The Cracked Mirror

Emiel #11

The Cracked Mirror

When our races of mankind arrived at an apex of understanding that "rules of procedure" would need to be implemented in order to create organized chaos, it seemed rudimentary to them that fair rule for all should be established. Of course whenever anything worthy becomes a "doable" concept on this planet, you can rest assured that in literally the same instant, those who are the corrupters of innocence are sure to parley the concept into an illusion, craftily created by these incorrigible people. If our current perilous situation on this planet were not so serious, it would be a laughable matter to look into the past here. Unfortunately the past has created the current present picture of disorganized chaos that still among all races and cultures, has bred like a damn plague. Original writings containing archaic wording and numerous ink blots of sorts, reflect not only the best intentions of men to actually live in harmony with all others, they also clearly show the state of mind of the same men thorough a progression of letters over the years, as they encountered grave opposition to any democratic process.

It is sad to read these ancient papers that show the thinking processes of the do-gooders and how frustrated they became when they inevitably encountered the devious plans of those who do not know what "good" is. Remember, writing was not an art or science, it was only painfully learned by many men who had the ability to think and process ideas, but did not have the literary accruements or goodly numbers of teachers that exist today. If nothing else existed to make the way easier for them, they at least had each other to turn to in their early attempts to establish literacy of a sort, and teach the common people of the need to learn what could and should be done to live better lives. Their life spans were quite short then, not nearly as long as today. So for them to continue as if "there was no tomorrow" most likely accounted for what successes they did have. Educators of today moan and groan incessantly of students’ failures to learn what is being taught. Back then though, the early pioneers’ methods of teaching groups of people was so tough because people were not only illiterate, it was not understood that education had any value.

This then was the situation that made it so easy for the disruptive forces to take over the simple minds, worn bodies and vacant Spirit of the commoners. You are getting a "behind the scenes" glimpse of what your ancestors underwent in order to develop any form of unified freedom….of sorts. Much of the letters that I am privy to, are so old and have such yellowing and thin parchment layers, that I and my cronies have had to resort to using magnifying glasses in our attempts to decipher the words and the spellings that really do not exist anymore, at least not according to Webster. Be that as it may, it was worth the long effort required to read these fascinating accounts. Ok, many religious fanatics developed a passion for placing themselves as liaisons between the people and those trying to rise in power positions, today known as "politics." Those governing bodies of men were all appointed to positions of incredible power. This was accomplished as carefully calculated advancements initiated by ye old Illuminati swain. Their appointees were the young men who left their crop wealthy families, well endowed hunters families and assumed the " facade of accepting key appointments as magistrates, overseeing rugged penal colonies etc.

It was not that these appointments were not real, but there was not a single trace of any voices of the people having anything to do with the selections of the trustees. The Illuminati simply bullied their choices of people into "office," you know, just the same way Cheney and Bush got in…….except way back then millions of dollars were not exchanged. Just as soon as the key appointees assumed their positions, rules were given to them that had to be followed most stringently. Gold as always was the key issue. Then though it was "coin." Sometimes gold, sometimes not, it did not really matter anyway, the plan was to milk the people and subdue all insurgents. Vast fortunes were planned then for "the future" existence of these disruptive forces and continued subjugation of all controllable people on the planet. We have discovered great gaps in time with these letters, it clearly shows that a tremendous amount of the old writings were found and destroyed by "the enemies at the gates." Some of the last letters from that era do state this as well. The writings that remained in that latter era show the battles between men who were discovering what we call "projected illusions" today, and those who were formulating these projections.

Many times we ran across words that were garbled yes, but indicating the presence of two types of "sky people," strange looking beings who were either assisting the small groups of struggling teachers, or the other types who were aligning with the discordant energy men and teaching those mangled Spirits advanced forms of "brainwashing." The scribes had no proper words to give to the metamorphoses people underwent, but we clearly saw it as brainwashing techniques. The letters gave reference to something that would happen to many outspoken, radical people objecting to enforced rule, something that changed the ways their eyes looked, their minds functioned and their altered speaking ability, they began speaking in stilted fashion. Obvious to us was the interplay that occurred in those times between the Star Keepers (sky people) and the 2 factions of the populations struggling to attain supremacy. On one hand you had the infamous Illuminati and their allies from off world; on the other hand you had the beleaguered Earth people and their interfacing with the benevolent Star Keepers.

