Inspirations and Revelations of the GOLDEN NOW 8-25-11 to 10-25-11

Blue Star Transmissions

Inspirations and Revelations of the GOLDEN NOW

8-25-11 to 10-25-11

Greetings to all; I have returned for yet another segment of "truth talk." Now, this transmission’s title is quite self-explanatory I believe. I am not here to provide you ones with personal inspirations however. I am here to speak with you ones about how all that is taking place here on the Earth Star planet is affecting the other solar systems at this time. Obviously this is not a trivial matter. If it were I would have no reason to speak about it, now would I? Earthizens all over the planet have been Creating some wondrous changes; although many of these changes are in thought form processing stage, they are still of tremendous importance nonetheless. It is the continuous bombardment of planetary weather changes and frozen economies that have been the contributing factors for the mindset alterations however. Personally I would have preferred it if you ones could have gone ahead and formulated your thoughts, attitudes and altered belief structures, without the necessity of you ones feeling as though you were awaiting the guillotine. I have heard the phrase, "different strokes for different folks" spoken many times. So, I will not take offense with the "procrastination" venue you ones develop all too easily.

Nor will I hearken back to the copious warnings I had given to you ones over the years. Now, as you ones have each entered into the transitory phase necessary in order for NESARA to further enact her carefully laid out plan for the continued evolution of Terra, you have been forced to have a face-to-face confrontation with yourself. I have observed some of you ones actually looking into the mirror as you have done this. Millions of others have been somewhat content to do this quietly and without any fanfare as they studiously looked over their lives to try to better determine, "what went wrong and why." You see Earthizens, in the previous years of the past decade some of you ones were so complacent that you managed to justify all that was happening on this planet as merely an economic cycle and of course the obnoxious overuse of the term "greenhouse effect." It did not occur to millions of you ones to delve into the matter any more deeply than that. After all, you ones chose to believe that it was merely a short-lived experience.

However, when my human cousins are placed into a situation that could be interpreted as "do or die," they always seem to rally themselves into Spiritual shape and come out swinging and do what they should have done before. It is of no use for me to verbally chastise any of you for your total subjugation to ignorance. If I truly knew that it would work for the benefit of this planet however, I would do so….without ANY regret at all! I will however take a nano-moment to point out some salient facts to you ones. Even though you are all in unawareness that so many thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of peoples everywhere, are all engaged in the critical self-examination process that IS truly making a gigantic difference to the further evolution of Terra and the human race overall, it is happening anyway, even without your awareness factor in motion. Because of this mostly spontaneous occurrence amongst the peoples of this world, the particles of matter and non-matter that you ones emit that rise up through the ethers in their natural state of coloration that denotes the exact quantity and quality of the energetic matter that is being sent upwards by your minds, hearts and Souls, YES, the impact on the solar system of this Universe as well as the impact on all other Universes, is detected immediately.

Now, I am explaining this because Terra just recently passed through a critical juncture that could either have assisted her in her further enlightened enhancement of herself, or it could have been the cause of her entering a temporary "standstill" state. "Temporary" could last a very, very, long time! It is in great part thanks to you ones who are in the state of change, in the new start of the development of yourselves as true human beings, that the juncture I speak of was successfully straddled in order for the former linear world to be released so the recently formatted Golden NOW could advance unimpeded. Of course you ones did not know that what many of you were enacting was being accomplished in unconscious fashion. I know it was better this way; after all for if you had known what was about to occur you ones would not have been able to relinquish quantum fears. So, as this all took place the other Universes that are bent on continuing their quest for achieving more evolved states of themselves were not merely relieved, that would be too trite a word for this sentience, but were filled with incredible happiness about the fact that not only was the Earth Star planet realigning herself in a more stable fashion, but that there was still hope for the human race. We, all my Star Keeper brethren and I, felt great jubilation ourselves.

Although we know how much more important it is that Earthizens learn or relearn to do these things on a conscious level, the results of what you are achieving is evidentiary throughout the Universes. Now, the energies I spoke about to you ones that are still rising from the planet, much like the phoenix rising, contain unlimited energy streamers that interface and interlock with each and every planet in this Universe. This Universe then proceeds to send out those streamers by a process of filtering the streamers through other dimensions and other realms. If it makes it easier for you ones to understand this, think of it as oxygen being supplied to a person who does not have enough. As these streamers are absorbed or assimilate into each world, each Universe, they cast a particular sheen of golden Light matter that extends out to and through those worlds and Universes. Just in this Universe here alone, those energies impact upon the environments and the peoples.

Remember please, "energy begets energy." So it is that when the energy streamers being sent and received are of high quality change, determination, self-understood attitude alterations and "changes of heart and mind," that the Creative Processing gathers them together in a sense, by causing the streamers to reflect into the Processing Realm itself, thus birthing new and better goals and ideals for the human races that will survive. Eventually these races will all continue evolving in the GOLDEN NOW. This will also effectively produce many finer minds in the generations yet to be born here. You see, this is not a sterile event; it is an all consuming, all comprehensive movement of mind and matter that coalesces into the finer energies needed by all worlds, all Universes. Now, all energies act in concordance with whatever may be needed to either supplement or initiate fertility during any and all Creation Processing events. This is also applicable to the birthing of new worlds as well as to the "changeover" times a planet may be experiencing. As this obviously is having a good effect on the Earth Star planet, these streamers are also birthing a transmutation period among millions of peoples here that will assist them in surviving. If they want to that is.

