The Thrill of The Hunt

Emiel #10

The Thrill of the Hunt

Enchante readers! In this session perhaps I can share with you not only the stories that I have documented about the infamous "unknown hunters," but also "why" this corrupt, deviant, proliferating system is alive and well on the planet Earth. This hunting process is not centered on the hunting of animals. It is about the hunting of humans and also the hunting of those from other worlds who are temporarily inhabiting the Earth. No, this is not a Hollywood flick; I wish that it were, although in truth Hollywood and many other places that produce cinematics have developed their story lines of people being hunted from truthful experiences. This is certainly one of those "so fantastic how can it be true?" scenarios. That is the kicker, talk about any idea/concept that is true but is unknown to the general public, and the people will not believe it. This is how all holocausts are born!

Long ago, so far back that it all began before recorded history, large clusters of men across the globe began herding itinerant people into small groups scattered on the continents in which they lived, then forcing them to travel incredible distances to join other captured groups in their native countries. Again, I state this was global. The people who survived these treks were then placed in smallish settlements that would eventually be enlarged into concave structures housing men, women and children who were frightened, starving and physically exhausted. True it began prior to the Neanderthal era, the Star Keeper Forces that had long before that era landed here in a combined effort to teach the then-future-people, of the necessity of not killing other men and not conducting savage forays into neighboring tribal lands, met with great success by establishing the first "Olympics games"as a means for settling hostilities among the early people.

The off-world visitors that I meet with regularly have prudently shared with me their records dating back to their ancestors who were here assisting in the Creation of the Earth. They also assisted in the settlement of the early people, those who were genetically engineered specimens that were a blend of different life forces from other worlds. "Adam" was "Atom" and the original concept of the human female was derived from the molecular and physiological changes needed to alter the genitalia of the human among other things, and have a fertile vessel for propagating the race known as "humans." "Eve" was "AFTER" Atom in this sense. It was when the vast majority of Star Keepers returned to their home planets, leaving a still large gathering of their forces here that the mentally stunted, vicious Illuminati descended with their eyes on the first humans. What all the documents shared with me have proven to me 160%, is that contrary to what people believe here, and in a great contradiction to what science, religion and politics keep everyone unaware of, there were certain situations that clearly occurred to the human race which impact upon all societies of today .
When the "first man and woman" were sent here, there were also OTHER first men and women all sent at the same time to all parts of this world!

The effort of beginning the global population consisted of men and women whose lineage was from the stars. Those beings who were of planets that had different ionic atmospheres than some of the other first people, had different skin tones, different colorations, different hair textures etc. All was relative to their individual genealogy as a race. All were born in innocence yes, but not all retained that innocence. It required very, very long years of their gaining predominance over their first primal instincts for survival, before the intellect could gain a foothold on any of the humans. Meanwhile the Star Keeper forces that remained behind here certainly had their hands full. These forces battled on all fronts here, they were continuously sheltering and protecting early mankind from the humans’ own reckless and predatory behaviors, while simultaneously in combat with the Illuminati in an effort to gain time and momentum that was much needed, in order that humans…as a whole….could slowly but surely move forward in individualized progression. The ones who could not do so entered into states of self-destructive behavior that attracted the Illuminati to them like flies on shit.

Many of the Illuminati caste that could easily assume a human visage mated and bred with both male and females here. The plan was erotically simple; breed with those who at that time still carried a pure strain of their home planet ancestry and breed a new form of Illuminati. The breed was planned to be one half-human (the name for the genealogically blended new race) one half-beast (the Illuminati and their legion.) Evidence uncovered over the last 200 years does support what I have read. Much of this is contained in suppressed writings residing in the Vatican. Surprise, surprise. If you understand that in those long ago ages, this world was considered "the new world," ripe and lush with the elements and water necessary to house many civilizations and yet focus as a "beacon" to other planets, then you may better understand why still today, the Illuminati have wanted to not merely control this world, but to direct its energies. It required hundreds and hundreds of generations to be born that either bred out the main Illuminati bloodline, or enhanced those bloodlines by remarrying and rebirthing into the same lines. It was during those early times, those years of great suffering and peril to all humans, when the first wave of the despicable Dark Forces initiated the capturing of the people.

Because those were more simple times then and "literacy" among humans was not the norm, it required very little effort apart from murder, dismembering, rape, sodomy and near starvation, to quell any paltry resistances, to subdue and subjugate all people regardless of their gender, EVERYWHERE. As babies were born as a result of the union of the Illuminati and the females of the human species, a high mortality rate ensued amongst newborns. The Illuminati were not concerned with any children that would grow up weak or deformed. Many Earth mothers murdered the babies as soon as they were born, much to the fury of the Dark Forces. The women although not intellectually bright, knew enough to intuit that the babies would grow into monsters. This was when the formulae for establishing vengeful, angry and dangerous gods was born. Religion had been birthed. The Dark Predators shape-shifted at will, easily performing "slights of hand" that were but illusions projected towards an ignorant race. One thing that most unfortunately has not changed over the centuries is that humans are easily programmed and are basically creatures of habit.

