Edition #24 Animals and Instincts

Celestial Chronicles

Animal Instincts

Edition #24

Animals and Instincts

Have you ever noticed how so many of the most important things in life are either overlooked or taken for granted? Is everyone aware that animals are much more intelligent than people? Has anyone ever wondered about how often animals are confused by the antics of the human race and saddened by the terrible things people do to one another? None of these are actually rhetorical questions. Although the instinct for survival is the most primitive impulse any life being has, it is what you do with that instinct that can either differentiate the human race from the animals or align the human races with the animal kingdom. I have worked with so many different animal species over the years and although they share many commonalities, one of the strongest of their joined thoughts and “knowing” is that they are born when they should be and they depart from mortal life at a designated time period.

All species of animal life, just as all flora, fauna and everything else that is not human in essence, have the most exquisite manner of living and loving that escapes the eyes and minds of most human beings. Many animal species mate for life. They raise their offspring in very loving, very positive lifestyles, even though their environment may be hostile at times. Animals that become domesticated know prior to birthing here, that they will have the opportunity to either reunite joyfully with a person or persons they had been with in a prior life, or that karmic “exchanges” or payback, is due for an animal or animals because of harsh  unyielding treatment they received at the hands of particular people.

Of course the animal guardians are always here to watch over their charges and must sit back when necessary and let certain life dramas play out. I have with great pleasure had the experience of meeting with certain animal Spirit Guardians and I admire the way they speak with their charges, through telepathy and mind-linking of course. Animals’ natural instinct to preserve their lineage while evolving into more advanced specimens of themselves is accepted as all that is normal to their ways of living and loving. Although the Guardians remember full well the times long past when no animal was a meat eater, they also know that in the coming generations of new animal life to be, animals will once again eat the way it was originally intended that they all should. The Guardians of all animals have been instructing them for about the last 7 years now, to change their migration paths and to learn to live in new, safer areas.

Although this will ensure that some species of MOST animal beings will continue to live here on the Earth Star planet, it is well-known that it is the timing of the entrance of more evolved species to slowly begin to emerge. Some of them will be animals of land, sea and air that will be vastly different in appearance than they once were millions of years ago. That is a natural part of the evolvement process and all sentient beings embrace it and cherish this procedure, regardless of how long it takes before it happens. Animals are motivated by the desire to BE and to exist as an appendage of God. They all know God very well. How could they not?

They see God everywhere and in everything. If you ever sat down and spoke with your pets and listened to what they had to say, you would be amazed at how the wisest of the wise tolerate some intolerable conditions here that take place at the hands of uncaring people. Because they have always lived in the NOW, they become confused when people insist on telling them when to eat, when to sleep and when to play. They know to listen to their bodies and to respect the boundaries of other animals. It is actually “mutual respect,” this is different than some type of territorial situation. People simply do not realize that animals are children at heart; animals have a greater instinct for knowing who and what is bad and who and what is good, than just about any living person on the planet. Perhaps it is because animals ask for so little and yet are willing to give their lives in unselfish manner for those other animals as well as for people they also love, which confuses people. After all, most people have to weigh the odds before helping another person. Or worse yet, help only if it can be an investment with a payable return.  One of the most outstanding instincts I see in animals is their maternal instinct and paternal instinct. It is far different than a human’s. Animals know when to be the parent and when to let their children go!

Animals began training their offspring at a very tender young age. They teach them how to be independent but will allow them to remain at home until the parental alarm clock rings, signaling that is time for the children to go out on their own. The way it is today, the weakest of the animal children rarely survive because of the scarcity of the food that family can gather. Even so, the animals know on a purely instinctual level, that their RACES will survive only as long as they should. Then the progressive movement known as, “evolution,” takes hold. How many people can see themselves through the eyes of animals?

How many people can see the vast differences that exist between animal and human? How many people consider animals to be inferior to the human race? I believe that if people could make just one minute a day to see how differently the human race acts and reacts to situations as opposed to how animals act, maybe, just maybe, people would be wiser and kinder to one another. Are animals truly intelligent? Oh yes, but it is a natural intelligence. Not one they have to attend college to have.


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