The Secrets of the Pyramids

The Masters

Message #11

The Secrets of the Pyramids

 Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) You may be wondering what possible difference it makes that the pyramids have secrets. You may be wondering what role if any, the secrets play in your lives. If any of you remember that all life here is sentient then perhaps, just perhaps, you may see more clearly that because of this fact the life-force of every object impacts on you each, in one manner or another. We do feel that it is a bit tedious to need to remind everyone here of the overall sentience factor which supersedes the illusions which you are taught in your schools. It is most unfortunate however that millions and millions and millions of all Planetizens here forgo the right to use discernment when learning about “stated facts” in schools and instead choose willingly to rely on monstrous fiction. These specious teachings have contributed greatly to the downfall of the human mind. This is accomplished through the seemingly righteous acts of teachers and other mentors in every “citadel of learning” on this planet, without most people looking to see how much is truth and how much is fiction. It is no wonder that so many teachers become lethargic or downright cruel. The schoolteachers who do truly love their subject matter with deep unabiding passions though, ahh, those are the ones we cherish the most. These are the men and women who do question the validity of much of what they themselves have been taught. Although usually they must do so in private. By their questioning they actually strengthen their consciousness, regardless if they know they are doing so or not.

Question, question, and question all that you read or hear about. It does not matter who is doing the teaching, question anyway! Question us of course, question everyone. It is as you do so that you will find your minds will develop a greater understanding of what is factual and what is not. Giving and receiving information is feeding your consciousness. So obviously, whatever you feed it will either strengthen it or weaken it. Too many people of all races here are “impulse thinkers.” It means that they jump to conclusions as a result of information given by others simply because it is what they themselves want to hear. This is not right! 2012 should have taught everyone on the planet some painful “thinking” lessons. People who thought too much only contributed to the mass confusion which permeated this world in 2012. People who thought too little only contributed to the complacency of too many other people in 2012. “To think or not to think, that is the question.” Our answer is: think about the implications of all that you hear or read about. But don’t overdo it. Think about the fallacies and illusions you tune into when listening to others, but don’t under-do it. Do not take it for granted that all information that people believe, even if some goodhearted people are believing it too, is true. Truth is always relative to the believer. So in these cases the believer and the teacher may be the same person. This relativity of truth is also applicable to all those who are learning from the believers. Some people become set in their ways; this is most unfortunate for it means that they refuse to change. Other people here though get set in their own beliefs, and if those beliefs are unwholesome, illusionary standards to live by, then it is irreconcilable for the mind and Soul to accept and illness develops. It may be physical, it may be emotional, it may become mental. But it happens.

These are but some reasons why the pyramids play such an important role in the lives of humanity as a whole. The pyramids, contrary to popular belief, were not “built” in the accepted sense of the term. They were CREATED. Actually they have been a part of the Earth plane long before they were “discovered” by humankind. Part of the Creation process and the Creation processing is to provide whatever is needed for all eventualities. When it had been foreseen that eventually the humanness of humanity would be overshadowed and then overthrown by the Illuminati and their madness, many citadels of protection, education and communication were quickly established all over the planet. Granted this all first took place during the earliest epochs of Terra all pyramids were in fact sentient entities that were a part of every civilization which has ever been. This does not alter the reality that these entities then and now still exist.  

We ourselves as a collective accompanied every Star brother and Star sister of all stellar families and descended upon this planet. We then strategically began placing specific objects here that would last throughout the lifetime of the Earth Star planet. Yes, but of course radical Earth changing shifts were taken into consideration. What we were empowered to do was to place these objects into a synchronized pattern; one which could still be contained when the physical shifts took place. Even within the known four layers of the Earth Star’s upper atmosphere called “the ionosphere,” is where much energy was concentrated. Many layers of ionized compartments of energy geared to correlate with the objects at specific gridline intersections were safely and carefully installed. Understand please Planetizens, we do nothing in any reckless or feckless fashion! The pyramids were just a small part of what was Created here to not only benefit humanity but the entire Universe as well. Pyramids were “sculpted” to form a perfect geometric pattern. It is one that is both a giver as well as a receiver of information. Yet, they are much more than that as well. The internal areas of each pyramid regardless of its total size were carefully seeded with spatial diagrams which were placed within tiny crevices in some pyramids, yet laid far, FAR beneath the interior floors of others. The Sacred Geometry required for the pyramid project overall was because the project was to function as a ballast and a type of Earth to Stellar communication matrix. Pyramids were to be a multifold testament to the evolution of the planet. They were also to be functional as types of catalysts to the continued evolution of the human races.