As the people back then struggled to survive, many soon became eager to do the bidding of the Illuminati and the internment camps broadened. In no time at all, the camps were called "villages," "hamlets" and so on. This was true worldwide. The good news is that as this all occurred the honorable Star Keeper Forces were quietly infiltrating all continents, telepathically linking with those who had still not succumbed to the dastardly rulers. Many heroic rescues took place and the downtrodden but-not-controllable people on the fringe, took flight and journeyed to remote areas They were well hidden by their benefactors from off-world, until such time they were physically able to gather with others such as themselves and begin their own hidden communities. They became the resistance. Many of these early groups became known as "the indigenous races." They tended the land and the Earth, they learned with some tutorage, to make pictograms of their past histories. Their roles in the Earth’s history were and still are, vitally important. Although they were not taught to worship any gods, they did so anyway. As each succeeding generation of these people, these cultures, progressed into a more civilized form of their races, they insisted that all previous knowledge of their pasts and their lineage be taught to each succeeding generation as a mandatory family obligation. Many times back then, just as it continues today, other nations of people were led to war against those people who refused to be indoctrinated. All was accomplished in the secret name of the Illuminati.

So much is unknown by "mainstream people" of today about their own true history and the holographic projections aimed at them subliminally and subconsciously by those who are a part of the dark organization. These millions of people would be aghast if they realized how they collectively and individually responded and still respond, to the duplicity of the dark agents. People who have repeatedly listened and believed the lies and controlling propaganda pose no threats to the Illuminati and their cohorts. These people lack any substance, they are spineless and fertility-less Spiritually and mentality. Almost just as bad, they are really boring! They are drones and they don’t even know it. BUT…all the others….that is a different story! The ones who cause the greatest headaches to the Dark Forces are the ones the Illuminati want and need the most. These are very "different" people, not all are human, but are nonetheless walking in human form. Judging by what my Star Keeper Allies have shared with me and the "secret" documents I have read, the texts that are secreted away although they exist in EVERY country, I have no doubt at all that these are the very people the Earth has been waiting for…again.

The "resistance factor" is a faction of global people who are not merely representative of those men and women who are denouncing the violators of freedom they are in fact the greatest allies this planet has ever had. For the most part they are ordinary citizens, this is what makes them so dangerous to all the ill-begotten sons and daughters of the beast. I must say, they fit in bloody well with the commoners and the "movers and shakers" alike. They do know who they are and what they are here to do, although it took some frightful experiences to cause them to realize this. Some have just recently managed to gain prominence of a sort in parliamentary procedures. Others have wiggled and dazzled their ways into the banking and pharmaceutical industries. Many, many others are shop girls and theatre ushers and so forth. It is a pretty well democratized society.

These are the ones who have perhaps forgotten who the black hearted ones are, by name anyway, but they are aware and can smell out the indiscretions and illegal, immoral procedures being used against innocent people. They have learned that brawn cannot defeat brain; so essentially they use their brain and their voices to instill opposition to dictatorship practices. Unfortunately most pay a heavy price for their efforts. Just as soon as these people are noticed for their opposing views and their combined global yells of "war no more," "exorcise the white house," "dethrone England," etc., in most cases, their days are numbered. The Illuminati have always followed the "blood for blood rule." It means they permit, encourage, insist upon…absolute allegiance to their cause with severe and deadly implications for those in their groups they accuse of malfeasance, especially those people whose voices stridently denounce them. This is where the dice are loaded in the Illuminati’s favor. Only an idiot would not know that the Illuminati control politics. All administrations have been hand picked by them and all banking systems are actually under the ownership of one man and his cohorts. His allies are simply his stewards, "just following orders."

What is little known but studiously written about in the secret texts, is that the more ancient lineages of the Illuminati still possess an obscene and actual blood lust. I’m not kidding about this!! This is serious stuff!! The old "vampire stories" originated in the ongoing blood craving that so permeates the cellular system of the Illuminati. In the "good old days," cannibalism on their parts served to not only feed them, but also at that time they were dependent on the stories being passed down through generations of humans about the power and absolute control the Illuminati could and would exercise over any hapless victim as well as those who were carefully selected as victims. You see this served them well, "2 birds with one stone" and all that. Their downside though was that because of their blood craving, it would in the future times make it neigh near impossible to fit into any societal programs if they had to drink the blood of their host in public. This is one reason that their bloodline, no pun meant here, had to merge, to integrate with others that did not have this craving.

