The Fear Factor 6-25-11 to 8-25-11

The Fear Factor

6-25-11 to 8-25-11

Greetings to all; I had intentionally chosen the title for this transmission predicated upon what I had foreseen a year ago as a topic that still would need to be better understood. This is in great part thanks to the intellects of so many among you that are running to and fro in rather……non-lucid manner. How many ways and how many times must I explain to anyone on the Earth Star planet, that the greater the changes are enacted on Earth, the deeper and more intensely changes are felt or experienced by all peoples in one manner or another and the more your lives will alter for better or for worse? I have done what I could to caution all of humanity to expect all that is occurring in the immediate NOW timeframe. An anomaly always most unfortunately occurs, when peoples on this planet are cautioned far in advance of all upcoming alterations to the planet and to their own individual lifestyles as well. The need for their own security blanket effectively outweighs their need for thegreater good. Sometimes I feel as though I am merely conducting a soliloquy.

Please understand me clearly; we are well aware of all that is ongoing here, especially of course the unannounced arrivals of so many of our ships. We have empathically commiserated with all of the goodhearted peoples who have voluntarily left the planet simply because their burdens seemed to them to be too great for them to continue to cope with. I can tell you that those who have left as well as those who will continue to do so because of the same shared reasons, are relearning and reorganizing themselves as a "new" collective of hardier Souls who will have ample opportunity "in time," to rejoin the planet yet again. Whether it is this planet or another remains to be seen. That is determined by the actions, reactions and non-actions of those who were once Earthbound. How they comported themselves here is the key. Yes, indeed many of the ones I speak of did no wrong here; rather they realized that their former perceptions of how things would be were recognized by them as simply wishful thinking rather than reality. These are not cases of wrongdoing; rather they believed illusions for far too long and then were unable to break the mold that they themselves had forged.

I give each of you reading my words a clear warning now; do NOT fault them for their beliefs. Do NOT fault them because you erroneously believe that none of those peoples were strong enough. Be careful now! None of you ones are in any position to pass judgment on anyone! In other words, you yourself just may slip and fall, you know. Fear is predicated on insecurities of one type or another. All fears. The sooner you ones accept this truth the sooner you can vanquish fear to the former third dimensional reality you yourself were trapped in for so long. Fear is a "samba." It lies beneath the conscious mind forever turning and whirling awaiting some silent scream from you that will function as the catalyst necessary for the endless music to accelerate in intensity and duration. Insecurities are the end results of the logical mind convincing a person that the person does not have enough in life. Also in many instances, that the person is not good enough to have more. You see, you ones need to remember to always have the ability to identify culprits and indemnify yourself from the enemy

This is how all wars are won. Firstly-understand. Secondly-take appropriate action. Thirdly-forget about what you endured and get on with your life! Things are much different regarding the fear factor today than they were as recently as 300 years ago. In those terrible times, mankind’s thought processing had not evolved enough to lead the mind away from complete fear. Hysteria, dread and short life spans played into the scenario far too well.

Now, in most European, Far Eastern and aboriginal cultures back then, when enough time was allocated to analyzing fear and thus forming it into a eunuch rather than an animated form energy, fear subsided before a person left that mortal life instead of well after the life was passed. Although much was achieved back then through secret teachings, people did become stronger….for the most part. Fear has always been a veritable open door for the dark energies to use against humanity. Think of it this way please Earthizens: The Illuminati of then and now simply zoom in on the Achilles Heel of fear. They then fashion the individual’s fears into a mirror. Then when the person enters into an unconscious state (sleep,) fear is implanted into the mind of the sleeper who then awakens with disquieting thoughts. Those men and women who can not be approached in this manner are sure to find they will have many physical encounters with peoples, places and events that are simply laden with these men and women’s own fears. In this manner the mirror is used to exacerbate all that at one time could have been stillborn.

Fear begets fear, begets fear. In just an amazingly short period of time every person who comes in contact with the other peoples who have been "mirrored" catches the same insecurities bug. It is contagious in this sense. Now, even small children who did not have fear catch it from their families and peers. Energies enter into a sharp and dismal decline; inspirations die before their time of gestalt has climaxed. Logic assumes an even greater grasp on the mind and heart of the individual and "work stoppage" occurs on the path of evolution. The planet herself acts and reacts to this disjointed rhythm by magnifying the degrees of separation that now exist between mind and Spirit. Health problems are bound to ensue because of the suffocation and withholding of the acceptance of the truth of the greater realities. Humanity then continues a backwards pace, in spite of itself. Then, moment by moment the dark ones hammer ruthlessly away at the individual’s confidence factor. Yes, but of course there have always been those peoples who recognize what is occurring and why it is. These ones always fight back valiantly with every breath in their bodies. To the last breath if necessary.

Now, the greatest difficulty has always remained when trying to explain to other peoples why they are having these concerns. Such irony here Earthizens: you ones detest feeling that anyone or anything could USE you without your knowledge or consent, yet when faced with the information that you ones HAVE been used,,,your first reaction is utter disbelief! Why? The answer is that it is more painful for the logical mind to accept that it has been deviously manipulated than it is to continue to be used and deny that it is happening. Quite illogical behavior on your part. Too much ego, too little sentience. This is in great measure how you ones have made it so easy for your hearts, minds and Spirits to be captured by the dark energies. It is there at the crux of the assimilation of the information regarding your situation, or conversely the ignoring of what you are supposed to be learning, that your own true natures are exposed for all to see. You can not run from yourself, you know. There is no place to go.

