2-25-11 Mankind in Pursuit of Universal Knowledge

2-25-2011 to 4-25-2011

Mankind in Pursuit of Universal Knowledge

Now, it has come to our attention that many of you ones have specific questions pertaining to ourselves, and our own life essences. Also, that some among you have "heart-stopping" issues of both theological and "reality" natures which we have not yet broached. So, we will endeavor to answer a few questions which we have selected as representing the majority of "group focus." We will now answer these as a collective body; let us begin..

Q…Can aliens be seen by third-dimensional eyes? I am not speaking of walk-¬ins, but those who choose to be here in their true form?

A … But of course. However, it is not meant for we who are of Star Keeper nature to be literally "seen" by all, rather it is a selective few for the most part, who have earned this privilege. For some among you ones, this happens quite simply because "you asked." Those who amble mindlessly, beseeching "Scotty" to beam them up, should be more careful of what they say. Just as there are parallel Universes there does exist a type of parallel "vision" which enhances the ability to "SEE" us as we truly are, devoid of "masks." Many who have experienced these encounters of the BEST kind with us, are forever humbled by the knowledge that they are very much beloved by the "alien factor." Although in truth our collective name is "Star Keepers." Some of our Earth Cousins who have earned this honor of seeing us is due to the life which they live on Earth as true examples of the children of God. It does require a special clarity within the individual to achieve this distinction. Those who bring into their realm of existence the dark aliens, the dark Illuminati created energies, the ones we refer to as "THE OTHERS," are those who for the most part, are Souls in turmoil. Others are Souls who walk the middle road. STILL! These latter are in a transition, one in which they will be required to make the ULTIMATE conscious choice-"which side are they on." NONE who have been abducted by the OTHERS were ones who had known how to protect themselves. NONE knew how to bathe themselves in GOD’S Holy LIGHT and to retain that Light at all times; it would be the same as having sex without a condom. It Creates complexities that may not be desired.

Q …What of those humans who have told of remembered tortures and experimentations at the hands of aliens? Sorry, Star Keepers?

A .…As we have just finished explaining to you, many of these ones have allowed themselves to exist bereft of higher protection. Some through ignorance, others because of their lack of faith in the Creator and in themselves. Some have had damaged psyches prior to an abduction. All that any need do, is ask their Higher Self for protection and guidance; those who wish to walk hand in hand in the valley of life would be well advised to call upon their MOST EVOLVED Guides of the White Light of Jesus The Christ consciousness for aid. This is not difficult to do. Now, as to the percentage of actual abductions; most tales are true. We did in fact explain these cases to you in "Song Of The Third Millennium." However, there does exist a small minority of those afflicted with a mental aberration that have brought forth false tales. Discernment is a KEY in all aspects of life.

Q … How old are you?

– ., A … How old do I look? This seems to be the "standard Earth reply" when asked this question. Are you referring to me, myself, or perhaps to "we," of the collective body? Since many have not evolved enough to "see" me, I assume it is the latter.

Q … This question is for you, yourself Blue Star, if you are Blue Star.

A .. I AM who I AM. I am ageless in many ways. If you are referring to third-¬dimensional time equations, I AM as old as the Creator, but not in the sense of epochs or the counting of spatial timeframes. I am not as old as the Creation. Since we do not have Time equations the way mankind does, I have nothing to count in minutes and seconds of "time." If you are referring to years, then I can only repeat what I have already said. We do not count years as periods of age; rather we prefer to count stages of evolution.

Q…I know that Jesus always spoke in parable, yet in "Song Of The Third Millennium" and in your transmissions, you, Blue Star and the collective body speak in a type of parable which I at times have difficulty in understanding. Why?

A…Why what? You apparently have the same difficulty in understanding answers as you do in asking questions. Is the question because you experience problems in receiving and understanding our, or my, transmissions, or is it an issue concerning the relativity to parables? Be more clear please.

Q…The question is concerning the "whys" of speaking in parable.

