Edition #23 The Timing is Quintessential 12-11-2011

Celestial Chronicles

Edition #23

The Timing is Quintessential


So, is everyone prepared for the grand entrance of the optimum year of 2012? How would anyone answer my question? In light of the fact that still far too many people see this upcoming time as some sort of panacea, while others see it as "the long prophesized rapture," it is a wonder to me how stable, well-balanced psyches are able to deal with these misconceptions of other people without feeling "alienated," from the human race. The linear time-clock has been rapidly dwindling towards total nonexistence for some "time" now. I am mentioning this just in case there is someone on the planet who is not aware of this yet. If you are an observant student, one who quietly watches the human race indulge in preconditioned thesis and dramas geared to gloom and doom of one sort or another, then you should feel as much compassion for these people who live lives based on fear, as I do.

No, I am not going to begin an in-depth discussion on Soul agreements that were signed by each person here admonishing them to be wary and aware of this long awaited timeline. At this point I feel that would be redundant. As God recently said in His last book, "if they haven’t gotten it by now, they never will." Because I personally subscribe to that thought, I will not go into that subject again. If you were to ask people what they fear most, the answers would be quite varied. They would range from homelessness to the loss of their loved ones. Yet in truth deeply buried within their psyche in such a manner that Soul has great difficulty in wrenching this fear out of the mind and into a place of observation in order for the person to become aware of this anomaly, is the fear of the loss oftheir identity.

Millions and millions of people can not separate themselves from who they think they are to who they really are. Our beloved friend Dr. Shamaan Eagle, told us about a bit of an experiment she has been conducting for the last 50 years. When she is introduced to someone she has not known before she always asks, "So, who are you?" The answers are inevitably the same. "I am a nurse, I am a teacher, I am a housewife, I am a single mom," etc. That is not what she asked. Then when she tries to explain to these people that their answers are only descriptive of WHAT they do, not WHO they are, they become totally confused and then silent. I understand her point. For example: Mothers and fathers who are in close relationships with their children are loath to separate that ROLE in their lives from WHO they themselves are as individual Souls. This is true of every profession actually. So, it is no surprise to me that people are acting out more and more frantically now as the 2012 deadline looms ever closer. To them, it is a deadline. However, how they see their ROLES in 2012 defines their characters, NOT their identities and YES, there is a difference in those terms.

Those whose characters are caught up in the "rapturedom" syndrome see themselves as some type of dedicated, pure, God-fearing, people whose intertwined destines is to be saved and ascend to Nirvana. They do not see that shadow land place in their characters. It is in that place where pure bias, bigotry, often accompanied by selfish thoughts and beliefs dwell along with their intentional belittling of all those other people whose beliefs are different. Do beliefs define character or identity? Mull that over and see what conclusion you arrive at. To them 2012 is the longed for culmination of a dream. Little do they know primarily because they do not want to, is that it is not a dream; it is in fact a fear that they have been nurturing. In the end, they will only have themselves to hold responsible for their lack of true character and the loss of true identity.

Then there are the people who absolutely insist on believing that 2012 is the cure-all time for this planet’s ascension. They desperately want to believe that it will all be fine by the end of 2012… at the latest. First of all, Terra has been not so quietly ascending for some time now. She has recently opened the floodgates for the total emergence of the 4th. Dimension here on the Earth Star planet. Does this mean that 2012 signals the end to all pain, discomfort, poverty and hellaciouspeople still remaining in control of governments, banks, etc.? NO, it does not! 2012 is the beginning of A beginning; all cycles start as a beginning; then birth new cycles built on the foundation of the previous one.

This is no time to be indulging in self-gratifying thoughts. It is not that everyone is doing this; it is that too many still are. Everything that happens in life, whether it is the life of an individual or the life span of a planet, is predicated on quintessential timing. Think of this as, "the fifth element." I am speaking of the spatial embodiment of the purest of "preplanned" events. No, in the strictest sense this is not an archetypal or some type of prototypical example. It is the identity of change; it is the manifestation of an evolutionary CAUSE and the EFFECTS are interplanetary. This planet’s identity is TERRA; she at least has no identity crisis. Her ROLE is Mother Earth, although she CAN be cause, when she needs to be, she is now in EFFECT operating under the auspices of Universal Laws that are very supportive of her desire for the recall of the last vestiges of the former third-dimension, what is left of it, and the perfectly aligned placement of the 4th.

If you truly believe that the people who are not seeing what 2012 is all about, those who do not want to believe that so very, very, much change still needs to take place here want to hear otherwise… you will learn much from watching their expressions if you try to tell them otherwise. If you think that I will try to inform people who choose to be uninformed that while the Golden NOW is continuing to come into her own and the linear is shunted away, that their ill-conceived badly conditioned beliefs makes them vulnerable to "leaving the planet," then think again. Been there, done that. Try telling them and learn a lesson. People who do not want to have ears, can not hear.

Remember please, "To know yourself is to know the truth. And that is NOT "character," it is identity.


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