The Waxing and Waning of the Former Linear 12-25-11 to 2-25-12

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The Waxing and Waning of the Former Linear

12-25-11 to 2-25-2012

I share greetings with all of you ones there from all of us here. Now, it is as you ones have each been observed recovering from shocks both large and small about all that is transpiring on this world, that I have noticed the beginnings and the burgeoning of a type of understanding that has long been sought by you ones, but that has just recently found its home. Millions of you ones are having many episodes of "missing time." No, I am not insinuating that you ones have somehow or other misplaced it. I am stating that the more deeply and quickly you have entered into the NOW time, the more quickly the linear has been dissipating for you on an individual basis. To so many of you this is a new understanding of what you have heard about from time to time but had not really experienced for yourselves. I am so pleased that so many of the cynics are now loath to vocally censure other peoples who have long been telling the cynics that time does not exist. You see, as a result of the impending 2012 chronological year line and all that it portends approaches faster and faster, this world has been experiencing major upward swoops and downward barreling of energies. This is all relative to your everyday life as well as your practical world concerns and does impinge on your eerily misunderstood concept of time and timelessness. Much as it does now on weight and weightlessness.

It has been said that on this planet "what goes up must come down." So, it should not bother or scare you in any way to discover that you have been experiencing both highs and lows of energy without you yourself actually doing anything to cause this momentum to take place. Also, millions of you peoples are having bouts of anxiety because your equilibrium seems to have been thrown off course. It is almost as if your bodies, your physical vehicles, have been acting and reacting to some unknown and unforeseen stimulus. Many of you ones have wondered if the equilibrium "problem" is a result of some malady you are contracting. Others have been concerned that their brains might not be functioning in accordance with their nervous systems. Still others are questioning their diets; are they eating something that contains toxins thereby causing the body to malfunction, or are they not eating the right foodstuffs?

Many, many, peoples have been discovering that their bodies’ desire to drink water seem to be insatiable. In nearly all cases "short term memory loss" is quite noticeable. You may have a thought, even just a short simple one for a moment, then wham! It has disappeared usually leaving no trace behind in your memory banks of what it was, let alone where it went. It gives a whole new meaning to the term," a fleeting thought." Initially this all began to affect many peoples about 8 years ago, on a small scale that is. However, in 2010 it was seen to increase. By the beginning of 2011 it was manifesting everywhere among all peoples on all landmasses. Many professional peoples who once regaled others with their own stories of their having such outstanding memories became chagrined when they found out that they can not even remember what day it is, let alone what year. Animals of course are not experiencing these…..problems. Why do you ones suppose that is?

Fiction writers are being confronted with unusual amounts of "writer’s block." The Sun and the Moon and all the constellations in this galaxy are doing what they darn well please and WHEN they please. Meteorologists are now very loath to predict the weather ANYWHERE without adding a possible or probable scenario to protect themselves when their predictions prove to be highly inaccurate. Crops and other types of foods that normally follow a cycle of when it is time to flourish and when to lie dormant are changing their cyclic conditions. The majority of peoples experience serious bouts of restlessness; serious issues centered on the need to change "something" about their lives, about themselves, yet they do not relish the idea of trying to find out what it is because it exhausts them too much. Electrical conduits of energy have been behaving haphazardly and brownouts around the world are becoming more commonplace all the time. More and more species of the animal, water, land, flora and fauna life forms are leaving the planet at times en masse, yet other times they simply can not be located…for some reason.

Peoples who were once content with what they had collected over the years as souvenirs or baubles are finding themselves looking at these items with a critical eye. "Short-tempered" is the best way to sum up the overall tempers of most peoples. SOME of these events may pose a very minute and short-lived issue for those peoples who are participants in the collective consciousness. These are the Souls who are busily Creating many allegories that have long been awaited. I am speaking of these that are being birthed now and the many more that shall be. Many peoples have been heard to remark silently that is, that the very hair on their heads hurt. Of course they feel too foolish to speak verbally of this because they may be considered to be crazy by others. At times many of you ones experience headaches and perhaps a touch of nausea for no known reason. Then of course there are the days when peoples feel "heavy or bloated." Some peoples however feel as though they are simply gliding, not walking at all.

Now, cycles begin and cycles end; yet it is with the ending of one that another has already been set in motion to begin its own journey. Think of the moon; she undergoes a cyclic change that incorporates all phases of herself into growing larger, yet she must also become smaller and then upon reaching the destination of that completion, she rises and slowly begins to bloom again. She does so because no one ever told her that she couldn’t.

