Session #4 – Chemtrails and Genocide

Emiel #4

Chemtrails and Genocide

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc., I am indeed Emiel.

If humans could but remember that we are all only visitors here on this planet then perhaps..just perhaps, people within the governments, as well as those "ordinary folks," would be less inclined to add any more toxicity to this world. Just a thought. As many people as there are who are aware of the devastating nature of chemtrails, there are 10 times more in sheer numbers who are not. The term "chemtrails" is an accurate portrayal of the essences contained within these emissions. All the worst most deadly chemicals,

BARIUM, MERCURY, LEAD, FLUORIDE/FLUORINE, URANIUM, ARSENIC, ALUMINIUM, Beryllium, Cadmium, Antimony, Thallium, Protactinium, Uranium, MYCOPLASMA.

Yet every so many months, some of these caustic ingredients are removed while others are replacing them that have recently been tested for their capability to harness and disperse lethal vapors. Although the name itself has changed, these experimental acids were first formulated and exhaustingly tested during the early days of Hitler’s reign. It is well known by historians, although the general public still is not aware of the fact, that Hitler was engrossed by what we call the "dark arts, Necromancy." His was an insatiable appetite; he studied all that he could of alchemy, runic studies, soothsayers’ visions, the ancient writings of Merlin the Magician and so forth. He did believe that black magic was stronger than white magic, so it was that he gathered all the materials that he could and sent forth many, many men to scour ancient libraries and graveyards.

His purpose for those expeditions was to correlate the names of those who were either alleged to have been masters of the dark arts, or those whose names had been documented as practitioners of such. Hitler was an intelligent man with an uncanny savvy of the importance of studying those he considered the best and those he considered capable of the worst. Most of the simple graveyards bore but a faint resemblance to those of today. Yet when he had the correct names and approximate dates of birth and death accompanied by many lyrics scribbled on the wood or stone marker aptly describing that person, locating literature about them was easy. Those who had dabbled in alchemy were a particular favorite of his. This was also how he learned of the interactions between those long dead fellows and the gray aliens. "Secret" documents long hidden away to keep them from ever falling into anyone’s hands fell into his. These disclosed the ancients’ methods of using potions, poisons and many old, old never before heard of in his time, hallucinogenic concoctions. Of course many of the required ingredients could not be found or accurately identified by the people in Hitler’s time. He also built a spaceship, but that’s another story.

Hitler was a man of great cunning, he also possessed a demonic spirit of mind thinking patterns. In a short time he called in the gray aliens and another unholy pact was formed. He did not rely solely on the information from the grays as so many others before him and after him have done. Although they did in fact give him advanced formulas which are the equivalent of today’s chemtrail formulas, Hitler took it a step further. The man was a mastermind; there is no denying this fact. He successfully altered certain percentages of the gray’s asphyxiating compounds and added some of the ingredients that the masters of the black arts had used. His "secret laboratories," became a legend of a nightmare. His labs were always open, those who worked there did so under duress and their orders were to concoct nerve gases, flammable tinctures, germs that attack the pulmonary system, the cardiovascular system. Also a type of polymeric organism that immobilizes brain waves and so forth. His peculiar form of testing his findings on men and women in order to correctly adjudge the "benefits" to be derived from the experimental drugs, seemed to him to be the logical way to monitor the effects. Besides, he was a sadist. Some of the effects were very short term others were long term.

Hitler made special note of the degree of sterility many of these caused in both sexes. He felt he had created the perfect schematization force that would eliminate certain races. No children, no heritage, no enemy. As I have said, the man was not stupid, he knew there were spies within his camps, those who would eventually get their hands on his findings. He was correct, but he did not know that it would be sooner rather than later. Those other nations that later became known as the "allied nations," were delighted to find most of his papers. They did not find them all, many Hitler had destroyed. He memorized formulas in order to keep them in safekeeping. Over the years following his downfall, the nations who had taken them for their own version of "safekeeping," wasted no time at all in first using the formulas as a trial run, simply to see how powerful they really were. Then they too began to add more powerful, more deadly gases. Laboratory animals were used, none ever survived for but a short time. I will say for the record, in those early days of altering and rewriting many of Hitler’s written formulae records, there was no discussion of using those debilitating and deadly organisms upon others.

HOWEVER, there are always sequential steps that follow these types of discoveries:

1-"we shall simply keep these hidden so no man can ever again contemplate such atrocities."

