A time of great seriousness 12-20-11



Session #13

A time of great seriousness


Greetings and hello to all of you,

I refer to Celest as "My song of Celestial vibrations," for she gives me hope for the further evolution of mankind. She and I are very simpatico and have compared notes many, many times over these years and have mutually agreed that perhaps, just perhaps, the human race as a whole is worth saving. Although I must declare on my own part that sometimes…I am just not as sure of this as she is. Although I am on holiday now, I can still watch all the crazy buggers bent on not changing the parliamentary procedures just because they think they know more than the common everyday people here in England. I feel otherwise however, which is probably just one reason why I am at times shunned by the blokes in parliament. I love shopkeepers but I do think the time here for "high tea" is over. Swilling tea and ale and eating delicate crumpets and indulging in other niceties, to me seems not only passé but an insult to the everyday people who are so desperately trying to simply make ends meet.

I listen to the words of the people then try to convey my feelings, my interpretations of them to my political curmudgeons. As usual they simply watch the telly or engage in less than honest pursuits the moment their spouses go abroad. So much for evolution here! Some things change and some things do not. There is a wee bit of a tantrum breaking out here in greater numbers than before between the dearly beloved clergy and the royals. Although some of the younger royals are pretty good eggs, the older ones still do not want to understand that the times they are a changing. The clergy are loath to give over their positions of prominence any more than they believe they already have. The royals, well, they are "royals,’ so please forgive them for not wanting to know how wrong they are about everything. I find it simply unfathomable that not only my political party but the others who are in control BEHIND the party, are hell-bent on believing that all this rebellion will soon blow over.

A crony of mine, one of only a few who has been a longtime friend cautioned me to speak in less feisty fashion when we all resume our seats after holiday. I believe that that type of behavior is in great measure one of the paramount reasons that the beleaguered good people here have been unable to rise to their rightful place as the real people of Britain. Really now, all this dastardly pomp and circumstance here have contributed even more to the royal decay of any true-Spirited up and coming P.M. attaining office. Mores the pity! It surely did not help to hearten people here when Prince Charlie just had to be so publically vocal about his family ties with "Vlad the Impaler," aka "Dracula." It certainly did not greet people with joy here when they saw the family resemblance either. I feel so sorry for the conditions my people are living in here now, but I feel nothing but the scantiest pity and contempt for the royals and the clergy.

Of all these groups of people, it is my people who are the suffering ones, not the others. Too many men, women and many, many younger adults are yelling and screaming for their piece of the pie, without the ones holding the reins of power here wanting to understand that NO, these people will not simply go away. To top it off we are besieged with many weather anomalies here and no one wants to see the writing on the wall. I would have to say that in my own esteemed opinion people still only see what they want to see. I keep my ear to the ground, in a manner of speaking. So it is with pleasure that as I hear the multitude of the voices of the people becoming more voraciously determined to change England, I applaud them and silently pray that this will happen with little or no bloodshed. I know my prayers will not be answered though.

The more the times and my beloved people continue to change the less likely it will be that the seriousness of the tone they have adapted will be understood by those in power. It will be refused to be acknowledged for what it is; it is the power peoples’ last chance to not only retain their political and religious positions but to a much lesser degree, but for they themselves to survive. I want it clearly understood now that my concerns are not only for my countrymen here. I consider myself to be one of and for the people of all countries. Perhaps that alone makes me a renegade, but I have seen such terrible debauchery take place in every county and I empathize with all good people everywhere. I have for years now been quite vocal about the horrible depletion of oxygen on the planet. Strangely enough not that many people have wanted to listen too me. I do understand the fear of the situation that is affecting SOME people. They know that without oxygen we will all die. "Death" in this matter, will not care who or what you are. It is impassive.

I have forsaken my ambitious plans to smack the political figures over their collective heads with the truth that I know. Many of them think I am an odd duck anyway so I do not believe that what I know will be taken seriously by most of them. I could tell them that they do not realize that I am also a visionary, a prophet and my visions and lucid dreams are phenomenal. If they knew all that about me I surely would end up as a guest in the Old Bailey. Or worse, a "person of interest." Then what good could I do?

