Session #3 – The Ties That Bind – The New World Order and The Alien Invasion

Emiel #3

The Ties that Bind – The New World Order and the Alien Invasion

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc., I am indeed Emiel.

Many, many years ago, long preceding the Knights Templar debacles, the NWO plans had already been initiated. It began with the emergence of the first humans. This was not a governmental issue in those days, it was a dictatorial issue, yet the men who were the human originators of this plan were men of warlike mentality, much like those of today. Those officiating at the implementation of this disgusting agenda did so with impunity. The lands of this world at that time, were fairly sparse of human habitation compared to today. Many Star Keeper nations of both the malevolent and the benevolent were much in presence then. Fierce battles were fought in the sky and on the ground. It was the beginning of the attempted takeover of the planet You must remember that in those times, early man was not very literate, sign language was the norm until the benevolent Star Keepers patiently taught verbal language. When the early man was shown how to make and use fire, it was the beginning of "civilization." You people in the United States tend to see the past only from the eyes of the American. What you have failed to realize is that in all parts of the ancient world, all the early civilizations were learning the same living techniques at the same times. Those battles of which I spoke were the Illuminati’s attempt to quickly enslave those simple people, for their own dastardly reasons.

  • The dark brotherhood believed that an early foray to this planet and the brute force of sheer numbers of their kind, would enable them to immediately initiate what was once known as "Star Base Command," by the later American government officials in cahoots with the dark ones. In that time period they knew well that the opposition teams would be hovering overhead and that battle was inevitable. It is most unfortunate from my point of view, that there is so little understanding among the American people of what those fire fights that ensued were truly like. At least in several European countries were I spend much time, old documents have been recovered and decoded which tell the story, very well I might add. In America, so much that was secreted away has been studied, decoded erroneously and destroyed. So it has happened that in America, most citizens do not believe in the existence of "alien races." Other countries are not quite as backward in this regard. To deny the existence of races that seeded your genealogy is as stupid as believing in the "big bang theory."

The human race began as an experiment. It was to be a study of a combination of life races that were seeded from all Star Keeper nations. A specific Force which Created the Star Nations also Created the human species. This trial run was soon recognized as the perfect situation that would not only birth more forms of alien races, but would allow the human species "free expression" as a catalyst for their individual evolvement. This was to enable humans to write their own fates. A main concern was the positioning of this planet in this galaxy. The strategic coordinates of this world makes it ideal for controlling all other worlds and planets. It was only due to the preponderance of the attacks by the benevolent Star Keepers in the defense of the realm against the dark alien horde, that this did not happen. You may view this as the battle between good and evil if you wish, it does not matter to me. Whatever you choose to call it, if the sides had not been evenly matched in technology and weaponry, if there were not "good guys to fend off the bad guys, none of us would be here now. And thats the way it was. Some of you may know this, so consider the following information to be geared to those that do not. An energetic Form known as the "Great Cataclysmic Force," which some refer to as God, ordered a humongous force field to be erected around the earth. It was and still is "a grid." This grid has encapsulated the earth since the day it was created by laser. It may well be the greatest form of protection we have from the dark horde. From the implementation of the grid, the Star Keeper races squared off in mortal combat, each side determined to outwit the other and to restrict the others’ ability to pass through the grid and enter the third dimension.

You have no idea of how many planets were involved in this gigantic maneuver. Each world sent volunteers, those were the "best of the best." Sides were chosen and all knew that if not then, that at sometime in the future, there would be one last great battle between them, to the death. As I look about this world, and observe all the manipulations, all the governments that use people as pawns in their chess games, I at times wonder if it was worth the effort.

So it was that the early peoples were protected from the dark horde; however even the benevolent races could not protect the people from themselves. The genealogy of the human races was the key to the innate characteristics and the characters of the human races. The direct descendants of the genetic seeding of the Illuminati descendants, were "mutant minds." On the other hand, keeping in mind that Universal Laws are the balance of the scales, whether you believe it or not does not matter, the descendants of the philanthropic Star Keepers, bore the mark of The Great Cataclysmic Force. What today is known by you as "good" and "evil," was not in those times the perceptions of the "alien" races. I have broken many Star Keeper codes over the years, and there is a continuity of thought that combines with extraordinary intelligence in the compassionate races.

