Ir-rec-consolable Differences and the implosion of the Middle East

The Blue Star Transmissions

~Blue Star the Pleiadian~

Ir-rec-consolable Differences

and the implosion of the Middle East

2-25-13 to 4-25-13

(Transmitted to Celest) – I wish you all greetings and salutations from my corner of your world. In the most practical manner possible I have been asked to explain to you ones what my sojourn on the Earth Star is providing for many peoples and how and why I am able to connect with so many of you ones now. The God of this Universe also asked me to explain to you all what “escape clauses” are…. among other things. Now, please be aware that although I am speaking for myself, my Star Keeper brethren who are accompanying me on this “walking tour” also agree with my assessment of the various situations and circumstances which we have either been remedying or “dispatching” to other realms. The Masters of course speak for themselves although they have asked me to include some of what they are witnessing and situations they themselves are enacting changes upon. This timeline here known as 2013 will always be The Year of the resurrection of eye-opening changes and clamorous defection. Yes, indeed I do agree with you ones, that is quite a title for this year. Be that as it may however, it is what it is. As we have journeyed throughout so many landmasses here allowing ourselves to be seen by some peoples and yet cloaking our identities from many other peoples, we have been able to quickly ascertain that some of the minds of those peoples who are part of the collective consciousness are in a bit of a turmoil because they are experiencing a new type of isolationism.

You see Planetizens; all of you ones scattered throughout this world have had your hearts, minds and Spirits impacted upon in one manner or another by the blatant shenanigans of the rapidly devolving Earth Seeds who still follow the tail of the escaping hordes of dark riders. Although it is true that every story has a beginning and an end, the combined energetics-which is energy and its transformations-of the dwindling downward spirals of the dark energies, is carrying many of the Spirits of the Earth Seeds with them as they make what is left of their hasty retreat from the Earth Star, thus soon marking what will be the end of their story here. Many Starseeds and some Walk-Ins have sadly also ensnared themselves in this debacle. So they too must pay the price for following the unclean. The debris they are each leaving behind is affecting those peoples who are part of the collective consciousness; it means that these men and women are now dealing with emotional, physical and Spiritual issues revolving around a new type of aloneness they are experiencing, yet can not quite give a name to. Now, I shall give you ones a simple example, no doubt one you can all relate to: imagine that you have just begun a final healing from the worst case of flu you ever had. Your energy overall will be so low, so weak and so tired that the most simple things to do seem insurmountable. You realize consciously that regaining your stability on all levels will require some time. Furthermore, you certainly are not eager to be in the company of others. Every small noise seems to hurt your ears and your eyes seem unearthly light sensitive.

Ok now, using that as an example, this is essentially what we are seeing happen in the hearts, minds and Spirits of the goodhearted peoples here this year. It truly began on January 15, 2013, as the true Advocates for Justice clashed sometimes physically but more often than not in ideological, religious, political and Spiritual discussions/debates and outright yelling and screaming. This has been further exacerbated by the huge numbers of peoples worldwide who are now screaming loudly and railing against their political leaders, the weather changes and the lack of foodstuffs. These ones are the peoples on the edge of recovering from a long illness and feeling that for their very survival they themselves must enact right changes for the right reasons in their countries. However, there is a noticeable lack of solid foundation and quality leadership as these peoples try to fight might with right. The infection is ending BUT it is the healing combined with right action which must now begin in earnest. There is no choice in this matter. So it is that we walk among the poorest of the poor first, then we travel into the minds and hearts of those who have more to sustain themselves and then lastly look at the most monetarily wealthy peoples on this planet. The money trail is very visible to us. While the poorest peoples, I speak of those who are not drug-ridden, have also divided themselves into sectors, the like-goes-to-like equation is visible amongst all these peoples.