Ok, from everything we have pieced together, it was made obvious to us that for such massive advanced forms of psychology being practiced against the people, could only have originated from advanced races and advanced Illuminati and their agents. We found the hand of the Illuminati everywhere we looked; it was interesting to note that one of these early scribes did refer to the Illuminati repeatedly as "The Black Hand." Now although back then doctors were looked upon with askance by ancient people, too many papers have alluded to the then rapidly becoming norm, a routine of doctors being chosen by ruling usurpers to be in-service to them and their families. These men knew little beyond blood-letting and laudanum. Some things don’t change much, ay! Yet the doctors chosen then were always the ones who were the biggest braggarts, drank the most and had the vilest tempers.

Like goes to like and all that don’t you know. Suddenly, with the importation of doctors working with the Illuminati rulers, came the clerics preaching of one-eyed devils and burning fires. Surprisingly…or not….it was the loudest and most voracious of this lot that also found the Illuminati beckoning to them. We found this absolutely fascinating, here were all these downtrodden people intent on having some type of better life, having very little of anything to help them in their quest, YET they still knew that "something evil this way comes." Here is the sticky wicket, the people who were going along in their everyday toils, were only too willing to follow the Illuminati rules in order to stay alive. But it was the common men behind the scenes who studiously took copious notes fully describing not only the debauchery of the times, but the manipulation of the people as well, who managed to change the course that Earth history was taking. They were able to use couriers who were being paid by wealthy tradesmen to deliver staples and "letters of intent to purchase" to far away places. They implored them to also deliver their carefully guarded notes as well. It was in fact a fair exchange, the couriers were merely earning a bare living and not all of them arrived at their destinations alive.

The countrysides everywhere were filled with camps of robbers and malcontents. The couriers asked for nothing in exchange for their additional deliveries, they did not ask questions, they did not want to know. What they did know or intuit was that by helping the scribes they were somehow doing something good. For a long period of time much information was exchanged between people in different towns, different parts of the countries. Many years passed and one factor remained constant; the secret society of men trying to make a difference all saw the collusion between the Illuminati, the surgeons and the clerics. It was in this manner that each group that was located in different places was able to not merely compare notes anymore, but to offset depraved plans targeting future generations of their descendants. They accomplished this dangerous process by conducting secret meetings in every hamlet and town, using a different location each time. The meetings also began to include women and children. What happened at these gatherings was astounding! The men in charge spoke earnestly of the damage being wrought to their people through the invasive practices of the clerics and surgeons. Many people then known as "white witches," began working with herbs and ancient alchemical properties, concocting potions to ward off evil Spirits, then feeding children and young maids herbal concoctions that induced sleep, sometimes enabling that person to feign death.

This spared many young lives that would have fallen into Illuminati hands. Those people then were quietly sent out of the town in secret and moved elsewhere for safety. Meanwhile, some honorable doctors who were busy trying to actually find ways in private to counterbalance the brainwashing occurring to the people began to use a "code," similar to secret passwords, to unite with others such as themselves. They knew there was some type of morphosis occurring as a result of the peoples’ enforced visits to the surgeons and clerics. They knew it was very dangerous, as one paper we translated describes it as, "an odious mental consumption extracted by externally applied devices of pressure placed on the mind." These men kept count of all details regardless of how minor they may have seemed, of the disturbing changes in each person they visited who had cause to be attended by what the people now referred to in hushed whispers as, "the death and damned devils." From our own perceptions, this was the old ones’ manner of expressing to the best of their then ability, psychologically induced thoughts and fantasies designed in holographic projections to induce and maintain "mind control." BRAINWASHING!

What we ourselves know of mind control is that it is ultimately a disease-ridden experience, which eventually results in madness and/or death. What happened back then still occurs today, it is only the methodology that has altered. What antiquated devices those monsters used then on the hapless people, only God knows! What we have surmised though, is that this was all part of the early experimentation on people considered "useless," bottom feeders, physically sterile, handicapped and disease ridden. By experimenting with early brainwashing, it made it much easier to conduct "trial and error" methods to better discern the end results of this horrible mental pressure. The physical body rebelled against the aggressive and unnatural force of mind manipulations. People forgot to eat, their physical reactions, i.e., reflexes, pain limits, etc., all suffered as did their mental comprehension of family understandings, cleanliness, the need for sleep and other important life attentions. One commonality existed which perplexed us at first, as we reread repeatedly that the person(s) who had been "worked on," lost all commonsense regarding the dangers of too much exposure to harsh sunlight. Also those men, women and children seemed mesmerized according to these letters, by using the "looking glass" to reflect much dangerous sunlight into others’ eyes.

