If my friends could see me NOW 10-7-11

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If my friends could see me NOW


Some things that happen in life are just plain laughable. Yet I must say that some of the experiences that one person has may not seem to be as notable to other people as they are to the person who has them. I have lived in over 21 states in the U.S., and have worked conferences and lecture tours in about 30 states. It never fails to amuse me how the way I live boggles many peoples’ minds. I have always made friends everywhere I went; some of the friendships lasted and some did not. The greatest issue has always been the fact that I simply do not fit in with many others’ ideas of HOW I should live. They tend to wonder why I simply do not conform to their own ideas of "living life."

Well, perhaps I am simply "the great nonconformist;" or perhaps I prefer to retain my own identity and not "sellout" to societal beliefs. I do consider myself to be very blessed in so many ways and I am aware that other people simply would not understand my life. It still surprises me however that the people who had been among some of my closest friends can have completely different perspectives about a shared experience. Here is just one example of what I am talking about: On a lecture trip to New York I had an opportunity to take several days off and go to Niagara Falls. Of course I jumped at the chance. I went there with several people who had journeyed to New York for the purpose of renewing our longstanding friendships. One of the women, who I will simply refer to as Ann, although that is not her name, had been a loving friend for a long time.

Ann and I along with our mutual friends donned the required bright yellow rubber suits that totally cover the body, head and feet, leaving only the oval of your face exposed to the air, wind and water. We trudged dutifully to the elevator that took us all the way down to the lower half of the falls. There were 2 decks there that were literally in the falls. The lowest deck was named "the chicken deck," and the highest deck point was "the hurricane deck." Everyone huddled together on the chicken deck, you have to understand that at that part of the falls location you are pretty much in the middle of the falls with unbelievable amounts of water pouring on you and the roar of the falls itself was…just too difficult too correctly describe to you. I decided that I wanted to go as high as I could so I, while holding on to the deck railing as firmly as possible, I made my way up to the hurricane deck. Aptly named I must say!

What happened there was just incredible! The falls contain an absolutely unbelievable amount of negative ions; even with only my face exposed and not being able to hear anything above the roaring water, I was immediately lifted out of my body and felt myself soaring through, over, above and beneath the falling water. I tried to signal my friends, especially Ann, to come up and be with me, but all I received was a group of heads nodding, "NO." I can not say how long I was there; the linear world had ceased completely for me. Obviously though, I tarried there longer than my friends wanted me to, I could feel their panic and I suddenly became aware of their frantic hands signaling me to "return." Bummer!

Eventually we made our way back to the elevator and removed the heavy bright yellow rubber clothing and footgear. I remember that at that time I was looking at the entire group of us and thought to myself," oh my, we look like a huge bunch of bananas." I was just on the point of saying this to Anne when she suddenly turned to me and said, "We look like a huge bunch of yellow condoms." For perhaps the first time in my life I think I was speechless! When I regained my power of speech I intelligently said, "hmmm."

All but a couple of my friends had been scared to death and none of them experienced anything that I had. Although it saddened me a bit, the statement from Ann really brought home to me the difference perspectives people have when experiencing events that to all intents and purposes appear to be solely of the practical world. Not being a stupid Pleiadian, I was aware of the reasons I had been led to the falls and why I needed to undergo something there that no one else did, nor would they have understood it if I had tried to explain it to them. You see, this is just an example of things that happen to me that magnify and at times amplify the aloneness that I feel so often here. No, you can not rationalize that feeling; you simply have to learn to cope with it. As I have made my way across the U.S., I have always thankfully encountered others such as myself, although some of them are from planets other then the Pleiades, we share that same commonality. That same aloneness that only retreats for the time while we are together either talking about our adventures, commiserating with one another about certain events that we each have experienced, or speaking of the fact that even though we love Earth people, we simply are not accepted well by them.

Lately I have been thinking about some of my friends that I still maintain contact with. Sometimes I wonder why I have! There are only a few of them today who have decided to move forward in their lives rather than remain in the constricting confines of their safety nests. A short time ago I thought to myself, at least I thought no one was listening, "what would God do in these situations? I know that I must walk away from these other people who are going nowhere in life." As soon as that thought was finished, God spoke to me and said, "Celest, I would do the same thing you are. You know that you can only do what you can do, Child." He knows full well how difficult certain situations can be for those of us who walk the path; who walk and wait and teach, sometimes to little avail.

I think about all of my close encounters with physical death here, about the hard times that David and I and so many others like us are going through, and I realize that none of my former friends would be able to understand why we do what we do and why we are willing to give up whatever we must in order to gain the world. The people who were my former friends would be absolutely aghast if they knew of all the life-defining moments we have each and every day and night that effectively complement our ability to survive to teach yet another day and to do so to the best of our ability. I really do understand why it is so difficult for so many good people here to accept the realities that lie beyond "the known." Yet, as I look back over my 22 years here, I can honestly say that I know I have touched the hearts and minds of the friends I used to know; although I scared them to death many times as well. I know they are all holding their breaths awaiting news that I have slowed down a bit, However that will never happen! No, I do not make any attempt to keep in touch with them. No, they have no idea where I live, nor should they. If they could see me now it would be quite a shock to them. I just keep on growing and growing and coping and coping and doing whatever it is I am called upon to do. I love my life. I wish the same for all of you.


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