It is the Best of Times, it is the Best of Times 10-25-11 to 12-25-11

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It is the Best of Times, it is the Best of Times

10-25-11 to 12-25-11

Well, Earthbound cousins, here we are gathered together yet again and ready to enter into the breech one more time. I did not say however that it would be the last time, now did I? Now, I have been watching so many peoples around the world assembling together to discuss their own shared and at times unshared philosophies on life and death and I can tell you ones that the impact they each have on one another is quite remarkable. Initially they began to do this in small groups that are now rapidly becoming larger. More and more peoples are actually discussing the possibility of an afterlife; almost as though they are beginning to believe in it. What a concept! I must say it is refreshing, albeit it has taken you ones long enough to have the courage to discuss that which you fear the most. You ones fear being ridiculed, humiliated, scorned and are fearful of becoming targets for peoples you erroneously believe may know more than you do. I must point out to you ones that there will always be peoples who know more than you do about some things, but there have never been people who have "known it all." Even if they themselves, do have a tendency to think so. Also, you ones know far more than do others, so please, give yourselves a break, okay?

It is with great relief on my part accompanied by a tremendous sigh of gratitude that I now send to each of you ones for all the hard work you have been doing on and FOR yourselves. Particularly those peoples who have recently began chatting with Terra. By doing so you are raising her vibrations while instilling within her own heart the sentience you each bear that resonates so much with her own. This is far more important than any of you do realize. Each time she hears, sees and feels the heartfelt emotions and love that you hold for her and YOURSELF, she becomes stronger in her determination to best the beast that is still alive and kicking in so many minds and hearts. She does this by reformatting herself. Something wonderful is happening here on the Earth Star planet. The collective of consciousness is now growing at an unprecedented rate. What does dismay me however, is that it always seems to take calamities to occur before so many of you ones have your foundations in life first shaken up, and then broken.

One of the great anomalies that have taken place here as NESARA crippled the backs of your economies is that it meant you all had to view life and yourself….and each other…in a different way. Everyone, even those called "the haves," have had to experience great difficulties, although the "have nots," experienced greater ones. As the waters rose and will continue to do so, certain priorities in life became manifest to people, some for the first time in this lifetime. As the droughts and harsh winds continue to pummel this planet, everyone, all peoples of all cultures on all landmasses, are coming face to face with some or many of their greatest fears, their biggest concerns. All that had been taken for granted for far too long here, was and will continue to be, suddenly and rudely whisked away. Almost as though those things had never been. Almost as though they had merely been dreams. People have begun to reach out to other people. I must say I commend all of you ones who have done so. It was and is especially endearing to me, because I have been watching the people who were not used to doing this struggle almost shamefacedly because they were doing something they were simply unused to.

Many rifts that had occurred between former friends and former relationships have healed. Granted, there have been peoples who simply did not want to take a chance that if they did not survive they would have to answer for their actions to a wrathful god. Okay, they did the right thing for the wrong reasons. But still, it’s a start. Relationships that have been severed permanently however were the right choices that just had to be made. In most instances those that had ended and will continue to be separated for all time, brought and will continue to bring an upsurge of relief to the ones who had caused the termination to happen. An ominous sense of helplessness permeated so many people who had previously refused to leave their relationships. It was only through the severance that peoples have left the yoke of discontent behind. Granted some of you ones felt discouragement and disappointment in yourselves as well as with those who were your former liaisons.

Still when all had been said and done, the healing has been able to take place that allowed you the freedom "to be." It is enchanting to see how quickly you discovered that not long after those actions took place, suddenly you would encounter goodhearted peoples whose goals, ambitions and inspirations were on a par with your own. The ones you left behind simply always find others whose thoughts and goals were or are, also on their own level. A very lower based level, that is. Those who have preached of doom and gloom are in fact experiencing a mini-shock, one that will have far reaching implications for them over the next several years. These peoples will find out for themselves much to their dismay, that they were led astray from the get go.

On the other hand, there are other peoples who are now occupied with better activities. These ones have engaged in new conceptualizations of thought and actions. You see, when peoples gather together for the purpose of promoting their self-expression and also to bounce "new" ideas off one another, history is then being made. I said "made," not rewritten. Now, the gloom and doom peoples and prophets have minds in disarray because what they BELIEVED would happen, did not.

Many of you ones have questioned how it is that so many peoples across the world could actually accept, believe, and follow a path littered with both alleged raptures and the fear of upcoming nuclear wars. Well, cousins, how long has it taken you ones to disengage yourselves from some or many of your own preconceived ideas and beliefs? Ironically, it is only as situations on Earth deteriorated and more and more peoples became hungry, that they began to shake, rattle and roll and take very hard looks at the realities they had been used to accepting. Listen Earthizens please; those of you ones who began the transition phase that went from believing what you once did, to now having a true understanding, even if it is only in small glimmers, that you ARE better off now than you were before, are taking a major step forward in assisting yourself and all other goodhearted peoples on the planet. You ones are also being a contributing force in the continuous planetary evolution that we ourselves are participating in.