A .. Very good. You have now experienced the necessity of always clarifying the issue you are asking about. If you ask a question in a succinct manner, then you will receive a definitive answer. Now, we do not differ in the manner of our choice of words any more than does He. Of course however, telepathy is the method we all use unless we are incarnate here or must speak verbally, AND IN PERSON to someone here. There is a valid reason to speak in parable. Much of what is transmitted to mankind is not meant for all to easily understand. Those who are ego-controlled are not ready or willing to see the proverbial nose on their face. These ones have not yet arrived at the specific time in THIS lifetime to experience the humility which accompanies c-o-m-p-r-e-h-e-n-s-i-o-n. Others have not yet entered the specific lifetime which will be their "hallmark," their private evolutionary "beginning." Now, you have already been told of the difficulties inherent in transmitting into primitive language all which we wish to share with you. For us, thought-waves are much more the norm, yet for most of you, they are not. So we have perfected an alternative plan through the use of language accompanied with a form of visions which are then transmitted to those few who are the "receivers." On a more practical level, humanity has a propensity to become lax when issues are presented in straightforward manner. Most of you ones tend to not exert the thought processes in order to explore the words within the words. Man and woman has become spoiled and prefers not to think (use sentience) with their Soul Voice. Rather, they still tend to think with their intellect for the most part. Controversy in this matter of communication is a most effective way to assist these individuals. Throughout "time," it has been observed that this method does indeed separate the self-indulgent, stagnant minds from those who are the "movers" and "shakers" Parables always contain answers within answers. If you know where to look.

Q …There is an issue which has become quite irritating to many of us. This issue concerns the gender of God. Is God a man or is God a woman?

A … Yes.

Q… Would you care to elaborate on that answer?


Q … What is the actual meaning of baptism?

A .. Baptism itself, is nothing but a symbolic ritual. Religions, in particular the Roman Catholic religion, was intent on further terrorizing people into believing that without baptism the Soul would be doomed to some type of hell-like place. However, this tale has no validity. BUT it did indeed help keep their coffers filled and people in fear. Humans were not born with "original sin." Nor were they born to atone for another’s misdeeds. Nor was Jesus The Christ crucified. He did not die for anyone’s sins. The very nanosecond any Soul is Created It is BAPTIZED in the Light of all Lights. Now THAT is baptism!

Q …You realize that this statement will probably upset all orthodox religions don’t you?

A … So be it. If you did NOT want the answer, you should have NOT asked the question.

Q … You have stressed the importance of humor throughout one’s life, why?

A … Humor, laughter, originates within the "inner child," which is the Soul. To NOT express this vibrational frequency is to in effect, "close down" this child of LIGHT and to ultimately become a child of man; not a child of God. The pure energy, the unadulterated laughter of a child should remain as the nucleus of the mature adult. It is in a cosmic way, a "birth certificate" of the best kind. Humor also raises the vibrations of the individuals who are the emitters, as well as all those around him or her. Enough FOCUSED, raised energy vibrations can alter the attitude of a PLANET. This in turn brings serenity to a galaxy.

Q… Do all Guides and Master Teachers have names? Are these names used for identification purposes, the way we use ours?

A … Now, we and Guides and Master Teachers, do not use names among ourselves in the same manner that you do. WE CAN if we choose to but it is really not necessary. Rather we recognize vibrational streams of energy. We each possess a center composed of "bio-cromatic" energy which is quite normal to each entity. It can be likened to your finger prints. No two are the same. We are nonetheless aware of what names mean to each of you. Few among you would feel comfortable conversing with "the third Spirit on the left, behind the short one." Since we do not respond well to the idiom "hey you," a compromise among us was reached. Some have chosen to retain as their I.D.’s, names which they used when they themselves were Earthbound. Some have assumed the names of certain mentors; of Spirits with whom they have been affiliated. Others have chosen to retain the names of their planets of origin. It is but as a convenience to you, for the most part. However our true names are of great and Spiritual importance to us and us alone.

Q … I’m not sure if I completely understand why you once stated "prophecies were meant to be fulfilled," or words to that effect. What about Nostradamus’s predictions? Are you implying that prophecies are somehow guidelines to live by?

A … prophecies had been foreseen as a convoluted means of allowing man to know of important times, as well as of important people who would be a part of the Earth history. "Important," may be considered as good by some, yet nefarious by others. The guidelines which you mentioned were of dual nature. Here is a simplistic example; if you are told not to place your hand in fire for it will surely burn you, yet you do this regardless of the warning, what is actually achieved?

