Message #1 A Telling Moment 8-31-11

The Masters have Returned


Message #1 "A Telling Moment"

Master Kato (received by Celest) I am Master Kato; I bid you each and all welcome to the realm of Greater realities and Unvarnished Truth. To initiate a better understanding with all of you here, I wish to explain that this moment, this gridline intersection in what you call the present "time," is an event that was decreed long, long, ago. These meetings between you and we of the Masters collective, was set into motion then. It was back then that so many events, experiences and intertwined destinies were carefully planned and scrutinized on a planetary and interplanetary scale, although they had of necessity to remain dormant until NOW. Children of the Earth, the more clarity you bring with you when reading our messages, I am speaking of these "information gatherings" that we will continue to painstakingly write, the more you will be able to better remove yourselves from the influences carried by the hordes of the maddening crowds that are sticking to you like flypaper.

The more you can do this, the more we can be of assistance to you. The time of shared destinies and intergalactic reformative actions had to be finely honed for what was to be the future of events. But this had to occur in such a subtle manner that the intertwining of destiny and reformation could occur without setting off alarm bells in the fantasy worlds of the darkly-inclined followers of the lower path, the path that leads to utter destruction. Only by the successes gained through the tried and true method of "blending in" that our own Master groupings from other worlds who preceded our own recent re-arrival here, were we able to enter this dimension and prepare all life entities here for the truth, sans illusions, that will cause all good things to manifest and materialize.

When we who are the Masters were called upon so many millennia ago, it was widely acknowledged that this was a preparatory step for realigning the races here and integrating with them, while participating in the selection process here of who remains on Earth and who must leave. The most probable outcome foreseen for this planet was already set into motion by the Earth races themselves. So it was that a plan of action centering on the developmental process of reeducating humans was begun. All the Luminescents from all Universes participated with the God of this Universe and with the Creator of course, in this matter. Their plans involved schematizing an extraordinary number of pure Souls from all regions of all galaxies whose intent, devotion to just cause and strength of Spirit had never been questioned. These Souls were all above reproach. They were all of the highest of the highest levels of the echelons. That is not to say they were ALL the most evolved, but they all had integrity without limits. Because of the great diversity between Soul levels and stages of maturity, there was never a question of Who or WHY, or for that matter, WHEN, or WHERE, these Souls should be sent. We spent many eons with each of these Souls and further formed a tightly knit bond with each of them; one that could not be severed by the outcries of the insane. It had been with great alacrity and the utmost pleasure on our own parts that we had looked forward to working diligently with each Soul in the manner we saw to be the most appropriate. It was an important time period for the Souls who would be descending to this plane. We will continue to use the antiquated and rather obnoxious term, "time" in our writings, simply because so many of you relate to that term better than to another.

Although there were many missions Created during those times, there were absolutely no conciliatory requests from those Souls. None asked to be excused from "jury duty." None asked for more time to further perfect their own innate abilities. For many of these Souls however, descending to this planet was a bit intimidating. They were for the most part Souls who had not sought to be here before. They are not too thrilled to be here now either, I might add. Children of planet Earth; understand please that a major requirement for all these Souls was continuous reincarnation on Earth for a dual purpose. Part of this was ALWAYS returning here in order to prepare themselves for a life of havoc, but to do so to a greater degree than they were prepared for in their previous incarnations. It was because of each incarnation and their expanding on their readiness to live and die for just cause that enabled them to lose their inhibitions and prepare even more for the times they now live in. In this manner they would continuously evolve as a direct result of the experiences engendered here.

Many of you have wondered why so many Souls here today that you acknowledge as "great" would choose to be here during the times of the "dark shades of the putrefied veils of illusions" that are still being performed against humanity. If THEY were not here, would you be able to be here? Many of you…probably not. You may be in one sense, "the master of your own destiny" however; we can not say that many of you are doing a very good job.

