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Why they believe as they do
4-25-12 to 6-25-12

Greetings to all my kindred Spirits; I walk among you ones this day seeking to find those peoples in every country who are now looking at the world and themselves with eyes wide open. I can honesty say that “some are and some are not.” What is so tragic here, almost Machiavellian in a sense, is the desperate refusal so many of you ones have to believe in what you had always presumed to be the unbelievable. It is with heavy heart that I and my brethren are watching and listening to the wails of anguish being emitted from the peoples in every country on this planet. Now, as the final days of 2011 wound down with a rather deafening roar, I and others like myself decided to descend to this planet and remain here for an extended period of spatial spans. Essentially this means that yes, we are walking among you and have chosen to do this because of the dire state of minds so many of you ones are in. Furthermore, we also chose to appear as human as we possibly can.

It is a strange sensation for me, walking among the ruins of what once was one of the most pristine planets in this Universe. The stench of rotting waste and decayed foodstuffs is matched only by the acute smell of fear that we all can smell emanating from so many Earthbound Earthizens. “Fear” is a terrible energy cousins; it leaves a residue that is very simple to follow for just about any entity, any being from anywhere. Even the animal life forms we have been speaking with are at a loss to understand why human entities are seemingly on a mind thought rampage. The animal life species however are in great acceptance of the acute and prestigious gridline intersection which has brought together the Golden NOW and the Jesus THE Christ Conscious in a remarkable display of affection, compassion and understanding for all that the human races are undergoing. But of course the other life forms here other than yourselves are very cognizant of all that is really taking place.

How can they not be? The animal Spirits of each species along with all the Devic caretakers, informed all these innocent ones of this period of history that had to unfold, long, long, ago. This occurred well before the final tolling of the bells took place. Indeed all other life forms here rejoiced because they knew that a new world, a better world, would replace what had been their former life world here. You see cousins; the other life forms do not need to have the same type of belief systems that you ones normally gravitate to. Obviously I am speaking here of the humans of all races who just had to live vicarious lifestyles because they believed they should, and they believed they could, without ever considering the price that they and the rest of humanity would have to pay as a result. Now, even today with all the raucous rumblings and hostile screams of all countrymen in all countries blaring loudly, much is still not being understood. The downtrodden peoples are still declaring their right for freedom while recanting some of their former beliefs of the goodness of certain political figures they once believed in. However, it is the reformation process that each country here must undergo that is proving to be as troublesome as it is to continue to pry the fingers off the populaces that have so long been held in a stranglehold. Those men AND women still trying to either hold on to their rapidly slipping seats of power and those who are still trying to find a place of exile to escape to, are the leaders whose ambiguous minds sought nothing for the peoples, but everything for themselves. Please understand Earthizens, these ones are the peoples in each country who have been the greatest wastrels but still MUST believe that something will happen to ensure their eventual return to the thrones, or at the very least, that somehow or other their lives will be spared by the peoples….and by TERRA herself. The irony here is that they have all been brought up to believe that they were of a superior race, a supreme caste of a chosen few. Peoples please understand, beliefs can be their own conundrums when they are birthed in quicksand. It has always been only the most superficial of humans who have been able to buy into or be born into their seats of power. This is why they made sure that even if competency was not a birthing requirement, they had to continue to breed to ensure the stability of their ill-gotten regimes.

Now, it is when the belief system of any race of humans is so corrupt from the day of its inception and instilled into the minds of all of that country’s peoples that history itself receives a massive and intentional blow from this Universe. The Akashic Hall is sadly overlooked here by most of you ones. Yet, it is there that this planet in particular has the recordings kept by the Gate Keepers for the dual purpose of deciding a planet’s fate as well as the fates of every individual. Speaking of which, one of the Gate Keepers there asked me to expressly tell you one and all, that he wishes humans would stop wishing for the deaths of corrupt people and instead start concentrating, focusing, on working on the goals necessary to Create anew the human races. There, I have now delivered the message. Do with it what you will!