2-"we shall appoint an elite group of scientists, doctors, mathematicians and warfare experts to study these documents, lest they someday fall into the wrong hands."

3-"we have decided to initiate a simple exploration of "fallout" reactions as a result of the findings of the elite study groups."

4-"our fallout reactions were enacted upon farm and laboratory animals only. Oh, yes we did try a small bit on some remote, uninhabited land."

5-"based upon the results of all of our testing, we have decided to maintain, rather than destroy, these formulas just in case our countries are attacked by a hostile country."

6-"upon grave consideration by our countries’ leaders, it has been decided that the use of chemicals as a means of controlling the populace and the weather, is noteworthy."

So began the use of chemicals upon the unsuspecting populaces of this world. Tell me readers, what makes the world leaders’ action less reprehensible than Hitler’s well-remembered actions? The correct answer is "nothing does." I have dealt with many families whose husbands and a few women, have been commandeered to fly the planes that disperse the gases. It would cost them their lives if their identities were revealed. In the very beginning years, the pilots and crews had absolutely no idea of what the cargo they carried really was, nor of the consequences to innocent people, animal life and the environment in general. One of the added components to the ever shifting formulas, is a type of "gene," this gene is a mutant energy that is produced to cause living organisms under the ground to multiply and produce thicker ground cover; land that is expected to eventually be able to support vaster areas of crops. It is still not understood by the creators that it is producing more mutated insect forms that are becoming carnivorous. It will come to pass that as these forms of life thrive and have longer life cycles, their sheer numbers will prove to be a health hazard.

Their natural predators will become prey, thus affecting the entire origin of predator/ prey life. The landmass in all countries is now experiencing a more arid element beneath the surfaces. Those lands in areas and countries that are or shall I state "were" bountiful in wet soil and swampland, rainforests and so forth, will and are, experiencing too much of an influx of liquid beneath the surfaces. It is not healthy land anywhere, anymore. Trees will rot, dry land will become dustbowls, the world is now facing the greatest jeopardy it ever has because of this bodacious plan. The spraying over the oceans and waterways is increasing, whether you realize this or not. Aquatic life is disappearing rapidly; the necessary elements of the ferns, coral and so forth are contaminated. Now I speak briefly of the affects on the peoples themselves.

Human physiology is dependent upon specific living conditions that are relative to the body’s ability to acclimate to certain circumstances in the environment itself, as well as the direct result of healthy organs and cells that can multiply at a normal rate of speed. It also needs the white blood cell system to sound the alerts of abnormal health conditions. Many lay people are under the misunderstanding that the body cannot contract any disease without the person or persons having some kind of awareness of this. They think that the intake of vitamin supplementals and high level minerals can counteract an incoming virus. Most people, particularly in America, run to the doctors as soon as they suspect they are prone to a flu like germ. BUT, how many do you know who seek out the doctor and say, " help, I have been sprayed with a chemtrail gas." There are many doctors on this world who really do know what is going on. We call them "the underground resistance." They are quietly but surely, informing very small groups of people as to the truth, the reality of chemtrails. They do not have an antidote. There is none!

You each need to understand that all that I am relating to you is not for the purpose of inducing fear! I am doing what I can to educate you to a reality existing that can cost you your life. If you are one of the thousands who are aware of this situation, then you know that some remedy must be located to offset this covert action. Just in case you had any doubts, I can tell you this is all part of the NWO plan. I am truly astounded that so few people on this planet even know of the stupidity of standing outside and watching the chemtrail spraying. I am even more amazed that few notice the lowering of the clouds in the skies. Those who have noticed this need to know why it is happening. When the planes are spraying chemtrail chemicals into the air, they do so at a great height. Now the spraying at high altitudes is deliberate, by proceeding in this fashion when there are clouds present in the air, the jet streams saturate the clouds while the dispersion rate of the emissions from the planes is set to a slow ratio. The addition of these chemicals to the clouds virtually causes the clouds to lower in the atmosphere due to the density of the materials that have saturated the clouds. These chemicals ALSO remove the oxygen from the clouds which the clouds would normally carry.