It is very true that they have a hierarchy to whom they must answer. The codes also speak of ancient prophecies that were handed down through all the generations. The codes reflect the use of the telepathic abilities they used to record their histories within holograms as they advanced to a supreme state of technologic advancements. Within the holograms themselves, are the prophetic tales of: the one-day to be, Creation of the earth, the attempted takeovers by the Illuminati, and the battles of the ages which would in fact continue as long as there were any of the dark brotherhood, or their descendants, alive. It was with great relish that I studied the meticulous and thought provoking history of the beginnings of many Star Keeper races, including now, earth’s. By the incredible correct usage of time walking, they correctly ascertained "future" events. This unlocked a secret to the ages. It was then that a compendium of Star Keeper Races, led by awesome commanders, designed the most ubiquitous plan to thwart the dark races. To attempt to explain to people the natural yet unique, mind-thought and patterns of telepathic memories which this League of Extraordinary Star Beings possessed, would be an exercise in futility on my part. It is a truism that some things cannot be sufficiently and accurately explained, they just must be experienced!

You see, they planned well into the future, to 2012, to be exact. From those early beginnings, they correctly foresaw all that would be required of EACH of their Nations in the areas of defense, the defining of space boundaries to patrol, the horrendous onslaughts of barbarous attacks that they had to repel, etc. The alien hordes were also making preparations; their Achilles heels however, were and still are, their stunted mental capacities, their insatiable bloodthirst, and their inability to comprehend anything other than hate. In a great sense they are without any human emotions; yet they do possess a type of sensation which is the matrix of their very lives as a species. Just as androids do not in truth have "feelings" of the human kind, yet respond to a programming installed by their creators, so do the Illuminati kin respond only to direct orders. For millennia The Leaguehas been waging the wars against all they have gauged to be an abomination to their Spiritual Worlds and a terrible threat to all other manner of Life Beings. Such great forces, each the antithesis of the other, in one sense it is an uneven match. The dark brotherhood and their cohorts Mother X and Father X, kill for the pleasure they derive from death. There is such a "shadow," element which cloaks the true identity of the leaders here on this planet, as well as many "off world," that unless you know who you are looking for, or have the natural gifts of TRUE sight, you cannot detect them.

Earth is the trophy for them in one sense, yet a far greater reality is revealed in the holograms. Without earth the Illuminati races will eventually perish. Earth is their last hope, their dying gasp, so to speak. The Illuminati are older than "sin." This is a race of beings without conscience, honor, and morals. They kill to live and live to kill. You must have some understanding of this dastardly race, if you are to survive their preying upon you. There are no boundaries that have been set into motion by their leaders. Every day is "open season." They do have free reign on this world. The League however must and always has, abided by the Universal Codes governing their Spiritual and humanitarian beliefs. They are exquisite examples of "living integrity." Although their hands are tied when the gruesome instances of the slaughter of the innocents occur on earth, it was when their original record keepers began to maintain the history of this planet and the interfacing of the League, that permission had already been granted to initiate what the records show as "project walk-in."

The League by necessity had to locate other avenues that would be readily available to them, as a means of waging the ultimate defense against the dark hoard within the confines of this third-dimensional world. So it is that the walk-ins here on earth can do what the League in the outer perimeters of this universe cannot. They battle and destroy from within. These too are fierce battles, for the walk-ins must attempt to live as ordinary humans, confronting ordinary life situations, while .secretly exhibiting extra-ordinary courage and stamina when confronting, or being confronted by, the Illuminati. Think of it as Superman and Clark Kent sans the phone booth. Those guarding the wormholes in time, the multitudinous portals and the grid, are not permitted to intervene in the affairs of man. Under the League’s Laws of Cause and Cessation, since the very, very early days, they have always been not only permitted but SENT with judicious dispatch, to all planets and worlds that were being attacked by the Un-Illuminated. BUT, they could only be sent when it was clear that other worlds and entire species of Life Beings could be eradicated. On this planet careful monitoring takes place at all times by The League and their observers overseeing the walk-ins. By the law of necessity, all conditions surrounding each walk-in are scrutinized, in this manner they are always in "the right place at the right time." It has prevented the deaths of these men and women many times over.