1. Do you blame the fire for being hot?
2. Do you place blame on the one who forewarned you?
3. Do you blame yourself for your asinine action?

Many choose #1. Yet many more choose #2, as if that entity had somehow either Created the situation or "influenced" it. Prophecies are being Created every day. If you tell another you have a feeling that so and so is going to call you and this then comes to pass, then you have a prophecy fulfilled. This is but another simplistic example for those who are "prophecy challenged." When one has been forewarned of an event soon to occur, then it is entirely possible for that person to arrange their life so they do not become involved in the upcoming situation. For instance, in the example of someone calling you as you had felt they would, NO ONE SAID YOU HAD TO ANSWER THE PHONE. When Michel Nostradamus foretold of so much which has already come to pass, how many people actually did anything to prepare themselves for these events? Only after a period of time had passed, when certain personalities who had kept accurate records of his quatrains reinforced these prophecies through repeated public disclosures that "such" and "such" had indeed occurred did others pay heed. No one here seems to be aware of the terrible persecution that Michel endured because of what he knew. Prophecies are usually of controversial nature; regardless if they concern world events or specific "readings" on an individual. Ergo, without this type of controversy, man would still continue to be lax in using the thought processes for other than linear time events. So, prophecies both fulfill third-dimensional teachings of the future and encourage mankind to navigate the realm of supposedly "supernatural phenomena," or words to that effect.

Q …I’ve heard a lot about old Guides and new Guides. Are new Guides trustworthy?

A .. Old or new is but a phase of evolution. This is above and beyond chronological age. Can not a Guide be to one individual "old," yet "newl" to another? You consider me, Blue Star, "new" since you have no conscious memory of me. Yet I have been an integral, INTRICATE part of my daughter Celestial for as long as she has been. So it is that what is old, is new again. If an individual is in doubt of their Guide’s evolutionary status, all that is needed is to ask Spirit to send to you only those of a higher evolutionary level. All who walk in the White Light of Jesus THE Christ consciousness are trustworthy. There do exist "Spirits-in-training." These ones usually assist young children. You ones need to remember please, that your Soul covenant, that agreement you each signed prior to any incarnation, is a binding agreement arranged by you AND your Guides. It does not matter if you chose them or they chose you. Each group of Guides is here for a specified time and for a specified reason. I would not suggest that any of you ones fire your Guides; rather be more concerned if they decide to fire you!

Q…. Would you please discuss the coming times, which you touched upon in "Song?" Specifically, the Earth changes you have foreseen.

A….Earthbound humans always require time to assimilate new information, much as a child must learn to crawl before it can learn to walk. We transmit all data on a "need to know" basis. As Souls find the path of new information and learn the careful cultivation of new knowledge, then they are prepared to continue to both learn more and accept more. Now, I have discussed NESARA in previous transmissions. I shall tell you ones that there are no longer "Coming times." The TIMES are here NOW! God has already spoken in what I consider to be great detail in "Beyond the Veil~Epiphanies from God." I will but add a bit more to what He has already spoken of. The planet is shifting; no, it will not be a somersault roll, but she is moving anyway. Many topographical areas are a-changing. It is much needed here on Terra. Climate changes are everywhere and NO, I am not referring to the manmade ones that have been diabolically implemented by corrupt governments! It is however the peoples who are making the greatest changes…in spite of themselves.

Now, the greatest division among the races of peoples I have ever witnessed here, is taking place as millions scurry in fear "of the unknown," while millions of others have come full circle in their perceptions and do understand the necessity of change here for themselves and all those they love. Yet, those who are bound heart and mind to their religious convictions are certain that the end of the world is upon you all. Of course they are incorrect but this statement from me will not alter their mindset, it will not change their convictions. It is what they believe because they have been taught that they HAVE to. Placing blame on this or that government really is inconsequential now. You see peoples, I have stated publicly many, many, times before, that "governments come and go but the peoples remain."