Some pyramids were Created much larger than others; all depended on what was needed in the inner perimeter of the energy deposits. Stone was deemed to be the most reliable material because stone is of Earth, yet contrary to many peoples’ beliefs, stone is quite porous. BUT, not ALL of the pyramids were Created of Earth stone. The alignments of each pyramid were critical. In most of them we made the stone much smoother, more sloping than in others. The pyramids are “symmetrically, synchronistically, alchemistically correct.” We did indeed allow for the passing of the seasons and the Moon phases. There are spatial times of a year … in Earth terms …. when extraordinary powerful emissions – the releases of powerful Moon to Earth energies must take place. There are also certain times of the year when Sun plays his important role within the pyramids, as well as through the pyramid walls. What is not known by you here though is that this is also some of the most powerful times when Earth herself releases energies to the Moon and stars as well. It is Creation in motion. This in one part provides a natural type of magnetic stabilization. Constellations and stars and certain star patterns are conjoined with certain entranceways of each pyramid. It does not matter if a star has arrived at its “burnout time” and ceases to be. There are always other stars readied to take its place. Each opening on a pyramid was carefully constructed in a sense, to work not only with the ethers but to work with all the “heavenly bodies,” especially with the ones you still do not know about … yet.

Each of these openings is a portal and each has its own function. Some have a rather convoluted pattern they must follow in accordance with the script they have been given. Those pyramid portal patterns are the ones that work the most with the extracting of energies out of the Earth. They also provide a non-cleaving effect while they eradicate many subterranean energies before they have the opportunity to implode. Implosions of this sort would not be good for Earth or the people here. Without the ability to extract these ground impulses, billions of atoms containing deadly toxins would be unleashed upon people and the world. Under Universal Law however, all energies that must be displaced must also be replaced with an equal or greater proportion of beneficial energies. So yes, these portals do this as well.

Other openings concentrate on star to star magnification; this further embodies the benefits received on Earth from the stars. But of course you did not know there was any. Each star’s illumination pattern casts more and more energy streamers upon Earth and can increase Earth’s own fertility. Starlight is as important as Sunlight. Many wondrous nocturnal animal and plant life flourish beneath the starry skies, yet can not do as well in the Sunlight. Other openings in pyramids work solely with our own scientists, medical teams and those who are known here by you as “astronomers.” Think of these types of portals as the ones that take the temperature of Terra and function as spatial barometers. Their work is crucial and does not allow for any time off. When the quaking and the internal spinning of the world reaches a certain critical mass, it Creates a jumping-off point which has been established by these portals as an upcoming gridline intersection for Earth. Then certain events take place. These points clearly define either that Earth is causing new fissures within her core or she is preparing for an all-out earthquake. This is when the portals’ sensors signal our teams immediately. At that point certain protocols are set into place to lessen damage on Earth; usually they are able to dampen the magnitude of the stimulation of an impending earthquake rather quickly.

The notorious humans here began their experimentation in intentionally causing MANUFACTURED earthquakes as yet another way to control Earth and people. We have stopped so many, many of these types of quakes and will continue to do so whenever it is feasible. The position of the Sun, Moon and stars as well as the locations of certain constellations whose missions are to continually react and interact with pyramid portals is all-important. Enormous beams of steady Light can easily be seen traveling back and forth from the portals throughout the Cosmos at night. These steady beams contain highly charged molecules of energy which must always remain in constant motion. It would be most difficult for you to see them on a sunny day, yet they are there. The portals do know how to cloak themselves, to cloak their Light exchanges that is, when they deem it necessary. Great atomic matter passes from constellations and the Moon to the portals when they are poised at specific degrees to the portals. This matter consistently holds an energetic flow in place within the pyramids enabling many of our “Spacernauts” to utilize the interior of the pyramids and the land that lies beneath them and to disembark and remain inside the pyramids for as long as needed. Pyramids have long been used as communication devices by all our stellar families. Information concerning all important Earth changes as well as the advancement of hordes of dark energies are quickly detected by the pyramids. The fiercest of battles have been fought between our stellar families and the dark ones for many millennia, yet many of these had taken place in close proximity to pyramids and within the pyramids themselves.  Some still do, as the hordes attempt again and again to either destroy these great bastions or take them over.

