4-25-11 to 6-25-11 MYSTICISM and the KUNDALINI

Transmissions of Blue Star the Pleiadian

4-25 to 6-25-11


It has been brought to my attention that certain information needs to be repeated regarding the importance of the Kundalini energy. Although we had not prior to this reminder, felt that more data was required on this topic, we (God, other Star Keepers and Spirits) have now reversed our decision. As we must deal with so many vast levels of energy, it is sometimes, but not often easy for us to overlook an issue that is a commonality in the Higher realms. So, we must define mysticism as, “the belief in the mystic, mysterious path, which leads to Oneness with All That Is.” The mystic Soul is a personality who chooses to project the path of Light by living in a specific span of time completely in tune with Self. When God began to form life beings on this and other planets, God did so with the SOUL purpose of expanding Himself withIN each and every living particle of LIVE organisms. None was too small, none to large, to “inherit” His largess. This is the true meaning of, “God created man in His own Image.” Each infinite molecule of the composition of mankind was a “mega-particle” of Him; each atom was lovingly imbued with Light cells or “micronic cells.” Each was programmed to splinter off into exact extensions of itself, to birth duplicate cells capable of the assimilation of vast reserves of energy. This was a necessity. As a result, every energy form thus possessed “mysticism,” which is in actuality the Soul Light force, an invincible conduit which was predominant within each entity.

In the beginning of “time,” this energy completely opened in a figure “S” shape. This was “the best of times;” all of life then was open and receptive. Nothing was hidden, all knowledge was revealed to these ones. The S shape, is known as “The Serpent of Eternal Life,” and that in time alters into other symbols. Cultures in the Far East have dubbed this energy, “Kundalini” or “prana.” It is indeed the ever present life force of Spirituality ….the IMMORTAL. When one is completely “open,” the serpent which resides within the physical vehicle then can encircle the entire nervous system in a continual pulsating force field of still pure RAW energy. The “atomica1” structure within the physical vehicle existed even then as a channel for this energy. The CONSTANT movement of this force field enables the personality to live within the confines of a physical vehicle, (housing,) yet to “defy” what is now called “the law of gravity.” This force was activated then by a simple act of “the knowing in evolution”; this feat is still performed by the more evolved Souls on the Earth Star. No one in those “times,” ever questioned their abilities; nor were they familiar with the term “supernatural” or any of its connotations. In truth, there never was, nor IS a “supernatural.” It is in fact “natural.” Kundalini energy originates at the base of the spine. There are electrodes scattered throughout the spinal column whose functions are to act as the outer perimeter of the life force energy “impulse system.” Now, as the serpent coils and slithers effortlessly, so does the flow of prana. It is at this point that a type of electrophoresis takes place. You see, during those early times, there were no hostile entities present for any to fear; each Soul was in possession of great inner knowledge. This knowledge, this form of the holy wisdom, was the total understanding of the entities’ SoulSELF. All these personalities were ontologists. Mysticism during that span of planetary evolution and alignment was not a theory, indeed it simply WAS. Those Souls who were in the early stages of their development could be viewed at various levels of prana expression. It was quite common for a young, undeveloped being to be seen with a barely formed curl alongside the base of the spine. The young novices’ elders had the loving duty and responsibility to instill the lessons which the fledging adepts had need to learn. This was essential for the opening of the pivotal orifices in order to further promote the Sacred flow. As each personality attained a higher degree of wisdom, each conduit would then open itself effortlessly. None of this, the most Holy progression of eternal life, required any lengthy span of time to achieve the desired results. This gift bestowed upon them by God was their birthright.

Being a part of God, being gods themselves was but “another part of their inheritance.” Now, existing as they did in a different dimension than your own former third-dimensional time frame and being a part of a totally different reality than you YET experience, they did indeed accomplish their goals. They did this in less time than it takes YOU to blink your eyes. As each progressed on his path singing this wondrous Spirit song, the serpent within transcended all physical barriers in the microcosmic world. What had once originated as a small curl of Light, had ebbed and flowed like a river on the wings of Spirit throughout the inner circuitry. This energy then arrived at its final destination, the crown of the head which is the crown chakra. Upon entering this most SACRED SPACE, the life force would begin to spiral outwards and upwards as a distinctive beam of energy. This form would begin to arc until it completed a circle around the body encompassing many feet in diameter. Thus the auras were first conceived then born with the culmination of the energy returning HOME. Now, these auras, or electromagnetic fields, are not exclusive to those who are “open.” The human species as well as other life forms on other spheres, who are closed, those whose life force is not in forward motion, also possess auras. These ones are perceived by many who use their “sixth sense,” as dark energies. Some feel or see these auras as muddy, deep gray, or in the worst case scenario, BLACK.