Now, what I need you ones to understand is that some of you expect too much of yourselves, while others among you ones expect too little. You are each the epicenter of yourself. Whatever your belief systems are there are always one, sometimes 2, dominant thought patterns that totally delineate who you are in relation to who you MAY become. Here we are now hurtling our way into 2012, so listen to me as I speak to you ones about what really is going on behind closed doors and closed minds. I have indeed spoken to you ones in previous transmissions about the fact that we know that the politicians of this world have become afraid of you ones……..for the first time. Now they have finally arrived at the shocking conclusion that their very prominence in politics can and will be crushed to the point of permanent dissolution, if they can not find a way to appease the masses.

You see, what they do not yet realize but soon will, is that the human race is growing up. I speak of those who are part of the collective consciousness in the here and now moment, as well as for all those soon-to-be others, who will join and rapidly flank the collective mass. Over the past 4 years politicians and religious leaders have become uneasy about the questions the peoples are asking. These leaders’ former stock answers simply do not work any longer and this has thrown them a major curveball. You see, if it were but one voice from only one culture they would have cared less. The lesson they are painfully learning is that the one voice syndrome is a catalyst; it is the birthing place for ALL dissident voices.

Yes, it all began with one voice; BUT the magnetic interaction between the "one" and the "many" followed quickly. I do indeed realize that you peoples are simply not aware of all that is really happening in your world. You are not meant to be. The very powers that have held you all as a captive audience have been rather successful in keeping the reality of the truly discontented peoples from you. In this month of October, every county on this planet is in an uproar. This is a good thing! I have listened as a dear friend of my Celestial daughter and David recently stated rather woefully, that the people in his country of America were not standing up for their rights and were not vocalizing their own discontent. Although this friend of theirs is an admirable man, he too has great difficulty in seeing beyond the veil of what he THINKS is not taking place. I do understand how he feels and his sentiment is mirrored by millions of peoples all over that country, as well as in other countries.

Whenever it has been seen that peoples should not be given correct information that may cause them to revolt and break the chains of ignorance that has been foisted upon them, they are given tidbits of information about how things are happening in some other country. This is done for the express purpose of causing the restless citizens to feel better about the country they themselves live in. Tis an old ploy, but it works admirably. You are each living proof of that. Yes, cousins, I do know how difficult it is to constantly try to stay in awareness of what is true and what is not. It can also be mentally, physically and Spiritually debilitating. However, you ones are making progress in spite of all that. In many cases, in spite of yourself. At this period in the Earth Star history, innumerable peoples are making major breakthroughs through the simple art of questioning the truth of the matters at hand, whether it is political, religious or pharmaceutical. Again I tell you that what begins with one voice does indeed multiply into millions of voices who are either verbally or nonverbally, CREATING completely new thought forms and thought patterns. These Creations then correlate most beautifully with their individual new mental and Spiritual stances.

Up until this new-to-you time period began, even the most stouthearted among you ones felt dismay, anger and disillusionment because they erroneously thought they either were not or could not, make a difference. Now, I want to put all that nonsense to rest, hopefully once and for all. Each person regardless of chronological age, skin color or creed, who had even one tiny thought that something is very wrong here and needs to be investigated, IS making a difference. "One thought" is a stone thrown into a calm pool of water. That stone then sends ripples outward while churning up everything that lies below the surface. THIS is what you each are doing. It is not that there were not peoples who have not done this in the past. It is that this time there is a full-blown determination factor at work because you peoples are finally finding your backbone.

Every time you cast away the mistruths you have fed yourself, every time you have a brief thought that perhaps, just perhaps, the need for change and the ways and means for change lies within each of you, you are making a tremendous change yourself. As you go, so goes the world. The times you ones are all living in are the very critically important ones, although to some of you they may seem to be the harshest. Yet they are the most proficient for further separating the wheat from the chaff. You see, harvest time is here! Nothing that any of you ones have accomplished in the past can compare to what you can and are accomplishing now. One thought = one miracle or one tornado. It is all a matter of perspective. Some of you have been heard to moan and groan about the purulent circumstances affecting your lives and the "abnormal" difficulties you now find yourselves in. And of course, how you are not responsible for any of this.

Yet this lack of personal responsibility and the refusal to see things as they really are, was not unexpected by us. After all, you are human. However, every moment that passes from now to the next one hundred years, will be the true archway, the true arc of peace and prosperity that could only have come about as your own learning arc spirals higher and higher, ever reaching for the stars. I ask you each to not let a day pass from now to the end of your mortality without having a chuckle about the things you once believed. In this manner you will be laughing with yourself. That too is an admirable trait. You are living in a grand stage of evolution; this enhanced development time will be a joy for you if you just let go of disappointment and disillusionment. Many of you have already and many more will, and as NESARA eventually ends her dance of God, you will come to recognize the truth of what was once said to you all by the God of this Universe, "In the end, it will be fine." I am signing off for now and wishing for you ones a grand harvest season.

Salude…Blue star the Pleiadian

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