If you think of each pyramid as a “flagship” of a geographic locale, then perhaps you will better understand the important roles each pyramid plays in your personal and planetary lives. To control the pyramids is to control an aspect of life. It was so very, very long ago that we all had installed within each pyramid so many intricate sensors, calibrators and extremely highly technological devices capable of transmitting information in the forms of glyphs and in our own “languages.” All these devises are far beyond your quantum theories or quantum physics. We did so for the purpose of Creating an unbroken network of not only advanced technology here, but to effectively tie together the entire grid-work of pyramidal structures. This was not “dot dash dot” technology; it was and still is very refined yet can only be read by our own scientists, NOT by Earth scientists. In a very real way each pyramid is also a TYPE of satellite. This much your scientists and astronomers were finally able to deduce, even though they are very wrong in their calculations and the other purposes the pyramids have. They simply have no understanding of spatial time, although most of them tend to preen themselves thinking that they do and teaching others what they THINK they know. Smoke and mirrors Planetizens, smoke and mirrors. Where do you think your Earth races got the idea for satellites anyway!

The pyramids can not be destroyed; those that leave do so because it is their time to. Many pyramids simply have their molecular systems reconfigured and then relocate to another place on Terra, a location that had already been predetermined. When any of these structures leave an area they always leave a “shadow imprint” of themselves in the area they had been in. This is a type of imprint which is a reflection of the original matter yet retains a pixel type effect which lays over the land where the original pyramid had been set. It does not matter if other buildings or roadways are built on that spot, the pixel effect, the shadow imprint is in a place of permanence. However, that having been said … because the strength of a pyramid is so massive, so laden with “atomic principles” and has the ability and capability to retain the “memories” of every battle fought within the structure, records every death which occurred within the structure and still function as record keepers of all harmonic conversions with the stars as well, there can be problems which arise for many people who build on those areas. Many, MANY people feel spooked when living on that ground where a pyramid originally was placed. They know nothing about the previous “occupant” of that land, they only know that often the hairs on their neck stand up for no known reasons and they tend to sleep restlessly until utter exhaustion overcomes them. Roadways seem to attract a great number of accidents if the roads are built on pyramid land. It is all really about the types of people who either travel the land or live on it. The magnetics attract.

Obviously the pyramids have been badly manhandled by Earth people though. These structures are designed to withstand “the test of linear time” as they diligently continue their probing of Terra above and below her surface. They interface the knowledge they receive with the Light energy streamers which descend to Earth. This is when a rapidly moving electrical current which functions in a contiguous fashion acts as the true receiver of information received from the pyramids and “teleports” the information back to our home bases. There are specific Guardians placed above each pyramid; these Beings enable special amounts of heavily concentrated electrical impulses to be released “on demand” to act as detectors of incoming energies, both the non-invasive and the baneful. The very nanosecond that the determination has been made as to the origins of those incoming energies and their intents, then either the non-invasive ones will be permitted to continue or the baneful ones will be “neutered.”

Massive amounts of fusion are sent to the pyramids via the electrical currents as well. FAR beneath these structures lie crystalline masses which our stellar families placed there. In many ways these masses cause new growth far beneath the Earth and assist the middle-Earth and the middle-Earth people with revolutionizing their own cities. We as our own continuum have sent much to those people in order for them to always advance technologically, for their assistance will be much needed during the final phase of the Earth shift. All of our families’ Star Ships have landed within the pyramids or directly next to them for millennia. Much technology has been exchanged in this manner. The pyramids house many cloaked “tales” of the adventuresome individuals who have for so long attempted to find the pyramids’ secrets. Of course it had been arranged for these structures to be able to cloak certain information and certain secret caches which we placed there so long ago. In fact, we still do! Many, MANY human men have for so long attempted to pry the secrets out of the pyramids. Many have entered these structures and were never seen again.

Even today while people sleep many strange lights can be seen in the pyramids; these are part of the times when Star families have entered the pyramids. Capstones are vitally important in this discussion. Each is a veritable beacon of brilliant energy which is always in a state of continuous and conscious waves which fan-out above, below and around the planet. They meet up with one another to reinforce the strength of each. Many secrets lie with the capstones themselves. Those edifices are also brilliant warriors who know how to repel off-world invasive contacts and are quite capable of destroying them should the need arise. Internal energy from the pyramids rises up and through the capstones, thus adding even more Light capabilities to the entire structures. Light “dances” during the times of when the full Moon is in conjunction with certain planets. Then Moon when she is at her highest apex and shining into the portal and/or on the tip of the capstones, causes massive amounts of energy to not only rise to the “heavens” but to also spread out around this world. This is but one way that new life is Created.