So it is as I walk here and listen to the laments of so many peoples whose Spirits have been broken, it is with true heartfelt delight that as I encounter those ones among you who are now part of the massing of the collective consciousness, I see a serenity that lies behind the eyes, within the heart and is spreading rapidly through the Souls. These are the ones who have quickly looked around at the sheer madness abounding here and thanked themselves and the God of this Universe for the fact that at least they themselves have been strengthened; they have discovered great indomitable aspects of themselves that will be of assistance in seeing them through these times. No, cousins, it is not because they have more than you have, in fact many of these ones have far less. It is because they struggled and fought what MAY have seemed to them to be insurmountable odds in order to remain in touch with their own ideals and their own faiths.

If “faith” was better understood, if it had always been better understood, the ratio of the probability factor of all that is occurring here would in fact have been altered. That factor change is very high indeed. Faith itself is an understood energy that lives within Soul. It is here in this Sacred realm that all things CAN be altered IF it is for the betterment of the INDIVIDUAL. However, none can alter the probability factor to include the totality of change for the better for the entire planet. If that were indeed possible Earthizens, no doubt we would have already done that! I must say witnessing the collision between the religious-minded and those who see only the practical world issues is rather…….unsettling. Although it was always well-known by us that as religions began the internal struggle in a last-ditch effort to try to save their own infrastructures, even at the cost of the beliefs of their parishioners, that it would be the parishioners themselves who would suffer most grievously. Now, Earthizens please understand: there is nothing here that is happening to peoples who so desperately want to believe in illusions that cause we ourselves anything but great sadness. In part yes, it is for those suffering the greatest of mind-binges as their religious beliefs are swiftly crumbling regardless of how desperately they try to hold on to them. The callousness of religious leaders has always been well-known to us, yet watching this all unfold is quite devastating to all those who were goodhearted Souls truly believing in what really is nothing more than manmade deceptions. This does not in any manner however alter the fact that so many wanted to believe and by doing do effectively turned their backs and their minds away from the truth.

Now, I will deviate from the transmission part for a moment in order to tell you about something that happened so very long, long, ago. It was during a meeting my Celestial daughter had with God that has proven to be a very telling moment in her own evolution and is an example of how a belief is an aspect of a greater truth WHEN that belief can not be changed. It is also WHEN that belief’s foundation is rooted ONLY in truth that all else that happens must be considered to be what it truly is-an event that is fecund! When this occurs, there is always a quiet acceptance that all must progress as it should, for there is no other choice anymore. It is the beliefs that harm others that NOW MUST be changed! Celestial was addressing an issue with God that she was very concerned about. The issue was the year 2011. You see, she already knew of all that had to take place that year for the greater good. She was so very concerned about all the people on this planet who she knew would fail to see and hear truth and would instead want to continue to follow the trail of smoke and mirrors. I was present during this meeting because I was asked to be. God in His usual manner listened and commiserated with Celestial because He knew what SHE knew. And it was in this shared knowing that an understanding took place.

Celestial knew that because she chose longevity here, she would bear witness to so many atrocities disguised as “wars fought for God,” and of course the inevitable fears of each country that they would ultimately be overtaken by other hostile countries. She knew what she “saw” and she KNEW WHAT SHE KNEW. It was in that shared knowing with God that both God and she agreed that she should simply allow the people she COULD help into her life and remain passionately detached from the unwholesomeness that would be so prevalent here in 2011. I will not continue and tell you what else transpired that time, that is private GOD TIME information. Suffice it to say that she and the one who was to be her love of her life yet AGAIN, would walk their walks here and do what they can, but turn away when they MUST. Cousins, in NO WAY do I wish for you the lifestyles that Celestial must have. I do instead ask of you ones to make the most of what your priorities in life are and share when you can with whom you can. The eyes and ears of the Universe are upon you.

