Do Not Fear

This is a Matthew and Blue Star rendition of the exploration of "Fear" and it’s origins.

Note: Matthew originally wrote his part in August of 2002 in response to a "doomsday" letter which had circulated on the internet.

August 28, 2002

MATTHEW: Mother, regarding that "doomsday" letter swirling around the Internet, first I say: Fear NOT! That dire prediction of a massive earthquake and loss of billions of lives on September 7 is NOT going to happen!

Is this "message from God" via that person who is intending to alert the world to this imminent event not the same End-of-the-world idea that has been considered inevitable for centuries by doomsayers? It IS! The dark forces originated this concept so long ago that current Earth history has no record of its initiation into belief systems. It is not its origin in antiquity that DISempowers this concept, it is its origin within the darkness that literally dooms it!

Manifesting any date for planetary destruction so severe that Earth could not survive is no different from manifesting anything else at all – it is a matter only of sustained belief and intent that brings about happenings. This would be the manifesting capability of the soul at work co-creating with God, implementing that law of Creator that exists inseparably with free will.

This works with one consciously-focused mind or with billions, and when the latter, the term "mass consciousness" comes into it. I reluctantly use that term because of its application to "ascension," which is another term often improperly applied, as if bodies will be lifted off the planet into the heavens. Moving into the lighter density of the universe, which is by the opening of hearts and minds unto the light of love that enables Heaven on Earth, is ascension.

So I ask that "mass consciousness" be understood as the majority of energetic interaction on Earth choosing to anchor and sustain the light on and within and throughout the planet. This is not the same as a specific number or a defined percentage of souls consciously sharing the same belief or focus, which is the prerequisite of a different interpretation of mass consciousness and is not the correct understanding of the actual physics operating.

Now then, there are two essential considerations about this "inevitable doomsday idea." First, this could happen ONLY if this concept were to sweep over the world and mold more than half the mind power – not half of the souls, but half of the mind power – into the rigid belief form that Earth actually is hopelessly doomed. Please note that it is not "would" happen, but "could" happen, and that brings us to the second of the two overriding factors here.

Even if that degree of doomsday conviction could be mustered, "doom" could affect only the energy embodied on the planet. With only physical life at stake, which in your current belief system is meant to be only short-term anyway, an arbitrary, identically-timed ending to everyone’s eternal life really is ludicrous when you think about it. Just Zap! – totally discounting the stage of spiritual awareness and intelligence advancement and soul evolvement, not to mention the plans of God and Creator? I don’t think so!

So then, "doomsday" is only an idea, a concept, a topic of discussion, a nonexistent event that got talked about way beyond the originating circle. So what is to be feared? To actually create that fearful-sounding scenario would require the power of focused minds without any great opposition in belief, in feelings, in intent of energy direction. And therein lies the doom of the doomsday idea!

There IS massive disbelief, disagreement and opposition to it! There IS a massive abundance of light firmly anchored on Earth that is in complete energetic opposition to the darkness, within which the doomsday concept was developed, and there IS massive soul-level knowingness and emerging conscious awareness of whence this doomsday fallacy came and why!

It came from the dark forces specifically to create fear. There is no issue of greater importance today than clearly understanding how the darkness uses fear as its ultimate weapon against individuals, nations, your whole world. Fear of an idea, of what might be, is as much a captive state of consciousness as the fear of what you consider concrete actuality.

When information about merely conceptual fearsome situations is passed on as foregone conclusion by sincerely well-meaning individuals, they may be doing so in concerned innocence, but the fear that’s created nevertheless is as virulent as if the peak of darkness itself had pronounced it. This is what happens:

The energy of fear forms a barrier between the feared object or circumstances and the energy of light. Because of the barrier, the light in the souls of fear-full people cannot reach their consciousness to dispel the power of those fears over their lives, and the light being sent to them by light workers cannot penetrate. The barrier feels like a real wall, isolating the person with the consuming fear and leaving no way out. This energy blockage of the light intensifies the power of whatever is feared, thus enabling it to draw to itself more manifestations to be feared.