The walk-in project was seen to be so successful that it was not long after the initial program began that the Illuminati began their own. Although there are thousands of men and women in all the governments here, as well as ordinary citizens, who see walk-ins as a "theory," as nothing more than an epigram, the truth remains that they are as real as are YOU. Those beginning times have but expanded in importance and relativity up to and including, this present time in which we live. What was once a great experiment involving what is known as "the human race," is now a "do or die," situation for the dark brotherhood and The League. Humans have slowly, VERY slowly, begun to exemplify the most evolved beliefs and wisdom of The League….ok…SOME humans. The League has never become complacent nor have they ever given up their thought patterns that humans and this world are to be saved, for as they state, "the greater good." They believe you are "worth it." The irony present here, is that as civilizations "progress," the Illuminati which has increased their infiltration of the world governments, have been in part responsible for the fact that humans have lost their innocence. Humans bear the rest of the responsibility. This is a sorry state indeed.

Well over a millennia ago, as earth humans were struggling against their usurpers all over the globe, the Illuminati cajoled some who were the "grays," as well as a few other devious Star Keeper races, to participate in a long range plan. This was not too difficult to achieve, since there had for a prolonged period of time been much breeding between the Illuminati ancestors and those races. It had already been known by the leaders of the Illuminati that The League was not simply going to pick up their marbles and go home. The deviousness of this plan is truly without precedent. The ancient voices of the Illuminati were heard through their own holograms. A "codol" symbol was designed which all of the descendents would bear somewhere on their bodies, as well as an implant within their brain. The term codol in human terms would mean, an integral part of the memory bank. You see, by the incredible idea of the implanting of a symbol that all the Illuminati and their cohorts could readily identify, one that would not require any of the lesser minds, those who were the worst of the mentally stunted, to "think" of what it meant, they would simply "know, they believed they would successfully control this world.." They thought of a 3-word term that would be broken down into 1 word, or 3 symbols designating the word.

It was in part their perspective of the earth as their future satellite base, as well as their plans for the cessation of the earth as she now still is, and the reformation of earth as a holographically controlled sphere, with the humans still surviving conforming only to the dictates of the Illuminati, that birthed the Illuminati term, NEW WORLD ORDER. As viewed from my perspective and taking into consideration all the information I am privy to, I find it increasingly difficult to understand how so many world citizens could be such willing dupes. This term is not acknowledged by so many people; so many more refuse to believe in it’s existence, yet it is here and now a predominating force on this planet. The New World Order pogrom was first brought into known political focus in 1914. There had to be an incubation period that would allow the developers to calibrate specific geographic locations where this plan could be the easiest to enact. Although they knew of each country’s foibles and mental masturbations, they sought synchronicity with their ideals. America was RIPE for the undertaking. And so it began in earnest! One player at a time; the Illuminati motto was "offer them something they cannot resist." Throughout all of this deleterious action, the alien horde was not in any manner letting up with their sky and planetary attacks.

It had to be a strategic erosion of the minds, Spirit and hearts of the peoples. Once the political machinery in the other countries as well was set into motion New World Order became, if not a mainstream term, most definitely a political one. The very bad joke here, was that the acronym for this term is NWO. Those 3 letter symbols stand for DATES, important ones KNOWN to the dark brotherhoods. NWO, is also an anagram that few here are aware of. It gives great pleasure to the Illuminati to use a play on words which the human races, who consider themselves to be so intelligent, have not known about and to continue to flaunt it under human noses. The records clearly state that NWO is an anagram for NOW and for WON. "NEW WORLD ORDER NOW WON As always, it is the most simple strategy that works. Hide it right in front of them. Who looks there!

It is always easiest to place blame and responsibility on others when things go wrong in life; look what a beating God takes. It is because of this human condition, that those who are the secret governments within established governments of the world, proudly carry their NWO mark and point the fingers elsewhere. The alien horde bent on your destruction and the Illuminati, both here and "off world," use your arrogance against you. There has NEVER been a species of life that carries the arrogance and disdain for others that humankind does. Those members of the NWO also have worked diligently to maintain a poverty level in all countries, except for those people who are "the chosen ones." Those chosen ones do not deign to socialize with humans they consider to be "not of their class." It is a non-truth that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer." It is BRAINWASHING. It is the acceptance of that philosophy which causes the mind to believe the unbelievable. Both the rich and the poor have accepted the great lie. It is a lose, lose situation. Yet for the Illuminati, humans are playing right into their hands. The dark hordes continue to use all your insecurities and disbelief’s against you. It is what they do. Most unfortunately people allow it.