Each entity can open this Sacred channel, however it is not permitted for another to open some other personality’s channel. This too is energy that has also transcended all physical barriers in the microcosmic world. Upon entering this most SACRED SPACE, the life force would begin to spiral outwards and upwards as a distinctive beam of energy. However, it is with great regret that we acknowledge that literally millions among human kind, have no idea of what the chakras are, nor have they even heard of that term. For example, one extremely intelligent, (left brain), 26 year old man, when asked if he knew what the chakras were, replied that he thought they were illegal weapons that the Orientals used and that he had seen them in karate movies.

Actually, each chakra represents a power point through which the life force flows. No one can alter the sequential opening of this “root system.” Each site responds to a specific vibrational number; 1,2,3,4, etc. If you can imagine the human body as a completely transparent object, you can then look through the body and actually see each Sacred opening front to back, beginning its free flow of Divine energy and continuing to each corresponding site, ONE AT A TIME. The opening of each site begins much as a bud of a flower and as a flower then transforms into full bloom. This can only be achieved as an entity, human or otherwise, merges to become consciously ONE with God. This, the most Sacred of all the paths of eternal life, is indeed littered with many who have FALLEN by the wayside. This then indeed, is PART of the story of Creation; the “SO NOW and FOREVER” evolves and from the S shape is born the “8.” Once this exalted state is achieved, it remains a constant. “OS,” …the beginning process heralds in “8,” the eternal circle now completed. “O” then has returned to Source, to BE forever a part of “1.” The Souls who are now “O” plus “1” have functioned under the auspices of the law of “9.” These ones no longer have any mission to feel frantic about, they had sown and now they reap. Now, these figures, (numbers,) may not mean much to many among you at this writing, however IN TIME those who do not understand …. WILL. For the multitudes of you in this latter category, simply accept that the Soul’s completion simply means that no rewards are needed hereafter, none are sought. Thus the CONSTANT completion with ALL THAT IS …. IS!

Now, as to the others who had turned away from HIS love and life, these ones could not see or feel the Kundalini within them; in truth, they had “forgotten,” had lost touch with their higher Self. Thus the vine did indeed wither and the fruit, the elixir of LIFE, dehydrated. The Kundalini when inactive deteriorates and takes a stagnant form. When it is not used, it can be “lost.” For SOME people, for many lifetimes. Now, God in His supreme wisdom decreed that there would always be keepers of the truth existing in one form or another. Time and time again, there have been and will always be, certain personalities whose purpose is to rescue important documents pertaining to a planet’s evolution or demise. We have always secreted certain records and scrolls for a planet’s inhabitants to find and decipher, when it is the RIGHT TIME to do so. It is most unfortunate that what a particular civilization lacks in the fine art of deciphering, it MORE than makes up for in OUTRIGHT LIES. So it is indeed proper and just that many cultures have worked diligently to not only persevere in the “old ways,” but to also teach each forthcoming generation of their true heritage and ancient beliefs. And so it came to pass, that many among you are gifted mystics and prophets existing for the purpose of doing what you can to further preserve and teach the ultimate truth of God. To these ones so blessed who have chosen to be among you in this, the most perilous of times this planet has ever known, they may rest assured they will NEVER be found wanting in God’s eyes. These entities are OPEN, thus they represent a TANGIBLE threat to those who are CLOSED.

Those who are the dark ones are those who fear and hate the power of the life force, the Kundalini. These ones will stop at nothing to prevent TRUTH from coming forth. This is but ONE reason why mystics have had to learn to protect themselves from physical attack as well as “psyche attack,” known by most Earth Star peoples as, “psychic attack.” Now, there are indeed two serpents who are at the “heart” of this issue. One is light green in color and glides effortlessly along as an integral part of the Earth; a loving and much beloved part of the Creator and the Creation. The other is black and is a viper, it does not glide, so much as it slithers with an almost spastic quality while seeking to destroy whatever and whomever it can. One mesmerizes its VICTIM, one bestows the kiss of eternal life on all those Souls who are evolving, regardless of their pace. Please understand peoples of this world: If you seek evil be forewarned, one of these serpents will indeed find you! And you will not like it, nor will you be confused trying to figure out which one it is! Now, those who believe that ONLY the mystics are being attacked “for what they know,” are guilty of GRAVE error. Look at the children of your world. How do you explain the horrific murders and dismemberments of these innocent ones? These children are of two categories: the one category dealing with children and karma will be discussed in great detail at another time in our Godumentary. For the present we will speak of the innocents among you who are being born in great multitudes at this time; they undergo this process in order to actively participate in the new world leadership which is “now at hand.” I speak of the present… THE TIME OF THE GOLDEN NOW. Many of tomorrow’s “new area populace,” will look to those who are at this time children for their own survival, their own accelerated wisdom growth.

