And the winner is… 8-1-2011

Celestial Chronicles

And the winner is………


One of the greatest changes and personal challenges I have observed people engaged in began in earnest 12 years ago. I knew it would happen this way; ultimately as the darkest of the dark energies began to sense panic among their own LEGION because of what was at that time slowly expanding Lightbeing emitted by many good people on this planet, the darkest agents did what came naturally to them. They expanded on what I call, “the IT factor.” It is this terrible state of recreating a natural way of attacking people whose hearts, minds and emotions are the most vulnerable. It is their Achilles Heel. As they always do, the darkest of the agents sought out the men and especially the women, whose psyches had been damaged. Some of the psyches were just slightly damaged while others had deep rents in them. The IT factor is a combined effort to not merely bring down as many people as possible, but to leave them so terribly scarred that they are no longer functional when the IT takes its leave.

Contrary to what you may have been told by others, the psyche is not a fragile entity. The psyche is a veritable warehouse of extraordinary energy that encompasses a fascinating array of thoughts previously held by the Soul that inhabits a body and also houses waves of impeccable Spiritual energy that is either dormant or kinetic, depending on the personality’s intellectual status and level of Spiritual maturity. Soul and the psyche are inseparable in so many ways. As thoughts superimpose other previous thoughts, regardless of whether or not this type of thought process can be defined as a raising or a lowering of a person’s changing or not changing in life, the previously held thoughts and aspirations still remain there and will do so for the duration of a person’s life. At times if those previously held convictions are still strong enough, they can and do influence the new thoughts and ideas a person may embrace.

Obviously, if the psyche remains as a healthy entity, then the people possessing them are the ones who remain healthy in mind and Spirit. People who are either born with a damaged psyche or at some point in life through “life and circumstances,” then have psyches that have either been seriously damaged or damaged to a more minor extent, become “loose cannons.” They then can pose a danger to themselves as well as to others. This is really not about how high a person’s I.Q. is; I have known many people with very low I.Q.s who still have healthy psyches. These people merit great respect. Intellectual responses to any given situation are a part of a learned condition. Whether it is one of the mind becoming stronger or weaker, the mind can control your attitudes and behavior, YET the Soul ItSelf can control the psyche IF it is a healthy psyche to begin with.

This is why the IT factor is all invasive. The dark energies unleash their dark streamers and just as the magnetized energies they are, they inevitably seek out those people of both genders who are weakly resistant to recognizing the dark and thus a strange type of “like is attracted to like” conjoining begins. This is how dangerous situations occur in the minds and hearts of people; furthermore, it is how the domino effect occurs. One brings down another, who brings down another, ad nauseam. This has unfortunately proven to be the most effective way to further damage a person and in nearly all cases when the already damaged psyche interacts with another who is damaged as well, they will destroy one another. In one manner or another. It is only a matter of time. If you know how to look, you will always be able to see and to know when a person who may have only had minor damage before, is now in the deepest grip of the most severe stages of damage.

Alcohol, drugs and porn, are the greatest and easiest ways to infiltrate a psyche. I used the term “greatest,” because this is the state of deepest harm that can be inflicted upon a person. So, over the last 12 years, I have watched otherwise good people slip and fall because of the irresponsible relationships they CHOSE to have, in their quest for life. So many fall, so few survive. If the person who is going to be “invaded” does not have any of the addiction problems I mentioned above, then “the big guns,” arrive to ensure the victory of the dark energies. Enter the control factor. These are without a doubt, the most abhorrent cases I have ever seen. Among the worst players are the people who have too little ego as well as those who have too much ego. There exists no middle road between these two groups. They will sanction everything they have to in order to BE IN CONTROL. When in a “couple” relationship inevitably both parties will be struggling for supremacy. Some of them are aware of what is happening while most are not. In either case their egos, weak or not, refuse to stop contributing to this morass, they continue playing the game. The worst cases I know of personally are the people who are wealthy and BUY their partners. They unconsciously for the most part, force their partners to not only be reliant on them, but they place them in such situations that the other person feels trapped and can not find an escape route. It is not easy for most people to walk away from “the money tree.” It is sad though.

Verbal battles that sometimes wind up escalating to physical confrontations, and deep unrelenting hatred and resentment become the norm. People, especially the women in these “I must have control” situations, manage to justify to themselves the extreme measures they feel they must take in order to continue on in the relationship. The reason that the women are so desperate in these cases is that unlike men, they feel they have been subjugated to the whims of the male ego since forever. However, women going to the extremes that they do is not in any way helping the situation. I know wealthy women who have absolutely refused to legally use their husband’s surnames, even those women who have been married more than once. This is not in any way going to bring a couple closer together; it is a regressive form of segregation.

Have I warned these women about what they are doing and what a terrible situation they are aiding and abetting while they are involved with the IT factor? Of course I have! How have they responded to what I have said to them? The “normal” response is one of absolute lunacy; they usually say, “I have not had enough of the experience.” Now didn’t that go well! People who have been institutionalized for mental disorders of one type or another, are the ones who are the most resistant to walking away from the IT. They are so busy trying to prove something to themselves about themselves, that they do not see the monster in disguise. I have noticed serious lapses of memory begin with these people who are so darn attracted to the dark. You see, in but a short matter of time one of the two people in the “couple” relationship consumes the other. It does not matter if the people are heterosexual or not. IT is not biased in this sense. A victim is a victim is a victim.

What is not so odd is that the IT factor can not survive without the control factor steadfastly in place. Think about it. One is dependent on the other. This is needed in order to supplant the other person’s healthy aspirations in life. Then those aspirations are replaced slowly and insidiously with loss of memory that conditions the person succumbing to this circumstance, to rely more and more on the invasive energy. This continues until the other person loses his or her own identity. In this sense, the two people in that relationship become ONE. I can not feel compassion for those men and women who are being victimized in this fashion; I can not do this simply because despite all inner warnings, despite the frantic ringing of the warning bell by the mind and Soul, these people choose this way of life. In the most unenviable yet real sense, they have become victims of their own self created circumstances.

Yes, this will all eventually change, but not until all the people with damaged psyches are willing to make changes in their lives, for their lives. Until then…

Please, do not become one of them. Think carefully about who and WHAT you are permitting in your life. If you wonder how I manage to cope with watching, listening and hearing all these terrible things that people allow to happen to themselves, here is what I do. I remain passionately detached and think to myself, “If God can handle this, so can I.”

And the winner is……the people who do not dance with the devil.