Session #7 – Gene Manipulation

Emiel #7

Gene Manipulation

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc.,
I am indeed Emiel.

Some of the scariest and most complicated forms of experimentation that I am aware of are also the most secret, the ones hidden from all public knowledge. One of my colleagues was addressing this issue in my office and made a very telling point. He suggested that the easiest way to find out all that was occurring on the hidden governmental agenda was to look in plain sight. He had found out for himself over the years that all world governments do need public involvement in their experiments. I agreed with him most heartily about that fact. Many, many years ago we had stumbled across all the nefarious ongoings behind all non-profits organizations. That was where we discovered the billions of dollars earmarked for the NWO. It was where the Illuminati dimwits had created false documents purporting to be for monies for technical assistance, consultant fees, barrister’s fees and so forth.

They had discovered early on in the game of organizational machinations that by padding the bill with a superfluous amount of "right sounding" itemized deductions, it then was a simple feat to convert non-profit donations into legitimately listed charges. Since all accountants were bought and paid for and 2 sometimes 3 books were kept, Nostradamus himself would have been unable to locate any improprieties. No, we ourselves never bothered to make any accusations to any governmental agencies about what we knew. That would have been to no avail. The public wants to believe, and we were not the ones they would have believed. But our foray into the hidden world of non-profit, INC., gave us great training for our current assignation. I suppose you could say this was a perfect example of how instances in a person’s life can one day reveal themselves to be stepping stones to unraveling other situations, but without the need to learn the "hows and how nots."

We had been suspicious for the last 14 years to be exact, about why certain medical personnel, including some well known scientists, were suddenly incommunicado about their out of country activities. Also how and where they were accumulating such sudden wealth. The people I speak of are not of the ordinary medical professions. They had degrees in biophysics, resonance imaging skills, microbiology, deep "beyond the norm" studies of encephalograms, and excelled in "transplant therapy." For these people to become mum for so long about their activities caused our antennas to rise! In their world it was not merely commonplace for them to discuss their work, it was pretty essential. Research is always developing more venues, more ideas to keep step in technological breakthroughs…at any cost. Suddenly and without reason, a very familiar veil was dropped around them. A few, who were naturally arrogant anyway, became unbearable. I know this veil well. I have to deal with it at all times in my profession. It is the dreaded…"veil of secrecy."

My friend and I decided the time had arrived to initiate step 1. This is where we ever so politely cornered Professor…………. at an embassy party and began using our own rather imitable persuasive style of extracting secrets from one who does not want to share them. Step 2 is to always ensure that the subject has just the right amount of alcohol to imbibe. Too much and he would be a babbling idiot, too little and he would be on guard. It is a technique that I have perfected over the years. Step 3 is "knowing" when to begin the "inquisition." As soon as all the right instances took place, we moved in quickly. By the age-old process of pretending that we already knew at least some of his secret, it was not so difficult to pry information from his rather loose lips. The following is what we were told, also our own follow-up in locating the areas he spoke of and the housing that contained the latest and "greatest" use of experimental procedure that would not have been permitted had the public known about it.

An idea had been born in a laboratory that specialized in experiments on animals, supposedly to better understand the functions of the human brain. We found the usual hodgepodge of guinea pigs, stray dogs, cats and others that are always used in the experimental procedures, along with an uncommon number of young monkeys and apes. What made this different from other labs that use animals for experiments, was the main focus on the entire ape family. Mankind has always had a fascination with apes, partially because they erroneously believe that the ape is the forerunner of the human race. Also because of the incredible intelligence factor that this particular grouping of anthropoid primates is so gifted with. Our source had divulged the information that a scientist, who was supposedly a genius, had spent years comparing the ape brain to the human brain, for the purpose of cross connecting the nucleotides of man and ape. He had developed a theory based upon his own initial findings.