Fear is wildly contagious, and due to its magnification in power, fear sensation streamers have sticky edges that attract the kinds of energetic interactions that omit common sense, sound judgment, and wise decisions. Fear is so insidious that it can convince a person that the only way to escape is through portals leading deeper and deeper into darkness. Fear is the forebear of such actions or characteristics deemed prejudice, tyranny, greed, cruelty, belligerence, deception, dishonor and hatred, and even those seemingly senseless tortures or deaths of innocents arise through psyches that have been twisted and tormented by fears.

The light, in which love and universal knowledge and spiritual clarity abide, cannot reach those souls to let them know their spiritual powers are far stronger than anything the dark powers can conjure to frighten them. Nothing is stronger than the light, which is the gift to every soul of the love and power of God.

Because the dark forces cannot create light or capture it and they cannot coexist with it, they can only try to create fear and try to capture souls through fear. The magnified energy of fear draws to the people like thought forms from the universal soup, and the power of natural laws then brings into reality the fearsome ideas manifested into form through sustained conscious belief in their existence. Then there is indeed something to fear – it’s what fear itself created!

The viciousness of the cycle permits people to be held captive by the darkness whose stronghold is simple: It doesn’t permit them to "see the light" because that light would reveal that what they have been told to fear is only an idea. Belief in the fear-filled idea’s reality is what makes it so. Literally "seeing the light" exposes the fabric of lies and desperate measures of the dark forces and destroys their grasp on awakening minds. Now fearing for their own continuation, these forces are creating fear through any possible means, no matter how transparent or arrogant the falseness of their claims in their last gasp to maintain control of their darkly-inclined helpers on Earth.

What you are seeing in every avenue of what you may call evil, from kidnappings to killings by children to greed and corruption of global degree to hopelessness of entire nations to talk of deterring a nuclear invasion by preemptive war declaration. KNOW that these are abounding because the receding of the darkness is underway! These forces that steadily have chosen to harm others rather than allow love to motivate them will not much longer be on your planet to create havoc and despair.

The light is increasing in abundance and power in consonance with Earth’s own chosen pathway, and the bodies of people who continue treading in darkness simply would be destroyed if they were forced into the light, like crystal shattering at certain frequencies. The souls of these people will be transferred to a density station compatible with their energy registration, which is determined by the lifetime free will choices.

No, Mother, I don’t know if the promise of beauty and peace in Earth’s new world will persuade these souls to let the light fill their voids with love. We pray that they will desire this, but we cannot influence the free will courses they choose. And no, I don’t know whether in body or only spirit they will experience their next opportunity to follow the light, nor do I know where they will go, because in this unique time universally, those dark souls cannot come here. There are placements in the universe where life starts in very primitive form and progresses as light guidance is given for remedial lessons. "In my father’s house are many mansions" means that the universe contains many varieties of living arrangements so that all stages of souls’ evolvement can be accommodated.

Let me return for a moment to the manifestation process, the effects of intent. Let us turn around that prediction of the end of the world through destruction into oblivion and let us intend that there be a world-ending to Earth’s agonies, an ending to the violence, corruption, deception, injustices, diseases, starvation, brutality. Let us intend that there be an ending to the warring, killing, terror, to the destruction of bodies and land and hope.

Focusing on a replacement for all of that – focusing on love, peace, justness, decency and sharing in the world – can have mammoth uplifting effects on what already has been long in process, the return to the paradise your planet once was! The progress would have been much faster if more of you had affirmed that a kinder, more loving and more harmonious world already had risen out of the ashes of the futile last stand of the darkness. If not before, then now add your light to this!

When the struggle is over, there will be a return to the true Eden that once existed there. There will be peace and harmony and respect between and among all life forms, the animals and the plants and the currently unrecognized Devic kingdom whose efforts are so essential to Earth’s preservation. So, let’s not have a benediction because the world is ending. Let’s hear a clarion call for renewed awareness of the cosmic Oneness and the Christed spirit within every soul!

"Blue Star’s response, then and now, 2005."

