Illusions – How they came into materialization and How they work

The Blue Star Transmissions

Illusions – How they came into materialization

and How they work

Blue Star the Pleiadian

10-25-13 to 12-25-13

(Transmitted to Celest) Greetings to Our Earthizen cousins and to all Planetizens on the Earth Star planet. Now, first of all I wish to thank each of you who joyfully participated in Project Push. You ones still do not completely understand the remarkable difference you have made to this planet and to humanity as well. Some of the greatest heroes and heroines of Push were the ones who went ahead and threw themselves into Push even though they were a bit nervous and slightly unsure of their own abilities to “do it right.” What all of you ones failed to realize was that your individual Souls and the OverSoul as well, were guiding you in every micro-moment of the project. Yet nervous, determined, hesitant or not, you all came through! The rewards you have each earned will become more clear to you as the NOW marches inexorably forward. You assisted all of us and ALL of Divinity in uprooting some of the most hellish experiences that were intended for this world to endure. And you did so without knowing about this part. You were not meant to know!

I want to be very clear about this: of course God and the other Luminescents, we ourselves and the others of Divinity, could have pushed on our own. BUT, the Creator and the God of this Universe were adamant that Planetizens HAD TO participate and show their willingness to behave as the Co-Creators that you each are.  Yes, I or the Masters, or Celestial and David could have told you all this when they explained the how and why of PUSH. However, it was agreed upon by High Council that to tell you this would infringe upon your own individual and collective destinies. You were each expected to do the right thing for the right reason sans any information pertaining to the fact that we could have done it alone. You HAD to show your true self, you HAD to take a stand, you HAD to answer the call with no expectations of personal glory. Because you ones did all this, you have earned your laurels! We have been monitoring each of you since you each started practicing the PUSH movements, it was heartwarming to watch and listen to so many, many peoples around this world saying, “FINALLY, we can do something to help. FINALLY I feel like I am contributing.” There was the comical side of course when so many among you ones went over and beyond what they needed to do when they PUSHED with their minds as well as with their Souls. The determination to succeed far outweighed the qualms of “what if I do it wrong?” Too many of you placed your minds in stress in your quest for personal fulfillment while collectively and unilaterally joining forces in a way none of you ever have before in this lifetime. I can only hope that you are each as proud of yourselves as we are of you.

You each have been gaining an inner strength since then, although when you finished pushing the most common reaction was extreme tiredness. Of course you would be! You were engaged in one of the most pivotal tipping points this planet has ever experienced. You were raised into a higher form of Super Consciousness as well as the consciousness far beyond that, than you have ever experienced here. Perhaps now you will have a bit of understanding of the type of consciousness my Celestial daughter and David must use when scribing the God Books. Now, please be prepared for more clarity of thought, more ability to remain passionately detached from the lunatic thoughts and actions of the unilluminated here and having a clearer “channel” with your Guides and Master Teachers. You have earned it!  

Now, illusions were spawned during the earliest of the days of the human races. What began as deceit among families then were seen by the darkest of the original Illuminati races, to be the perfect Achilles Heel which would provide those ones with the best way to divide and conquer each person from their Soul Self. Although those Illuminati demonized peoples’ minds and hearts, they were able to do so through casting the veils of illusions and swiftly overtaking the least stable minds. After that, the dark ones simply kept recreating the same illusion throughout each century. The only difference was that they upgraded the illusions to be timely concepts relative to each succeeding generation of peoples’ understanding of practical world issues and vainglorious dreams. The Illuminati recreated royalty century after century here until such time royalty themselves began to believe the great lie …… the lie was and still is, “they were special, they were better than their fellow mankind and chosen by God.” Not once did any of them ask, “Yes, but which god?” So the god of the dark continued to lead his voracious contingent of lethal beings into the deepest recesses of each country, each landmass, and each race of peoples.

The dark ones believed that in order to conquer peoples here you must first offer them something to die for; something so “beyond the norm” that they essentially feel they are special, they are different. Then they were taught to look down upon their fellow humans here. The Earth Seeds were the first ones to fall, followed later by many Star Seeds and some Walk-Ins. They lived tawdry lives yet between the unnatural sex drives that had been implanted in them causing them to mate with just about anyone they could, it was an easy course to victory for the dark to breed with those others and continue the lineage of the Illuminati. The beautiful and fantastic herbs and flowers that the God of this Universe Created for all humankind, were quickly transformed into deadly drugs. The weak-minded peoples and their children succumbed to this very easily. Now, throughout every generation there have always been those women and men who fought back against this hellish behavior. As bad as things are here on this planet now, there was a time when they were worse. The difference here is when the Illuminati missed their opportunity to completely takeover the Earth Star planet in 2012, they began a new movement of corrupting the young children here and then planned to use these children to completely corrupt their elders. It would truly have been a zombie type of society. Not the movie types, but the senseless, mindless, babblings of those who have lost their final grip on reality and instead were focusing on total world control.

