The SHIFT, the Human Condition and Magna-Consciousness

The Masters

Message #14

The SHIFT, the Human Condition and Magna-Consciousness

November 11th, 2013

Transmitted to Celest by Master Kato … Well Planetizens and Earth Seeds, the Earth Seeds who are slowly awakening that is, I have much to share with all of you, especially now that so many Planetizens have been diligently learning to do their homework. First I want to remind each of you that there is no thought you have that we do not hear; there is no desire you have that we do not know about and there is NO secret you have that we do not pay attention to! It is important that you all understand this; we would all be amiss in our duties to aid and assist all good Souls if we did not monitor each of you in order to detect any probable, possible or “written in stone” malfeasance of Spirit. I am bringing all of this to your attention because the Creator has recently … following the Project PUSH event … decreed that now that so many of you all over this planet firmly grasped the reigns of true independence and displayed fantastic chutzpa over the Autumn equinox period, that it is incumbent that I and all the other Masters and ALL Luminescents from ALL Universes, keep a particularly close watch over you. Although the reasons are multifold, I am only permitted to tell you ONE AND ALL that it is for your own good, your own benefit. To tell you more would defeat the Creator’s purpose. That purpose is to observe you each walking in your truth and continuing to do all you can to assist in the acceleration of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness which is NOW not only merged with the Earth Star planet, but is firmly inserting itself into its own new foundation here, in great part due to PUSH! This much I am permitted to tell you.

The Creator did also give me permission to tell you something He observed about all of you who participated. He said, “Is it not amazing how these Children of the Stars can go ahead and do something so grand even if they do not think they know what they are doing?” So, I pass this message on to each of you. At times we have all seen that you do best when you do not know what you are doing but you do it anyway! The PUSH you began with our Celestial Child and our David Child has had truly awesome outcomes. We were able to uproot so many, many millions of firmly planted dark streamers as well as to destroy the incredible amount of the dark incoming streamers which had been designed to takeover your minds, hearts and SOULS. This has opened enormous portals within, on and above Terra. These portals will be able to be seen by many of you as more and more of our Star Keeper brethren who are now continuously descending make their presences known here. This is but one aspect of what you term the shift which is taking place here. It is more than a little tiresome to hear so many people speak of a forthcoming shift when in fact this planet has been slowly, in minute increments been shifting physically for a long time now.


This was in great measure one aspect of not only the continued survival of Terra, but clearly defined her wish to ascend to her new solar system without dislodging the human races here. Now that she has safely passed up and through and into a higher dimension, she is able to accelerate the rate of the shift, yet to all races here there will be few who notice that MUCH HAS CHANGED. The true Shift you of all races here should be aware of and be the cheerleaders for, is the ultimate shift in consciousness. The changes that are taking place as the physicality of the planet alters, are to be seen in part in the weather patterns that have SHIFTED, the earthquakes that few of you know about which are taking place beneath the great waters, the awakening of long dormant volcanoes, the atmospheric changes and of course the ionization process here which is being overhauled as part of the upcoming New Earth celebration times. Pilots are discovering, but being warned not to discuss the fact that the very discordance of the waves of air are not what they used to be during flights and is becoming more difficult to control. Turbulence is not only more erratic it is more powerful. They are also making contact with MANY of our Star Keepers’ air ships both day and night. We have observed many air controllers all over this world crossing their fingers! Trains, buses and everyday automobiles can be said to be having “weird periods.”

You see, as disorganized chaos is being replaced by organized chaos, it is imperative that all which used to be considered the norm be reorganized to allow the great changes to supplant the formerly accepted but outdated ones. The magnetic power point currents on this planet are slowly altering in order to accommodate and align with the slow incoming Light-filled currents. This is necessary in order to try to bring more oxidation to the Earth. The oxygen must be added slowly but consistently or else it could have devastating effects on the physical vehicle which could not only cause fear in a person’s mind, but would also cause the organs of the vehicle to inflate at too fast a pace. It’s complicated. Yes, there is still a massive lack of oxygen here, but you have your inglorious fracking among other situations to thank for that. Many of you should consider the fact that you have foolishly allowed the fracking.