Now, all that occurred in 2011 was but a precursor to all that is occurring now and will continue to do so. Many countries are acting out in response to the plight of the peoples. The droughts that are increasing are not in any manner being mitigated by the heavy deluges of rain and lightening storms. Yes, this too shall continue before it can pass. You can expect further machinations for this year and some continuing years among the Middle Eastern nations. Each now is vying more and more to be “the one,” the presumed, alleged, “Mecca” for Middle Eastern peoples. Now, although the Dali Lama did indeed do as much as he could to strive to be the Spiritual leader of his country, he fought long and hard in his own way for changes that were in fact intractable. However, the peoples he led and their own type of religious beliefs held back the women and children who were meant to be the prototypes for a better more equitable belief system. Too many people there believed wrongly and now it is too late. Israel and China will continue to hide the truths of all their military maneuvers until such time the truth can no longer not be revealed.

Countries that do not want to change their traditions, that do not choose to change their beliefs, will cease to be. That is the way it is. So many countries in the mid-east and in Europe overall, are just at the tip of the iceberg “of comeuppance.” The dark hand that has held the Middle-East in place for far too long can no longer effectively control the everyday peoples. It is sad that so many of those peoples will die because of their true quest for freedom. But even they now know that something is very wrong with all their dogmas. But then it always has been. Earthizens, all beliefs are being mightily tested now and the truly self-serving ones are being revealed to the innocent peoples. It has required centuries for peoples to have the gumption to stand up and challenge the beliefs that have been so ignominiously foisted upon them. Italy, France, India, Pakistan to name but a few, are finding more and more that the stability the peoples once believed these countries had, and they believed so because that it what they were told, actually have none today. America is certainly no stranger to turmoil although many of that country’s own leaders for many, many, years have been behind so much corruption. America too is falling and falling hard. You ones may expect more unfortunate news about Japan and Thailand to name but a few countries.

Do not think for a nanosecond that England, South America, Canada and so many other countries will be spared. All countries are beginning now more so than in 2011, to rue their many contradictory stability statements. Cousins, peoples are not willing to die now for the lost causes of their respective country’s leaders. Nor are they able to cope much longer with their hunger pains. Beliefs are being tossed about like straw in a windstorm. Now, I must say it is however heartening to hear so many voices from all races here joined in unison as peoples demand truths and attempt to cope with the reality that they have been ingeniously lied to. Of course there is also great shame taking place. This is because the peoples who are entering into the realization phase are in shock. It is because of their being aware now that they themselves helped promulgate the lies and delusionary beliefs by teaching the same to their own children.

Also the realization that the long held belief they had about the once trusted fiduciaries have now been seen to be nothing that the peoples were TRAINED to believe they were, is causing outrage, umbrage and violent behavior among everyday peoples. What is sad about this however, other than the fact that humans here simply can not seem to wait to put their trust, their beliefs in institutions that truly could not care less about them, is another outstanding oddity that I will mention. Peoples want returns on their investments; as though that will actually bring them TRUE happiness, or a truer way of righteous living. Therefore because they have been TRAINED to believe in these ridiculous assumptions, they can not accept NOT having what they have been TRAINED to believe they should have. Hmm, I suppose Pavlov may have been working with more than dogs in his writings and TRAININGS.

Now, it is always the everyday people who suffer the most grievous assaults when the economy and their “esteemed trust factor” has been fractured beyond repair. This is where you are heading forthwith. Sadly, except for the peoples who have tried to live respectable lives harming no one intentionally and being unbiased about other races and valiantly attempting to mature exponentially, are the ones who stand out here on this planet as figures who are not “stick people.” Rather, they are true human beings. As for the others on this planet, those who simply must “have, have, have,” they only know what they think they had when they lose it. Even then their perspectives are jaundiced. Cousins, even then they can not see the larger picture. Peoples, you are on the cusp of a new and better time. However, all changes require a letting go of previously held assumptions, thoughts and erroneous beliefs. I ask you all now to simply be willing to change your beliefs by knowing that you have been mercilessly tricked. It is ok to make errors in judgment, it is NOT ok to continue to do so when you know that you ones should not.

I am signing off for now.. Salude, Blue Star

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