Masters #4 Learning Hate 3-3-12

The Masters


Message #4

Learning Hate

Master Kato… (transmitted to Celest) There is so much that we have to speak with you about that we the collective of Masters have decided to develop our own priority list.

I wish that each of you would better understand how energy displaces energy through a continuum of movements. However in order for this to occur one energy must leave before the other can take its place. Although in our main Continuum, she who is the mother who holds all life, energy can and does exist together as parallel units of measured energies. Yes, Planetizens, this does mean that “two or more objects can occupy the same space at the same moment.” I do not expect any of you to be able to rationalize this for it is beyond rationalization; it is part of organized chaos. However, in certain worlds such as this Earth Star planet, it is simply inconceivable that this would take place because of the low density this planet has had for so long. There are exceptions however that do occur each time a major doorway and a major gateway open here. During these spatial events so much more is happening during those times than you could possibly understand. The spatial events we are speaking of for now are the doorways and gateways which all exist at the same time. A type of conversion ensues during these events WHILE causing a type of atomical expansion of this Universe to exist. I am speaking of an adaptation that is the result of a calculation that is performed that brings about changes that function as the core of recalibrating systems. It is a systematic exchange that is a conversion of molecules, ionic beads and neutrons necessary for the evolvement and thus the enhancements and enlargements of doorways and gateways.

Because we of course do not rely on anything that is chronological in nature, all of these doorways and gateways come into existence sometimes for only brief periods when alignments of planets, constellations, Grand Crosses and other massive forces of spatial undertakings can conjoin at the right time in the right place. None of this is happenstance, you know. All must occur for both the life-force of the physical planet and for the LIGHT that must continuously stream onto the planet for the betterment of the Souls who are there. Although in many instances here on the Earth Star planet these events occur in a seemingly subtle fashion, there really is nothing subtle about them. Their individual and amassed gravitational and non-gravitational forces are astronomical. Although I will use the term “gravity” for now, it is really not about gravity so much as it is about the extensions of thought and altered FORMS of recognized matter undergoing a type of metamorphosis.

Yes, Planetizens, these times cause a unique occurrence in the hearts and minds of mankind overall. As long as this planet has been in existence there have been Souls here who truly understand the significance of doorways and gateways. They are the people who have always tried to impress upon others the gravity of the situation. No, I was not indulging in a pun; please forgive me if I seemed to be. Without the expansions and Light of the Universe flowing into and through a planet during those times, all could easily be lost here and that would be untenable and unthinkable. Many efforts are always being made to ensure the stability of the planet. However, it is the people, those simple people as well as those who are The Speakers, who we rely on to teach others to participate in these events through a simple process of “calling in the Light.” Yet there are still others here today as well as those of the past times, whose varied missions include either working together or singly to assist in holding the doorways and gateways open for whatever the stipulated timing event may be. It can be a daunting experience for these particular Souls. It is not easy to feel that they are carrying the weight of the world on their frail shoulders and backs. Yet their help is simply essential and incredible.

Even the people who are not assisting in the complicated process of opening the doorways and gateways and maintaining those openings do not realize that in their own way, in their own unique manner that they too are assisting in maintaining the openings and the continuity of these events. These people determinedly continue to speak WITH the Light each time they know that one or more of these portals are arriving. These people do what can to be of service to others. They oftentimes wonder if their impassioned pleas, their speaking TO and WITH these portals and their mediations with each ARE making a difference. While incarnate here, the people who do this will never fully be confident that they themselves are making a difference. The reality here is that YES, their individual and collective works are invaluable. Please understand Children of the Earth, these events are not trivial. Neither are any of the people who continue with their accepted missions in these events. Another purpose in bringing these portals into this world is that so much that each portal is composed of is needed here to attach Light particles and the variegated “tunnels” of non-flaccid energy streamers down through the core of the Earth and then continue on to whatever else is part of her present galaxy. If you think of this process as akin to a massive umbrella sitting atop this ionosphere shielding Terra from obtrusive energy particles, while allowing only those that are beneficial and highly evolved to enter, then you may have a better idea of how important this procession of portals really is.