It is because the human races as a whole have forced their own selves into a position where not making a choice is no longer a choice, that new and better forms of who you each used to be as recently as 10 years ago, is no longer who you are today. Those among you ones who are and will continue to CONSCIOUSLY affect the planet in a good way, will of course reap the benefits by doing so. The Golden Now has a rather unique manner of rewarding all Souls on all realms in all dimensions. This is accomplished by enhancing their desires to succeed in life through the betterment of their understanding what life truly is and what life is not and by integrating with each Soul and assisting each one to elevate themselves to their next Golden Level. You see the Golden Now must but of course exist on many levels and many stages. It is what she does. She is an unstoppable force; a monad of great and infinite proportions that carries within herself the indelible fingerprint of the God Self and the Creator as well.

The greatest gift you can receive from another person, or from an off-world being, is inspiration. Peoples who are motivated by the brilliance of high thought and the purest of intent can not fall victim to the predator and prey syndrome. They simply would not know how! It is during these times of personal and planetary transformations that you can and will step up to your own Golden level. In so doing the Golden Now also keeps pace with you because she easily recognizes what is going on within the hearts, minds and Souls of each person on this planet. Furthermore, because she is sister to NESARA their familial bond is not only strengthened through the process of the sharing of their energetic selves, one with the other, but is the great enabler that assists them each to accomplish their God bestowed rights through right action on their parts. It is also the willingness to be of service to others that is a pivotal factor that lives in the minds and Souls of a large number of the human races that is part of the newly formed tipping scale. Now, the steps of the GOLDEN NOW can not be breached by the unilluminated. You see, those entities can not survive in the Light. They can not surreptitiously enter the realm of the Golden Child through the back door, so to speak.

It is "you the people" who can enter in dignified manner and be explicit when defining what is acceptable to you ones and what is not. However, I give you a grave warning; none of you ones who seek to be in complete union, in complete communication with the Golden Now can do so if your idea is to offer lip service in an attempt to appease the NOW and then return to how you lived before. The Golden Now reveals your strengths, your weaknesses, your concerns, your anxiety issues and but of course, the state of your psyche. This, Earthizens, is what is happening on this planet, even as I speak. The Now energy is not accepting any window-dressing; no veils of illusions and no person or persons who harbor dark agendas can apply for "asylum." That is simply unheard of! She has not waited for millennia in order to make her appearance and then have you ones louse it up for her.

Furthermore, although there are a few peoples on this planet who can, are and will continue to take quantum leaps up the stages and levels of the Golden Now, understand please, they are few and far between. Now, one of the benefits of her largesse is in not permitting anyone to try to leap before they know how to crawl. She has an impeccable sensing of timing; she knows when you are ready and when you are not. To scale the levels and steps simply requires a clean mind. If your mind is not tainted then your Soul shall not be either. If you have in the past, during this lifetime I mean, engaged in behavior that you should not have, then just accept the fact that what you once did is no longer a part of your reality. Please to also accept the fact that you should have learned something from the experiences you once had that caused you to stop repeating them. All is lost to you without that understanding

I see that many among you ones want to know how you will know if you are indeed traveling up the Golden Staircase. Also, I am hearing that many of you ones wonder if you are good enough, if you are well-learned enough and if you will be accepted because of your former preconditioned beliefs and the societal structures you chose to inhabit. I feel I must ask you one and all if you are impugning your own self because of the lack of faith in yourselves, which I see so clearly. It is so prevalent in so many among you ones. The Golden Now is not an energetic movement who casts aspersions upon your character. She knows you all most intimately you see. When the Souls gathered together so very, very, long ago and received their assignments and accepted the roles they all chose to enact on this planet, it was then that you were formally introduced to the Golden Now.

At one time or another you were there. The Golden Now was birthed as the great contingency plan for the timeframe you NOW live in. No birth is haphazard, need I say more? Now, each Soul back then was brought into awareness of the grave probability that the Golden Now would in time function as a secular change if in fact humanity would be able to save itself. The probability windows always open and examine the winds of change on the planet. By so doing they can correctly deduce specific timeframes that intersect with certain spatial gridlines when all contingency plans Created so long ago must materialize. THIS is why so many of you ones chose to be here AT THIS TIME. Other peoples are here to reclaim their integrity by being paroled to the Earth Star planet. Whether they succeed or not is strictly up to them.

Now, each time another veil of illusion is exposed to the peoples of this world for what it really is, the peoples then can continue to reexamine what they used to so desperately want to believe, or they can say, "Aha! I was right." Each time a stranger reaches out a hand to help another stranger in one manner or another, the Golden Now is paying close attention. Earthizens, this is not rocket science you know. Thank God for that…look at the mess you have made of that! Simply be who you are and continue working to the best of your ability to right old wrongs and to pace yourselves in stable fashion in a forward movement. Question, question, question, all that your Earth teachers, doctors, politicians for sure and your own peers tell you. Then decide for yourselves if it resonated with what your heart and Soul feel or not. You will discover as you do these things that steadily, step by step, one by one, the Golden Now will share with you more about coming events, at least with those who can handle truth. You ones have everything to gain and nothing to lose. On this note I am signing off and wishing for you a Golden TIME.

Salude…..Blue Star the Pleiadian

Blue Star