So many of the poorest in one sector are now railing against the very religions they had previously defended so loudly. While the other sector of the poorest, although not content with their present situation, are at the very least trying to cope with deleterious situations while either imploring God to help them, or preparing to learn somehow what the best course of action for them to take should be. Those who are the diehard criminal elements however are rapidly thinning their ranks in one sense simply because they are killing one another off, and in another reprehensible manner they are becoming much more vicious, more visible and more sociopathic by the minute. Yet overall the poorest are the ones who have always had less shelter, food and appropriate clothing than have the rest of the peoples of this world. Those other peoples who have more monies to sustain themselves have in late December of 2012 and into the present timeframe lost a great deal of their security. For the majority of these ones this is a horrific first time event; one that they do not want to repeat but one that they seem unable to stop. They are trying to keep you ones from knowing this. Their minds are in a continual state of confusion. You see, those peoples here who have never been poor, have never had to do without, have always felt secure professionally and/or personally, are experiencing a major downgrade and they do not like it! It is always easier to upgrade than it is to downgrade.

As for the wealthiest and yes, even those who are not the richest but are rich nonetheless, these ones are and have been since December of 2012, experiencing major losses, unlike anything that they had envisioned for themselves. They are scared. And well they should be! The minds of this collective teeter between erratic bursts of manic-depressive mood swings and behavior that is downright brutal and vicious targeting their families and friends. All human beings here are undergoing a type of subliminal shock. For many peoples, if the media would actually tell you about these things, to many peoples suicide has been their only outlet, at least according to their minds and pendulum swinging mental states. We have chosen to interact with all of these groups. We have with the gracious assent of the Creator been dispensing Light to those who need it the most. This will allow them some much needed time to readjust to their new situation but in a more rational manner. Fear is the blanket they have been covering themselves with. The gift we give to them allows them the Sacred space their Soul voices request in order for them to at the very least rethink their situations and then do some serious regrouping. The wealthiest ones however, all we seem able to do is carefully scrutinize their thought-forms and ascertain the probabilities those thoughts reveal. Then we plan ahead to try to further protect the innocent scared peoples from becoming the objects of the wealthy peoples’ derision and random wrath. Here in great part is where our receivers play the most invaluable roles of their mortality. As part of their pre-birth agreements they are sent into the midst of disorganized chaos now, more so than ever before, and seek and find those struggling goodhearted peoples. Then these receivers conjoin their own Soul voices with the struggling peoples’ valiant Soul voices. The wonders this Sacred Communion is displaying is more firmly netting the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness to the core of humanity as a whole.

Obviously the peoples here who are adamantly pursuing the life of decadence have no idea what they are doing to themselves. They would not believe you if you told them. The dark propaganda experts would have you believe that the rich are getting richer, but they are not. They would have you believe that politicians are becoming more just, but they are not. They would have you believe that HAARP is an innocuous but wonderful form of technology, but it is not. Now, all the politicians regardless of what their parties stated infrastructures are, are so afraid, so bitterly resentful and bound by each politician’s agenda to appear as good, just men and women, that their individual and collective benign facade is forced onto the public ad nauseam. The differences between all of these groups of peoples are becoming more marked by the day. Those who have the very least in life at this time are not looking to be consoled; they now more than ever are looking for justice but can not find it. Those who are the true Light Workers and Light Weavers on this planet need no consolation; what they do need is to gather themselves into clusters by whatever means possible and receive the unification strength which these gatherings do indeed bring. Now, it is perfectly understandable to me that this new isolation they each feel is one that is so vastly different from what they had experienced before during their previous “alone times.”

