Session #5 – Free Form Energy – Conduit to the Future

Emiel #5

Free Form Energy – Conduit to the Future

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc.,
I am indeed Emiel.

Throughout all my many diverse conversations with my colleagues, one of our main topics of heated debates, have been energy conservation and the creation of new energies to replace the depleted ones, those that have been overworked or diluted. Some in our group are mainstream scientists, one is an astrophysicist. Our debates can become quite loud and pompous at times. Great minds you know! Anyway, we normally agree to disagree politely BUT we don’t. We do have the best interests of the planet at heart, regardless of how much we disagree on procedure. One part though that does not stymie us, is the covert systems that are politically backed for withholding vital information from the public regarding energy. This is a deplorable situation that only seems to be worsening. A few decades ago, our group began experimenting with everything from flying kites in electrical storms to using telekinesis to manage energy. We got really, really wet and our telekinetic abilities required some honing before we could successfully formulate a simple manner of connecting with outside energetic stimuli using that ability. We did succeed though…but we gave up the kite flying. Why did we try the kite? Actually it was a very serious endeavor on our parts.

To correctly gauge the harnessing potential of energy, it seemed a good way to find out first hand about the symmetry between electrical energy and water and metal. Those men of science among our group were now "freebasing," that is a term that simply means they were engaged in types of experiments that they could not perform in public. Yes I know that has all been used in the past by other great minds. However we had great motivation to perform this exercise. In part it was to see if there were anything more that we could discover which could assist us in not only venting our disgust of the wastrels who were slowly destroying this planet’s magnificence, but perhaps we could also conjure a better method that maybe had not been tried. Years after our first venture into the mind of Ben Franklin, we were able to determine that the stats we gathered that long ago night, were invaluable in this energy experimentation process.

That fateful night long ago, which was the beginning of a type of "rite of passage" for us, contained all the elements of a mystery story. Lightening, mud, unknown shapes in the dark and unusually heavy wind gusts. Even when the wind had been pushing the kite to and fro, we were all able to feel the intense buildup of static electricity that for some reason unknown to us, seemed to seek us out rather than the people scampering in the rain far down the hill below us. Some of the town’s "imbibers" were seen siting about 20 ft. above us on a different hill, yet they were not troubled by any unusual amounts of lightening.

The electrical impulses seemed to encircle us and gathered in intensity. We all felt them as they coursed through our bodies while we were each keeping one hand on the kite. We had intentionally affixed a small metal triangular shaped icon to the midsection of the kite. The metal began a humming sound when the electricity was in closer proximity to the kite. It was slight but we all noticed it. Oddly though, the rain felt warmer the closer we stood to the kite. When one of us would step a few paces away from the other men and the kite, the rain was most definitely colder. We all bore witness to a narrow band of blue light that extended from the tip of the metal straight up as far as we were able to see through the pelting rain. That was something we had not counted on! Just before the rain became too heavy for us to continue our experiment, one of our group using a large narrow approximately 3 ft. twig, touched the top of the kite string, that is to say he reached up as far as he was able.

Since this gentleman is well over 6 ft. tall and the kit was at a 81/2 ft. height, it should provide you with a better idea of how far he could place the twig. Now even though the twig was wood, Adam was still able to feel a distinct vibration from the kite and the electricity. This confirmed are unified suspicion that energy in it’s basest forms can travel faster and be more intense with but some applied direction, (the kite) a catalyst (the metal) and a depository for the energy, in this case it was the ground. Not us. This was the beginning of our seeking to further investigate not only the sources of all energy in order to better understand them, but to re-evaluate the current and popularly believed thesis which is the primary foundation of all scientific teachings that pertain to energy. Later as we consulted our notes we deduced that the harnessing of telekinetic force could in some manner also be of benefit to us while we were on the search for answers and probable new uses of different energetic forces. The scientists who were part of our group, had not previously subscribed to our suspicion that people had accepted at face value all the present day hypothesis regarding electrical currents, without making the time to explore that "unknown" realm further.