In some ways evolution is a complicated process for you to understand. It is not “cut and dry” nor does it move in any spastic manner. On a purely physical scale the development of all earlier biological forms into more refined, more advanced states of being is a prerequisite for all life forms on all worlds. Universes do not enter into any states of declining existences if their life forms move more slowly than is desired by the Luminescents of those Universes. All is predicated on the ability, the capability and the Soul desire of EACH species of life to move progressively and slowly when necessary and in this manner reject any preconceived Spiritual deformities they may have had. As a species of life develops a more intense understanding takes hold of anything to do with physical anomalies that are direct contradictions to the evolvement on a Spiritual scale of the species. So if there were in previous life experiences here on the Earth Star for instance, lengthy periods or entire lifetimes of mind-controlled manners of thinking and believing, then that would effectively negate the evolution of those particular individuals or groups of same-minded people here for a very long time period. When any people of any of the races here have devolved to such a state that it is practically impossible for them to move forward because they have been blocked from doing so due to their states of mind or their levels of understanding, then evolution is temporally halted for these types of people. There are certain mentally induced emotions and beliefs that contradict “progressiveness” by constricting evolution; thereby halting the flow of this Universally accepted movement of Spirituality. The greatest of true energies here that are vastly misunderstood are the power of love and the power of hate. Love is not an instantaneous process although quite often hate is. Love is a part of the nucleus of each Soul, yet love itself requires nourishment, it requires nurturing. Love is an access point for all future levels of evolution, yet it does periodically require its own development state. Because of its necessary alignment with the evolutionary process, love too can develop into a more complex or advanced state of itself until like evolution, it is all encompassing.

Hate on the other hand is the most diabolically created energy of unimaginable duration that impacts in a corrosive manner on the heart, mind and Soul of an individual. Hate can be more powerful than love IF the degree of hate is so vast that it encompasses great numbers of people all at the same time. In this manner hate itself can eradicate love and supplant it with the decomposition matter that superimposes itself over the former radiance of love. Hate itself is not a part of a being UNLESS it has been brutally forced upon a normally stable individual. Unstable people of all races however quickly succumb to this formidable enemy. People of hate can disguise themselves well. Planetizens I urge you each to remember that ” enemies without are the ones you don’t see and the enemies within are the ones you least expect.”

The Lost Children and the Land of the Shadow People

It is with great sadness that I can not extol the virtues of ALL of our races in the country known FOR NOW as Africa. Africa is one or should I say HAD been one of the most magnificent of all landmasses here for a very, very long time. Her beauty has slowly dwindled to but a shell of what she had been. Landmasses do have both hearts and Souls, you should already know this! Her heart and Soul has been crying out in great anguish for so long now. She seeks the release of her Earthly existence. She shall have her wish come true. There are people of several races who live in Africa and there are the people who are the true African people. We have watched with saddened hearts as the true people there have been subjected to such heretofore unheard of brutality, while others of the true people have been brutalized into becoming monsters without parallel. Millions of the young Children of Africa are lost. To date there remain only very small numbers of groups of goodhearted and free Spirited young Children. The demon riders have performed their hellacious tasks all too well in Africa. They have succeeded in turning tribe against tribe and not merely encouraging but ORDERING full-scale massacres to be committed by one tribe against another.

The emergence of Christianity there has only confused and vexed the situation more so than it already was. Did you know that even white supremacists have had their unclean hands in these affairs? Is it not horrific enough that other countries lay claim to Africa? Is it not most shameful that these once long ago peaceful people no longer can even survive? Not long after the first races of Africans arrived to this plane they were all peaceful groups for the most part. Then slowly at first the insidious thoughts of the demon riders began to be implanted into the minds of most of the people there. In a short time tribe turned against tribe as each of these sought supremacy over other tribes, much the way it happened with those today known as “Native Americans.” This was the true beginning of the African killing fields. Each generation of people of each tribe were reared to hate or fear the other tribes. The demon riders were already beginning their long planned out takeover of the true people. Bloodshed became a growing concern then even though there were still many, many of the true people intent only on farming and raising families. Today the demon riders and their shadow people have taken this abomination, this physical and Spiritual genocide to far more degrading levels. Today they are focusing all their energies there on the decimation of all family units as well as the planned extinction of many tribes.

Today there is also an all-out campaign of rupturing families through the unlawful yet government sponsored abduction of young boys for the horribly designated purpose of turning them into Child Soldiers. This is the most murderous grouping of young boys in the country. It is with great dismay on our parts that we see that millions and millions of people of all races here not only know nothing about this, but a great percentage of them would not care anyway. As always, if something horrible is not “coming your way” then these are the people who prefer NOT to know.

All people of dark skin are considered to be expendable in Africa by non-Africans. They are still considered to be inferior to and by other races. So much shame has descended on humanity because OF humanity. No one here, not even the few dedicated newscasters really wants to speak openly about the African condition. The true African people are dying in great droves. Most are illiterate because they have been deliberately kept that way. Yet in the true people live the greatest hearts and a pureness that is still untouchable. THEY epitomize the true human Spirit! Tribes there however are seeking out different tribes for the intent of total annihilation of those other people. The rapes and terrible tortures these poorest of people here are subjected to is pure lunacy fostered through hate. It is unspeakable in its horror and in its craftily plotted design. I have decided FOR NOW to spare all of you the graphic descriptions of all they endure. Far too many of you are still not ready to accept the reality of these situations. I pity the ones who can not.