As the clouds lower, they release their own moisture that is now combined with the chemtrail concoctions. All clouds as they dissipate release tiny filaments of all they contain. On days when the skies are cloudless the chemtrails themselves form a type of "vapor lock," which causes massive co-joined vapors of the jet streams to cover the skies as if there were but 1 or 2 giant clouds. What you see in the skies then is pure chemtrail. Remember, a great percentage of the necessary oxygen on the planet issues from clouds. Because of the contamination of the clouds now, the oxygen is becoming extremely depleted. Think about it! Where is the oxygen you once had? Why is it becoming increasingly harder to breathe? Oxygen is effectively being removed from the air. Part of the NWO plan. You see this is a complex situation; pilots are given specific instructions as to when and where to spray. For instance, the planes must follow the coordinates exactly or else the designated areas will not receive the poison while areas that are marked "do not spray," would accidentally receive the toxins that are not part of the orders.

You shall never see a plane spraying over the White House, the Pentagon, the homes of current and past presidents or the future presidents’ homes. Nor shall you see them spraying over the palaces of the kings and queens of other countries, nor their homes etc. Wherever you live, pay attention to when expected visits of the President, the First Lady, high ranking cabinet members and so forth are scheduled in major cities near you. This is also true here in Europe when any high ranking political emissary from any country is expected, THERE IS NO CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING. They are the "elite" ones, they cannot be exposed to death……unless they have broken party rules, then it is open season on them as well. Has anyone wondered "why" planes are being used as opposed to other means that are available? It is the altitude that is needed. It is that simple, the speed of the planes serves to increase the ability to spray more ground more quickly, but the key is the altitude.

In the beginning, the spraying was only during daylight hours, but there has been an acceleration of the program which some of my colleagues call "The Doppelganger Project," which includes nighttime spraying as well. The distance between the ground of the earth and the spray emission is crucial. It is essential to the NWO plan that the spraying be a fanning out of the substances. They must fan out but make contact with the ground at a slow speed apportioning thin layers upon layers of these noxious materials, too thick the layer would ultimately cause too fast of a corrosion in people, foodstuffs and the entire environment. A totally dead planet would not serve their purposes at all. Over the past few years aircraft other than military have also been spraying these chemicals. On some rare occasions, you can notice planes flying lower than normal while spraying. These are called "hot spots," areas where it has been decided that a heavier base is required. When the chemicals are ejected from the planes, they are of course quite heavy and thick like a mucus membrane. It is the velocity at which they travel that is responsible for the thinning of the substance materials.

You shall be hearing of difficult to destroy fungi spores that will be noticed across the planet. It is a chemtrail "baby." Many viruses are alive here now, some that have not been seen in centuries. What is unusual about these ancient viruses is that they are reproducing. Viruses must rely on necessary catalyst hosts in order to do so, yet THESE DO NOT HAVE THE HOSTS NOW. Although there is not yet an antidote available, there are several extraordinary scientists working on creating one to destroy the self propagating viruses. Needless to say, their names and locations are secret. We do not wish to have their lives placed in jeopardy. There are some precautions that you can take to help alleviate the chemtrail afflictions. Do not be an idiot and stand outside watching the spraying. Be sure to take ample amounts of beta-carotene daily. Drink a great deal of pure water every day, do not rely on tap water or bottled water. Stop using regular table salt and instead cook and eat with iodized sea salt. Be sure to eat fresh, high quality meat every week…this is important! To hell with what the vegetarians say!

Take 2 capsules of the herb Yucca each day. Add chicory to your coffee. ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear good sunglasses outside, regardless if the sun is shining or not. Purchase a GOOD skin emollient and apply it to your bodies each morning and each evening after your nighttime bathing. Purchase oxygen capsules and take them faithfully, keep a product such as Benadryl antihistamine caplets on hand and use as needed. You may mistake the breathing difficulty with sinus problems, use the antihistamine. If you have access to Colloidal Silver, drink it each day, just a small amount. Stop with the sunbathing already! It is not worth your life. These will assist you a great deal as the underground movement soon attempts to break the hold on this atrocity. Many of the government figures involved will shortly have a reality check of their own, as surreptitiously their own loved ones will be exposed to chemtrails, in one form or another. All is fair in love and war, and WAR THIS IS!

I do hope you who are truly searching for not only answers to this problem, but remedies as well, have been able to garner more knowledge from all that I have been scribing to you. What bothers my colleagues and me the most is the general state of apathy concerning this subject. When people are being victimized by an abomination, tell me, what is required to cause them to "wake up?" It seems to us that only when massive death has occurred does the general public stop acting like idiots and begins demanding answers. I have good reason to ask this rhetorical question, several months ago, it was reported that a local weatherman in America when finishing his discourse on upcoming conditions, proceeded to show a still picture of a plane spraying chemtrails. He went so far as to say, "See these are chemtrails the plane is spraying, they are seeding the clouds with them to produce rain, and that’s a good thing folks." How many complaints were filed from viewers? None that we know of.

