Behind the Walls of the Asylums


Behind the Walls of the Asylums

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc.,
I am indeed Emiel.

It is due to my many "politically ingenious guises," that I can successfully extrapolate pertinent information from sources that heretofore would have been impossible to contact, let alone broach the truths lying behind the projection of truths, that so assault this world. I never run out of subject matter, perhaps this is a sad commentary on the state of this world and the general populace’s lunatic approach to believing the propaganda espoused by the political parties, especially those controlled by the Illuminati. A colleague of mine who has been instrumental in assisting me in collecting data and writing the documents necessary to distribute to those truth seekers scattered around the world, commented that only a small fraction of people would pay attention to what we have to report and would actually want to know the truth.

I know she has my best interests at heart, she has an uncanny way of "sniffing out" those who are receptive to truth and those who wish to bastardize truth. I have told her that even if only a small fraction of people choose to believe, choose to relinquish the illusions that so permeate their beliefs, then we are making a difference, albeit a small one. The reason I have chosen this particular topic at this time, is because of the serious and dastardly reality that exists behind the projection of reality in the asylum industry. Make no mistake about it; this is a highly profitable venue for highly unscrupulous people who control the asylum world.

Many, many years ago the asylum was the destination for very poor people, many who were illiterate but could maintain menial labor positions, when under strict and constant supervision. These men and women, at times children as well, were given the tasks of building rather poorly constructed buildings that were meant to house troublemakers. "Troublemakers," can be defined here, as those who opposed the tyranny of the rulers of the lands and those who were outspoken in their assessment of the governing bodies and their hordes of rapacious armies that were insanely ravaging and murdering without just cause. It was well known then that if an envious neighbor should want something that another had, all he or she had to do was to accuse that individual of any imaginary act of delusion and the die would be cast.

This was when the true Cabal emerged; the very same force and force makers that would one day attempt to initiate the activation of the NWO. They gleefully surmised that the asylums of that earlier epoch could be carried over onto the future by modifying the theme of the "institutions" and implanting into the subconscious minds of the people, the dire consequences that awaited them if they became any part of any non-conformist grass roots movements. You see, this is how the "past" impacts upon the "present." All that was set in motion back then, was successfully carried over into the "now today," by the simple feats of maintaining the convergence of mental weaknesses, supposed or otherwise, with the need for the general public to be protected from this menace.

It is the simplest manner of attracting public empathy; appeal to the public in the name of their great need for protection from malcontents and allegedly mentally unstable people and VOILA,’ the in-pouring funds become fortunes to be used to build institutions. These edifices are to protect the public; they were also to protect the delusionary people from their own selves as well. What began so very long ago in mock courtrooms controlled by pseudo judges, has not changed much today. Leaving past history behind us for now, how many of you have ever secretly wondered what these fearsome institutions are really about; how many of you have even cared? Has it not occurred to you that the very thought of asylums correlates on unconscious levels with nut houses, dangerous peoples who have the power to destroy you?

Hence the "fear factor" again raises its venomous head. Asylums have proven to be a most providential place to secretly deposit CIA agents, double agents, ruthless dictators and those deemed tiresome "fanatics" who oppose most eloquently the NWO. Hide these people in plain sight! No one will bother to look there. It is not that some of those I mentioned could not benefit from some true mental aid, but that too is rare to find. It is within these unhallowed walls, that some of the most treacherous most devious, most dangerous plots against humanity are hatched. It is here that the "keepers" tread on thin ice. Those men and women who have "a calling" to practice mental health therapy on those that truly are in need, must learn to turn a blind eye and a closed mouth to the horrendous experiments that are ongoing in these places.

There is great fault that needs to be remedied by these health care professionals! They rely on their tired out and untrue textbooks and former professors teachings to heal the mind. They do not know, nor desire to know, that the mind cannot be healed without the healing of the Spiritual aspect of the human mind. This is not found in their tomes. WHY NOT? Has no one bothered to question this outrageous and outmoded practice? I am showing you something important if you are LOOKING for the truth. It was when the creation of these "mind farms" began, that the Illuminati’s perceptions expanded to totally eradicating the necessity, the importance of the Spirituality aspect of the human mind and it took very little time to form a specific chain, a regime of legal terror. Relegate all the aspects of the Spirit into the dark halls of religions, which they also control, keep the mind doctors on the right prescribed track. Do so by establishing the criteria necessary to enforce and consistently reinforce the medical anthem of unhealthy mental aberrations existing within the minds of those who can see without using their eyes.

Continue using the all-important drug therapy to reduce these individuals to mere vegetables, for their own good of course. Do not forget the "shock treatments," deemed to be so necessary for the maintenance of the stability of the ill brain and its convoluted thought processes. Keep them dependent on drugs, could it be because of the known tie-in between the major pharmaceutical companies controlled by the Illuminati? Get a mental health expert to admit to that one…I dare you! No, I am not saying that genuinely ill people cannot benefit by receiving the right kind of mental health treatment that exists in a few places. It is the netherworld that exists behind the superficial facade of the asylums that I detest.