Now we shall address “the human condition.” I refer to this as a “condition” because it means a “state of being; a state of circumstances or mode of existence which exists in order to cause something else to exist.” The human condition has relied upon duplicity, outright deceit, chemical imbalances, religious and political hyperbole and the inability to see beyond that which has long been known as “linear.” This state of affairs had to change and align itself with organized chaos before the New People could assume their rightful place as the Care Takers of the Earth Star Planet. Thanks to each of you and others here on Earth who are also part of the Collective Consciousness, these changes are occurring! Relative to the completed worldwide ascension of the Golden NOW Child and the limitless expansion of the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness, millions of people here of ALL races are beginning to physically and Spiritually attune to the energies, and the new frequencies and vibrations which are rolling over the planet. Physically speaking your physical vehicles are undergoing an upgrade. Because of the alteration within your cellular structure many strange twinges, sometimes spasms in your muscles/joints when you least expect them and at times prolonged periods of fatigue assail you. There are also the periods of broken sleep times, especially at night. Of course there are also the increasing numbers of “forgetfulness” periods. Heightened sensitivity to Light, especially to Sun is actually very normal now. Not being able to cope well with small-minded people anymore and corruption of any type any more, is part of your new Ascension process. Light does not tolerate the dark; so it is that while you and so many others are undergoing this metamorphosis, those millions and millions of others who insist on being the “walking asleep” do not see, hear or feel the way you do. Light and dark; dark and Light. A person can be a good person and yet still be dark – meaning unilluminated.  Yet it has become the new norm now for so many of YOU who are illuminated and ARE OF the Light to become wary and non-desirous of being in the company of the unilluminated ones. Yes, some of those other people are very dangerous!

It is difficult Planetizens; I know that very well. Contrary to ridiculous rhetoric of the disorganized chaotic minds, opposites do not attract, they repel. Dancing with the devil is a term I use to describe the people of this world who willingly entrap themselves in illusions; in the lustful self-gratifying cinematic projections of the entertainment world. It matters naught if it is dancing, songs, music or movies and t.v., trying to find truth itself and true reality is as difficult as finding a particular piece of straw blowing in the wind! I am once again mentioning this because those projections are becoming more and more lewd and exceedingly dangerous. Those walking asleep ones that the drug cultures do not ensnare, you can be sure that those other illusions do and will continue to try to. Those people whose professions and personal beliefs are the antithesis of GOD I AM, are carrying huge masses of slimy residues which are decadent. These remnants attach themselves to all people of all races who do not use discernment. The more that organized chaos displaces the disorganized chaos, the more violent people with damaged psyches become. I do not expect you all to immediately know when someone is “evil,” or the home you are living in is “unclean.” I do expect you to use your sentience, your ability to KNOW if someone or something is Universally correct.

In order for you to better understand the core of your consciousness you need to understand that those who are part of the collective consciousness truly are able to know what is right and what is wrong. The core is relative to you independently and yet is part of your own “memory bank” which you brought with you here from your Soul Clusters. With every feat you perform to assist the Universe you independently and now COLLECTIVELY are raising yourselves to a higher dimensional state of consciousness. So it is that in everyday life you operate on a level of consciousness relative to your Soul maturity, Soul growth and your INTENT, as well as your individual and collective destinies. That level of consciousness expands and enhances itself as YOU expand your inner knowing. However, when you have achieved a state of BE-ING which is above the level of consciousness you were possessing, you then instantly begin to live in the Super Conscious realm. The normal “timeframe” you will experience the Super Consciousness really depends on the spurts or for some of you, the quantum leaps you make in not only your understanding of the Universe, but in your understanding of YOUR SELF! So it is that this form of consciousness slowly envelops many of you while for others it remains in the “when you need it you have it” pattern. Yet in SOME cases, there are those of you who attain the prestigious level of living in it all the time. The Super Consciousness is a massive energetic form composed of a great mass of extremely high sentience, state of BE-ING, prodigious Light and radiates from one of the highest dimensional LATITUDES far above the Crystal City. It is the greater part of the whole, yet it is not the whole. It provides limitless freedom of choice, actions and thinking. However, far beyond even the Super Consciousness is where the Magna-Consciousness resides. Please do not say that you should have been told about this before. In truth this is on a need to know basis. And prior to this you did not need to know. But NOW you do!