This scientist who I shall call "John," knew all the rudimentary bio-chemical laws, neurophysiology and the neural network. He had become almost obsessed with trying to understand why apes are smarter than the average human. To that purpose he had applied for and received some rather handsome sums in types of grants that would ease his way to not merely the understanding that he was seeking, but his secret desire as well, which was to somehow, someway, better improve the human mind. He felt this to be a possibility by understanding the ape brain and what caused the brain stimuli to act more quickly, more rationally than the human brain. John was on a mission. Over a 24 and one-half month period, John had deduced that it was not just the brain cell function that was slightly different in man, man used "logic," the ape does not. The ape uses intelligence.

Understand now, John is not a bad person just because he wanted to create a better human mind; having gotten to know the man I would say at best he is naive, at worst a mad scientist still in the closet. John used volunteers that he found in several different countries for the human part of the experiment. He wanted a diverse group that covered the different racial and cultural groups as well as those whose I.Q’s ranged from mediocre to supremely high.

All agreed to participate in the "secret tests that were sponsored for humanitarian reasons." He did not harm any of them and paid them well for their services. He ran many tests on them from blood cultures to encephalograms. He worked 20 hours a day, studying spinal fluid; brain cells, the brain stem, everything that consists of the human brain and the thinking process. He did the same with his experiments on the apes.

He became troubled watching the human subjects acting out irrationally when interacting with one another. This was more so because he observed the extremely strong familial ties among the primates; he did watch them issuing challenges to the gorillas if it became apparent that one of the gorillas was about to attack. Yet it was the constant caring that was shown to each of the family members, as well as to some of the apes that were from different branch families that boggled John’s mind. John eventually became convinced that it was the early nurturing, the playing and the utter freedom of movement portrayed by the adult caretaker of the infant ape, which molded the individual animal’s personality and temperance. He noted that playtime was encouraged by the elders of the ape clan. Even the smaller monkeys and their families not only interacted well with the apes, but each would imitate the other, thus accelerating the learning and thinking process.

Although the elders would cuff a child if it became too unruly, there was never any physical menace projected to the child. Some baring of the teeth and deep growling by elders that instantly communicated to the young ones as unacceptable behavior was the ultimate punishment that he observed. I see no need to reenact the behaviors of the human subjects. We know them all too well. It was not until all his human subjects had left, never to return again, that John began his "man versus ape" comparison tests. Using a ratio of 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest any could achieve, the final results of behavioral patterns, intelligence and aggression factors was, ape 10, on all but the AGRESSION FACTOR, Man hit the ten while ape hit the 5. On all other levels man hit 3. Then began what he called "his brainchild study." He analyzed serums from each, man and ape. He studied all the brain monitoring devices, down to his final M.R.I.’s. No matter what he tried….ape won.

One night, while trying to sleep, he had a sudden idea that to many would border on lunacy. He decided to implant genes of the apes that scored the highest on all his tests into a human brain. He rapidly wrote notes on needing the ideal test subject, which he decided should be a male person and began to jot down the items he would require, those that he did not already have. He was prepared to neuro-transmit the chemical substances necessary to alter nerve impulses across the synapse as he deemed necessary. He already had the genotype of the apes, he just needed the human’s. This is where things went a bit bonkers. John enlisted the aid of a man who was a former………agent. John’s excitement about his brainchild was something he could not contain. Irrationally and illogically, he confided to this gentleman his plans and what he hoped to achieve for the human race. BAD IDEA.

Within a fortnight his conspirator ally had brought him the ideal test subject; one that would not be missed by anyone. The male subject was highly intelligent, an extrovert, humorous, pretty well balanced in temperament and had quite a good lineage of hard working, sturdy ancestors who had long ago emigrated from Ireland. Yet he portrayed none of the known Irish temper tantrums or love of hard drinking. Unbeknownst to John, his new friend, the one who was strongly encouraging him to proceed at all costs in his endeavor, was not actually a "former" agent. He was quite active and was busy investigating parliamentary affairs. The man was so intrigued by John’s brainchild that he immediately reported it to his superiors. And the rest dear readers, shall one day be known as "history."