What has been changing here however, this started slowly 10.2 years ago, is that in the today NOW times, you ones, well many of you anyway, are bringing a new player into the arenas here. We always knew this would occur. At one time, long ago, you knew this also. A new thought form that is the Child of the Sacred thought processing walks besides you ones now. It is collective consciousness. Do not take this matter lightly! Without this consciousness factor, all would be lost here!! Now, it is this collective that is seriously misunderstood here by you ones. Only a handful of people truly know of the great importance of this energy. Fewer peoples than even that are consciously putting this collective into good use. However, there is Universal humor in this situation. You see Earth cousins; the collective consciousness will remain here even if you do not! This collective energy is a highly evolved, highly refined charge of millions of different energies from the past and the "future" future that are special gifts sent by millions and millions of Souls who have left the Earth Star planet and reside in many different galaxies now. Some have remained in Nirvana because that it where they can be of the greatest assistance. Regardless of where they are, they each have responded to the gridline intersection denoting a timing element that needed to be in place here. For the good of all.

Each Soul has donated a tiny part of his and her own wisdom, strength, ability, humor and desire to remain a part of this battle through a form of osmosis. In this manner none of these Souls are bending any of the Universal Laws; rather they are enhancing the Laws through their sheer preconceived motivation and keen good works of the past and present. Their Lights arc through the Universe and gently attach themselves in loving and gracious fashion to the Matrix of the individual Soul, aided by that Soul’s personal Soul Cluster and the main Soul Cluster. For many of you ones this is a spontaneous occurrence; it happens to peoples all over the planet at the same nanosecond. Yet for others there may be a bit of a time lapse. All is predicated upon pre-birth agreements and the individuals’ understanding, acceptance and conceptualization of non-time. Now, this is part of the Sacred Agreement Souls either volunteered to participate in, or were asked to by the God of this Universe. It was a part of the unification and binding of ties with indelible fingerprints to usher in the collective that was and now is replacing the former mass consciousness.

As a collective you ones can not fail. As singular individuals who carry on the great battle, you ones no longer will need to feel that you are out here alone. No longer will there be any reason for any of you to feel that you must do it all yourselves. For one thing that is a highly impractical attitude. For another thing, you are team players. Act like it! Now, here is what is taking place: the collective consciousness is so highly charged an entity that it has the ability to cut a huge swath through the deleterious illusions that the fear factor projects. Although it is proper for some peoples to be immediately aware that the sense of new freedom they are experiencing is because they have lost their out-of-control fears, unless they are extraordinary men and women, they will flounder for a while during which time they become comfortable with not feeling afraid. Remember you ones, fear is like everything else. If you nurture it enough, if you feed it regularly, then it becomes such a part of you that it requires a bit of time for you to learn to live without it. You ones have no idea how many peoples are addicted to fear.

Now, among the many awesomely powerful attributes of this collective is its ability to work with the NESARA winds, while providing a stabilizing unit of spatial time necessary for each Soul it touches, to become yet again familiar with living as Soul in unfettered state. Under the auspices of the Law of Attraction, each tiny mote of the collective calls forth all other aspects of the same energy on the same or greater level depending on the stages and levels of each individual Soul. The enormous amounts of luminance each bit of the collective possesses is so brilliant and so all encompassing, that as the light arcs and sways, it simultaneously and automatically produces more of the luminance that itself as a collective of Soul Light, already possesses. There is nothing intangible about this.

The physical vehicle responds with better health and a desire to expand itself by Creating even healthier conditions. At times the body will react as though it feels constrained and will force a person to move to a better location, or visit friends who live simpler and healthier lifestyles. The mind will no longer plunge itself into the helter-skelter illusions and delusions as it once did. The mirror effect will lose its ability to capture and hold the hardier peoples on this planet. Obviously the opposition forces will not like this turnaround. So yes, always be prepared for them to attempt to usher in something or someone to try to cause you to doubt yourself. Then deal with it. For a while longer, they will continue to try to hold on to as many of the weaker peoples as they can. You can not render assistance to another if the other does not want it; nor can you do so if the other does not request it of you.

In but a short bit of time you ones will bear witness to who is still standing and who is falling. Expect people to continue to change. For better or for worse. What is of primary importance is you, yourself. Do not fear change please. The lack of change is one of the reasons poor Terra has endured so much. As the landmasses continue to alter their conditions and as the acceleration of peoples leaving this planet continues, so much of the ill-conceived plans that have been thought-out in sheer desperation by the Illuminati of today, will fizzle and be replaced by the collective. Of course there will be men and women who may try to wait until they feel more secure before they themselves crossover and consciously and actively join the grouping. Everyone is different. Each person is acting out to the best or worse of their ability….whether they know it or not.

Do not belittle those who are the late bloomers. Do not act out of avarice or feelings of superiority. You are no better than they are. Nor are they better than you. As long as you yourself are learning from your own mistakes, then you are learning. A mistake-less life is a mistake. Do not expect to become a beacon of Light if you hold any grudges against another. Accept the fact of what you can not or should not change. Look with new eyes at the new life that you are Creating here, especially if you don’t feel that you are. Change the little things in life-such as your own concepts and realizations of what is possible and what is not. Release yourself from others’ expectations of you. Focus on your expectations of yourself. Then do what you can within REASON, to live up to them. When the timeline arrives when all of you who will remain on the planet are doing this, the heavens will respond to your great joy and you shall STILL be standing. When you make a mistake respect yourself for having done so. Then try not to make the same mistake again.

It takes practice to NOT do it again.

I am signing off for now…..

Blue Star the Pleiadian.