I have seen that the enormous multitudes of dead crustaceans, whales, fish of all types etc., are even vaster in numbers than any person in any country is being told. I also know that the almost unbelievable tons of them that I KNOW will soon also die, will be facts that will continue to be hidden from public eyes for as long as possible. The fisher people are more aware of these facts than any other people. This is true in all parts of the world. Yet it is also true that many people in this profession must bear the guilt for what is happening. Competition among countries for their "fishing rights" has become fiercer than you can imagine. Yes, many industrial complexes and power plants are also responsible for these terrible losses of life. Then again the dreadful and continued chemtrails spraying is now reaching mindboggling proportions, as if it were not deadly enough already!

The oceans as well as all other waterways are of course contaminated by this. How can they not be? I have seen vast areas of waterways all over the world becoming more and more and more depleted of oxygen. I also know that even the once splendid waterfalls that all contained so much of the necessary negative ions are vastly depleted. I looked forward into the future of the next 5 years and of course saw what I expected to. I saw so much death and the continued tirades of what will be left of political parties desperately trying to hold on to something that no longer exists here and should never have been viable in the first place. Yet dear Souls, here we all are once again during Christmas season, with people desperately trying to act as normally as possible. Of course what is normal to one person may be considered to be abnormal to another. Shopkeepers are praying, butchers are counting on some type of short-lived harvest for the season and everyday people just do not want to look past "today."

I have learned over the years that people tend to become uncomfortable if they must face up to serious issues; serious circumstances that have life-impacting effects. After all, what fun is there in that? Everybody wants to party hearty and pay less and less attention to their fellow man. Countries are actually dying now and the inhabitants do not want to hear about it. Alas, such a lack of personal responsibility is apparent to me even if it is not apparent to you. It is so easy, TOO easy for people around this planet to repel the obvious fact that they are all related. This is a concept that simply eludes so many people because they do not like that idea. People of this planet! I implore you to wake up and smell the decay or else you will BECOME part of the decay, more so than you already are.

The most invidious people here who are the very ones behind the controlling factions are not the least distressed because of your living conditions. They are not the least distressed because so many people will die either. They could care less about the future of Gaia, because of their own SECRET plan for this planet and her people. I have seen that these diabolical ones will not be able to thrust forth and carry out their nefarious plans for humanity….as a whole. However, they will take a great number of people down before they themselves are "put down." Many fine minds here will crack and crumble as the psyches arrive at a point of intolerance for all they will endure. Millions of people will continue to be tested in regard to their ability to continue on and their capability to conceive righteous plans for the good of all.

One of the few people here in this country, as well as some people in another country who know my own abilities and capabilities, wonder if I had been born here too soon. They think I would have been better off arriving at this plane of existence if I had simply chosen to be here 100 years from now. I have given that some thought and deduced that no, I am here at the right time and for the right reason. I realize that copious amounts of right-thinking people must remain on this planet, well, at least as many as God decrees should be here. I further realize that even though I oftentimes feel like the man shining a lone candle in the dark, that I am affecting many people who have conjoined their existences with me on Earth, purely to assist whomever we can and wherever we can.

I am concerned about the young children on this world. I am concerned abut the increased mind-altering substances that are now becoming more and more available to them. In many cases I do realize that the children are merely mimicking their parents and other elders. Does this fact say more about the children or more about their parents? This is all rather disheartening to me, because I KNOW of the great importance that is awaiting the present young generations and the new ones to come yet. I also know that NO drug induced people here will survive. I cope with this knowledge simply because I must. I have no other choice.

What I wish for the people of this planet for Christmas is that they reach out heart to heart, mind to mind and Soul to Soul and send non-verbal messages of love and encouragement to and for all the people of this world. This Christmas in particular!

On this somber note, I take my leave for now and wish you each also….be the best you can be and do so for the right reasons.


Emiel – Bluestarspeaks.com