I can tell you that for well over 2 years after the "leaking" of the information about his experiment, John found himself under the watchful eyes and ears of the government. Emissaries were sent to John apprising him of the ruling body’s interest in his humanitarian effort. No expense was spared in providing him with everything that he would continue to need in his quest. John was at heart an honest fellow, he knew that he had been ensnared in a situation that he could not extricate himself from. So….the testing went on. If any of you believe that the government wanted to aid John so they could participate in humanitarian causes, then I can tell you I am willing to sell you swamp land in the Amazon. You see, for over 57 years, this particular system of administration, along with several others had played with the possibilities of creating the perfect human brain.

What a coup it would be to parlay one human mind into many human minds; to build the greatest individualized "think tank" ever imagined. To those in the political "loop" this seemed made to order. Of course strategically placed "leaks" were assigned to other main world rulers in a blatant show of arrogance. John did not concern himself with any of that, he was far too busy. John’s male test specimen was subjected to a battery of neural changes, minute dosages in increments of RNA from the apes, the combining of the human DNA and the nucleotides of the primate; slow infusion of primate blood, and the splicing of genes. The man’s brainpower was measured regularly; much analysis was devoted to monitoring the brain stem for analogous conditions. His brain waves were shown to behave erratically when the primate’s genes were induced into the man’s brain. The organization of his nerve tissue mass, which was responsible for his accurate perceptions of sensory impulses and for the unification and conditioning of the productivity of his memories learning ability and consciousness, were affected.

Dangerously high blood pressure levels developed, extremely erratic heart beat and renal problems quickly beset the test specimen. It did not require a true genius to see that the man’s body was shutting down, unable to cope with a brain-body reversal that it did not comprehend. His heart suddenly stopped, as a portion of his brain seemed to implode. No heroic measures were enacted to save his life, he was in such a state of deterioration that not only would that have been a futile effort, in a way it would have been cruel and unusual punishment. Despite the unfortunate but not unexpected results, John felt that he had learned that the human brain functioning independently from a physical body maybe could expand itself as a separate entity with capabilities of functioning as a governing "control factor."

In this manner a brain connected to the special electrodes could be taught pure intelligence sans logic. Although it would require a vast array of experiments and controlled conditions, if the memory factor could be removed or severed from the brain without incurring any damage to the brain, then there would not be any interference, any interfacing of remembered conditions or instances that could cause the intellect to deviate from a programmed course. This of course would require locating the "perfect" human brain. Where in heaven’s name could such a specimen be found? That was the intriguing question. Obviously only the brain of an infant would fit the criteria requiring a human that HAS no known memories. More obviously the brain of an infant child though would lack the expansion of intelligence that only maturity can offer. He has over the years been sent brains "fresh from the corpse," adult ones that is, that had been carefully treated and rushed to him while the brain was still alive.

He has successfully transmitted and communicated information from the ape subjects to the human brain along with the gene therapy and gene manipulation required to cause a couple of human brains to not function totally in the human fashion. They are more ape than they are human. BUT his success rate on the transfer of genes from human to ape has failed miserably. This is a good thing. Personally, I do not want to think of a world populated with anthropoid primates "aping" humans. The ape is a marvelous and ambiguous creation of masterfully created intelligence; in no way can it be considered artificial intelligence. Conditioning of the human brain is easily accomplished while a person is living, it then can be considered "artificial." You can see the evidence yourself with every thought you yourself have that is someone else’s mind projection, which they have intentionally or unintentionally foisted upon you.

As to the current dastardly deeds taking place in even more secret laboratories around this world, yes indeed, there are more "brainpans" being turned into "brainchilds." More and more there is evidence of an obsessive-compulsive behavior on the parts of governmental agencies and their "think tanks," to rush to perfect the prototype for a true artificial intelligence created from the human brain. No, I do not see them succeeding in their quest. There are far too many variables that are genuine obstacles, which will continue to prevent the "final product" from ever occurring. That is not to say that they will not continue trying. They have made some progress but not enough to create the consummate "Big Brother." Their fears are that someone else will. They truly believe that one single organism can control this world of ours. They are not correct. And aren’t we glad of it!


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