Session #6 – The Vatican

Emiel #6

The Vatican

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc., I am indeed Emiel.

I think a frank discussion of this anarchist institution is in order.

Maybe more so now than ever before. People have wondered since the very beginnings of this planet, how it is possible for puissant people to become so influential. For one thing, since the very beginning of this human race the dominating gender has been male. Each gender has its own quirks. Men have always had "worship" issues. They have always looked outside of their own abilities as humans to find something, anything that could give purpose to their lives. In the caveman days, it was fire, eclipse, simple weaponry that caused them to feel secure within themselves. When they learned to control fire, they deemed themselves as powerful. The eclipses were always interpreted then as harbingers of something evil coming their way. Simple weapons tested their mettle as "real men." The victorious male in ancient battles always felt that there had been something abstract that gave him the power to overcome an enemy. As the male of our species discovered "progressive and accepted behavior," he managed to always instill his own primitive code of conduct into the children. Men erroneously believed that heirs and those who would carry on the fathers’ surname were ESSENTIAL to personal glory.

That silly practice is still ongoing. As man battled man for supremacy in their tribes and later their towns and villages, a deceit was imposed upon the civilizations. One that mankind in their state of supreme cockiness accepted. It had not taken long during those turbulent times, for the dark forces to quickly ascertain the NECESSITY of implementing icons for people to respect and pay homage to. The early necromancers guided by that same horde, quickly convinced the human males of the need to understand "outside forces" that controlled the human race; dispensing great rewards upon those who complied with their wishes and grave punishments including death, to those who did not. So it was that "superstition" was born and ran rampant, halting the evolutionary progress of a race destined for greatness. It was the beginning of the worst of times; it was the initiation of the implementation of a special format to control the human race. To control the men was to control the race as a whole. Since women had no say so in anything, even the raising of the children, they received a backlash from the males.

Women and children were subjugated to the male supremacy, to the ideas that beleaguered the men, to the SUPERSTITIONS that con-verted the men to worship false prophets and stone idols. The men did so mainly out of fear; they had truly been brainwashed as a species. As this was continuing at an accelerated pace, a certain faction who were the early descendents of the Illuminati quickly put into action a plan so disgusting, so bizarre that there was no chance that it could fail. I have in my possession certain very ancient documents that required the services of a well-known code breaker to interpret. I call this "The History of the Histrionics of the World-Part 1." How I got my hands on the papers is not your business. In this treatises are the precise instructions and the format to be followed to establish what was then refereed to as "Dominion." The format was to be a global effort, it was a necessary step to ensure that all races on this planet would blithely succumb to idolizing forces that were abstract; but to give these forces meaning through threats and intimidation.

This was the beginning of "religion." The macabre humor here is that when the translator first decoded the term "religion," it was separated into 3 words. At first they were too difficult to translate. BUT we did persevere and this is what was written: re lign I. It required many days of loosely translating the term before we "got it." The characters of that time in the script do actually carry the same alphabetical properties of today. It was necessary to compare pictograms, ancient writings in scrolls and so forth before we could be positive. We were able to surmise that the letter "o" was added as a red herring; far too many times in these documents were the keepers of them warned to protect the main term "from those who can see." This is the English language quote that we translated the old form into. It was certainly no "coincidence" that throughout those years while the caretakers fiercely protected these papers, that "religion" started to become a dominant force among humankind. These papers are also are very clear with having the foreknowledge that a Special Man would walk this earth who was destined to illuminate the dark legions.

It was stated repeatedly, at times in a virulent, babbling style, that all measures must be taken to confuse the humans and bastardize the truths of this Man. These were some very, very far reaching plans. They were planned so well in advance in order that generation after generation after generation of humans would be born into mental slavery; question nothing that the old vicious voices postulated. Religion itself began in the early Europe and was stealthily and simultaneously planted in all other countries through the means of exporting couriers carrying writs pertaining to the further establishment of religion per se. This was accomplished with incredible speed. You see all counties by this time did have men who were the "cells" of the dark horde already in place. Because mankind had already fallen into the nefarious practice of worshiping idols, per the indoctrination of the legion of despair, it was a simple feat to turn peoples’ beliefs to a wayward "God." One that was capable of inflicting innumerable pains and torments upon those who refused to follow his teachings.

