The Rabbit Hole


The Rabbit Hole


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The Rabbit Hole


Hello and Greetings to all humankind; well, now that you are ensconced in 2012 allow me to welcome you all to "the Rabbit Hole." I feel this is an appropriate manner in which to look at this year. Rabbits are just darling creatures, most are very friendly, easy to care for and infinitely more intelligent than people. Rabbits like many other fine specimens of life on the planet, like to have their dens or lairs close by…just in case. Rabbits thump their feet as a means of communication with one another and with other animals as well. They, like all animals who have whiskers, use their whiskers as mini-antennas. Their senses then relay the information to the rabbits and they then act and react to the information they receive through their whiskers. They are loveable and quite innocent. Rabbits run for cover as soon as they detect a threat to themselves. However rabbits are not predators the way so many people are. So, rabbits are ingenious in their own personal assessment of life, which is simply to be, as the primary reason for their existence.

Try talking to rabbits, you could learn a great deal, you know. After having observed the wonderful familial Spirit rabbits have with one another, I could not resist trying to equate that with their human counterparts. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest you could achieve, the result was "10" for rabbit and "0" for people. Rabbits dig and dig and dig their holes with a genuine determination and lack of interest for what else many others may be doing. They like to store their foodstuffs and cuddle with the others of their little group in the rabbit hole. But when their instinct warns them of imminent danger they immediately retreat to the deepest recesses of their rabbit holes.

The other day I met one of my political allies, I do have some you know, he asked me what this year was in the astrology of the Chinese, I told him it was Rabbit. He said he did not think so but I told him as far as I am concerned, it is. Starting on New Years Eve here, people began dashing about in a bit of a frenzy, as if they wanted to either make up for lost time or smother time so they could hang on to it indefinitely. In either case it will not work. Many people are acting wonky too. They appear to have lost their reliability genes. People have been becoming far more edgy too since New Years. WHAT? They did not wakeup in the wee hours of 2012 and find that all they had dreaded was just a bad dream? Pshaw, I say!

People here, including of course my own countrymen, have been busily and QUIETLY building bunkers on a small scale. Oddly enough although I have been invited to go and explore some of them and read the small list of names of those who will be joining them as the need arises, my name was not on any of the lists. Then I suppose the question I have is, why bother to show me? I would have to suppose that the fact that I do not like these people may have something to do with it. Rumors are abounding but very quietly, that even the Queen has been advised that certain "safe areas" are now in readiness for her and her family. The old areas of perceived safety, those that were built eons ago, have long since lost their allure and are in disrepair. I have been thinking since then that if so many people are bound and determined to refute any ideas that the people are right and the upper classes are wrong, then what is there to be afraid of? Oh, I know the answer, they are afraid of truth! I know without a doubt in my own Soul that the people of the planet will NOT just settle down and forget that their bellies are empty and their homes are gone. Then I decided to do some gentle interrogating of some posh families and ask them in my own blunt manner, "Why does anyone need their own rabbit hole?" One man doffed his hat but refused to answer as he strode away with his pace picking up. Others simply stammer and do not want to answer. Still others looked at me as if I was the one who was daft.

2012 is among other timings the times when the progeny of the well-to-do are no longer being "mischievous," they are becoming more and more sullen and less and less content with the very idea of understanding why they must be ousted by everyday people whom they consider to be inferior. It is now that the holidays are over and people have nothing else to hide behind, that so many reality checks and mood swings are occurring. People are entitled to have their good times when the times are good. However, if they have their good times at ANY given time at the expense of others, then there ARE no good times! The most problematic situations that have ever occurred here have been because people do not want to face up to reality if it may cause them pain or dissatisfaction. I resent that! It has taken millennia for humankind to become so wacky, so disproportionately set in their ways of enjoying life at the cost of others, so complacent and so co-dependent on governments that the people themselves have lost their visions.

This year is the year for the actual start of societal changes and the understanding of the inefficiency and unGodlike behavior of "class distinction." Nothing can become an accomplished fact of course unless it has already become to be recognized for what it is. 2012 will clearly show humanity all of its weaker points. Yet, it will also showcase some of the finest men and women whose only true vulnerabilities are that they care so much. Yet it is this vulnerability that will bring fire to their eyes and intense and touching sincerity to their raised voices. Many voices will be heard as "east meets west and beyond." For those who decry the Occupy Voices…..wait a while….you haven’t seen or heard anything yet! April will be a hallmark month in many countries here; of course how you define "hallmark" is an individual perception. But this HOLE year will show how turbulence can reveal the true and the false masters of this world.

I simply can not resist rubbing my hands together in glee as I think about the varied reactions that so many people in politics, corporations and religions will have. No, I am in not in any manner condemning these unfortunate people, but I do not condone the way they think, or the improper manners of how they act. I still consider it to be a bit of an oddity when I observe how difficult it is for so many wealthy people who must learn to scale down. I know that some of the ones that I know of personally almost act as is it is "inappropriate behavior" on their parts to do so. Ah, experience. Without them undergoing this experience, how will they know how others live? As I said earlier, rabbits head posthaste for their holes when knowing of danger approaching. Granted this is part of their survival mechanism, but it is one that hides them from view. I see this is true of many people too. Out of sight, out of mind. Citizens of this planet; no one really knows how bad a situation can be UNTIL the situation materializes. Oh, would it not be nice NOT to have bad situations? Well, the only answer I can think of to my own rhetorical question is…….. people have created these ongoing situations and no one is going to pick up the pieces except the people themselves.

I empathize to such a great degree with the everyday people, knowing how badly they have been abused and how poorly they used their common sense in trusting others, that I must at times have no recourse other than using sarcasm in order to cope with the knowledge that I have. Perhaps in the years that follow this one while people are still trying to "get it right," the term, "common sense" should be replaced with the term, "people sense." That is of course AFTER people have it. By the way, I do not read any of the Chinese astrology because of any magnificence I think the Chinese have. That is self-evident by the way they treat their own countrymen. My curious nature leads me to strange places at times. But right now, I can not think of anywhere stranger than Earth.

Too bad, it should never have reached such epidemic proportions of ignorance combined with the unwillingness of the people to desire truth and enlightenment. But it has. I would dearly love to be "the great enabler." I would love to be the catalyst for reclaiming this world also known by many as our Terra, she who has given her all to and for the human race. I would love to recline at my leisure and simply enjoy the beauty of good loving people living together without any racial bias. I would love for the Muslims and others like them to truly reconcile with one another and BE the ones they have been waiting for. Alas, this is not meant to be for me. But that does not mean that I, in my own way, can not continue to add "truth" grist to the empty gristmill of truth for justice and for all humankind.

I realize that my thoughts may be trivial to some people, but they are MY thoughts, MY individuality, MY unique self and I am standing firmly while others continue to fall. So, I must be doing something right, after all, I’m still standing and do not need a rabbit hole.


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