Electricity is a vastly underrated commodity; further, those who dictate the current usage and the electromagnetic units used to bind the current are not prepared to use alternate methods that could still polarize electrical power but not be dependent upon it. We believed that a better way would be viable through the use of electrokinetics, not the old way, but in a better, more defined manner What if there existed a way to join the two energies, the catalyst and the alloy, together in a synchronistic fashion that would make it possible to override electrical conduits through the applied use of kinetic energy? We went on and on far into the night, mesmerized by all the possibilities that seemed to loom just out of our reach. Through our political allies we were able to see that no one really wanted to know about the alternate possibilities. I was told by a German politician that countries did not want their boats to be rocked, especially not America. He adjudged us to be acting rashly and dangerously. I had entered into this discussion with him quite deliberately.

He had for many years been the quiet mover and shaker behind the German government. I had decided to "shake his tree" and see what popped out, the serpent or the viper. He was visibly distressed that we had been looking into these other avenues. His last words to me on the subject were "never speak to me of this again. We did not have this conversation. Do not meddle with the infrastructure." It is an anomaly of sorts that the moment anyone at all wishes to make better improvements in the power industry, to initiate changes that are less costly yet more efficient and most certainly ever so much safer, that all those within the governments start blessing themselves and eating garlic! On a fundamental level yes, we do understand why they behave this way. It has taken many, many years to refine electrical impulses and construct very costly power stations. It is not only in America that lobbyists are bought and paid for. All countries are responsible for the extreme costs of electrical power and are guilty as sin for not admitting that they encounter very severe problems in attempting to control the power. Citizens of this world will never be informed of the truth behind the Chernobyl debacle. Its scary stuff, you are perhaps better off not knowing. Stop fretting about nuclear war. That monstrosity will never happen. Now you can start fretting about Nuclear Power Plants instead.

When my friends and I met for our thrice weekly meetings, I enlightened them of the conversation I had, or had not had, according to the German’s perspective. It was not really an unexpected turn of events; I had always considered him to be anal retentive anyway. That conversation was more of a confirmation that we were on the right but dangerous track. It was then that we entered into a pact to continue our forays into the viability of alternate energy supplies, but to do so with a low profile. Since this is a far cry from my normal high profile activities, there was some question that we could continue to do this in secret. We at that time decided to set up our own lab in a remote area, well camouflaged in……………………Here we would be able to play to our hearts content, exploring all the alternative possibilities for better implementing energy sources for the future. Most of our group have been blessed with substantial incomes handed down thorough our individual parentages. This enables us to move forward more freely with these types of plans than it would had we been born with little monetary resources to assist us.

We were actually able to construct the lab in 3 months; this was due in part because we already had a good solid stone structure that we converted into the main building to house all the equipment and the people necessary to function as our assistants. Needless to say, all were sworn to secrecy. We recruited a dozen of the best minds from 6 countries. Each of these people were disillusioned by the political agendas which kept the commoner hostage to the great game of the power mongers. Each understood and were excited by our experiments and our determination to uncover the truths behind the alleged "power shortages" in the world. We all knew that it was a preposterous lie being foisted upon the people. We all knew why. We also all knew that if we could manage an energy breakthrough proportionate to the future needs of this planet, one day there would be absolutely no stopping the new, SAFE, electrical propulsion systems. And that dear readers, is how this plan began.

We all discussed each day what our own independent and individual theories were regarding better choices of materials. We demanded from our assistants more scrutiny of the chemicals to be used in conjunction with the electrical components. We studied the feasibility of changing nuclear reactor sites as well as the hidden nuclear reactor dumps into less destructive objects. We were also investigating the poor construction of the nuclear reactors and the constant leakage from them that the public did not know of. An "insider" in the nuclear industry secretly gave much information of the ongoing problems plaguing the nuclear reactor sites to me. This poor man was scared to death of all he knew that was transpiring at those sites. He feared not only for all the people in the areas surrounding them, but for the environmental damage he knew was incurred every day as a result. These facts began to build up at a stupendous rate. In order for us to best serve the future, we had to know precisely what we were up against in the present use and abuse of electrical power and power sources.

