Mining and the Stock Market


Mining and the Stock Market

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc.,
I am indeed Emiel.

Well, many things are happening in the stock markets of today that were first plotted eons ago. During the very early times, the coalition of controlling forces that were and still are, the banking institutions, the pharmaceuticals, the religions and of course, spearheaded by the various governmental rulers of each mega-country, did with great optimism and greater expectations, bring into public view their supremely well coordinated effort to exact monumental control of this world. It was a coalition of forces that had great need to purchase, steal, take over and if they felt it was necessary, murder people in order to obtain mining properties.

Back in the "good old days," this was when gold as a precious monetary metal was seen as a great potential property. One that would far in the future become a primary fortune-maker, the value of gold would be escalated by the devious governmental and banking facilitators. These men bethought all the ways and means necessary to promote gold as the epitome of all minerals. They would use this as the basis to build countries and monetary systems. These were the usury men, who saw themselves as "mission makers," their collective missions were to control the early known world. As time went on and the world became larger to them, they sought every means conceivable to align with the other "mission makers" in other countries and enter into the most avarice laden of pacts.

They decided to align at least as a façade of comradeship, to compare a multitude of notes that each representative of each major and soon to be major, corporation had compiled. Their researchers had provided them with even more possibilities revolving around gold, as well as the probability factors enacted by many actuaries, to promote not only the selling and withholding of gold as the primary objective, but other "precious" metals as well. This is how the advancement of what was once but a small company given the name of "stock market," was subtly altered into a monolith of corporate/political/religious mayhem and secret agendas. Those who were the early promoters of the stock market gave an anamorphosis projection to the public. They really had no choice. The only grave concerns this major consortium had, was if the general public discovered the true nature of the market, its agendas and true organizers.

Projected voluminous fortunes that would be the end result for all the companies involved in the inveigling of monetary and mineral resources, could fail if the secret societies governing this worldwide project were revealed. I am not going to delve into the times when men fought and killed in the old west of the USA, attempting to steal others’ mining rights. What has been happening since those beginning times is far more important. It is erroneously believed that gold, Silver and other metals now considered "rare" and extremely valuable, can only be found in certain areas. In fact all of the ones I already named and many others are located in vast pockets all over this planet. If it is a truism that "ignorance is bliss," then the people, ordinary people in all countries, should be "in ecstasy" by now. Gold itself sells for over 100 times what it is actually worth. Sometimes that figure is much higher. Diamonds, those cabochons of immense beauty, are really a dime a dozen. Yet it is the propaganda that has for centuries accompanied the alleged rarity of diamonds and the silly facet cuts and carat value that has so proven to be the major turning point in valuing diamonds. The core places the value on the diamonds, and the people suck it up! The consortium has done its job very well, not only have they convinced you of the rarity of precious metals, millions of people in all countries simply cannot wait to invest in stock markets.

In the field of medicine, doctors and pharmacists long ago stopped allowing people to receive wonderful health benefits by adding minute particles of gold in the natural medicines people had used for centuries. It was considered to be far too valuable a commodity for people to use when the greater need was to keep gold as a resource for sale to the highest bidders. This also accomplished the early beginnings of organized medicine’s plans. The medical plots escalated; forget midwives and homeopathy, Go straight to doctors when ill; doctor writes prescription, person has prescription filled….with what…oh, if you only really knew what you have been taking! So it is then that all the kickbacks were received and still are received. Gold was removed as a healing substance and shoved further into the grasp of the consortium within the stock market, as the only viable means of following the controlled monetary fluctuations and buying into companies that are supposedly stable.

Billions of dollars are spent to reassure people that gold is of primary importance to the monetary systems. This is not true but, the propaganda works. Each time that another mineral has been adjudged to possess great potential, one to be considered to be rare and without equal, BOOM the control factions move in super fast and buy or steal the rights to the mineral. Diamonds are another commodity that is lied about, as is gold and silver. There is actually a superabundance of these gems in the world. The consortium uses the common everyday man’s ignorance of these facts and the peoples’ inability to obtain the true facts against the very people they are duping…and doing a bang-up job I may add. In a strange psychological twist, the consortium uses peoples’ great desires to have something that others do not have; tell a person that something is rare and BOY do they want it!