Part Of PUSH by the way, was to further uproot those energy streamers and have them destroyed before those other actions could take place. Now, the original dark ones, their descendants and their completely tainted human counterparts, ALWAYS have and still do seek the tiniest seed of discontent in a person’s mind. They look for people who are insecure, jealous, hateful, and dangerous in every way.  THESE are the ones they use the heaviest of illusions on. Earth has been a breeding place for these types of malcontents for millennia. The dark ones literally harvest these peoples; they set up the medical procedures geared to individual vanity. They can completely exploit the minds of the majority of psychiatrists and psychologists because those people for the most part, are unaware of who or WHAT wrote the books they have learned from in their medical schools. Now, the more the peoples here are taught to disbelieve in the Spiritual and see only through the eyes of the psychiatric doctors and their staffs, the more they themselves are believing in illusions and do not know it! It is a diabolical game; and a game is what it truly is.

Illusions – peoples here enter into the peace keeping fields of police departments, FBI, NASA and all others of this ilk and some of them are even good people at first who believe in making a difference. Then again, illusions take over and the human minds which do not tolerate being ridiculed or thought of as “different,” soon discover that they are not making a difference; they are being restrained from being the difference. Others simply fall into the further deteriorations of mind and Spirit and then become what they detest. Or what they once detested. Every profession here with the notable exception of the entertainment worlds, those entertainment worlds are truly the illusions of life, have “plants” set into place by the dark ones. Those “plants” are the human cohorts of the dark ones.

Individuals who start to rebel from the status quo, who begin to question what they once accepted as truth and now do not, are quickly brought into some form of submission … UNLESS the people recoiling from the illusions are especially strong-minded and staunch of Spirit. Illusions are the casting of unreal facts that have been twisted into megalomania. Then this state of mind feeds on and yet promotes UNREAL expectations of life, of ridiculous and dangerous images of what you should be, instead of promoting what you truly are. This type of illusion heavily indulges in teaching peoples here subliminally for the most part, to live lives of non-reality. It successfully strips peoples of their individuality!

By focusing on the younger generations it was believed by the dark ones that they would either join forces with them willingly, or thoroughly contaminate the older generations as well as all upcoming generations of peoples here. An illusion must have a foundation; it must promote something so gratifying to a person that the person simply begins to build his or her life around it. Ironically, the greater the illusion the more clear it seems to be to the ones being so deluded. The greater the illusion the deeper, the more intense the desire of the weak-minded to HAVE IT. Politics is one of the greatest of illusions by the way, just as is royalty and of course religion. Now, very few of you ones have not believed in an illusion at one time or another. Most of you ones learned better and deftly removed them from your lives. I expect you ones who have “been in recovery” from any illusions to remember how easily you were fooled. I ask this of you so that you can begin to see more clearly into the illusions others are having and thus recognizing it in the practical world. Yes, the benefits for you will be great! We removed so many illusions which were just in the process of being birthed when we engaged in PUSH. Since the Autumn equinox more and more peoples are having wakeup calls; they are still being PUSHED out of their complacency, they have been experiencing much flooding, fires, droughts and new more simple ways they must begin to live. They are beginning to place a value on life, unfortunately in many cases it is just their OWN life. Terra herself is being very instrumental in changing the courses of rivers, lakes, streams and ponds while she is still entering into her new solar system. All jet streams have been altered and watersheds are changing. She has tilted enough to do this but not so much as to overdo this. Peoples who have believed in the illusion which many “prophets” spoke of as things that would happen in 2012, are still reeling, still grappling with the knowledge that those things never took place. But of course they never should have believed in them in the first place! THAT is what desperation does!!

So it is that the more you learn how to recognize the enemy, the greater your own victory shall be. Illusions are the enemy and most of the Earth Seeds on the planet have willingly entrapped themselves in them, but that does not mean you should! Remember that the next time you watch a commercial or listen to politicians. Look through the event, the person, the words being spoken and LEARN.