We did not hope for any governmental truths in our endeavor, that was a no brainer. BUT we did have a "source" of outside help, shall we say. I have stated before that for years now I have been in contact with a benevolent extraterrestrial race. I had no qualms in calling upon them for aid in our project. Actually, I had the feeling they were expecting me to. I was taken on a journey into the past history of the earth. It was rather like watching an amazingly gigantic cinema screen that followed the sequence of the past beginnings of this world. I was shown simple devices and complicated ones; each had played a part in flowing with weather patterns rather than against them. I also saw vessels of various shapes and dimensions that had at one time been used as directional finders to subdue or gather electricity. This also included images of the Atlantean times when many types of power were efficiently used to generate light and heat. This is when I received a comprehensive teaching of a form that I somehow knew about. But at that particular time I did not know of all the stupendous possibilities it contained for not only energy conservation, but energetic expansion as well.

"Free Form Energy." Scientists long ago gave this form a similar name when attempting to monitor tornadoes and hurricanes. They had deduced that as an elemental power force, tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc., were a destructive energy; attempts to subdue these weather formations were a fiasco. It was then that science and mathematicians banded together, not particularly in harmonious accord, and began the true to now still ongoing process of using formulas given to them for nuclear energies. Their exasperation with free form energy was biased and based upon unproven theories of the possibility of using unlimited form energy to harness power of all sorts. It was perceived as too unstable, too costly and too "unknown." Instead they were directed by "the powers that be" to turn to another source, one that had been given to them long ago by the alien horde faction, many known as "greys." These formulas that were nuclear in chemical structure were meant to form energetic molds of energy that could be shaped and tamed into subatomic structurally correct monoliths.

I have always known about the pact that the world rulers entered into so long ago. This is not "new" news to any of my colleagues and most especially not to past, present and the pre-selected future world leaders. I would suppose that some people would find this turn about exchange ironic. They received the nuclear technology from the greys and the Illuminati, we received the free form energies technology from the benevolent E.T. races. Although this planet has always been privy to technological breakthroughs presented to the governments by both the malefactor races and the benevolent races, these philanthropic E.T.’s are those who have desired to assist for humanitarian reasons. However these wise and ancient ones had put a lid on how much information they would share. Darn good thing too! We began our foray into the world of free form energy with a simple experiment at first. We fashioned a tornado configuration using a small piece of thin copper wire wound in a clockwise direction with only a funnel configuration at one end. This we placed outside of the lab and buried the one non-configured part in the ground. It was visible but covered with just enough soil to hold it intact. Using some instruments that measure frequency and vibration, we recorded some subtle but distinct "hums" coming from the coil.

However when we placed our hands close to the ground, a warm pressure seemed to "attach" itself to our hands but only with the configured part of the coil. So we improvised and changed the shape of the coil into a funnel shape on both ends of the coil with one end embedded into the soil. The results were more gratifying; the heat ratio that was recorded was about twice the sum of the earlier design. We were then advised by our off world contacts to add a simple crystal to the middle of the structure. Again, the components of the coil changed dynamically. Using a finely tuned audio type of recorder, we were able to not only hear a higher pitched hum emitted by the configured coil, but an "Om" sound that definitely came from the crystal as well. To say the least, we were intrigued.