The chemtrail issue is not "problematic." It has serious implications regarding your futures that are all part of the NWO. No ordinary citizen is safe, yet by following simple procedures you can effectively offset some of the spraying contagion. I have spoken of an underground resistance that is doing what it can to attack the problems from the inside, remember? Well, the last several years that these men and women have been further analyzing and testing the spray components is bringing some good results. They are being aided by a few wealthy humanitarians who are funding the project very secretly. My own supposition was that extreme heat and extreme cold would be one way to counteract the chemicals. I am not a scientist but as it turns out the doctors and scientists involved in our project agree with me. Working with these hazardous materials is difficult at best. Yet the experiments are conclusive, we can cause the potency of the chemicals to be in a sense "diluted." You see when the planes release the chemicals, there is a high degree of heat involved but that heat also assists in keeping great dollops of chem. mixture from saturating the planes. These materials are erosive and corrosive. This is why it is essential to the pilots and the planes that they discharge their cargo as soon as possible.

Chem. solutions in their variegated state are also highly flammable. This is why there have been so many, many fires erupting in forests on this planet over the last several years. Combine trees, grass and dryness with the solution and voila, you have "spontaneous combustion." This also accounts for the fires that investigations declare have had no reason to erupt in towns, houses, trailers, etc. Here are the solutions uncovered pertaining to food: cook all meat at high temperatures, sear it well, whether roasting, broiling or frying. I am of course forgoing my favorite medium well cuts and am having all my own meats cooked well done. Of course this applies to all poultry as well. Those who love raw fish, sushi and other raw fish delicacies….you are playing with a loaded gun!! Nothing will prevent you from contracting the horrid diseases that accompany the contagion of the fish. It is the high temperature element that can and does, destroy the bacteria that is now dangerous for consumption. All foods contain some percentage of bacteria, of course there are also those "good bacteria." However it is the extreme heat that is required to nullify the effects of the carcinogens which the chems.carry. Those that the heat does not destroy outright, will pose a far less health hazard.

Meat is essential to the human body, whether you like to hear it or not. And that’s the way it is! Forget about fancy foods and rely on the basic staple dinners. When you freeze your meats, etc., be sure that the freezer number is set to high. Freezing the sprayed elements in foods also tends to render the chemicals with much less potency than before the freezing. When purchasing your fruits and vegetables, leave nothing to chance. Stay away from the generic brands and scrub all that you are able to with hot, soapy water then refrigerate immediately after. Use your dryers as much as possible to dry clothes, try not to hang them outdoors. Avoid using rainwater at all costs! Boiling your household water is a big plus. If you are determined to plant your own garden then stop and re-plan your planting. Do not plant anything that cannot be scrubbed. Please stop, think and listen to what I am telling you. Tests have shown that these are the most feasible means of counteracting this "plague." Make NO mistake about it, a plague it is!

No one who knows about the chem. spraying, who REALLY knows, is taking this matter lightly. Here are some of the health complications that millions of people will encounter. So many, many already are. Pulmonary problems, chronic bronchitis, asthma, congestive heart failure, impaired vision, loss of vision, degenerative gum disease, hair falling out, painful skin conditions, migraine headaches, accelerated tooth decay, highly sensitive skin conditions, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, death. These are but a few of the health situations we now all face. In this year of 2005, late February of this year was a kick off to an experiment that has gone awry. I do know that the amounts of chem. spray were increased in extensive proportions. The results have been horrendous. Thousands and thousands of people were infected, almost all at the same time. Many of these people were not anywhere around others so in no way could they have received the contagion except by the airborne process of the chem. spray.