Each life experience on this planet has brought those Souls I am speaking of to a far greater understanding of themselves. Furthermore, each one has to a greater or lesser degree relative to the state of their evolutionary status, learned to find that their resilience was far greater than what they possessed during their first "Earth encounter." This is of primary importance to and for them. Yes, their Soul Selves have some rather unpleasant memories such as being burned at the stake, death by guillotine, being deemed worthless and mere chattel and abject poverty in many cases. What you Children of today fail to realize about all this, is that only by walking in the footsteps of each corresponding civilization while these Souls have been incarnate, could they possibly and with the greatest of humility come to recognize the distressful conditions of each timeline. They have learned and experienced to some degree or another philosophies, theologies, sanctimonious actions and reactions of others and the terrible complexity of watching the Spiritual disembowelment of those who SHOULD have come to greatness on this planet.

I or perhaps I should say, "we," feel that with our Celestial’s permission we shall use her as an example of why we are taking the time to explain this part of the history of these Souls. When Celestial first arrived here so many, many, millennia ago, she already possessed greatness and an utter innocence and sweetness that to this day is an innate part of her. Despite all she has undergone throughout her almost countless sojourns here and no, she is no stranger to being burned at the stake, she really does not have any regrets. Except for the fact that she never feels that she is doing enough. Oh well, we are working with her on that one! Although she has never had nor desired to have an opulent lifestyle her services have always been in great demand. She is a magnet. Life after life, challenge after challenge, she has always managed to overcome and beat the children of a lesser god. She is much hated by them for this. Yet, each life experience has taught her more fully about her own exponential ability to always place one foot in front of the other, keep her head held high and do whatever she must to ensure she lives to fight and to teach for yet another day. Is Celestial a master in training? No she is not; she IS a master in her own right. And she is training others to become future Masters. It is what we all do.

Some of you reading our writing may be able to understand when I say that those who have had less materially can learn more from that experience than those who have had TOO much. Also, there is the incontrovertible fact that people here are much less trustful of those who have great monetary abundance than with those who have far less. I suppose in all fairness I could say that this is part of the ability to relate to those who are the everyday people and their ability to relate to others like them as well. Without the Master groupings having surpassed even their own initial levels of hardiness and then embellishing themselves with the greatest levels of resilience, none of you would be here now. Children, as each incarnation remained in a contiguous state of rebirthing for these of the Soul Clusters who answered the call and tirelessly continued to learn and experience more and more of the horrific conditions assailing humanity, something else occurred. They each had a close up and personal view while at their individual observation points, watching and listening to how easily humans caved in and became the very energy they despised in others.

It is not easy to watch humans fall; we can attest to that fact. BUT these pertinent experiences of learning how and why human failure became so rampant was knowledge that the Master groupings had to learn of first hand and these experiences were born of necessity. It was also a synchronistical event that actually formulated a type of stepping stone in these Soul Clusters’ incarnate Creative processing. Although their path is a double-edged sword that brings them much personal satisfaction, the events on this planet have caused them great anguish at times. However, it has proven to them time after time in unequivocal fashion, that simply by living among all people in this world and bearing witness to their irrational acts, has caused these groupings to develop a deeper, more compassionate understanding of how races of people can undergo devolvement and become an underdeveloped mass of low Spirited beings. Sad, but true!

Children, although obviously millions of you who have reincarnated here are not part of these Master groupings, I ask that you begin to look at others with new eyes. Look to the selfless people; Look to those who have no ill-will towards you. To further your understanding with this entire matter I want you to please try to understand that so much more than you can possibly imagine has been planned for well in advance of these tumultuous times that you are now living in. Every period in the history of this planet has been fraught with mental decay and Spiritual malaise. Each ice age that happened so many times brought new fertility to this planet, new animal, flora and fauna life forms from other worlds that were teleported here for the benefit of all. It has always been the human races that have been lagging behind however. I ask you now, on the part of our collective of Masters, to please pay attention to the fact that you are all living now on "borrowed time."

So much fear is running amuck here; so much trepidation about your individual futures. I would dearly like to tell you that all this is coming to a head in such a way that all that you are enduring is about to cease. However, that would be a lie! Although there is much coming to a head, many people here will not like it. With each new message I dictate to Celestial, if you pay attention you will find not only the wisdom of the Sages quite apparent, you will learn how to better prepare yourselves for all that is about to happen.