Over the next 6 weeks or so we monitored the various strange sounds that came from the entire device. It had not taken us long to realize and appreciate the fact that this tiny replica of a tornado was polarizing a very small area. Apparently ants did not care for the different frequencies; they seemed to go out of their way to avoid building any anthills or traveling close to our "baby." Squirrels that would occasionally meander close to the formation always seemed to take a quick U turn when getting too close to the device. We had never been able to clearly understand why the sounds changed so frequently with the device. Sometimes they were high pitched, almost a whine, other times they were barely audible. We did know they were responding to an outside stimulus, sometimes during rainstorms, other times during intense heat and dust storms. What concerned us the most was the fact that we were playing with free form energy that should have been able to stabilize the planet’s environment. If used correctly and designed in a beneficial fashion, all homes would have them without detrimental environmental effects. Of course we were not babes in the woods; we were well aware that political factions would never permit this knowledge to be conveyed to the public.

I wish I could tell you that all it would require was this simple coil to alleviate or subdue earth changes…but I cannot. It simply was not practical to use that prototype as a permanent fixture. It had not enough durability to withstand the "winds of change." Further the very size of this model kept it from neutralizing greater areas. Yes of course we tried many different sizes and various densities of coil and other configurations. We experimented with all types of metals; the alloy kingdom seemed to be without end. BUT we all did agree that copper itself was the most amazing of energy conductors for our purpose. However we were at an impasse. We knew the polarizing activity was essential to any healthy environment; our own combined studies of tornadoes and other "cataclysmic" variations of earth energies convinced us of the necessity of these activities. Scientists whom we knew and respected did not agree with our theory that those earth activities were a vital part of the environment; that they must be allowed to perform their functions. Nor did they agree with our perspective that these nature alterations were actually carried out in a most orderly fashion.

Those "think tanks" had concluded, based upon what they had read over the years, that nature not only could be, but also should be harnessed for the preservation of the people, the environment and the planet. We contended and still do, that people should not be living in earthquake prone areas; in volcanic areas and for pity’s sake move away from the coastlines! Of course if you have a death wish then by all means stay where you are.

Over time we made no further secret of our experiments. There was no point anymore since we had been under observation for quite some time. In a macabre turn of events, I was summoned to the high office of …………………..and point blankly was told that our efforts at turning free form energy into a compatible vessel for the assistance of the balancing act of nature was ridiculous. I was then subjected to a 2-hour harangue that consisted of all the facts and figures pertaining to the viability of the continued use of nuclear power. This was seen as not only the most desired and expedient method for power sources for the ever-growing populations of the world, but also for the expected revenue that would be generated as a result. Not one time did he mention the decimation to the planet and the death of the people that this could incur. So…I brought it up, much to his chagrin! He behaved as though I was stomping on the Holy Grail.

It was really a quite awesome reaction. I do not believe that he and his hierarchy had given much thought to that "problematic situation" as he called it. After much flustered facial expressions, with one eye twitching, he finally said that those were issues that were not considered relevant. They, the leaders of the world, knew what was best for the people. As he terminated my audience with him, I clearly heard him say "this planet can withstand anything, as for deaths of citizens, sometimes you have to sacrifice the many for the more. Besides, people propagate like dogs in heat." All those summoned before this giant of industry are carefully searched for concealed weaponry and recording devices. So I have no proof to give to you of that conversation. But it did take place…I know…I was there! So it was that when I returned to rejoin my comrades, I recounted the entire long day’s events. We all concurred that if our tiny little experiment had produced so much consternation in high places, then we must have done something right.

As the years passed we eventually stopped working on our pet project, but that does not mean we have not learned a great deal of what is possible when using, as opposed to harnessing, free form energy. I know we all realized way back when, that we were not going to be successful in our humanitarian pursuit of convincing the scientific communities of their deadly errors of judgment. We did not have a chance in hell of swaying the politicians and those who pull the political strings, of assisting us or promulgating our theory in any way. BUT we were assured by the benevolent races that in a future time, this planet would be functioning on free form energy, as were other planets. Ours was a major breakthrough, this they told us. We did not fully understand why they said that and they would not tell us why. Looking back now, those of our group who are still alive, have more clarity about their statement. We also see why they waited until we ourselves arrived at conclusive truths. We appreciate it much more because we achieved the understanding on our own, we also continued to keep all the copious notes and records from that previous time period.