If you know anything at all about the Illuminati and the NOW, then you should have no problem correctly ascertaining the true fall of mankind. This was due to the violation of mind and spirit deliberately instigated by the early beginnings of the NWO . Christianity was a birthing place for the Catholic Church. The "martyr syndrome" which is still prominent in all races, all cultures today, was made to order for the rapidly growing religious factions. While the Romans continued to pursue their insatiable desire for plumage and rape of "enemies," a group soon to be known as "the council of one," formulated a piece of history that still haunts us all. They declared themselves to be the chosen ones, (sound familiar does it?) How did they know that they were above all ordinary people? Because God told them so. The murder of the man known as Jesus was instigated by these people. The duplicity of the men who arranged this heinous crime and the reasons behind it I find particularly abhorrent!

Jesus was destined to create many wonderful things here; he was destined to introduce Spirituality to the human race. He was destined to expose those early NWO factions and he did. He was destined to be the greatest scapegoat that the human race would ever see. And he was. Yet, without the remarkable services of this remarkable entity, Spirituality would never have started. The Illuminati targeted Jesus to serve the purpose of the predators; he knew full well the effects on humanity his teachings would incur. He could only hope that enough men and women would remain staunch in their belief of a benevolent God and go on to teach others. He did in fact warn them as best he could to remain united. People had to be divided before they could be conquered. The papers I call "The Vatican Files," clearly state the intentions and the purpose behind the vilification of the man. For the very first time in this world’s history, people were divided as to their actual beliefs, they lacked then the symmetry necessary to gather together and repel the murderous hordes. BUT those dark men did not count upon the impact that a man named Jesus would have on the human race. Nor did they count upon certain men becoming so outraged by what they were witnessing, that religion itself became a shattered faction of other religious beliefs. It only required one person to stand up and say, "no, this is not ok." This is what Jesus did. He inspired the masses.

The documents that I speak of are incredibly long with some pages pretty well worn into thinness. If you remember that this is a type of ancient parchment, not paper as you now know it to be, then you can understand why some of the writings will never be able to be translated. So many, many hands have held these documents, they are quite well worn yet it is the central theme to what is distinguishable that is repetitive in the purposes of the founders. It was to establish a dogmatic belief that would supersede all other beliefs. Briefly stated: to install a man as a "figurehead" for THE dominant religion of this world. In this manner the people themselves would be easily controlled and/or subdued. An appointed council of religious figures who would be the drones of the Illuminati would hold the figurehead accountable for his actions. During the beginnings of the catholic religion, it was easy to appoint a man that would be willing to follow the party line. Things became a bit dicey over the early years, when some of the men of the council actually believed that the catholic religion was established to assist people in understanding God.

As people began to follow the catholic teachings of their own free will, the Holy See expanded its role as a dictator. The Pope, who is The Roman Pontiff, often refereed to as "the ordinary," and the Roman Curia, ARE the Holy See. They are in effect the governing body of the Catholic Church. Even today they are recognized as having a "legal personality" under international law. The Files refer to a man named "Petre" as the first pope. Further that many Christians were slaughtered on the Vatican grounds. The church enacted involuntary tithing from the commoners and the extremely wealthy. The rich however, were assured a place in heaven next to God for their efforts. Nowhere does it state which God or which heaven! Although the Holy See was moved several times it eventually came to stand where it still is today. As the church continued unabatedly to seize land and gold from those who could not defend themselves, it became apparent that the church was becoming more like a government and less like a church.

The church wisely established militias to protect church owned land and eventually to protect all parts of Rome. Men were solicited to serve as simple priests; women were used as "handmaidens" to God, today called "Nuns." Because the predators who established this religion knew the importance of not allowing either man or woman to evolve in any Spiritual fashion, they enforced celibacy among those people. Any who broke the vows were immediately put to death for their "sins." The enforcers were well aware of the control they were exercising against many of these truly pious but human individuals. To deprive men and women of their sexuality is to totally control their minds and bodies. To further ensure that generations of people yet to be born would comply with papal demands, the Curia would inform the reigning pope of their decisions regarding policy, the pope’s duty was to inform the people. As if from God. The Roman Curia was and is the complex of the organs and the authorities that constitute the administrative apparatus of the Holy See. It is the body that coordinates and provides the necessary organizational programs for the correct functioning of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the achievement of its goals