I must say there is humor evident here as many peoples begin to notice that their height changes….for some Earthizens it seems to alter on a nearly daily basis. Peoples who are in a couples’ relationship have been noticing that one day one of them is taller than the other, and then on another day it changes. Then of course there are a few vision issues. Some complain that they can not seem to see what is in front of them while others are startled to find that their vision is much sharper, more focused. You see, the faster and faster peoples have either let go of their tenacious grip on having to believe that the linear world exists, the more they change physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. Your minds have been trying to expand their OWN consciousness; one this is not really separate from your own understood one, but rather a consciousness to complement your Super Conscious state rather than constrict it.

As this occurs more and more, you ones you will find that you are having far more "explorative thoughts" than you once did. This is an experience that is sent to you by the new NOW time. The linear world had been a voracious, constrictive, suffocating energy. It was because of that handicap that you were not able to allow the receptiveness to take place that your minds and Spirits craved. Yet, it was not until the NOW began to sweep across this planet offering unrestricted possibilities and unexplored probabilities for you ones that most of you never bothered to investigate those areas of thought on your own. I said most of you did not. You see, if you ones can accept what is happening to you as a great benefit and for many of you it is a majestic reward, then in time you will realize that you are learning to sip the elixir of life. No good deed goes unrewarded, you know. Contrary to what others may believe.

Now, I want to point out a very important fact so please, pay attention: I have been speaking with you ones about your assimilation into the GOLDEN NOW. You ones need to understand how this impacts on the collective consciousness and how it effects others as well and how other peoples will fare. I speak now of those who are choosing, have chosen and will choose to participate in this momentous occasion, and I will speak of those who do not. All that is thought of by you and every other person on the planet affects the quantum physics that is associated with the collective consciousness. Although that type of physics is a branch of quantum theory, they must function together as "linked" energy matter that lacks any brevity within the collective of consciousness. So it is that your thoughts, your thought patterns and your own individual energy signatures influence this consciousness. This happens through the process of altering particles of energy and elongating the hub or matrix of the collective through sheer concentrated thought. The Spiritual nature of all who enter this realm is a much needed conduit for energy.

You each who are part of the collective, as well as those others who will eventually join are in a unique position to alter your own circumstances in life now, by truly defining what is and what is not important to you. I mean really define it, not merely speak the words in a manner filled to the brim with lassitude. Do you truly understand Earth cousins, that this can not be accomplished by linear thought? Do you truly understand the power you have been given and how carefully you must weigh all your decisions now? No one who abuses this power will be exempt from the repercussions that will be sure to follow. I warn you one and all! Speak from your heart and your Soul and all will be fine. The time for falseness and untruthfulness is past. It is just too, too linear! Now, each time you are a conscious contributor to the collective you will be unwittingly for the most part, assisting all other good peoples on this planet.

Just as they themselves will be assisting you. You will understand this better if you remember, all is thought and thought is all. Now as for the others who simply can not deal with having their illusions of reality rudely shaken and then destroyed: You are beginning to notice more and more often that you are either encountering certain types of people or hearing about them from others you know and trust implicitly, who speak about people who are changing in appearance, for one thing. These peoples who can not accept change and those who are responsible for previous personal and societal incongruities taking place on the planet seem either more disheveled than they had been before, or they have tried so hard to deal with their lackluster appearance that they look more as if they have faces like plastic dolls than you can remember.

They now seem to wear perpetual scowls that quite simply reveal the level of their Soul maturity and the ever-present illusionary belief systems they have. Their fears are that they are becoming an endangered species because peoples are no longer simply accepting what these lost Souls say and teach. Peoples are no longer accepting these others’ words at face value. Those others who refuse to change and those who loath the loss of their power have entered into the waning of their season. These ones can not and will not survive. It is NOW as these other peoples all over this planet are arriving at the apex of their time of self-banishment leading to their vanishing as a species, that all they had done in this lifetime that was deleterious to the human race as a whole, is being brought to light in many ingenious ways. As for the rest of you ones, I can only say that you are stronger mentally and Spiritually than you believe yourselves to be. Remember please, although the populations will shrink to small numbers, all those remaining here for the duration of their mortality are now and will continue to wax anew. I am signing off for now,

Salude…Blue Star the Pleiadian

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