Although we have closed our case log on our prototype, about 8 years ago we suddenly began having strangers show up who had been recommenced to us by other people we knew who also believed as we did. To these men and women of all different ages and nationalities, we have been teaching of what we know, what we deduced, and what we suspect about free form energy. We affectionately call these seekers, "the new wave." Most are young in age and all are idealistic and artistic. These latter 2 qualities are prerequisites for the continuing study of free form energy. Here is a portion of what we know: Free form energy is just that, it is not subjugated to shaping or cloning into molded figures, it forms to ITSELF. All this energy begins with circular precision; this means that it has no actual beginning and it has no actual ending; it just is. One does not "harness" this formation, it is a dynamic force that free flows, much like the winds do. This is the energetic force of Creation. This energy functions as a balance point, a polarizing agent, yet it is a fulcrum for birthing further molecules of energy of itself.

Free form energetic matter is a transmuter that balances, counterbalances and then transmits energy into an environment regardless of the geographic location. From our long studies and experimentation before, we have deduced that this is also an aspect of the "atomic molecule." This energy form can assimilate all counterclockwise energy and turn it into a clockwise formation field. In part there is also an ionization process at work here. It thrives on negative ions yet it possesses these ions as well. The energy spews these ionic matters into the environment which in turn "dissolve" the detrimental force action of the polluted, unhealthy atoms. We have seen that when this type of polarizer is used constructively, it not only radiates heat, but if there are enough accumulated molecules of this heat, it can be directed, it can function as natural generators. There is a puissant and sequential conjunction point with the open ended probability pattern and the alphabetical character that is also a numerical value, of "O" that is evident with free form energy. "O" is everything and "O" is nothing. Yet without "O" there can be no world to speak of. Think of it as energy of great potential encased in a rarefaction of unlimited proportions, with "O" as the all-encompassing completion of a centrifugal force.

The ability of free form energy to expand itself without limit, without duress, is part of a cosmic paradigm. It is this amazing energy of abundance, this centripetal pattern, which is the open-ended feasibility determinant that formulates the repetitive pattern, which is based on physical unity of atomic matter. This is the specific potential of all the dynamics of unfettered energy in this universe. We know that free form energy is older than this planet; that this energy assisted in the creation of this planet and all others. Why do you think that planets are shaped as spheres or circles? The very light that each planet radiates is a result of free form energy coalescing with the NATURAL radiation emitted by the planet itself. It is this that assists the electrical conduit which encases this world, in accelerating the earth’s own electromagnetic ability to expand and constrict as energy begetting energy. And THAT dear readers, is the way it is.

There are of course specific patterns that free form energy complements. Since this energy is atomic in nature, it deserves to be handled with great care. Back in the good old Atlantean days, as the intelligentsia confronted the natural laws of unfettered energy, that energy was abused; attempts to harness this cosmic force resulted in great disasters. Experiments using this form energy to launch powerful weaponry at another continent backfired most grievously. No one can take this energetic force that is Creative and functions through the use of specific vibrations, frequencies and light energies that stream into patterns that can NOT be altered and attempt to change them into lower based frequencies. It is like mixing oil and water, but with combustive properties. Nuclear reactors however perform their functions by storing the energy of the atomic nuclei for specified times based upon the "likelihood" of the reactors’ abilities to hold the toxic contents WHILE withstanding the corrosive and debilitating chemicals of nuclear fission. The nucleonics of the actual properties of fission is vastly misunderstood. The process of stellar evolution is NOT an option here!

So it has turned out that our evolved off world guardians have assured us that "in time, all free form energy will be as one." I do not consider that to be an anomalous statement. I do not foresee this form energy becoming a dominant, household word in my lifetime; however it will be for many of you. I have also been privy to the disclosure of this energetic matter to a few good people in this world. They will be doing all they can to educate others to the marvelous abilities and true existence of this form energy. After all it is the opposite and absolute power to the opposite and disastrous power, of nuclear energy run amok.


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