This is a viable way to conduct business even today because the Holy See is closely associated with the State of the Vatican City. This is the independent, sovereign state governed by the Holy See. However in another sense the two are separate and distinct. The Holy See administers the Vatican City, this includes the entirety of diplomatic functions. Yet strangely enough all foreign embassies are accredited to the Holy See instead of to the Vatican City. But it is the Holy See that actually is the governing body that establishes diplomatic agreements with all other sovereign states. To tie this up into a complete anarchy, the Holy See performs these functions on behalf of both itself and the Vatican City as it deems needed. In a broad sense, the Holy See is a governing body on its own behalf to any and all treaties of ecclesiastical interest. It is also a governing body on the Vatican City’s behalf to treaties of technical significance.

It is only when a pope dies that the College of Cardinals temporarily administers the temporalities of the Holy See. However until the announcement of the new reigning pope, neither the college nor any other arm of the church is permitted to introduce any innovations or novelties in the government of the church. The Holy See is still at times referred to as The Apolostic See. Needless to say the vatican is strictly patriarchal. This is a closed society; the vaticanities long, long ago entered into a pact that each member of the vatican is bound to honor. The founding of the Holy See, was predicated upon the principle of controlling the populace by instilling a belief in a God that had chosen "the apostles," of this establishment to speak on his behalf. The founders saw themselves as above all laws, whether Spiritual or manmade. They believed they were the law. Long and very contested arguments went on into the wee hours of the night, as the early predators cleverly outlined their plans for the continued conquest of all people.

Rather ironically they did not take into account the fact that there would always be people who would refuse to follow the dictums they were initiating. This was how all other religions were established. They were factions of disgruntled men who did not concur with the early Christian belief, that only one church should or could mandate the peoples’ ways in believing in a God that many felt was nonexistent. Insurgents were quietly dispatched to other countries where religions were in the beginning stages. Their missions were all the same no matter where they were sent. To infiltrate the matrix of the colony and create as much confusion and dissidence as they could, without being caught. In a bizarre twist that even today has no equal, the Holy See began to amass enormous fortunes in gold and land, while all the other religious endeavors were attracting much less people and much less wealth. The vaticanities were gleeful at this turn of events. They had already begun the ridiculous and dangerous practice of "confession." This was exacerbated by their practices of ordering churches to be built that were garish and pompous and convincing people rather forcibly, that God lived only within the catholic church. They went even further; it was considered heresy to admit that God could possibly favor any other religions.

They well knew that NO MAN has the power to eradicate another’s’ sins; they knew full well that the imposition of celibacy amongst nuns and priests could only lead to mental and emotional torment. They favored the practice of ordering their clerics and anyone else thought to have broken any of their manmade laws, to wear hair shirts, sometimes for a year or longer. This was a horrendous physical torture! Don’t believe me? Then you try it! It was by the use of their own seers and prophets that commoners believed that the vatican and it’s figurehead, the pope, were all-knowing and all powerful. The rich did not want any trouble with Rome so they gave what was required of them in tithing. When certain men such as Job and other good men gave information that they purported to be from God, a huge outcry was heard from Rome. As people began to write of their visions and dreams, of their personal communions with A Spiritual force, the "bible" came into existence. Certainly not the ones that any of you are familiar with though.

Manuscripts were seized quite regularly and handed to the vatican’s scribes to alter dramatically, so that the real truths were obscured and at times obliterated. It is no wonder that reading the bible seems senseless at times. It is no wonder that so many people are ignorant of real truth and real prophecy. Please though bear in mind, that millions of clerics over the many years since the origins of the vatican, do believe in a God, do believe that they themselves are here on a mission to save peoples’ souls. They do not realize that they cannot. Just as many within the lower echelon of the church are unaware of the true heritage of the vatican and it’s predator founders. Many popes have wanted to exact changes within the church that could really help people. None have. One pope who was determined to make a difference was a man of great integrity and honor. He possessed the most beatific smiling countenance. He exuded what I consider God-like grace. He was murdered by a papal cardinal while only holding office for 30 days.