Planes were seen at the onset of that particular spraying in tremendous numbers, the skies were full of them. People began "falling over within hours." Some people were able to see the satellite planes that preceded the chem. planes. By the end of March many had died who already had pulmonary problems. All the others who were stricken had a terrible time regaining their normal health. Still hundreds suffered minor and not so minor relapses. Coincidently a heavy duty flu "just happened" to be a dominant force at the times that people were recovering. Of course because their resistance factor was so poor at that time, many more people fell victim to a strange stomach flu. A new pattern is emerging, there will be massive spraying incidents followed by several days of no spraying. Those who follow the chemtrail saga will be aware of the extremely large doses covering the earth instead of the smaller doses that people are used to. Many will be seen wearing small medical masks in an effort to forestall the contagion. Now the big question…..many countries are being saturated in only certain parts of the country, including the united states. WHY? I will use America as a focal point in this example. Although all states are being chemtrailed, the western states have been and will continue to receive the most aggregated amounts.

The western states have much smaller populations than the eastern states. Also, people in the eastern, northeastern and southern states are heavily indoctrinated into religion of one orthodox form or another. I cannot speak much for the state of California since we ourselves refer to it as "the state of insanity." Statisticians have shown that the people of the western states are mostly non-conformists. That is to say they raise their children differently, have more moral values, are more apt to be able to survive under conditions of extreme duress, are more open and receptive to Spiritual values than the rest of that country. This is also true of people in other countries who are less impressed with "false finery" than the average American. In the western states there is a marked difference in the population totals as opposed to the eastern parts or for instance comparable areas in other countries. Paris is overrun with people while the remote mountain villages have much fewer people but a healthier life style. If each country involved with the chemtrail spraying concentrates on those areas of the more rural locations, then the genocide that is already in effect will produce the results the governments desire.

Referring back to Hitler once again, he had a plan of eradicating certain races with the ultimate desire to have an Aryan race rule the world with himself as the head of the race. The coalition of governments has mandated the extermination of the elderly, the sickly, the black, the indigenous races, the Jew etc. No, this is not a covert attempt to decimate the Jewish race again; they are but a nuisance, they are in the way of a true progressive society, just as all those other cultures are. The Jews have no idea of how bad the true holocaust will be that is now just beginning for all average people. Removal of the elderly will make way for the mutated races that are even as I speak being created in labs around the world. The American Indian is seen as a force to be reckoned with, therefore they must die. The black race cannot be sent back to Africa by any of these countries, so they serve no good purpose to any government. The sickly are perceived as nothing more than trash to be discarded to make way for a strong, healthy culture. The Spiritual men, women and children on this planet pose an unprecedented threat to the NWO. The NWO, is an important part of the Illuminati’s plan for world domination.

I speak here of a world such as you cannot imagine in your worst nightmare. A world overrun with only the NWO members and clones and the mutated races. This world would function as a satellite base, yet a "home base" as well for the Illuminati. They have bought the governments yes, but they cannot buy all the peoples. So the people must die. Long before Adolph wore a diaper, experiments were already being conducted to breed a race of alien beings, but to combine no logic, no reasoning faculty, no compassion, to create the perfect human, one that follows all dictates, no free will. The NWO commandos know well the foibles of the human race. They know how to isolate the rich from the poor, the good from the pure evil and how to torment the good and reward the evil. As certain timelines began to appear which were "destined" to either be the herald of the appearance of the Illuminati, or rally the populaces to the realities taking place on earth, chemtrails became a necessity for controlling and killing the unwanted and the trouble makers. I do realize that millions of people choose not to believe in the existence of "off world" visitors that are in actuality living on this planet. That is too bad. Oh well!

People are considered by our off world visitors as "naïve, foolish, impractical." Yes, I know many of these male and female beings well. I have been working with them for the last 10 years. Our actions are known to the dark aliens, to the Illuminati, to the prominent NWO leaders who are alive and well on this planet. I have been told by several NWO leaders that we cannot stop the atrocities that are taking place, that we are "dunces" and are on the top of their "hit list." This tells us that we must be doing something right! What these covert groups are overlooking is the stamina of the white blood cell system within human bodies. All of our own tests have concluded that as more spray is absorbed by the human bodies, a different type of antigen will be "born" to combat the foreseeable death rate. If you consider the fact that the immune system itself functions in direct conjunction with the invaluable white blood cells, then perhaps you will be able to understand that once the system in it’s entirety analyses the intruder, it automatically programs itself to birth the "body" of the intruder’s opposite but equal properties. This will take time and require many people to again and again be chemtrailed. However it will be successful, but at a great cost of human life! If a type of genocide geared towards eradicating homosexuals had not already been firmly in place, the government created AIDS virus would have easily been controlled.