“Pity” is NOT something you should ever want us to have as our perception of you. Planetizens, the Child Soldiers are rapidly turned into monstrous killing machines. This is accomplished through torture, repeated conditioned beatings and the forced use of drugs. Within only a few weeks of their being captured they are swiftly taught to use guns and machetes to name but a few weapons of destruction and to use them against all other people, EXCEPT their soldier commandos. Brainwashing these young boys is so simple, so easy; in but a matter of days they become mindless robotic type individuals. They learn quickly to hate other people just because the other people exist. NO, we do not pity them; they are but victims of the shadow people. They exemplify innocence lost. We also know that in future times these Children shall rise again and again and then become the shining lights they were intended to be. But in the today times it is a different story. Again and again and again, over the last 20 years in particular, we have witnessed their acts of learned butchery. None of us are able to make contact with them. They have nothing left. Who is crying for Africa?

The Masters who have been assigned to Africa can only work with those true people who still have their Spirits intact. Those people who have not been contaminated by overdoses of fear, agitation by religion or targeted by the government. A brilliant sage, who lived here long, long ago, once said, “As Africa goes, so goes the rest of this world.” Physical topographical conditions will continue to alter in Africa; of course this is true in all parts of this world. But in Africa the changes will be so massive that only those good people who will still be able to survive there for the next few years will be safe. They will be taken to places of safety before the landmass known as Africa is granted her wish. The other races there however who have intentionally impinged on the true freedom of the true people shall not be so fortunate. The Child Soldiers are only the lackeys of the demon riders and of the races there who have been so thoroughly dominated by the shadow people.

These soldier Children die in tremendous numbers each year; some are senselessly murdered by their cohorts, others during furious battles with all those they are trying to kill and yet still others die from massive drug overdoses and disease. Their remains are merely cast away by their captors, just as the very people these Children have murdered have been also cast away. Captured boys around the ages of 4-5 years old are immediately “put down” by their captors or other Child Soldiers, if these very young ones are considered to be either too weak physically or too afraid of their captors to be of “good use.” AIDS and other laboratory manufactured diseases have long been intentionally infecting the true Africans. Yes, you yourself may be more intelligent than the true Africans are, but are you wiser than they are?

Because of the size of this landmass it had been decided to turn the people there against one another and tirelessly murder the good Souls in that country in order to change the government completely and have this country become the permanent residence for millions of men AND women of ill-repute. These people WOULD HAVE BEEN the primary controllers of “the new Africa.” Of course, we shall not permit that to happen. Neither shall Africa!

“Hate” is a programming technique geared to further SEGREGATE people from other people. Hate tends to be a long lasting energy once it impacts upon a person’s mind. No, I can not say that love is the antidote for hate once hate has entered a person’s Sacred space. Hate is a wily, secretive mass of contentious thoughts that result in disruptive, invasive, ill-advised actions. Until a person can come to terms with his or her self and confront themselves about the fact that they do possess hate, then there can not be any reconciliation between heart and mind to Soul. Unfortunately hate too possesses the same “contagion factor” as does love. In the case of hate however, it is much easier to break the Spirit and thus demoralize another person or groups of people. Love “may make the world go round,” but hate brings it to a screeching stop. If you question whether or not it is easier to love or easier to hate, then I can only answer one way.

Love and hate run the entire gambit of the spectrum of human emotions. Obviously I am not speaking of the demon riders. They live to hate and they do so very well! A true human being can not hate; it is against all they believe in. Yet, it comes down to individual choice as to which energetic matter a person will either attract or be attracted to. The state of mind of an individual as well as the accepted belief system of what is right and what is not right to do, play a prominent role in the situation. I have chosen to speak of Africa this day because of the nefarious goings-on there that impact not only on the true people, but on other countries as well. Planetizens, I implore you each to understand that anything that happens to other races, other true people, DOES affect you each as well. No one can remain indifferent to the terrible anguish, the immoral sufferings of others and remain unscathed themselves. If you have “love” then use it. Send it to all the nameless victims in Africa. Send it to all those ones there you will never meet in this lifetime. Send it in your prayers or meditations for the Child Soldiers. Your country could be next.

We speak as ONE…Salude…Master Kato and the collective of Masters

The Masters /

~~ Heal Africa ~~

Upon reading a message from the Masters released on March 3, 2012, I was so deeply moved, that I wanted to make a video to honor Africa