There have been so many men and women who have cruelly attempted to instill even more insecurity in the human species, as though this life form is not already insecure enough. For centuries people on this planet have been being mislead into believing that certain messages are from God when in fact the opposite is true. Ask yourselves Why do so many want to believe in an "end of the world" scenario? How can it be possible for so many soothsayers to continuously predict this fate for mankind and the world? Now, if an individual or small group of like-minded individuals, band together to discuss philanthropy and esotericism, please to remember I used the term "like-minded," then obviously if those at the gathering are of the "gloom and doom" belief, then THAT is what they will strengthen as a part of their mind processing thoughts. On the other hand, if those at the gathering are those who believe that mankind is essentially good and that there could not possibly be an end of the world, then THEIR belief will strengthen by the same, but different alchemical mind-thought processing system.

If you please to remember and consider the plausibility of the effects of the hundredth-monkey events, then it should indeed be clear to you ones that just because something is stated as a surety of upcoming events, does NOT mean that it is. It is at times baffling to us how so many millions of humans fail to use discernment when accepting preposterous ideas. Now, those ones among you who believe that your fate lies in others’ hands are ripe targets for this type of evil mischief. Then of course there are the "know it alls," so prevalent among the human race. Arrogance in any form is but the acting out of ego and narcissistic people. Then again there are the "wanna be’s," these ones want to be YOU, so it is that if they can confound you with untrue rhetoric which is maliciously geared to usher your downfall, then they shall see themselves as better than you. You see? Matthew is correct when speaking of those long, long ago times, when this form of monstrous lies were first unleashed upon the earth star planet. The belief systems in those dark days were tainted each time another human failed to peruse the deceit, the bastardization of truth, until such time that humans were no longer sure of what they believed…much like today.

The same dark brotherhood who so masterfully planned that long ago investiture of dark thoughts and darker dreams within the human psyche, were gleefully unaware that they could not, would not remain undetected by humans…that sooner or later the dark would be revealed by the Light. That brotherhood was aware of certain timelines that would intersect on this planet which would herald the opening of specific portals. It would be when these portals were open for example, that grid lines, leylines, water tables would be a tad unstable. They successfully infiltrated the lowly thought of astrologers of that past time and provided astronomical information predicated upon the movement of certain stars and planets, which heretofore where unknown. Long before that, they were the same ones who convinced ancient people that comets were the harbingers of doom. Now, they always use the same tried and true process to defeat a culture, a race, a civilization. It is "lie to them about what they do not understand, be so convincing, teach them to believe, be so all-knowing, that they have no choice but TO BELIEVE."

You see chelas, they take advantage of those among you who do not have the true understanding of "manifestation, of "materialization." They always have. They always will. What you MANIFEST, you SHALL MATERIALIZE! Yet even the wisest humans amongst you cannot change planetary dates. Planetary pre-destined events cannot be altered except by the Divine Force HimSelf. Manifesting ideals, future events, future forms of "free expression," can indeed be accomplished through increments, many individual and planetary timelines must be taken into consideration. When the issue is to create such a tremendous amount of mass destruction on the earth star planet, that survival itself would be an impossibility, then it needs to be understood that all does not hinge on one person, place or thing. You see, this would require each and every Soul to focus their minds, their collective consciousnesses on causing the manifestation of that thought, the materialization of that event. THAT is why it is IMPOSSIBLE! There have always been the relative forms of free expression, the individuality of the Soul, the separate "togetherness," of each Soul Cluster to prevent that type of heinous behavior.

Now, when Matthew speaks of the terms "ascension" and "mass consciousness," I add my perspective; it is far too easy for people to use terms of which they have little understanding. There is NO correlation between mass consciousness and "ascension," that is misleading information indeed. Mass Consciousness itself may be likened to millions of people believing that together they can make a difference in this world, that together, functioning as a single unit, abiding in understanding and love, they can be of assistance in furthering the cause of personal and planetary evolution. Yet each one of these people are choosing whichever manner is best for them, as the individual threads in the Universal Tapestry of Life. . . They do not need to defend their truths, they LIVE them. "Ascension" on the other hand is to "rise above," to "lift" yourselves above the clamoring destructiveness on this planet. Ascension is so easy to do, one ascends or conversely, descends in every nano second of their existence. Knowing without NEEDING to be told, that your mind, heart and Soul are pure and content, that too is "ascension."