What all of these magnificent individuals need to better understand now is why it is happening and WHAT it is. I had, if you were paying attention, at one time told you all in my own fashion, that as one evolves and outgrows outmoded levels of understanding, the very cellular structure alters and literally in a slow but steady manner replace the former cellular structure exponentially. So it is that yet again the “like to like attraction” follows a contiguous pattern set in place as part of a pre-birth agreement or as a newly formed desire of the individual Soul. So as you expand your consciousness, particularly if you do so in a conscious fashion, under the auspices of all Universal Laws a simultaneous exchange of energies must take place. Your Super Consciousness assists in the alteration of the Light Cell body, quickly dissipating the former levels of Light and replacing them instantly with the higher gradient of Light cells. As this occurs the mind, Soul voice and every organ within the body also alter. This happens so subtly that the intellect can not focus on it, thus the mind can not experience any fear of what is happening. The levels of Light which enter into the newly developing infrastructure of yourself are indeed on the level which mind and body can endure without causing any invasive unsettledness to the physical vehicle or to the mind itself. Now, although the exact quantification of Light dispersed to the vehicle is an exact equation, a calibration which is determined to be the perfect ratio of Light to matter which is needed at that moment, the levels must adhere to an individual’s Light “meter.” This means that although a person may indeed be still in a sophomoric ratio of Light it is valued to the same degree as is Light being dispersed to the Souls exhibiting the highest degrees of maturity.

Now, it is the very entrance of the newly formatted, newly developed Light cell alteration which functions as a formidable catalyst for enacting change within the physical vehicle and the mind which then projects itself outwardly as the Beacon of Light it truly is. This then is what is causing the new feelings and sensing of isolationism. You see cousins; you no longer fit into any expected “square peg to square hole or round peg to round hole.” This is a natural processing of personal evolution. You may in fact feel very different yet not understand why, you may find yourself surrounded by friends and co-workers yet feel that you are now a stranger in a strange land. The isolationism is a perfectly natural state actually. How can you possibly relate to others who are now even more so than before, quite different from you? So that you understand better however, Universal Law is adamant that when these Light occurrences happen it is by necessity that the ones who bear the new measures of Light will be placed into contact with others who do as well. This cause and effect implementation not only is responsible for the conjoining of Soul to Soul while still inhabiting a physical vehicle, but is also the primary projection of the ability of these Souls to hold the Light. Far too many among you ones speak of “anchoring the Light.” What possible good does it do if something is anchored but then loses its “weight,” in this case its Light? One does not anchor the Light, one HOLDS the Light! To hold the Light means “to lift, support AND MAINTAIN the energetics of the Light.” 

So it is that as I watch so many millions of peoples here while I am on my trekking mission, I see the Lights flicker and dim in so many peoples because of their fears and their uncertainties of their futures. Conversely I am also heartened to see how many others of all races here are seeing through the illusions and instead of allowing their Lights to dim are expanding their consciousness and taking quantum leaps within their own Light meters. Now, they are doing this not only because they can, but also their realizations of the true importance of the Light beaming forth becomes crystal clear to them. They have chutzpah and they know when to use it! Yes, indeed the grand divisions between those who now hold the greater amounts of Light and those who refuse to hold any at all is becoming of paramount importance. The Masters asked me to tell you ones that “Some of the trees that are being shaken the hardest now are the ones that designate the Light Workers who are cringing from truth and must now and for the rest of their mortality work with the truth, regardless if it upsets their previously held convictions.” All right, I have delivered the message and yes I do indeed agree with them. I have been watching far too many peoples here, especially those who are Light Workers, succumbing to fear which is throwing their minds and Spirits off balance. They are becoming their own conundrum. Now, God asked me to explain “escape clauses” to you ones. When you EACH incarnate to this planet you do of course carry your pre-birth agreements with you, stored on the “hard drive” in your minds. However, what no one here speaks of, because they do not know this, is that the God of this Universe also adds escape clauses to each contract. I can not tell you ones exactly how many of these clauses you each have, that is only known to God. I can tell you however that you each have a plethora of them.