BUT, where is the personal responsibility here? Tell me my Earth cousins, how can it be possible for all your diverse races of peoples to be semi-knowledgeable about some things, yet at the same time very ignorant of a simple major truth that relates to each and every person on this planet? Here is the truth that has been hidden in plain sight: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO THE WORLD LEADERS ARE OR WHAT THEY DO IF THE PEOPLES THEMSELVES DO NOT CHANGE! Is that really so difficult to understand? CHANGE must be enacted by the peoples themselves. All that you change in your heart and mind WILL, under the law of cause and effect, Create major good changes among all the races of people, thereby affecting the planet in a positive positive manner rather than in a negative negative manner. Now, in 2011 I will speak at great length in each transmission about major shifts on the planet, the economy, the demise of those things that go bump in the night and the NOW state of collective consciousness. Today is not the right time to go further into that matter.*FOR THOSE WHO NOW HAVE A NEED TO KNOW, THE ANSWER TO 11:11, IS 2011. <.br>

Q … Referring back to the tapestry which both the Light and the dark are a part of,(Song Of The Third Millennium,) which came first, the Light or the dark?

A .. This question is reminiscent of the "chicken or the egg" query among you. There is relativity here though. Now, the Light is part of the dark just as the dark is part of the Light. It is not true that each person has a dark side. It is true that each person possesses the capacity to become a part of the dark side, just as it is true that MANY Souls have lived lives OF the dark side in previous life existences, for the purpose of learning from the experiences. And in some cases, to be the fall guy needed in order to teach of the Light. The tapestry of life is but a mirror image of a present/future; i.e., Do you believe that night follows day or do you believe that day follows night? Is this of any significant importance? IF YOU BELIEVE that day follows night, does that mean that those who believe otherwise are in error? Who is right and who is wrong? ALL are right! The importance here lies in the fact that without day there could be no night. Or vice versa.

Q …Do you always answer a question with an answer within the answer? I notice you never ask me if I am understanding your answer.

A . For the first part of your question – the answers are, yes, possibly, quite probably. For the second part of your statement I can only tell you ones that my mission does not include giving you all the answers. I fully expect you each to use your fertile minds and sentience and do your own homework.

Q … Who is the greatest Master Teacher?

A … If in fact you are referring to the Master Teacher who excels above all others, then the answer is One’s Higher Self. If you are asking if there is one above all others, then this is the correct response;… each Master Teacher retains a particle of other Master Teachers’ energies. In this respect, each is a separate entity yet is part of the whole. Since each evolves from the Creator and each is part of the Creation, can one be better than the other?

Q .. Can a Soul be destroyed?

A … Yes, but not entirely. Much needs to happen through numerous incarnate experiences before this can happen. It is a complex procedure which is very sad to bear witness to. However, each must make their own choice in this matter. This is a rarity, but does serve as an example to others. The constant tainting that a Soul MAY receive throughout many incarnations can and may weaken the Soul to such a degree, that It projects less and less Light. If it should occur, which does happen from time to time, that the Soul is so debilitated that It simply cannot go on, It is then assimilated into a type of "Soul Reserve." Eventually, new Souls may birth from the mass of Soul matter.

Q … How could God do such a thing as to destroy a Soul?

A .. We did NOT SAY that HE did! You LISTENED but you did NOT HEAR what I said!

Q … All right, you have said that the destruction of a Soul serves as an example to others, how so?

A .. When a Soul’s desire to attain a state of perfection on Its own ceases to be, the striving to attain perfection among other Souls then begins in earnest. This means that a Soul MAY decide to merely keep pace with other Souls and not mature in the manner that was planned for It. Usually when this happens, although it may require many millennia, those Souls will gather strength and mature in a better fashion than they had before. All carry the knowledge that if they fail to move forward, they could easily be taken over by dark energy and in the worst case scenario, cease to be.

Q … Am I correct, that you have said the Jews are not the chosen people?

A … Yes and no.

Q … Are they the ones chosen as God’s children? The ones who will triumph in the end of times?

A … ALL Creations are God’s children. There is NO "end of times." In order for the Jews to triumph on their "days of judgment" they will need to eradicate the egotistical, prejudiced natures which so many of them have simply because they chose to bear the LABEL of "Jew." The probability ratio of this occurring as of NOW, is not very good. Jesus chose to be born among the Jews with the intent of teaching this race as well as others, humility. This did NOT happen, for the most part.