It has been indicated to you many times that the Creator’s opposition forces are well aware of when one of HIS chosen Ones have entered the Earth plane. For every two who enter who are of the dark side, there enters one who is of HIM. Do not fret, two of theirs is NO match for ONE of OURS. Light will always conquer the dark, you see. Now, the lamb and the tiger lay side by side. The lambs of God are fully prepared to suffer physical injury in order to grow into adulthood so they may ultimately fulfill their roles as Spiritual world leaders. What is little understood by many among you is that the true measure of a Soul is gauged by his/her reactions and actions during times of adversity and peril. It must be understood that we are not saying that all these Souls will be recognized as the “Angels” they truly are in your world. Many who have chosen the limelight have done so with the knowledge prior to this lifetime, of exactly what is required and what must be endured in order for them to best affect the world and its myriad societies. This they will accomplish through their teachings and their preservation of Earth’s histories. We speak of the TRUE history, not the addlepated mishmash of fantasies that so plague your textbooks.

Now, as we/they, (the innocents} sow SO shall we/they reap. Some of our own have willingly chosen to pass over by violent means which were perpetrated by the OTHERS in order that the lambs may always and forever remain as SYMBOLS of man’s inhumanity to his Star Keeper brothers and sisters. Many, many, others have endured rape, torture and/or emotional abuse in order to fully experience this depravity which they have elected to help to heal. Pain in many instances, especially to those who have NEVER experienced this sensation before, is a learning lesson. It is a tool which these ones have and are utilizing in order to have a far better understanding, a more clarified perception of the perverted morass which has become EARTH. Now, some of you may understand the reality which exists as a definitive correlation between pain/ecstasy; sadness/joy. Just as there is righteous anger which is healthy when used as a sword to cut through stagnation and the unclean, there is anger which is destructive when used as a weapon to physically or emotionally hurt another. Any healthy emotion which triggers the life force in a Soul of ANY AGE, is not only conducive to their higher learning, but also teaches a VALUE SYSTEM. To truly experience life in human form regardless of the TRUE origins of an entity, requires that one MUST SUBMIT TO THE FULL GAMUT OF EMOTIONS.

All Liqht workers, all mystics, without exception have been physically and/or emotionally injured by those they have loved or by those they have trusted implicitly. This merely C-O-I-N-C-I-D-E-S with the inner teachings of morality which they have CONSCIOUSLY retained as they reincarnated. It is a difficult process, this descent into hu-man madness; accepting the REALITY of being unable to completely trust another of God’s Creations. However, part of the Spiritual person’s path is to learn to DISCERN; part is to utilize ALL emotions and feelings to Create an inner shield which will protect the child of God. One MAY transform hate by sending it love, one can make use of anger by asserting one’s own individuality. Many of those who are walk-ins among you assimilate ALL emotions, ALL sensations which have been beneficial and they return to the source of the dark, ALL energies which have been destructive. Many among you who have been observed using this procedure have expected an instantaneous response from us, either, “well done,” or “beep, try again.” This is ludicrous! A brick will not drop on your head! Lights will not “go off around you!” YOU WILL NOT HEAR A VOICE PROCLAIMING, “Y-O-U A-R-E N-O-W A P-E-R-F-E-C-T S-O-U-L!” Such theatrics are quite unnecessary. You will however feel the new strength FLOWING within the physical vehicle. Oftentimes it is accompanied by a warm tingling sensation of inner “knowing.” It is at this point that you are becoming Spiritually indestructible. This, which you are giving to yourSELF, can NEVER be taken away. Always and forever, even through the various stages of mortality, that inner knowledge will serve to reassure you. You may bend, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BREAK. So, REST assured little ones, you shall, each and every one of you, fulfill your destiny sooner or later. These times, these MYSTICAL years are the MOST WONDROUS OF THE NEWLY ARRIVED GOLDEN NOW TIMES. It requires that you each be prepared at a nano second to enter the breech when your service is required there. So, I say to you Earthizens, one more time into the breech. One last time.

I am signing off for now….

Blue Star the Pleiadian


“Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” (A Three Volume Series of books)

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