Magna is the whole that the Super Conscious resides in. In a reflective manner Magna feeds and nourishes the Super aspect of herself while gaining incredible insight of your minds, hearts and the wonders of your Souls. Yet she is many, MANY Light-years in prominence and Soul strength above the Super. Magna enters into your own personal electromagnetic system and attaches herself to the core of your central Chakra system. It is in this manner that Magna works diligently with the Chakra system in redefining the cellular memories so they become the ultimate YOU while she patiently and slowly imbues your state of consciousness with her own majestic rays of Christ Light. THIS is the ultimate, the extraordinary Omnipresence you will bear when she enters your life. When working with the collective consciousness she simply spreads out her energetic self in an unlimited fashion and places you COLLECTIVELY in her loving arms, so that her own state of grace becomes yours. 

Understand please, although Magna’s placement in the higher dimensional realms far exceeds the Super Consciousness placement, these two wondrous entities could be seen as worlds apart in distance, yet they have the ability to still share part of the same space when they need to. So many, many of you entered in the Magna’s realm when you performed the PUSH, yet you knew it not! Magna joined you one and all that fateful evening, she will remain with you individually as long as you stay the course. Whereas she will never leave the collective consciousness; for the collective is part of the new wave for all the incoming New People. This of course is also true of the New People who are already here. At times when you are completely relaxed you may extend your arm, either one, into the air around you in a slow movement, circular motion is best, and you will be able to feel her presence and her incredible loving warm glow. Obviously if you are not ready for this, it may take some “time” foe you to achieve this level of “togetherness.”

I ask you each now to pay attention to the fact that because shifting is occurring on a spatial level here, do NOT expect any “Source” whether human or not, to know WHEN the final shift shall occur. Only God can give a possible answer to that and He is not talking! Well, although I believe I have certainly given you all a great deal to understand now and put into practice in your lives, I will leave you with some timely news. The monster of Israel has not altered his nefarious plans for worldwide domination and is STILL in secret cahoots with Egypt, Syria and a few other countries including America. Far too many world leaders would like to have Israel do what they are unable to. Israel would be paid quite handsomely to be seen publically as some type of hero country trying to defend itself against aggressions. Then the domino effect would take place and Israel’s “secret” allies would immediately join in to support Israel. It would in fact be yet another “fake war,” but a war that would devastate many countries on this planet. We simply can not allow that to occur! If you are proficient in sending Light, then send a LOT of it to that entire area. The rape of Africa is intensifying; only those who live there know the truth of this. Ugliness is still birthing more ugliness and will continue to do so until worldwide knowledge of this takes place.

Japan is radiating more and more everyday. The countless numbers of people there, especially children that are being affected is astronomical. With the shifting of Terra more and more previously unknown of species of marine life and some ancient animal life will appear. Whales, dolphins, porpoises and other species in the great waters are almost finished completing their Soul Contracts and will be leaving this Earth. The Antarctic, North pole, Greenland .. yes, they are changing and will continue to do so. America is plunging into a far worse recession than you have been led to believe, but then so are many other countries while the people go hungry. Expect the unexpected now, especially through the end of this year. This is but ONE reason why “PUSH – A New Collaboration,” has been formed. Now and I do mean NOW, is the “time” to use your levels of consciousness, call in Magna when you feel you should and please use PUSH to bring in a better time, in a better place, for 2014. I shall take my leave NOW and we will all be with you on Winter Solstice ,,, and BEYOND!

Master Kato … We speak as one Voice

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