The Time of the Kings is Over 8-1-2011

Welcome back Emiel

The Time of the Kings is Over


I have returned! Yes, I have used my time away to allow myself a bit of a rest while I have been pursuing other matters. Parliamentary dissension is being whipped into a bit of a frenzy, even more than it is in "normal" times. Public opinion here that was once a barely simmering pot of uneasiness has now become a roiling cauldron of anger, angst and intense resentment towards all of our esteemed politicians. The people of this land, along with the lads and lassies in another country…close by, are no longer accepting at face value what they had been for so many years willing to.

Politicians are treading very carefully and craftily around major sticky wickets now. Personally, I must say that I consider this a major improvement over the former times when those in power cavorted merrily and held public opinion in great disdain. Abruptly it seems to the power mongers, people turned on them like a mongoose after a viper. Jolly good thing too! Yes, of course I have always had my voice raised in total opposition to the parliamentary procedures that have always been aligned with OTHER corrupt governments. I have in fact managed to make many enemies because of the stance I have taken. However, I really do not care about that! I see it as; I must be doing something right. Officials are still trying to postulate that they not only know better than the people of this land, but they have all been granted their authority as part of a sanctioned, "appointed by God mission."

How irresponsible, reprehensible and downright outrageously orchestrated these lies, these absurd beliefs are! It was bad enough when the Kings and Queens of yore used those terrible words to justify every modicum of invasive action they took against innocent people. BUT to continue to do so today has had an interesting backlash. And to that I say wholeheartedly, "thank you, God." You would all be amazed at the innumerable numbers of covert meetings taking place now, as those who have so wrongfully ascended to the THRONES of power are hurriedly looking for an escape hatch. As one of my dear colleagues whispered to me in a government meeting the other day, "it simply isn’t cricket to deny the populace of their birthright." The populace thinks so too! It is an unenviable position for everyday people to be in; when they believe they can not make the changes needed in order to live a healthy life, without facing constant trepidation because of the fear of penury and claustrophobic types of recent memories when their voting venue was so corrupted. I truly wish, of all my wishes for the good people that they would not have to be pushed into a corner before they develop some backbone.

Of course, it goes without saying that I wish this for all people in all countries. Several months, the first country to fall was Tunisia. All it required to galvanize the other countries into using their free expression and demanding their natural born rights as free-minded citizens of this world was to have one country function as a major catalyst. It would so much better if weaponry did not have to be involved. But, I have long noticed that when words finally fail a populace, inevitably weapons are seen as their only means to defend themselves when they must, BUT make a statement as well. No, I do not condone the use of weapons, let alone the REASON why so many people must use them.

So many, many, good everyday citizens have died in the defense of their beliefs. This is terrible! Yes, of course I know the better way to handle these situations…without weapons involved. So do all strong-minded, independent thinkers. However, Tunisians did try to regain their freedom by quiet protests that later escalated to loud demonstrations in order to fend off the government agents as best they could. All it took was one country’s people. Even though they had the best intentions for themselves and their people, they faced a serious problem unseating the people who had for so long been the ones "who cracked the whip."

I never have been an advocate for violence. I do realize that some situations simply get out of hand when trying to dethrone the implacable men AND WOMEN, who have become addicted to power. The people are just at the threshold of learning that as coordinated groups they are NOT powerless after all. THAT was the initial drum roll sounding the call for freedom for all people in all countries. Granted not all people in every country have an intelligence equation that allows them to see behind the dastardly illusions that so many corrupt politicians and country rulers have. But, within every group of these likeminded people, there are always those who are brave AND intelligent. This is a saving grace. The drum roll I spoke of set off a loud bell heard around this world. There is not any government I know about that has not been seeking ways to appease the people with bread crumbs instead of with meat and potatoes. Silly leaders! They should remember that the road to hell is paved with bad intentions.

They are only making a bad situation worse and are not INTELLIGENT enough to accept this fact. Although the road to true freedom is a difficult one to traverse, this long-awaited timeline has arrived. Will it go away? Absolutely not! That bell I spoke of has not stopped ringing. Nor shall it. Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers and all others of that ilk have been receiving their eviction notices. The ones who are a bit smarter than the others, no, they are not brilliant minds at all, are secretly planning their exit WHILE THEY STILL CAN, in hopes that they can do something, find exile somewhere or other, and forsake their PLANS of a legacy to continue for their offspring and their political parties.

The people of Tunisia and other countries now, have not just struck a blow for people in ALL countries, but they are the new pioneers for a better, more equitable way of life. They pray, speak in public now about all they find intolerable, and are not so quietly but very noticeably, beginning the plans to implement change. Understand now readers, I feel for all of them; even after the last of the corrupt leaders are removed and scurry into exile, the real work for the people will just be beginning. It will be long and arduous, but it will take place. The Queen of this land has long been in alliance with those who will willingly continue to subjugate the populace of this country and others. Silly woman! Although Diana’s sons are jolly good chaps, but unfortunately they too have a viper for a parent and they are too immature and TOTALLY inexperienced for enacting good changes. This will continue for these two until the last bell tolls.

Separate corrupt leaders from their monies and power and you render them POWER-LESS. Will they have a change of heart? When alligators can fly! Before I take my leave this day, I encourage all people in all countries to take stock of their governments and the governmental policies and enact the peaceful changes needed to rid yourselves of those who have too long been in power. Do not tell me it will not be easy! I absolutely refuse to accept the insinuation that there is not anything you can not all do as organized, peaceful pioneers. Bureaucrats are learning to "back off," while they still have time.

The Kings will be gone, long live the people!

I salute you one and all as true freedom-righters and students of God in "real time."


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