The telling moments and the moments that tell

Each time you have a thought that is not agitated by the civil unrest that is so rapidly spreading over this planet, you are making a step in a progressive movement in your own evolution, whether you know this consciously or acknowledge it or not. There is nary a single moment in life when you can not reprogram your mind to always seek the highest good for all….unconditionally that is. Telling moments are increment seconds of truth; it is here where these important segments of unvarnished truths that you individually possess are exposed to yourselves and all those who may be listening to you. This usually happens unexpectedly and may cause great shock to the person uttering those truths, as well as to the listeners. It is here that you define yourself as either a "true human being," or perhaps one in the making. It is also here where pseudo truths are exposed for what they really are. The moments that tell exist in gradient degrees of strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and peccadilloes and are a true test of your individual motivation factor, as well as the levels of your determination. It is when "precarious truths" are revealed that some people begin to realize to what extent they have attracted the ignoble dark streamers. Those who dwell in the precarious realm are those who are basically wishy-washy; their fear of committing in totality to one side or the other is an aspect of their fear-ridden lives.

There is always a type of "end result" to these above discussed times. Longish periods of either acceptance or denial of anything spoken…or muttered, is sure to occur. These are the times when speaker and listener decide who and what to believe as well as for how long. This is also when so many people are rudely awakened to their own inconsistencies, whether they are in thought, action, refusal to leave former ways of life, or procrastination. For millennia this has been allowed to happen by edict of the God of this Universe. All Luminescents highly respect the Universal laws governing free expression of life beings. BUT, that was then and THIS is NOW! Children of planet Earth; no longer will this be tolerated. Please be aware of this fact and take appropriate action if you too are among this group of people. Do so while you still can! You learn to handle inconsistencies by first being aware of what you are doing and why, then STOP indulging in that childish game. Fear promotes inconsistent actions, thoughts and life patterns. Remember, when fear is exposed for all others to see and to understand what is happening, that is an important telling moment. To summarize here: "fear reveals vulnerabilities – non-fear reveals strengths."

Most of you here are unaware of the power that all forms of electromagnetic energy, all dynamics of Light possess. Light always refracts to its lowest level of luminescence if the entity it is attracting or is attracted to exists on the lowest of the gradient of the Light meter. In the most tangible way possible the path that Light takes follows the wavelength set into motion by any particle of matter. The degree of brightness that any entity inherently possesses is the deciding factor that determines how much Light any entity receives in return. Those Children here who radiate an almost impossibly bright amount of Light, one that rivals the Sun himself, always receive the greatest amount of Light in return. It is in this manner that the optimum Light faction ascends to its highest Light gradient of the Light meter. The Light that is sent out by the dominant people, those emitting and transmitting the greatest amounts of Light, are received by the "Over Light," and as a result the Over Light is strengthened as well. Light functions as its own cathartic movement. This is one important reason why the demon riders can not attract Light and just as importantly, can not tolerate being in the Light.

Your combined Lights, those of you who are now part of the collective consciousness here and those preparing themselves to join, are one of the primary reasons we are attracted to you. Those here on the planet so engrossed in their "egocentric selves" are the people here of all races that we can not help. Children, each succeeding message we send to you will contain more information of both physical world priorities and the dynamic properties of the Spiritual world. So much is now starting to take place on this planet as Terra walks her walk and dances her truth. No, it will not be an easy time for anyone here. It will be a very difficult time of turbulence and civil unrest combined with the utter desperation of the people of all races who can no longer cope with all the distressful situations that will engulf every country here. Wise people will begin to stock up on foodstuffs and other necessities. You will all need them. So much to do, so little time to do it!

I could easily write more information today that would cover another 6-8 pages, and still barely scratch the surface of all that you have need to know. However, we as the collective of Masters are content to give you enough information for you to assimilate without giving you more than you can handle at any given time. Please remember as I stated in the last God book, each Master is assigned to work with and for, each race here that is indigenous to the planet the Master calls "home." For instance: if you are an Aboriginal person then I assure you, the Master of the Aboriginal peoples has arrived. Although we have arrived en masse for this special project, as Celestial knows many, many, more Masters of the collective are arriving now on a daily basis. Celestial has agreed to make time for us and our messages as she and David continue with writing the God books. Until our next meeting,

Salude, from the Masters

The Masters –