Now, it is time for people of this planet to get a grip on reality. Lest you forget, humans tend to be ruled by their emotions, which they mistake for their "hearts." The heart feels, senses, emotes love, compassion, and understanding. Emotions are primarily ruled by fear. Ego, which resides within the intellect, is a limited faculty. Yet the intellect guides the emotions, contrary to what you may believe. Heart is unlimited and without end. See if you understand the difference between "unlimited" and "without end." It is the Fear Masters roles to manipulate your emotions, to close off your Heart Source, to cause the cessation of love and the implementation of further fears. When you truly understand all of which I am speaking to you of in terms of "emotions," fears, and Love, then it will be that should you encounter those who preach of impending Doom, you can throw your shoulders back, stand straight and tall, look them directly in the eye and say "DOOM is but MOOD spelled backwards. " MOOD is emotions which are not necessarily your own, do NOT carry other peoples baggage!

You see, it is of pivotal importance to you ones that you always remember that the dark is but an aspect of the Light. They are opposites, yet equals. Light IMPELS it does NOT COMPELL. I care not for the gruesome thoughts that I have seen within the minds of so many. Light is in-form-ative, If you believe that there is indeed a battle for the Souls of mankind, then you shall encounter no difficulty in ascertaining truth from lies. If you believe that you yourself have the potential to BE all that you can BE, then DO IT. If you KNOW on a heart-SOUL level that someone, or some-thing is attempting to place obstacles in front of you WHILE YOU are on your quest, than DAMM THE TORPEDOS AND FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Now, please to remember all matter is energy, all energy is living, none is "static." So it is that when concerned citizens march in the streets to protest an idea, a pogrom, a perception of threat, "FEAR" rides shotgun. Fear is in itself an insidious energetic form. It encompasses the event or situation, thus bringing hatred and lust for death for those who are the opposing factions. You cannot carry both fear and light within you at the same time. Light herself, cannot exist within fear. She is effectively blocked until you release the fear energy. When this is accomplished, fear then cannot exist within the light. It is the balancing of the scales. Please to remember, fear begets fear, light begets light. Small fears can be magnified and magnetized into larger fears until nothing is left BUT fear itself. DO NOT believe that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself." Horse pucky! There is nothing and no-thing to fear PERIOD. The only true capturing of a Soul is through the individual’s acceptance of fear. They cannot force you to accept what they offer, it is "your call." For those among you ones who have in the past and mayhaps a bit in your present time, experienced fear that you have since vanquished, I say to you ones, long ago my brethren and I watched the shenanigans of the dark ones and said, they may have them now BUT the dark horde shall rue the day when those Souls awaken

Now, when Prime Creator decreed that humans would one day grow into the understanding that all life has meaning, He knew that the more the people here reacted to the Light rather than the old way of reacting to the dark, that the dark horde would tenaciously hold onto those that they can here. In so doing, their reach would shorten, much the way a drowning man seeks a life preserver to remain afloat. Each one of you is a Light; a life preserver, not a life taker. The more light you each shed and share, the more rapidly the density of the dark will lessen. Neither you nor we can coerce anyone to BE Light, it is forbidden. Exemplify Light and so shall it be. This does NOT mean that you are expected to be more than you are.

You are perfect as a Light, accept that and shine on! In the times ahead, as true peace releases her mantle over this planet, those who embody the Light shall be the teachers and healers. Those who do not will not be able to co-exist here. There are in existence many aspects of God. Some are planets that function as "caretakers" for those who have run afoul of Universal Law. Many earth citizens will undergo "reparatory life courses." To each his own. Do not be so bold or so foolish as to judge others who may still be floundering in the dark. At one time or another you have said, "been there, done that." Rather, think upon the ways and means to continue to better yourselves. For those you know now, or shall know in the future who are walking baby steps to arrive where you may be, or think you are, whichever the case may be, the best thing you can do is to be their cheerleaders.

Now, as I take my leave I say to you ones,

"Give me a G! Give me an O! Give me a D! Sis boom bah, rah, rah rah!"

salude….Blue Star The Pleiadian