Edition #20 Banishing the Dark

Banishing the Dark


We all know that some things can be changed through the courage of conviction and that there are some things that can not easily be changed. As we continue rushing pell-mell into 2012, I have noticed that one of the major considerations people should have about what can be changed simply is not seemingly known by them. For the last 18 months in particular, more and more of the corruption that has been ongoing all over the world, has been slowly emerging into the media spotlight. This is of course the desired result of all that the God of this Universe is doing for us. I know that God has been very clear about what He expects us to all do in order to maintain the momentum that has been set into motion. From now until well into 2015, more and more of the corrupted systems will be exposed as the foes to humanity they truly are.

The Illuminati lords have been vacating the planet for several years now. However, since late 2010 the numbers leaving have become pretty staggering. Granted there are still some of them here..for now…but they too will be vacating the premises. This is but one part of, things that have been changed. Before everyone starts a jubilee dance I want to point out a significant fact that not too many people are thinking about. From what I have observed people are so anxious to have the dark ones leave that they are missing an important part of the jigsaw puzzle. All right, look beyond the obvious now. It has required many, many, many, centuries of dedication to mayhem for the sources of the Illuminati energies to so effectively subdue common sense and sensibility here and to cripple the Spirits of all the populations of this world.

Well, my Earth cousins, what happens from your perspective as the last vestiges of the Illuminati chieftains leave here? If your answer is, "sunshine and roses and complete peace reigning over the planet," then I will give you a reality check. Its what I do. I am a bit disheartened to learn that so many people here are not the least bit concerned, let alone aware, of the fact that even with the total dissipation of the Illuminati forces here, it is being forgotten about the ones they leave behind.

Essentially, all the men, women and yes, the many children who have been so artfully tainted by the dark ones are a danger to themselves as well as to others. This has occurred to such extremes that all of those I speak of here who are human, will each be floundering like a ship without a rudder. Why is it that no one is speaking about this matter? Why is it that so many people who are rightfully rejoicing about the exit of the Illuminati, are at the same time blissfully unaware of what will follow? Think of this situation as a terribly infected mass that has spread throughout an entire body. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed then interactive plans and steps must be taken to first rid the host body of the infection before any more work can be done. To do so requires a great deal of work and antibiotics in one form or another, before the slow healing process can really begin.

THIS is the current situation regarding the soon-to-be total emancipation of humanity from the Illuminati controlled echelon. However, this is also when the greatest amount of dedicated work needs to begin. The same people I have been speaking of whose damaged psyches formed easy entrances for the dark chieftains will still be here for a good while! What does this tell you? It means that all those people who will no longer have a LEGION to receive orders from, will either be acting independently or gather in groups of "same damaged psyches people" and wreak without conscience, upon others, their LEARNED hatred of other people of all cultures and races.

No, they will not simply vanish from the Earth for a while longer yet. Yes, as a direct result of the good works performed here and those that will continue to be performed by really good, loveable people who have no ax to grind, the dark people here CAN and WILL leave. Willingly or not. If you wonder how this can be accomplished by everyday people, I can tell you. I want to also point out though that people who are not truly dedicated to life and to service to others will not be able to remain here either. Far too many people here live lives of trivial pursuit. No, I assure you, they will not be able to remain here. THIS is where the delineation between those who can and will change and those who can not or will not, comes into focus.

The most simple venues for success in life are often the most overlooked. All you each need to do is, first: clear your mind of clutter. Second, define to yourself, how much Light that you yourself have can be sent in an upward bound motion while focusing your intent on raising the vibrations of the people of this world, WITHOUT imposing any conditions on what you are now Creating. It is not necessary that you know how much Light you have, what is important is that you have it! You should really write these steps down for it will aid you in keeping your focus. Make time each and every day and night to do this and you will not be disappointed. No, you will not hear God shouting to you," OK, another one is leaving thanks to your valiant efforts." Really now, just be thankful that you have the willingness to do this and that you do so with the greatest expectations!

It is the unison of all your combined Light, all of your selfless desires to aid in the Creation of a new and better world that WILL bring this to fruition. No, none of you will be doing this alone. All the Star Keepers hidden in plain sight and all the wondrous MASTERS who have been answering the call will continue to be here to assist everyone. Each time you do this wonderful Spiritual work, it will cause more and more Light to shine into the darkness. As we continue hurling into 4th. Density, those dark people I have been trying to warn all of you about, will not be able to exist in the new higher vibration and higher frequency. However until that happens……

NOW is the time to use your common sense and look beyond any hype some jaded media people are trying to tell you. There is so much happening all over this planet that you never hear about. Yes, the next decade in particular will be very difficult..in all ways. However, none of you traveled here from so far away to give up now.


*The Masters have asked me to be their scribe for the many messages they want to share will all the people of this planet. Either later this year or at the beginning of 2012, at the latest, we will begin the messages that will be titled, "The Return of the Masters." The latest God book should be available probably next week and it contains detailed information about them all.