible misdeeds. Although Putin believes he can take Europe and other countries as well, and even though he follows the teachings of Hitler, he has truly invoked the wrath of Karma and must pay the price even now while he is incarnate. The biggest problems with sociopaths is that they can not be convinced while alive that they will fail at what they want the most to achieve. BEAR in mind that politics makes deranged bedfellows.

Now, wars on this planet are BORN behind the scenes within the unhallowed walls of the conference rooms and the “war rooms” of the politicians seeking ever more power. Many egotistic politicians realize that the way to keep control over the populace is to create a crisis. They love designing new crisis situations, which is why they promote them. It is to keep humanity as a whole off-balance and living in fear. Here and NOW however, is where the Harmonistic energy takes place. This energy is like a “balancing beam,” whenever it appears on this planet it brings in a great formation of a TYPE of musical cord, a musical scale, which spreads throughout each landmass that has been badly abused. The Harmonistic entity works with Terra and together they begin a CLEANSING of the landmasses which have been so badly affected by specific peoples here. Every time a cleansing begins it always results in more severe weather patterns, earthquakes and tornados or hurricanes for example. In time, as each of the known landmasses of today give way to new and healthy landmasses which will take their place, the continuation of the migration of the New People to the NEW landmasses will indeed be a sight to behold. The very waterways themselves will find new and better locations than they are situated in now.

Water, fire, ice and snow are great healers of this Earth. The Harmonistic entity also works with The Resonance Cord, thereby ensuring that every evil man or woman who lives here NOW will be exposed for all they truly are, for they can no longer play the proverbial “shell game.” Planetizens and Earthizens alike, I ask that you ones start to pay more attention and see how the unmasking of so many demonic public figures will Create healthier societies and healthier minds will replace the male AND female Putins of this world. Now, I ask you one and all to use your Power of Thought to assist us in accelerating the last Great Change needed here. Focus your thoughts on what you feel are the greatest, most necessary alterations needed here, do it for yourself but also do it for all humankind. Be expansive on what you are Creating and KNOW that Karma is working with you, not against you. All right NOW, the waters will rise in many places accompanied by many underground and under water earthquakes. This will cause even more new landmasses to rise above the surface for all to see. Much is happening here that you ones are still unaware of; you will be informed of what you still do not know, when you should be. Be prepared for the “new normal” weather patterns to increase year-round. You ones are adaptable Beings, so I ask you to ADAPT to all that is occurring. Each landmass must be purified of the evil or dubious energy which has infected them. Although in many places hot will seem to be hotter and cold will seem to be even colder, these are events that are already put into motion and are unstoppable. Every person who had trafficked in the selling of the planet shall pay dearly for what they have done!

Many of you ones will hear very loud “bangs” in the skies; be not afraid when this happens. The Earth’s continuum is changing and the atmosphere is ripe for the shedding of the old and the breaking through of the new. Expect the unexpected, do not dare to become complacent though, therein lies a great danger for those who do. I have given you all the information you need for now; just do your best and truly live your lives to the best of your abilities and KNOW that by doing so you can do no wrong! The Cosmic clock is ticking at a faster rate than he had been. The next 12 months are a crucial part of the Great Change. I am signing off for now,

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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