As the records clearly indicate, one of the most notorious plans they laid for the unsuspecting people in many, many countries was and is, the heinous acts of terrorism. At first it was decided to create isolation for many people to cause them to feel safe and secure from the chaos of the everyday world. In America, many moved to rural areas that did not have large populations. Other people in countries less fortunate began to remain home more often than before. But as the "nuclear family" became a norm, children were fed upon, "latch key" children in particular. Children cannot be taught moral values without parents. The NWO movers and shakers lusted for the denigration of the children; so the "indigo and crystal children" began to be reborn AGAIN, at the request of The League and the Great Cataclysmic Force. Those men and women now referred to as "New Agers," also had "resurfaced." This world which is but on loan to us, is a strange melting pot for sure. The indisputable fact that there are millions and millions of people here now, far more than ever existed on this planet before, belies the great lie promulgated by the Illuminati as part of their plan of deception, that reincarnation does not exist; that it is not possible. There are people here who are to either be of assistance or to destroy. There is NO gray in this situation; it is one or the other.

The dark mongers of deceit have carefully stirred the cauldron, adding more and more diseases which they in collusion with humans who are their underlings man-ufactured; They saw the lust that exists within so many and added pornography. They nudged the humans who lived long ago to establish religions, part of their doctrine is to "give them something to believe in then control the belief." And so on and so forth. Then several years ago when the pomposity and the shortsightedness of the human races as a whole, were clearly seen to be the dominant traits, terrorism took a whole new turn. It was necessary to keep the humans in the chains and manacles of fear. Feed false information to the government leaders about other countries motives, but it had to be accomplished d through groups such as the CIA. Have world leaders allegedly elected by the people, who are in reality a part of the Illuminati, continue with demoralizing the masses. . Continue with the abductions of humans by the dark alien horde. Not only FEED the disgruntled but also FEED off them. Then they unveiled the final chapter. This particular epoch, this detailed carcinogenic plan, which had been carefully long ago forged, had been preset for a year which had been far off in the future.

The keepers of the Illuminati’ histories at that time, were able to track the patterns of the earth’s linear time progressions when most discontent and governmental controls were at their zenith. They were filled with glee at the general malaise of the world’s populations. It was decided that 2005 would be the year to strike earth with all the force they could muster. It would be the year when the most vicious attacks would be targeted at the Spiritual and Humanitarian leaders. I did not say "religious." Their idea for implanting microchips in animals and infants have already taken place, under false guises. This year that activity is to expand to adults and teenagers, children just beginning their formative school years, world leaders who are against the NWO and are preparing to reveal the secret identities of many who are active participants. The Illuminati and the alien horde know that the League has been busy setting up countermeasures, as many as they are permitted. Although the Illuminati fear the League and their millions of walk-ins, they see the League as restricted in how much effort they can expend; how much they can alter the situations. This "restriction" which the League must operate under is actually their greatest strength.

The League is wise beyond any human conception. They disagree with the term "restricted," they do not feel that nor do they accept that idiom. The League knows the secret to obtaining human permission to help; they know how to remain within their Universal beliefs yet wage the most contrived type of war against gross matter. They look into the hearts and Souls of humans and then readily speak to the human heart. They avoid addressing the mind because of the "flotsam and jetsam of the universe" which exists within so many. They KNOW when they see love and compassion; the Illuminati does not understand these feelings and emotions. The League KNOWS that when the heart is pure, so is the Soul. I suppose you could say the League goes to the heart of the matter. And therein lies their greatest strengths, for heart does not lie, nor does Soul. The League understands the human condition; "the fear of the unknown and the inability to feel secure with themselves as a whole and wholesome entity." They KNOW the perversions that humans are confronted with due to the Illuminati’s contrivances. The League possesses "Universal Mind," so they clearly remember each planet’s history as well as their own races’ histories. What they continue to do is in remembrance of all that has gone before and All That Is. The Illuminati have "great" plans for this earth, this year. Yes, I have seen all the plans and they are written in stone. I chose not to reveal more than this. Each of us must exercise personal responsibility in our lives. If you were to know ALL that would befall this earth, you would mange to do things to make the situations worsen and to place yourselves "in the wrong place at the wrong time." Therefore, I will have none of it. Now as I once again take my leave of this gracious and large readership, I leave with you a question? Chains and manacles anyone?

"Au revoir"

Transmission received by Celest