Q … Are you aware that this statement will be quite upsetting to many in the Jewish culture?

A … Yes.

Q … Does this not bother you?

A…Of course not. Those who choose to live lifetimes of fantasy, and those who live one the frenetic side of human life may do so at their own peril. We care not if their opinions with what we have said differ with our own. Some peoples choose to gain knowledge through physical and emotional pain brought on as a result of their chosen culture. Most people prefer the illusions foisted upon them by nefarious people. For example, time is but an illusion, a linear experience, yet the majority of mankind believes in its existence. Each must dance to their own tune. However, there is no "beginning" and there is no end," therefore "time" does not exist! Remember please, to attempt to in any way coerce another into full realization of the truth is not only against Universal Law, it would indeed infringe on a Soul’s destiny. Fortunately each who dances the jig must also ultimately pay the PIPER!

Q … Many have said that people whose auras are extremely dark are evil. They have also said physical death can be seen in one’s aura. Is this in fact correct?

A….Ah, again we have encountered the mysterious "THEY." These ones would do well to not meddle in human affairs! Now, the aura is in fact divided into two separate, distinct sections. The inner part hugs the body in a form fitting manner. This part of the aura reacts AND REFLECTS all of the emotional turmoil, or the emotional calmness that the entity AT THAT TIME is experiencing. It is the inner and outer body’s weather forecaster. An entity can and does experience myriad emotions at any given moment in time. These can indeed be seen as colors emanating from the entity and expanding out and upward through many dimensions. Now, the other part of the aura is aligned in close proximity (physically,) to the inner essence. The outer intensely reflects the Spiritual level, the Spiritual NOTE which each entity possesses. In most evolved Souls, these two sections integrate and are seen as one. Unlike the inner section of the aura, the Spiritual component is composed of all which has been the focus of each previous life experience, TO SOME DEGREE, regardless how young or aged the individual is in chronological terms.

The central theme of any lifetime is the actual Spiritual vibratory note which is retained within the Soul of the guardian child. Each Soul may amass more notes or choose to expand one SPECIFIC note as either a means of perceived atonement or as a vehicle to rapidly evolve. The color of this part of the aura is correlated to the vibratory essence; it can release an energy stream of either an enhancement quality or it can cause the actual lowering of the energy itself. The "present" life experience of the entity is also revealed as "paths which shall be taken," within the nucleus of this section. Also of course the inner aspect of the aura retains the evolutionary status of the Soul. So, in the well-balanced, well -rounded Souls who have changed their philosophies on LIFE many times, the outer aura will be seen by us as a pureness encased in a brilliant white color. Each hue denotes a specific level of growth, or non-growth. However as I stated before, in most evolved Souls the two areas are as one.

Those who are preparing to pass over from this plane of existence, do NORMALLY exude a muted variety of colors tinged with both black, brown and gray. Regardless, it is indeed possible for a personality to merge the "outer" with the "inner" to form a concentrically aligned fusion, whereas the body, mind and Spirit are thus indistinguishable. A few of those who obtain this "new form" are the soon-to-be AVATARS. These ones are also well on their way to the ultimate fulfillment, the ultimate experience, the return to Source. Auras change constantly as each Soul prepares to face new challenges or exciting new adventures. Auras which retain a black color….well let us just say…it is not a healthy good-hearted person.

Q…One last question Blue Star, what are, "The Legends of the Fall?"

A…All right now, the true legends are those who are already rising to the surface of collective consciousness. These are the future NOW record keepers, teachers, mystics and everyday people who now are holding on while they are in the eye of the storm and those who will continue to survive and teach of what they know, what they bear witness to. And that is the fall of the old way-the fall of lower based consciousness. Although in the loosest sense you could indeed liken it to a season, for there is a season for all things to happen, for all events to take place. Those who are the "Winter People," are rising quickly and for the most part quietly. They too are representative of the Legends of the Fall. You see chelas, Legends are BORN, not made!

Q… Blue Star before we end this session is there one brief statement you want to make to those who are still living in fear?

A… Yes, "get over yourself!"

I am signing off for now….Blue Star the Pleiadian