Many of our most ancient Star civilizations set specific communicator devices on the Earth Star planet in order for the devices to work with the pyramids. Although many have been lost or destroyed here, one of the most proficient devices was placed here by the “Droga Nation.” No, no one here except our Celestial knows CONSCIOUSLY this race of Beings. These who are the “wisdom keepers” placed their “Droga Stones” here. Although there are very few of the stones left in existence … at least on this planet anyway, their energies are still intact. Yet the ones left are for the most part in a dormant stage. For now. For the usual inane reasoning which so many people have here, there has been an illusion cast upon Planetizens regarding what landmasses have pyramids. Not a single landmass that has ever been on the Earth Star planet has ever been bereft of pyramids. Of course your scholarly books will not tell you that. It could cause you to ask too many questions about the relevance of pyramids.

You see Planetizens, even as landmasses shifted with each major Earth change and particularly with each ice age, the pyramids were either lowered beneath the deepest parts of the waterways or buried by many, many tons of sand or dirt. Information about the true nature of pyramids and their locations has always been given to certain individuals here who long, long ago played their own important parts studying or teaching in the earliest pyramids known of on Earth. This is one major reason why there are so many Planetizens who are drawn magnetically to learn more about these structures. No, I am not speaking of the people who are merely curious or who are avid thrill-seekers. It matters not if all your explorers get together to form a massive exploratory trek beneath the known oceans and seas of today. These pyramids are quite safe and sound right where they lay. Covered over completely in many cases and resembling underground mountains in others. But their beat goes on.

This is also true of all the ones our Star brethren have redirected to the deepest areas below ground. These structures are interdimensional. No, this is not the hypothesis known as “IDH,” what I am speaking of are objects which exist in more than one dimension but do so at the same time. Whether we allow them to remain on Earth in the distant future or not is at this nanosecond uncertain. As long as there is a reason for their existence to continue, they shall survive … in spite of humankind. So say we all. There has been so much talk about the early pharaohs and the pyramids; these men wanted to be entombed in many cases inside these entities because they thought they KNEW of the infinite power these pyramids have. They did not truly understand it but they believed it was so. They also foolishly believed that this would make them truly immortal. Silly men! Over many periods of Earth Star history, particularly when indigenous people still freely roamed the landmasses here, many of the ancient Maya and other civilizations imitated our pyramids by building their idea of replicas. They did so for several reasons although only a couple are worth mentioning. The passion for and of unrestrained power is one; it is the audacious thought based on illusion that caused them to believe that by imitating the pyramids as closely as possible, it would be easy to have “the power of the gods transferred to mortal men.” But only men of royalty. Of course it was not true but they persevered anyway. Unfortunately some of the cultures who built pyramids based on that concept also engaged in ritual sacrifices, much as the Egyptians did. And they did commit this sacrilege inside the built pyramids.

It is really no wonder why so many people, especially tourists, have the “heebie-jeebies” when entering pyramids. The stain and the stench of bloodletting from those “sacrifices” does leave its own indelible imprint, you know. Then again though, the highly charged particles left by our Star Nations also imprint the pyramids. Before I take my leave this month I do want to impress upon all Planetizens that sometimes simply looking at a pretty postcard or watching a replica of a pyramid in a movie is much wiser than visiting one. As part of a state of evolution, history charts its own course. I truly do not expect many of you to understand this. Essentially, because of all the fingerprints, the imprints, that will last on this planet throughout the total lifetime of Earth, each is an integral aspect of the world’s history; much of which has been bloodied and despoiled. As the New People and the upcoming generations of these people birth onto Earth, they will attempt not to eradicate that sullied past, they are not permitted to do so, rather they will attempt to use their own purer forms of imprints in CONSCIOUS attempts to transform the former ones into the latter. This requires a dedication to the Luminescent of this Universe, to the Universe herself and to their own Souls that has had little parallel on this world. There are about 10,000 Planetizens here today who are diligently working towards that goal. How much each Soul will succeed still remains to be seen.

We speak as ONE … Salude, The Masters

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