Many transfixed by the sun became blinded by the sun..literally. Those who shared that fate would suddenly just "disappear" never to be seen or heard from again. That figures! So we conducted some random experiments using not volunteers, but ourselves instead. Of course we took all precautions against the harsh glares and dangerous emanations from the now radically changed sunshine. We had a wonderful optical device on loan to us by the Archduke………for this purpose. We timed one another on the amounts of sunlight we could absorb with eyes open and eyes closed; we used a rather expensive light meter as one unit for measuring the degrees of the sunlight and finally realized that what had happened so long ago, was an experiment using what we know to be a form of "heliography." It all began to make sick, perverted, sense. The people who had received commands under mind control were instructed to use a looking glass and amplify its properties with the heat of the sun, then reflect all into healthy, as yet untouched peoples eyes. They were attempting to implant thoughts via telepathic suggestions with the much needed aid of the looking glass.

This is a very simple method of contacting others, first you make contact; second, the looking glass is the focus needed for the contactee to stare at with all attention, while unknowingly absorbing the amplification, third, you telepath quickly what you have been programmed to and that information is received by the other mind. It is small wonder that the ones already under mind control had lost all commonsense. That element had to be quelled quickly; under no circumstances could a person in that situation be allowed to retain an iota of knowledge of what disaster he or she would begin. The Illuminati was well aware of the relationship between all sights viewed by the eyes and the eyes ability to retain as an "imprint," that information even without any conscious knowledge. As I stated earlier, this was a part of the "trial and error" method, this one proved to be by far too successful for people who were mentally vulnerable. As to what all the information was that this type of brainwashing encompassed, one can only guess. The sketchy reports we have, attempted most bravely to describe situations that were ongoing, but the lack of expressions to define an atrocity that had been unheard of and unbelievable did not help the scribes’ cause.

What piecemeal and so obviously stated fright in the letters we read, was that the people who received the looking glass treatments began erratic behavior patterns and eventually seemed quite distant, before long they were branded as "the village idiots." They too "disappeared" in time. The notes though did reveal the high incidents of increased mortality rates among those people who had been treated by the Illuminati surgeons and then sent to the Illuminati clerics for further indoctrination. It seems that a goodly percentage of people particularly the females, received not only the attention of the surgeons but of the clerics as well. The majority of them were later said to be "not right in the head," yet they were "right enough in the head" to suddenly become babbling idiots intent on preaching the words of the gods….the words being those initially spoken by the Illuminati clerics. Suddenly these people became what we today would deem "fanatics," intent on convincing all they could of the redeeming values and virtues their rulers possessed and the necessity of always listening to the ruling clerics. "Free Will," was fast becoming an absentee in their lives. One strange detail remained constant; I suppose this is where I say…"define strange," the looking glass became available for all. At one time only the wealthy and ruling families were "entitled" to have the looking glass. Women and men alike loved to adorn themselves with flowers and jewels and gaze upon their countenance in the glass.

Now as the experiments increased and the people disappeared, all were offered this wonderful gift…a looking glass. I do believe all of us who were studying these ancient parchments felt chills running up and down our spines as we read all these accounts. We understand the psychology at work here even as heinous as it was, give the poor something that only the wealthy had, give it to them as gifts, then use the GIFT to gain mind control over those people and to practice for the people of tomorrow. After all, humans are expendable…right? How many perished as a result of madness and torture we can but imagine. What we do not need imagine is the fact that all this happened, all in a progressive state, not of evolution, but of the reliability of using psychological warfare against gullible people…..especially today.

After all who in this century, in this time, would accept the fact that they are gullible themselves, much like the unfortunates of the past. All which occurred then was a predatory attack upon the human race. Just like today. The use of the "looking glass" was ingenious, I am sorry to say. What the experimentation proved beyond a shadow of any doubt to us, was that as a person is subjected to this type of torment the final result is a crack in the psyche. That is what the experiment was to achieve and it did. Still does too. When that psyche is cracked, the invasion of the hordes then begins in earnest. One by one, one person at a time. That is all it takes. The people back then had few choices if any at all, on combating en masse this aberrant force. YOU do have the choices! I advise all to make the right ones! Remember this every time you look into a mirror, somewhere there is a crack in a looking glass just waiting fore you to fail. Keep you personal mirror whole and healthy…no "cracks" allowed.


Transmission received by Celest