They had to dilute enough of their ancestry to contain this craving, really keep it under control, yet be able to pass on their genealogy to all the little Illuminati to be born. Obviously this required hundreds of years to accomplish, however records clearly show that the Illuminati were certainly not prudish about getting laid….anytime they could. The objective was to instill erotic behavior in their bed partners and to create more of their own kind at the same time. They well knew the dangerous land of the erotic thinkers; the easiest way to corrupt men and women on Earth is through their…….genitals. It keeps people thinking with their…..genitals.. rather than KNOWING what is really going on. It is the most obscene and successful form of subjugating and perverting any person.

The ultimate banker and those who came before him, are the ones who promoted free sex, indiscriminate sex and all porn. Think on that…without your…genitalia….doing the thinking! It was an easy step to encourage people to bite and claw during sex; each time all these things happened..and still do…it appeases the blood lust still existing in some of the more "refined" Illuminati. BUT there is a faction of them that are kept in service to act as the succubus. All succubi can actually be of male or female gender. They first seduce, then drain the energies and vitality of the human, usually ingesting small amounts of blood that cannot be too noticeable by others. Sending these perverted beings after those people who are busy disclosing truth and ratifying new concepts of freedom, proved to be an exercise in futility to the Illuminati. They cannot corrupt the uncorruptable. The only viable alternative seen by the black ones is to stealthily approach these people in the guise of "truth seekers." In this manner they can invade the groups and organizations, learn all of the plans being formatted and begin to instill doubt and fear into the weakest of the groups. An organization, a group, a country, a domicile, a relationship, is only as strong as its weakest link. Herein lies the war zone.

I was scratching my head while trying to figure out the best way to explain as simply as possible, how deadly this situation has now in this present year, become. Without being graphic, I cannot find another way. The blood lust rule is based upon causing injury to a person with the intent of obtaining blood and causing death wherever possible, to also obtain a smattering of DNA tissue. Any portion of DNA can be mingled with other forms of DNA and merged to create awesome races of beings. The procedure then is to totally contain the strongest physical attributes and make use of them through the process of implantation in the deadliest of minds. None of these specimens have survived for long from what I can tell though my written text research, but that does not mean that it does not continue. The most egregious of minds have blatantly set about to continuously "stroke" blood-lusted lower caste Illuminati members in order to keep them in line and use those whose minds are not totally gone, to direct them to hunt and preferably kill, the people perceived as "truth rabble rousers." From what I have seen in my own country, these people who are in opposition to the Illuminati are wonderfully passionate people, so dedicated and so damned determined to help to make a great and good difference in this world. Unfortunately many of them have blinders on, they do not use enough discernment in their desire to include all those others who say they too want the same things.

So many people have struggled so long and done without so much, that it has weakened their non-physical eyesight and their perceptions to boot. What some of them are just beginning to understand though is the nature of the predator. For some of the people this is scary stuff, and well it should be! Just because they themselves would never infiltrate another group for the express purpose of destroying its members, it is hard for them to have great clarity and "understanding" that the nature of the beast is to hunt and destroy, destroy, destroy. Many fine teachers, both on and off-world, are now educating these groups and weeding out the diabolical beings "hiding in plain sight." This is not a pleasant duty but it IS a necessary one .You see, from what we have learned of the inner workings of the minds of these deviate beings, their programming is such that to say they receive a vicarious thrill when hunting the people, would be the greatest of understatements. Hunting makes them erotically horny. Their cellular systems respond to this sexual stimuli and their glands begin secreting a musky, offal scent that is disruptive and disharmonious to say the least.

Their brain pans are over-stimulated and their need to feed becomes unbelievable. The Illuminati have a voracious appetite when they are in the hunting mode. They make a berserk, rabid grizzly bear look good. If they can only damage a person, by either slander or minor physical injuries, they know that they have at the very least instilled some fear. That is a good thing to them. When they succeed in causing the downfall of one of these people, causing a person to switch sides and become part of the Illuminati groups, or actually causing physical death to the person, their insane chortles can be heard by anyone "in awareness." It has been only recently discovered, I shall not tell you how, that the lower caste Illuminati members also indulge in necrophilia. As demented and wicked as these beings wearing human guises and their off-world counterparts are, the Illuminati still depend a great deal on these beings’ hunting ability, their prowess and their gift of quickly leaving the scenes of the crimes. Humans are basically good; it is this very "essence" of the human though that makes them so vulnerable to the insidious nature of the beast.

I have chosen to bring you all this "guts and gore" information this day with the deepest of hopes, the most fervent desire, that you each have a better understanding of what exactly we are in mortal combat with, to better prepare you to know that "just saying "no" to marauders and puppeteers on this planet is NOT enough. You must BE "no," or you will cease to be at all. As my old ally Blue Star the Pleiadian recently stated… "Time is NOT on your side.

Remember this battle will not be won by violence; it will be won by using the Sword of Truth. Please know, I wish you each well, pray all you want to…BUT carry THE BIG SWORD!


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