Now, as I have told you ones in the past the weather patterns would change exponentially and they are. Forget about “the norm,” there are none anymore. “Normal” is going to be how you perceive things to be environmentally and weather-wise as well. You now have the responsibility of Creating the new “usual,” the “new occurring now” state of life here. By seeing things as they are now you will not become trapped in the illusion so many peoples here are trying to hold on to. What they are trying to hold on to is “rebuilding where they live because this can never happen again.” Wrong! It CAN and it WILL! Too many landmasses are scarred from wildfires that now have nothing solid to hold on to. Too much land erosion has taken place in countries all over this world. It is far better to move further inland and definitely away from the mountains, and build a more simple lifestyle while you still have the choice to do so. Be serious about growing vegetables and herbs; yes, those who have been extremely wealthy are also losing a GREAT deal, but the ILLUSION they project through the tainted media is that they are not.

Invest in warm but not expensive clothes, especially boots. Try to be more aware of the weather patterns; it may save many lives if people do this. Eating at fancy restaurants is but an illusion of grandeur, and vastly overpriced. Rain will come and go as rain must do, BUT many monsoon seasons are changing and will continue to do so. By the way, to the uninformed, monsoons happen in most countries of the world and MANY American states have them as well. For now. Start to pay attention to a weather anomaly that you are NOT paying attention to. Be aware of what your “dew point count” is. Dew points are essential in maintaining proper weather balance everywhere in the world. These points measure the amount of atmospheric moisture; this means that air temperatures must cool before the points can reach saturation point thus producing dew. In other words, the water vapor in the air condenses into actual liquid water at the same rate and usually the same speed that water evaporates. That was the norm. Now however, between the actual lack of moisture in the air, even if you live in a humid area, the dew points will soon be called, “dry dew points.”

The drying out condition is because of not only the fact that water condensations necessary to this element and the lack of the necessary negative ions across the world now are producing dryer air, dew points that were relative to the atmospheric moisture are no longer functioning properly. Each wildfire takes a toll on the points as well; before the points can descend as they used to the heat from fires renders that impossible. Although deserts always had dry dew points because of the extreme heat rising up through the atmosphere and the lack of truly seasonal rain, even when it would rain the amount of condensation was unequal to the amount of the ratio of the points needed in the largest of the deserts. In very humid places even though the condensation and the accompanying water vapor would saturate certain parts of the world, the dew points were too high for people to really feel comfortable. I would suggest that those of you ones who live in climates that tend to be dryer than others right now, use humidifiers and negative ion generators as often as possible. If you live in areas that are very humid then you could use dehumidifiers which would curtail a great deal of the excess humidity thus allowing you more bodily comfort.

Now, the ionosphere has altered, these four layers in the upper atmosphere are necessary in order to stimulate ionizing radiation from space which Creates ions as well as free electrons. This always used to enable radio signals to reflect their transmissions around the world. Thus radio signals here and of course your satellites are experiencing “brown out” conditions. No, I do not expect your scientists to come forth and divulge that truth unless they have no choice. That would be expecting too much! Essentially what I am tell you ones is to start to live WITH nature instead of AGAINST her. Be Creative! Put your collective minds together and see what you can devise as a means to offset the new conditions you are being exposed to. After all, if you can PUSH, you can do anything! Many peoples here are starting to talk about climate change but WHAT is actually being done to roll with the change? You do not need political figures to convene and tell you how to deal with it. Be your OWN leader … what a concept! Start a forum, exchange ideas, ask people in other countries how they are coping with this and stand back and decide for yourselves what your best course of action should be. You CAN do this!

The closer we come to the winter solstice the more peoples here will finally realize that they are in serious trouble. Remember please, weather plays a great part in the emotional state of a person’s mind. Now, I ask that you enter solstice expecting the unexpected. Many peoples here will find that others will seek them out and ask them for help in understanding all that is occurring. We are indeed on a major rollercoaster ride; but not to worry; God has this coaster in the palm of His hands. There will be many pseudo warnings of terroristic tactics being given especially right before Christmas. Look for the illusions, look for the truth. Keep an eye on Asia and especially on Israel. There are many there who are fighting for what they perceive as their rightful places as rulers, even though it is all but illusions. Japan will have more problems and the waterways in Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos and other countries adjoining them …. Peoples there should try to stock up on foodstuffs and prepare for some serious weather. Yes, we have been permitted to stop some of the more violent outbreaks among people and weather, but the rest is up to you. Send Light to all of your brothers and sisters in other countries, names are not important. Stay strong Planetizens, your collective strengths will be needed by God again. Remember please, He knows who you are and He knows where you live! On this note, I am ending this transmission. I am signing off now.

Salude … Blue Star the Pleiadian

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