As part of the massive exploration of gene manipulation and the need to determine the success ratio of artificially imbedding implants in the human race achieved a new accelerated frenzy, another diabolical approach was found. 50+ years ago, some of the most notorious and despicable doctors and scientists in many countries were easily recruited by the Illuminati and its offshoots, to work in asylums all over this planet. A selection method was developed, this was the manner of deciding which men and women would be the unknowing participants in the presupposed NWO methodology for exerting control over the human race as a whole.

Briefly, those who were already institutionalized were segregated into categories that were the "candidate list" and the "non-candidate list." Genealogies were scanned, physical attributes, I.Q., addictions, overall physical health and of course, the psychic perceptions that they may have possessed as either a dormant or kinetic factor. Just as important was their individual fear factors. It was and still is the best way to summarize the vulnerabilities of any individual. It only requires a short period of time and testing and lots of drugs, to cause these people to become totally submissive to their new masters. Those who possess violent tendencies were and are, controlled by the use of a TYPE of post-hypnotic suggestion. In short, it is possible to build a mindless army.

It was not that these people, EXCEPT for some particular brutish ones, were going to be sent into the streets to commit wholesale slaughter. Far worse plans on a grandiose scale were devised. They are the programmed "rabble rousers," the castoffs sent to mingle among healthy people and complete everything they have been programmed to do; to accelerate dissention and exacerbate malcontent-based events. Then too, every day people have made this easy for this to happen. Also it is but a simple feat to pronounce patients as "cured" and release them back into the general population of the world. Over the years this has proven to be such a winsome situation for the rulers behind the scenes that they decided to take it a step further. Instilling more fear into the patients of the asylums by hiring bullies and sadistic caretakers is one way. No one will ever have the records that exist of the many female and male patients as well, who have been raped repeatedly by their "keepers." Who would believe the patients anyway? Wealthy people continually buy their way into mental institutions to avoid their legal comeuppances.

Oftentimes however, patients would have a temporary flashback which would cause them some minutes, at times longer, of lucidity of thought. What they remembered and saw of their surroundings would usually cause them to either attempt to escape, or to commit suicide. Although very, very few have ever managed to escape, unless it was a preplanned escape governed by the rulers of the institution, those who did wisely took to the streets and live as street people. Those patients who unfortunately could not succeed in their dash for freedom would become catatonic, with a little help from their "doctors." Way, way back when the original conceivers of asylums also foresaw the need to curb all potential "psychic people," men we call Hunters were sent out to scour all counties, cities and towns for the advent of psychic persons or groups of psychic people. .

When we as a "civilized" race were even less civilized than we are today, hard to visualize that one, gifted children were openly spoken about. Word simply traveled much faster than was wise for the child. The old "witch hunt frenzy" laws that are still on the law books in every country as punishable offenses, were easily imposed upon the children and the women in their families, as a means of controlling the expansion of psychic ability. Those that were not outright tortured and killed as witches or warlocks, were thrown into ancient decadent dungeons that were the forerunners of today’s asylums.

The Hunters knew their missions then as they do still now, what they cannot control, they must destroy.

As a colleague of mine has referred to this asylum mess, "it was a twofer." Diabolical indeed and worthy of the Illuminati who pride themselves on their deception of the masses. The Illuminati uses society’s castoffs for their own covert experiments, while secretly controlling and demolishing those who incarnate to this world to teach of peace and the innate but natural ability to use precognitive and intuitive means, to assist in the final abolishment of the Illuminati. The old method of controlling the scientific and medical think-tanks through unbelievable means of brainwashing them, unknown to these "brilliant minds," is still full operational and fully successful, much to my chagrin.

I expect better from these men and women who have the potential to be of great assistance to all races here. I expect the Hunters to continue for but a while longer yet in their "psychic pursuit," unknowingly though they will soon face the final demise of their race. It is a sad commentary on the scientific and medical profession, when so many of these people willingly accept the indoctrination spoon-fed to them. They all want to achieve greatness, yet they believe erroneously that they must conform to the ideals, theology, dictums and precedents set before them, even though it is the wrong thing to do. It just goes to show you that so many of them are real Hee-Haws! .

I will state though, that the Illuminati are not so complacent now in their once fortified and impenetrable asylum strongholds and their implacable but tortuous stranglehold on asylum patients. About 15 years ago, the preponderance of psychic people had become far too obvious for the old, "label them, commit them and study them" routine. The Hunters can no longer so easily abduct these people, no more easy convergence upon the asylums with their precious cargo. At last, at long last, a new grassroots movement has begun…it is The Stand. People are becoming wiser, more attuned to the manipulations of the ruling juntas. They are suddenly saying, "wait a minute, we do not believe you." You see, those are magical words. These words destroy corrupt national rulers, corrupt institutions, illusions and delusions and The Illuminati. Perhaps as we look at the larger picture, we could say earth was an asylum. Now, she is freeing herself and is at the very, very beginning of dancing to the beat of a different drummer. Bout time!


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