Continue to browbeat people through a stupendous brainwashing technique of the wonders of the stock markets and they will do all they can to be in the stock market. Another fact of many facts that the public does not know, is that every mine in every part of the world is worked to locate not only the substance they are publicly announcing as their mine’s objective, but to uncover everything they can in the hidden veins that can be of monetary interest. For instance, diamond mine owners are not only interested in the diamonds they uncover, they also want all of the silver, gold, platinum etc., which ALWAYS can be located in mines. This is how precious minerals are regulated by the inner core group. Small independent mines are monitored by the inner core guardians whose task is to keep careful track/record of the output of those mines. It is when it is noted that the output of the material is exceeding what the core feels the mine should be producing, that offers of buyout appear.

Miners are a courageous group, yet it is within the bowels of the earth that many who have been hired to mine the quarries, are later discovered to really be there as core "plants." At times mysterious accidents occur to both the miners and the mine when buyouts are rejected. It is of vital importance that the regulation of all minerals and precious gems is solely in the hands of the core. They are the ones who backed by the infamous Illuminati and their cartels, are responsible for mineral and gem quality and price. This is how it works: The cartels which are initiated by the Illuminati are composed of those of the hierarchy in the medical, scientific, religious, banking, politics, entertainment fields and last yet not least, the banking institutions. Each of these fields impacts on everyday people and the economic level, which rises and falls on the hierarchy’s infamous commands.

The economy in all countries is severely affected by the stock market not only the American market, which is controlled by all these factions. The stock market itself is built on falsehoods. A 24-hour a day system was incorporated into the stock market many, many years ago. This system has its "bank," where all factors are computerized for the rise and fall of all stocks. It is relegated and dependent upon the core’s decisions of releasing a surplus of materials or withholding/eliminating elements that can affect the monetary balances of all nations. Everything of course that proceeds through the stock market is merely a paper stating "IOU." When the paper claims add up to amounts of currency that is valuable enough for the core members to TAKE, stock suddenly drops in a given quote on minerals etc. Then it becomes "money."

The idea here is to acquire all amounts of preferred stocks for as little as possible, then inflate the stocks. The term "preferred" is really only relative to the wants and plans of the core members. Very recently a major, MAJOR deposit of diamonds in a ………mine was unearthed. Immediately the gag order was imposed upon the miners. Lot of good that did! The decision was made to hide the knowledge of these diamonds for the next several years. It was reasoned that if it became public knowledge and these fine diamonds were available for sale, it would cause a glut in the diamond market, which would cause an upheaval in a certain segment of the stock market in a certain country.

Should that have been allowed to happen, DeBeers for one, and several other major diamond companies would lose money. If THAT happened, so would the core members who were accumulating even more vast fortunes in the diamond market. This happens all the time. The utter and stupid reliance on the market affects all countries’ economic growth; it is also how countries are bought and paid for, unknown to mainstream people. The hideous "insider trading" that every so often actually makes the news, is an everyday occurrence. Sometimes core members deliberately seek vengeance on those they have financially helped. They initially assist financially with a hidden intent; with the goal of exercising controls over the individual’s companies. An example of this revenge is what they enacted against Martha Stewart.

Although it was well known by "those in the know," that she had been involved in these illegal tactics for quite a while, her arrogance and vicious temper caused her to ignore the core’s warnings of curbing her voracious control appetite, until such time the core had allowed her to again pursue the money laundering tactic. She needed to be taught a lesson, so she was. They did not want to destroy her, but remind her of the puppet that she was. It also served to be an example to other women and men who are involved in the politics of the stock market. There have been great "stock market" crashes," which were beautifully engineered and executed by the core. Of course no one really important got hurt. Just everyday people, people who are replaceable

The worst of the politicians of every aeon have been politically and financially backed by the core and ITS stock market. The infamous "Skulls" and its other counterparts have poured fortunes into each dictator and presidential coffer that has aligned their destinies with them. Organized religions have much to thank the core for. These are the times when the core has acted as their benefactors, just as the media can give thanks. Tis a vicious circle, to say the least. They have the benevolence of the core, the secret news of what shares of stock to invest in, which to buy and which to sell. All it costs them is their integrity. Meanwhile, mines all over the planet are sitting on vast amounts of elements and minerals that could be not only of great medical and scientific use to the people, but would ultimately lower drastically the actual prices of all these things.

I personally believe that the term stock market was conceived as a bad joke. I do not see it as the paper claims that it is, but more like stock-cattle-people for trade and sale.


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