Long ago when nefarious deals were made with the early dastardly forces that still plague the human race today, special rooms were constructed in the old residences of the See. As the See then made a permanent move to where the Vatican stands today, a different type of reconstruction of vaulted rooms which were considered a necessity were built. Within those "hallowed" halls are many "secret" vaults. Within those closeted areas are metal containers which hold all of the early writings of the early day founders of the catholic church. Every note and document written by the Councils and their hired scribes is there. Every pertinent piece of information pertaining to the clandestine affairs between the Vatican and other countries is there. Dossiers on every man who has ever held office as a vaticanite is there. Records of the lineage of each pope who ever was and those that the "pope makers" have groomed both in the past and for the future is there. No pope is "chosen" by God to function as the head of this institution. Each is carefully scrutinized well in advance of the appointment of pope.

No one is chosen by happenstance. It is all premeditated. The longer the Catholic Church has remained in "ascension" as the main church for the millions of people who have a need to believe in it, the greater it’s arrogance has grown. To be sure it now ranks as the wealthiest institution in this world, at the cost of ordinary people. This church is veiled in secrecy and illusion, for no one’s good. A part of the illusion is that mankind originated in the Garden of Eden, that woman was created from Adam’s rib; this was to subject females to the subjugation process by the inference that they could not have existed without man. All this and more is hidden in the vatican. The true origins of mankind through the extraterrestrial seeding process are stored there. The vaticanities cannot afford for this information to become public knowledge. It would give lie to all their previous teachings and "commands" to the people. Further their age old battle with the Jewish race is well documented there. They have covertly worked against the Jews simply because the Jews think they are the chosen race.

They also know that the man called Jesus walked into a human body when the body was 13 years of age. There is so much that they simply cannot allow to be known. And yet many are finding out these truths anyway. Some have been writing about their findings, others are teaching about the hidden truths and paying dearly for their teachings. One of the writings which has caused a real brouhaha is the revelations of the "lost" gospel of Thomas. Others are attempting to implicate The Vatican in anti-Semitism activities. It is true that in the 19th. and 20th. centuries the Vatican did have many ghettoes and anti Jewish doctrines which fueled the criminal minds of the Nazis. In those times the church did nothing to protect the jews. Did nothing to halt propaganda against the jewish race. Vile accusations were made by catholic clerics at the behest of the vatican, to accuse the jewish people of murdering and assaulting catholic priests and violating nuns. A few academicians claim to have read reports of a slew of popes who made deals with the nazis to further decimate the jews. It was all about who God is and who God favored.

From what I know, there is substance to these and other unGodly allegations. Regardless of how other people in earlier times felt about Jews, the terroristic acts of anti-Semitism easily converted millions of people to the Nazi way of thinking. The Vatican turns a blind eye to the deadliness of its intent to bring down another race of human beings. It did then and it does now. This is no different than its previous and very secret role, as the doctrinal enforcers of the Inquisition. THEY PLAYED GOD. There was a notorious "House of Catechumens" that those apprehended by the Inquisition were forced to attend. It was deemed a necessity for re-educating Jews for 40 odd days into Christian baptism. Over the years following this vile process, the vaticanites began the campaign of demoralizing the jews by alleging they were no more than a filthy, greedy, rich, not very intelligent capitalists. They told people the jews were not only dangerous but had hidden agendas to destroy Christian society. The Jews themselves believed that the catholic church was interested solely in world domination. The Catholics thought the same about the Jews. The war between Catholics, jews and other non-catholics had escalated.

The battles between bishops and cardinals really hit the fan! Those who could no longer condone the atrocities the church inveigled pitted themselves against those who pandered to it. Bishops were heard to publicly refer to themselves as "the Aryan Race." They invited all "true Christians" to rally to the beliefs, to the dogmas of the Catholic Church. Then and now, not all catholics are anti-Semetic, many have stepped forward and "enough already." Too little, too late. If you believe that the Inquisition is a part of the past then you are a fool. It is the grievous lack of mutual respect for others’ beliefs that is root cause here for bonding together of the human race as one entity. When a person, or any organization begins to believe themselves to be unique because they and they alone have simple access to any of God’s messages or revelations, if they believe that they have or will obtain power to lay waste to others who also say they have the same information, then they are dangerous dictators;… They do not follow God, they follow man and the predator beast.


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