The AIDS virus itself was a precedent setting experiment. The results were just as had been hoped for. Same as the "new improved" genocide method chemtrails, it is believed that only the most robust will survive. The population of this world will alter greatly as more and more miscarriages occur, as the new sterility factor implodes upon the earth. Generations of mutated alien beings are foreseen to replace humanity, as a whole. The pharmaceutical companies, doctors, psyche hospitals, hospices etc. are even now experiencing a great surge in incoming monies. Every few months will see more of the February occurrence. In a bit I shall offer to you more suggestions on combating this insanity. People on this world live in fear of so many things; it is the fear that pushes them to run to doctors, many of who are unqualified to handle anything. None of their medical books and medical training has prepared them for this. They too are looking to the skies in fear. If they cannot help themselves, how in blazes name do you expect them to help you?

There are factions in the Middle East that are also a part of this unholy collusion. When the chemtrail program was in it’s "blueprint" state, the plans were laid by the Christians and the infidels alike to monetarily fund chem. spraying. Watch this summer as gasoline prices soar out of sight. Watch the tithing increases within the Catholic Church, you will not see where all funds to "charitable" organizations are truly targeted. Although no one ever really does, there is a designated amount from all these places and more that is part of the chemtrail fund. EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF HAS A LARGE PROPORTION OF THE MONIES BEING "DONATED" TO THIS FUND. We have found so many thousands and thousands in all countries that we finally stopped looking. Those who are very wealthy willingly donate if they are part of the main Cartel and/or have been recruited by such notorious organizations as "The Skulls." These men and their women who have also been recruited as the consorts of the men, will do whatever it takes to preserve their wealth, their selves, their companies and their children…in that order.

Let us not forget the entertainment industry. This industry worldwide is populated with the Illuminati and their cronies. The NWO is very aware of the human propensity to idolize movie stars, singers, etc. They know they must first appeal to the preteen and the teen groups in order to effectively brainwash the people. So they do. So you are. I shall not even go into the Barbie Doll project. By the way though, you do know she is plastic right? Now take a moment and think about a future without the human factor. Many videos created by what is known to many off world visitors as "The Divine Force or the Great Gestalt," have actually had the plans for the movies transmitted to them for the purpose of informing those on this planet of what is to come. "Star Wars" movies are one example. These events contain encodings meant to banish the dark programming of the human mind and to inform those who refuse to be tainted by the brainwashing. It is these men, women and children who are aware of all that is transpiring in this world of ours. How many times have you rented a video dealing with sudden death because of unknown viruses? Guess what? You are now in the movie.

I will now offer you more suggestions on how to better protect yourselves from the chem. spraying. Yes, of course we use these ourselves. We are not immune to these dastardly deeds any more than are you. Perhaps if I had accepted the invitation I was offered many years ago to join "The Skulls"…………I have in my earlier communication offered some ways of dealing with the spraying, here are some others. Health food stores carry the "clove capsules," they are an extraordinary anti-parasitic product; the oxygen capsules work more efficiently than does the liquid. Large mgs of Vitamin C each day, bananas or potassium tablets, Echinacea herb tea for The Immune System, vitamin B6 50 mg. Celestial and David have been caretakers for an ancient concoction that is perfect for improving the immune system and combating the chemtrail contagion. Perhaps if you write to them and ask them nicely, they may share it with you.

Look at the type of domicile in which you live. Is it a house or a trailer? Do not say it is "a manufactured house or a mobile home," a trailer is a trailer is a trailer. Are you in an apartment building? Do not say, "It is a condo." An apartment is an apartment is an apartment! Understand here, trailers are deadly places to live! You are surrounded by metal. Combine that with the chemtrail spray which is highly corrosive and you are living in a soup can with a radioactive type of energy..

Apartment dwellers fare no better. They surround themselves with mass contagion which radiates through all the crevices in all the apartments combining that with the airborne chem. spray which has infected others in the building and will for certain infect you. Live in a HOUSE. I am sure many of you have heard of them. Be sure the house is insulated. Keep a humidifier on at all times if you can. Clean it regularly with pure water. Take good care of the house and it shall take good care of you. There is always good news when one can be in touch with "other sources" seeking to aid this planet. Orbs and energy streamers are being projected from the sun the moon and ALL other planets in a combined effort to alleviate many of the deleterious effects of the spraying. They carry with them both incandescent light, O2, and many ancient Souls. Say,…"thank you God!" ….."Emiel has left the building."

Transmission received by Celest