No, I am not speaking of free expression here, which is different. These clauses were designed by God to provide to you ones alternate “roads” to take, NOT explore, that can assist you in NOT making wrong choices in life. Many of you change the courses of your lives through the process of selecting the best or better choices to make. Some of you have thought of it as your intuition told you to do something or not do something. But, what actually takes place is that as you are thinking about going somewhere else to live, what automobile to buy, who to become involved with in a business or personal relationship etc., you suddenly stop and consider the implications of what may befall you if you do or do not do something. The moment you change your mind and alter your choice….. that is when you are enacting an escape clause. Now, think about the term “escape” please. What is your definition of that term? Yes, it does mean, NOT imply, that you are getting away from something that could ultimately harm you in one manner or another. These clauses are intended to prevent unfortunate incidents in your lives, incidents that are NOT part of your pre-birth agreements. I can tell you that the more naïve a person is the greater the numbers of their clauses would be. These clauses are also instrumental as invaluable learning tools for you each to use. The more you remember what you “escaped” from, the less likely you are to be to become ensnared in the same or similar situations again. Unless of course you do not learn your lesson!

Now, I wish to spend a few minutes discussing the Middle East. As the world began truly churning especially in the latter part of the autumn of 2012, many covert plans to isolate many millions of people living in the Mideast from their “home lands” began to escalate into a whirling madness; a lunacy of the worst kind. Fanaticism has long found its home in the illusions of religious rhetoric, particularly in male-orientated societies. However the absolute hatred and pathological intrusions both mental and physical which began to bombard the entire Mideast during that autumn, was craftily aided and abetted by Israel and two other countries. These are prime examples of premeditated takeovers through destruction. What I found so sad during my time spent in the Mideast was that the very ones in those countries that are so hell-bent on committing genocide and expatriating peoples from their lands are but pawns themselves and are too arrogant to understand this. The peoples in those lands hide behind their religions, as if they are currying favor with the god they believe in. Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, Palestine and several other countries there have no chance of winning any freedoms in their lands because they use the peoples as human shields. The minds of the fanatics I saw there are becoming even more demented than before. The Israeli leaders, in particular Netanyahu, had been preparing for a falsified strike since July of 2012. A falsified strike means “one that is cleverly engineered as to appear to be real.” A few heads of other governments were aware that Israel intentionally faked some so-called Palestinian strikes in the Gaza so as to appear to have been originated by the Palestinians. Yet Iran has been overtaken completely by the fueled hatred emanating from both Egypt and Iraq. Well placed instigators in each of the Mideast countries have been busily and gleefully earning their blood money. Although America is much hated in the Mideast those other countries are not above posturing as allies or potential allies of America if suitable quid pro quo can be initiated. Unfortunately it always seems to be!    

The minds of these fanatical Mid-eastern peoples are so besotted with lust for power and an unholy obsession for martyrdom for their causes, that they do not have even a glimmer of an understanding that the very Earth herself is beginning to sway and rock beneath their feet. It is as it always has been here on the Earth Star that the purest of the peoples, and of course I am referring to the Middle Eastern peoples now, are those everyday citizens who have and are continuing to endure so much suffering. None of which was caused by they themselves. I have looked into their hearts and minds collectively while I was there. Their hopes are more rapidly dimming for a salvation while they are still mortal. Yet I have seen the females of all these places, except Israel, not so quietly now formulating plans to defy the males at any cost. The females are more concerned about their children’s futures than any of the races on other continents. Israeli government leaders are very shrewd, most are very cunning as well. They think in terms of numbers when the topic is the people who live there. They much prefer having women in their military actively fighting and dying when necessary if that will assist in preserving the continuation of their race. 2013 will see the further erosion of humanness in the Mideast.

A massive storm of unmitigated proportions is building up there; this storm is made of people. Yet the dynamics of the evilly based energies which are rocking the very foundation of ALL life in the Mideast is also going to cause large-scale unusual natural events to occur there. We are working with the Masters to arrange safe refuge for as many of the goodhearted peoples in the Mideast as we can. We can do no less for them. We are not working to arrange safe refuge for the leaders who have so cruelly used and abused the land and the peoples. We can do nothing for them. Quid pro quo.   I am signing off now.

Salude… Blue Star the Pleiadian

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